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Found 82 results

  1. Okay, so I used to check out this site all the time, desperately looking for something to help. I found the cure to my acne, it took almost 10 years but I found it. I feel like I owe it to this site to post it for the rest of you, maybe this will help someone. A little background, I'm female in my early 20s. I had absolutely terrible skin as a teenager, went on birth control and it helped a bit, but my skin never really cleared up. By university I was getting a zit a week or so, pretty big ones but it was totally manageable. I went off birth control a couple years ago for health reasons and my skin had been a nightmare ever since. I had scarring for the first time ever, I actually cut my hair to cover my forehead, it was horrendous, I was so embarrassed. Anyways, around the same time I was having other issues and took a food intolerance test at Rexall, its called hemocode I believe. I had a list of about 6 severe intolerances, including coffee, sugar, cocoa, and a couple more I can't remember, plus a bunch of minor intolerances. I cut out gluten, and it did wonders for my other health issues. Coffee was easy to remove, I cut out all processed sugars, replacing them with fruits. I felt better, but my skin actually got worse. About a year later I discovered my love for dried fruits, and my skin became worse than it had ever been. I was so devastated I figured it was probably time to go back on the pill, but I had one last idea. Maybe the sugar on my test wasn't limited to cane sugar, honey and syrups. I cut out all fruit, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, anything with any sugar in it at all. Almost instantly, my skin cleared up. That was it. So my best advice for all of you isn't to cut out all sugar... this is a really difficult diet and I don't recommend it to anyone that doesn't have to. My advice is to take the intolerance test, and eliminate from there, testing out one or two at a time. My skin has entirely cleared up, my scarring is healing, I am so, so happy and excited about this. Hope this can help someone out there with the same problem. For the record, the only fruits I can eat are grapefruit, lemons, limes, and thats it. I can eat all vegetables excluding tomatoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and limit carrots. Good luck
  2. During my many years struggling with mild cystic acne and after seeing many different Dermatologists, who put me on many different medications (including Accutane), I discovered that I must be the one to resolve my acne. If I was ever going to manage my acne, I must be proactive and study my skin in order to understand my acne disease process. So I began reading all I could about the skin and what role it plays with the body. Then I systematically examined my skin, trying to figure out what was causing my acne. The most important thing I found out is that skin is an excretory organ, helping manage the bodily wastes and toxins, like the digestive system and lymphatic system. As a result, I modified my life and it had a profound impact on my acne. Here's what I did-- Regular bowel movements, everyday or every other day. If I was constipated I'd have a cup of Smoothmove Herbal tea. Worked way better than laxatives and stool softeners. Sweat a few times a week--I hate exercising, so I only run until I get a good sweat going to clear my pores (about 10 min), then I stop. Strictly limit alcohol (not eliminate). Plain Vodka with soda water is that only thing that wont break me out. No dairy, it has added hormones--I use unsweetened coconut milk instead. Eat healthy--Limit (not eliminate) fried and processed foods. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Strictly limit artificial sugar (not eliminate). This was the hardest for me, because I love sweets--but I love clear skin more. So if I need something sweet I either have a piece of fruit or a bowl of bran cereal with some blueberries or raspberries. Drink lots of water and Green Tea. Also, hot water with lemon too. One over-the-counter Zinc tablet every other day. Have a generalized skin care routine with a non-alcohol toner. In the AM I use First Aid Beauty Cleanser $20, Seaweed Cleansing Lotion Toner $15, and Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer $40. In the PM I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser with 3.5% benzoyl peroxide $10, Seaweed Cleaning Lotion toner, Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer, and a generic salicylic acid moisturizer over the Clinique moisturizer. Every three days in the PM, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Clay Mask to deep clean my pores, which replaces the Neutrogena Cleanser (I don't want to overdo it and irritate my skin). The makeup that works best for me and doesn't break me out is Clinique's Superprimer $27 with Beyond Perfecting Foundation $27. No setting sprays, bronzer, setting powder, etc. The less on my face the better. I use damp disposable makeup wedges, not a Beauty Blender or a brush. To remove my makeup, I use Clinique's makeup wipes $15, which I find are gentler on my skin than other brands. What I really want to express is that diet and exercise really impacted my mild cystic acne. It was the game changer. My skin care routine has pretty much stayed the same prior to my lifestyle modification. Once I started to do everything on the list my skin cleared up within 2 weeks and I haven't had any new cysts. I occasionally get a white head, but its gone after 2 days, unlike the cysts which would last for 2 weeks. Staying true to everything on the list is still difficult, but having clear skin makes it sooooo worth it. I hope this helps. Now, you must decide to what lengths would you go for clear skin? Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and my experience shouldn't replace what your doctor said. I also never said my acne was "cured" only "resolved". I still get the occasional small zit. I'm only sharing what worked for me and it might be different for you.
  3. ontrack118

    Some Food Questions...

    Hey guys, I have some questions about food/diet. So the daily recommended amount of sugar intake is around 35g. It seems grams of sugar stack up so quickly in foods, especially in fruits. A single apple has about 12g of sugar. But apples supposively help with leveling blood sugar/glucose levels. Can someone help me understand this a bit better? On this topic, what about those cleanses (such as Antony's on here) where you eat nothing but apples? On these, you eat 12-16 apples per day for like 3 days. So that would be a lot of sugar consumption. Knowing that blood sugar levels are an important factor in preventing acne, I was just looking for some clarification? Also, I know there is some controversy over whole grains. How does this cereal sound? http://www.fooducate.com/app#page=product&id=3E903DD4-169F-11E0-BF92-FEFD45A4D471 It only has 1g of sugar, which is very low for cereals. I'm just hungry a lot due to a fast metabolism and love to eat cereal (with almond milk of course). It seems like a decent cereal, but I'm never sure. So does anyone know of the perfect cereal that we could eat (low in sugar, good ingredients)?
  4. A place for little good to know things. Because I just came across a good one: Sniff Test to tell if Oil is Rancid Check all commercial products made with oil for toxicity before you eat them by doing the “oil sniff test.” If the oil is rancid, it’ll smell similar to oil paint, which is actually oxidized linseed oil. If you get a hint of this odor in anything that has fat content, whether it’s nuts, whole-wheat flour or oils themselves, don’t eat it. Rule of thumb about Antioxidants in plants They are usually in the color and flavor. If it's brightly colored or has strong enough a flavor to be used as an herb, spice or tea or similar drink (cocoa/coffee), it's loaded with antioxidants. There are however some white or pale vegetables that are also loaded such as onions, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage and related veggies, and probably some fruit with pale flesh like some types of guava, Apples. Add tons of herbs and spices to your foods! Drink teas! Fat vs water soluble nutrients Fat soluble nutrients are measured in International Units (I.U.) and should be consumed with some fats for absorption. Water soluble nutrients are measured in grams and should be consumed throughout the day as they will probably only remain in the body doing whatever they do for 3-4 hours at most.
  5. Anyone know why this is? I Have other food intolerances too (gluten/dairy/most grains). Ive been working on my digestion, bone broths fermented foods etc. Will this intolerance to sugar/fruit sugar go once my gut flora has balanced out? Even a small bit of dark chocolate or fruit shows up on my skin
  6. Lukec304

    Sugar Causes Acne?

    I've heard a lot that sweets, and sugars unhealthy candy sweets cause acne?! Even my derm said that but is this a proven fact? I seem to believe it because I always break out way heavier if I eat any candy, or soda? Someone let me know what they think!
  7. Ellie1

    Sugar-Free And Going Strong

    I managed to avoid eating any biscuits yesterday night, even though they were lying temptingly on the sideboard. No new acne when I woke up this morning - hurrah! - but on the downside I picked at my left cheek yesterday, so woke up to a huge inflamed lump. Not a pretty sight. I also remembered to do a sea-salt mask this morning, which I should do more often - it doesn't prevent spots coming, but seem to help dry everything up and take the inflammation down. I am currently on two cups of green tea with lemon per day. It's not the same as black tea and milk, but at least it's healthier. I am beginning to think that dairy might be more of a culprit than sugary snacks, although I'm sure that neither of them help. A couple of months ago I had a horrible stomach flu that lasted for weeks, and I was drinking loads of milk which helped to settle my stomach. I was also ODing on those probiotic yogurts to try to rebalance the bacteria. I wonder if this might have prompted my current breakout situation. But on the other hand I also ate tons of chocolate over Easter, so it might be related to that little binge as well. Anyway I am praying for no new spots because I have a date this week which I've been looking forward to. It's going to be enough effort trying to cover the mess on my face as it is, but flat marks are so much easier to conceal than raised bumps. I was feeling so sorry for myself yesterday and crying about my skin, which I know is stupid because things could be so much worse. There is a woman who works in a pub near me who has terrible facial burns - puts my skin problems into perspective, which is no bad thing.
  8. A damsel in Distress

    I'm Back! With A Update!

    OK. wow i'v been gone awhile, I honestly have no excuse except I'v been busy. My face is looking really good right now, alittle red because I kind of went at it removing blackheads lastnight (I know, I;m ashamed of myself. Really!) Plus i'v been useing a AHA cream from...I can't remember the name of the place..But its natural and so good. It kind of burns my skin at first but it helps with my acne like you wouldnt believe! I put it on at night under lotion on my lerrosett rejuvinating serum and its like mini exfoliation, its awesome. Speaking of lerrosett, I hate to say it hasnt cured my acne like I had hoped. But I still use the mask off and on. It helps heal up a popped pimple so fast! And its the best thing I'v found for cysts so far. But I dont get that many of those. I still use theyr face wash tho, I love it. But not as much as their rejuvinating serum..... Two other things I'v intergrated into my regime is the Olay sulfer mask, the one that comes with the olay prox acne kit. I'm just using the mask right now but I love it. It's 10% sulfer. The reason I started using it is because I had picked up a tube of Clearasil Daily Clear Adult Acne Treatment Cream with Sulfer 8% and Resorcinol 2&. (this was the second thing). I love it. Plus Its tinted so I can out it on at night or on a make up less day and feel ok! but when I saw it working I started looking for something with sulfer in it. I'v also noticed that things for "Adult" acne work better for me than "normal" acne treatments. But maybe that just has to do with ingredients? At any rate, I am very pleased. I am going to try not to pick at my skin anymore. Usually I break out like crazy after I pick but this time the AHA seemed to stop it? As to weight and exercise.,..Iv gained weight. I'm offically 150. Havnt exercised in Months. I'v been eating a TON of sugar and soooo unhealthy it isnt even funny. But I'm not staying like this. I Have a goal that by my birthday i will weigh 130. At the most. And before I head to college, I'll be 120. No options. I pray for strength. Delightfully, Me
  9. After a chocolate binge on Thursday the 9th May and Friday the 10th i have completely removed all refined sugar from my diet + milk. I had a very bad breakout 2/3days after the chocolate binge so from the ~13th but this only last for a few days or so and started cleaning up from about last weds/thurs[15/16]. Something to note is that i also started eating fruit from the 9th May onwards so this well could of been the culprit rather/plus the chocolate. Although i compellingly removed all processed sugar/table sugar etc i have continued to satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit [which i f'ing love - can't believe i stopped eating it for so long] I was eating say on average : 1 lemon 1 apple blueberries + some other fruit such as Sharron fruit, grapes, banana, dates, raisins, dates. Approximately around last thursday [16th] i also started to eat porridge made with water and a few dates [maybe 3-5]. But on Friday i probably ate more like 6-8 dates and on Saturday maybe the same but also a handful of raisins. On Sunday i noticed a spot on the side of my head and on Monday i had a bad breakout on my face with nasty pre spot pain below and above mouth and above tach near nose. These are the kind of red painful spots i fucking hate the most, often they never come to a head and may not even be as bad aesthetically as large white heads etc but i fuckign hate the sensation of feeling them every-time i move my face etc and i hate anyone touching my face [apart from even looking that is]. SO it would seem that maybe the sugar from the dates and raisins could of sent me overboard, so to speak. That is if sugar is a factor in the first place. Other possible causation factors include; i had a particular stressful day on Saturday, i had very little sleep on Thursday night. I have been going to bed too late again. I have been eating more fat, saturated fat in particular. I have been eating bread again. Possible causative factors Fruit - sugar and or fructose - liver - whatever Dates, raisins [too much sugar total - glycemic - insulin etc bollocks] Saturated fat. Stress. Lack of sleep. Late sleep - circadian cycle etc. For now i will remove all sweet tasting food. I don't want to go low carb again because of my previous experiences with ketogenic diets. Basically seeing as i'm riddled now anyway i am depriving myself of most of life's pleasures. How fuckign wonderful.
  10. Companion to the 'Examples of how bad the average diet is today' thread. And this is not just about sugar --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you all see the segment on 60 Minutes last night about how added sugar is toxic? They said very little that would be news to any of us. Obesity, Diabetes, heart disease, etc. One thing that might be new to most, since it's out of the range most of us are concerned about, is it's role in cancer. Tumors are covered in insulin receptors and so take in much of the sugar that should be going to the rest of your cells. And tumors use the sugar to grow. And when Sanjey Gupta commented that few doctors know about this (the toxicity of sugar not just the cancer thing), the doctor being interviewed said 'no they don't know, this is new.' But the thing is, it isn't that new. And it isn't secret. We knew. Why don't they?
  11. Hi, can someone please suggest a no dairy/no sugar salad dressing? I am having a hard time finding one in the stores that i go to and it sucks so bad to eat a salad without some type of dressing. any and all suggestions are welcome!! thanks
  12. MonroeQT

    Sugar cravings

    How do you curb your sugar cravings? I get terrible cravings around my period, but otherwise I'm not a sweets person. The problem is sugar is my number one trigger for cysts, and those who get them know how long they last ;(. I know fruit is a better alternative, but if I eat too much fruit in a day, I STILL break out. Any tips?? Men feel free to answer too!!
  13. Hi guys I'm new to this forum, and hopefully you guys have a lot of experience and can enlighten me with the proper way to apply my acne regimen. Background In highschool I had very bad acne I went from medicine to medicine, but nothing would work. The dermatologist finally took me off and made me get on acutane. I was on actuane for 6 months and I was acne free. It left a lot of scars unfortunately, but that didn't bother me that much. Skip forward 2 years later Present Acne wasn't a problem for 2 years until I started getting a few pimples here and there. Eventually it led to a big break out, so I went to my dermatologist to get some help. I inquired to be put on acutane again,but he declined and put me on minocyline, retina, and acanya. It was ineffective for the most part so I underwent facials and let me tell you it was a lot of pain. My acne has gotten better after the facial, however I would like to be acne free. I would like some guidance on how to apply my medication. TLDR- Took acutne unfortuantely acne came back again at full force, I have many acne medication looking for guidance for medication or how to apply it. Minocycline Twice a day Right now in the morning this is my morning regimen 1. Cerave Cleanser 2. Cerave Moisturizer 3. Acanya Night 1. Cerave Cleanser 2. Cerave Moisturizer 3. Micro Retin - a I've read that apple cider vinegar, honey, and lemon with sugar is a great remedy for scars and acne. Perhaps you guys can give me some guidance on how to apply it to my regimen, or enlighten me with your effective regimens.
  14. I am posting this here because I have noticed some interesting emotional reactions recently. I have had acne since I was a young teen so that's about 20 years (32 now). I've tried BP, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, azelaic acid as well as a bunch of dietary stuff and more oddball treatments like using head and shoulders to wash my body etc. Either the treatments didn't work, I couldn't tolerate the side effects or the treatments eventually stopped working. I kept waiting for the acne to go away in my 20's, when I hit 30 and still had acne I just started to accept that I had acne for life and resigned myself to it. (Face, jawline, neck, chest, entire back and top of arms ). Recently I read a book all about sugar and I decided to give up sugar to reduce my visceral fat for my overall health. A few weeks in and my skin improved. A month in and I am almost clear... I am sort of in shock to be honest. It's so liberating to not have to apply burning treatments etc twice a day I keep crying, I can't believe my relationship ship with acne... my war with my skin is finally over. I tried to hard to be "OK" with my acne and there were times when I managed to feel alright and focus on other things but I guess I kind of feel ashamed that I never truly made peace with it. I feel guilty for feeling so relieved.. that there are so many people still suffering and I don't see why I deserve for it to be over any more than anyone else does. I feel like I am weak/shallow because of how much this means to me. I don't know, it's hard to admit all these negative emotions surrounding something so good... I know it sounds ungrateful :(. I realise that there is so much psychological trauma that must go with being covered in acne for decades... its probably going to take a while for me to process it. (and to accept that it won't come back.. I'm so worried that it will). Thanks for listening x x x
  15. Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And.... ... Eliminating Sugar and most High GI/GL (Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load) foods cleared the rest of my 'white heads'. This worked for me, and will work for you. What I have been able to learn and understand for the past several years is that each and every person is different, and everyone will need to find what works for them and them alone. No one can do it for you, but this will do more for you than you could ever imagine. If anyone wants to see my skin pictures, I've left them up in my galleries. They are all completely PUBLIC. This is last post I will make here on this website. Anything else I do will probably be on a personal blog. I considered coming back on occasionally to update some information, but my personal blog would be more than sufficient to answer any and all questions. The link to my blog will be on my public profile on this website, and that will lead you to where I actually am. I'm not going to make complicated and fancy threads on Acne.org because I've already spent a lot of time on this website as it is. I also apologize if you eventually come across any broken links on this particular forum, however I am only too happy to move on with my life and continue living the way I want to and care to. If anyone wants to put this post into a more recent success thread, then please do so that others may see this. -------------------------------------- I joined this website when I was 22 years old, completely cleared when I was 23-ish/24, and am now currently 30. I came back to adjust some old information and update a few FAQs, as well as respond to several followers who were asking me questions. Hopefully this post, as well as my FAQs page shown in my signature bellow, will answer most questions so that you make the diet and lifestyle changes you need for healthier skin AND healthier life. This is what you need to do if you have severe and long-term cystic acne: 1.) Put aside some time for yourself so that you may learn about acne and what it actually is. The past and even the future is not important, what's important is what you do HERE and NOW. Not what you did last week or what you'll do in 5 minutes... it's what you'll do NOW. 2.) If it's at all possible, get a blood test done at a clinic or doctor's office. Nothing fancy, whatever you can afford, although more data is probably more beneficial. It's always best to know where your starting from and where you stand when it comes to your health, and to make sure that you are ready for a GRADUAL diet change. 3.) Completely get rid of all your milk and milk-containing products for about three months to one year. And I mean everything. Yes, this includes pizza, yogurts, ice cream, milk creamers for coffee, several packaged and boxed foods, dressings and sauces… this also includes butter, powdered and evaporated milk, unique preservatives, etc. anything and everything with milk in it. Not just cows milk, ALL milk. As long as it is milk, it is a hormone. Milk is milk, it is not water. It is meant to make you grow, and it's purpose is to carry large amounts of NATURAL HORMONES into your body. So read labels: If it contains milk, skip it. Most supermarket mil comes from cows, and most cows are injected with growth hormones, which makes this process even worse than any raw specialty milk you may find at farmer’s markets. I am heavily emphasizing a three to twelve month time period because from what I have researched and experienced, some people responded well to only a few weeks to a few months but others were so bad that it took an entire year for their skin inflammation and acne to settle down. This is due to the high amount of dietary hormones running in their system. This may seem like a long time to go without milk, but hopefully these articles will explain in better detail why that is: http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/dairy/ http://www.acnemilk.com/the_no_milk_acne_diet http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500165_162-573443.html http://www.cgfi.org/2007/05/hormone-free-milk-ad-is-false/ http://randomfoodfacts.com/2013/07/02/rff26-theres-no-such-thing-as-hormone-free-milk/ http://dairycarrie.com/2011/12/07/boneless-bananas-hormone-free-milk-other-bs-bslabels/ http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/magazine/articles/2007/12/16/a_clear_connection/? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21717454 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21663648 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22081694 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-157290/Do-know-truth-milk.html http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/news109.html#sec1 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/do-milk-and-sugar-cause-a_b_822163.html http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/new-mrsa-superbug-strain-found-in-uk-milk-supply-8431187.html http://www.krispin.com/lectin.html http://www.marksdailyapple.com/dairy-insulin/#axzz2PXiYLGfy http://www.mendosa.com/insulin_index.htm http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23542805 I will also say this: I am not sure if boiling milk, melting cheese, or further processing milk-ingredients destroys the harmful hormones that may affect your health and skin, but for myself it still did. I am also not sure if fermenting your own milk-based kefir or yogurt will work, but for me it also didn’t... at least not in my early years. Maybe it's acceptable for someone to have fermented milk every now and then, or maybe the IGF-1 Growth Hormone that aggravates acne in acne prone people is killed off by heat when it is fermented and cooked, which might explain why homemade yogurt is beneficial to some with acne and not harmful. This is extremely difficult to tell unless you can somehow manage to track your skin at this time and know exactly where you are. Personally, I recommend getting ALL dairy out of your system and seeing if you skin clears FIRST before assuming that you may or may not have melted/cooked milk and fermented milk products. 4.) Get rid of as much sugar from your diet as you can... white refined table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cereals, ketchup, breads, preservatives, etc., and instead retrain your taste buds to enjoy the more natural, sweeter side of your foods. This is especially true for your vegetables. 5.) Go to your local library (and/or free PDF Internet databases) and find/research charts with High Glycemic Index/Loads foods. Begin omitting as many blood sugar raising foods as possible. This is completely and 100 percent possible without putting your overall health in a nutrient deficient state. You'll want to change your diet as calmly and safely as possible, but not to the point where you feel as though you are starving yourself. Do this slowly and gradually, preferably changing only a couple things per week. Here are just a few articles I have read that have the most impact (Please wait for some of the links and PDF files to load): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17616769 http://www.cancersupportinternational.com/CID%20Diet%20Acne.pdf http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/161/12/1094.full.pdf+html http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/86/1/107.full.pdf+html?sid=3b884d3c-73c0-4315-9167-9bb325b88d78 http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CDMQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.medicaljournals.se%2Facta%2Fcontent%2Fdownload.php%3Fdoi%3D10.2340%2F00015555-1346&ei=unpAUo_ANYGDrAGKjIGACQ&usg=AFQjCNFvrY2LVwzAsX0SLKl9-RTnZ8hWYw&sig2=ytkP9_0_ZnhvP8brqtJypg&bvm=bv.52434380,d.aWM http://search.medscape.com/news-search;jsessionid=C0A1D518B8E32A4983E3A2F792610264?newSearch=1&queryText=diet+and+acne&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&submit=Search http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/76/1/5.full.pdf http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18194824?ordinalpos=1&itool=En…bmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=1&log$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15688807 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17083856?ordinalpos=1&itool=En…bmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=3&log$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3523245?dopt=Abstract http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/printerfriendlynews.php?newsid=77676 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17448569 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15692464?ordinalpos=1&itool=En…bmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=2&log$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed http://archderm.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=479093 http://highaltitudecrossfit.com/Primal_Blueprint.pdf http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/support-files/Paleo-FODMAP-food-list.pdf http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/support-files/sibo-gut-healing-protocol.pdf 6.) Find a user on this website known as Alternativista and find her topics/posts in the diet/holistic health boards, and read as many as you can. Start here: https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/230714-good-things-for-the-many-factors-that-lead-to-acne/ 7.) Drink a minimum amount of 4 bottles of water a day (does not have to be bottled). 8.) Sleep 7-8+ hours a day if possible. 9.) Do not stress about your acne. There are millions of other things you could be doing or not doing, and getting it off your mind is important so that you are open and available to everything else in life. Learn better things. I was able to be stress-free the entire time I was learning, and created great positive energy and inspiration from the entire experience. I had no idea if and when my acne would go away, no guarantees, no ‘easy’ path, no ‘one-time answer/cure’, and no one to turn to for help, but I deeply knew that my diet played a huge part in it. I remained calm, centered, and absorbed everything I could. Learn, be open, relax and breathe. 10.) Walk, or at least create an exercise regimen. Don't just strenuously run for long periods of time, just walk if you are not able to do anything else. Walk for long distances if possible, and enjoy every single step you take. Do it at least once a day, two times a day being your best bet. If I don't walk, I am already naturally moving around a lot throughout my entire day, or have been training in such activities like AiKido. Don't turn it into something you won't enjoy, and don't think/worry about it anything much, otherwise you'll just end up hurting yourself and your skin even more. ------------------------------------ You're not going to like this answer, but no matter what I tell you or how much you read, you'll never find out what works for you until you do something. I'm not you and you're not me. But I do know that a diet change will help you, and you'll never know yourself unless you try, and honestly try. Truthfully, honestly, and knowingly try. You have to want this, not want to want this. See the benefits, see the possibilities, and explore. Be brave, and watch everything you say, do, think, and realize. Just begin. A diet change helped me greatly, and it will help you too. My diet is basically vegetables, fruits, beans/lentils, and SOME nuts/seeds. It is a beautiful, vast, powerful lifestyle, and is something that we all benefit from, and it has no name. It is not a magic pill, but it does allow for magic and creativity to be born within you. Also, despite what some articles say about High GI/GL foods, I still occasionally eat potatoes and rice. I do not eat meat due to compassion for all living things. I do not eat eggs because they are cholesterol raising and heavy for the heart. I drink mainly water and fresh, hot tea (real, loose leaf tea, not the bagged kind) almost every single day. Once in a while I'll fast. I take no vitamins and supplements since they are not necessary on a wholesome, real foods diet. All my fruit is usually eaten raw, and the vegetables I eat are either fresh (raw) or bought fresh/frozen and then steamed/boiled/stir-fired/baked. I avoid probably around 90 percent of most average westernized grocery stores. Nothing I do is scheduled or recorded. I simply live my life to the best extent I can, eat when I need to, sleep when I have to, and I always find ways to enjoy whatever I do and whenever I do it. I've spent less money, sopped washing my face with harsh chemicals, stopped putting my hair up, stopped visiting my dermatologist, and stopped having cystic acne. I honestly cannot see what others have to lose, but I do understand that a diet and, let's face it, a lifestyle change, is not something people are anxious to do. I didn't care for the diet I had before, so this wasn't a problem for me. Maybe you do care about your diet, in which case you may need to work on how to get off it, and be ready. If you're having difficulty wanting to change the way you eat and live, then try putting some time aside and watch a few of these movies bellow. They may help you make the diet change. Look on Netflix, YouTube, your local Library, Amazon.com, etc., whatever it takes for you to watch them: Food Inc. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Supersize Me Food Matters Forks Over Knives The Future of Food Hungry For Change King Corn May I Be Frank Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days There are probably dozens more food/health documentaries out there, but I'm sure you get the point. I'm not trying to shove Raw Food-ism, Veganism, Vegetarianism, Paleo Diet-ism, Cave Man-ism or whatever kind of diet into your face. I'm just giving you the suggestion that you should definitely be exploring all other ways and alternatives before going to the extreme with pills, lasers, steroids and all those other chemicals most of us have sought out at least one point in our lives. I am also not suggesting that you not talk to a doctor or nutritionist first before making changes. Certainly get yourself checked out if you suspect something is wrong with you, or you just to make sure nothing else is wrong. If you can't afford that, network and find some good trusting friends in a similar field who may be able to help. I am not on any particular diet, nor am I choosing a side of the nutrition war. I am simply myself... nothing more. My diet has no name. I am as natural and organic and I can be with exceptions that I know my body can handle. I make most of my own food and found things that I liked to create. Telling you every detail of my diet would be impossible since I am natural and constantly changing. I enjoy and love all the varieties that life has to offer when it comes to food. Again, I will say that the biggest thing that helped me with my cystic acne and white heads would be NO MILK, NO SUGARS (table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.), and NO (OR VERY FEW) HIGH GI/GL FOODS with lots of water, vegetables and fruits. Certainly, always consume more vegetables than fruit. That is all I have to say about acne. -------------------------------------- Help for you to get started: I'll provide a list of links for you to read and explore whenever you get the chance. Make sure you are getting as many vitamins, minerals, EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), sunlight and exercise that your body needs to function and maintain itself. You don't have to be completely strict and daily with everything, but it does have to be an overall lifestyle change. Becoming friends with your doctor and/or nutritionist, or people who appreciate this lifestyle and know the in’s and out’s of change, would be a good support, so try starting with them. I've always enjoyed properly organized and easy to print PDF pages and information… the specific lists/charts I will give you bellow will help you decide on choosing what foods you want to eat and/or are able to get your hands on based on the minerals/vitamins listed (you’ll have to figure out your own lifestyle and custom made diet): The minerals your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html The vitamins your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html The protein your body needs (Legumes): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html The protein your body needs (Animals): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html Although this website provided the above information for free, it also has the information available for sale as Printable PDF Formats. However, with any luck you should be able to either copy and paste the information onto your computer, as well as using any internet search engine to find other websites with similar nutrition information. I personally prefer the printable charts because they are easy to read and understand, as well as organized. The FDA's Educational Resource Library: http://www.fda.gov/F...s/ucm239035.htm I understand that a lot of us do not agree with what the FDA does, but getting the raw data is more important. If you don't agree with any of the information and/or are skeptical of who has collected it/funded it, then make your own charts and seek those with greater truth. Personally, any resource is always a plus, and is an important first step for anyone to consider. With that said, this site has free "Nutrition and Labeling" information in printable PDF formats. Just click on your term of choice, such as Vitamin A, from the drop down menu list and explore the information. Here’s another website with some of their own printable PDF documents and extra information: http://www.abcompany...n/nutrition.htm To the upper left of the home page http://www.abcompany.com/index.htm , there is a search bar. The site seems kind of unorganized, so I just typed in "nutrition" and followed whatever links were promising. Read and understand website's URLs to backtrack to other places that may or may not be hidden, too. For example, they didn't have the link on their website but it still exists. An example of a printable PDF page they have is "food combinations": http://www.abcompany...d_combining.htm . Learn about labels and what they mean: http://nutritiondata.self.com Here's a good Vitamin D website: http://www.vitamindw...om/VitaminDWiki Here’s a great popular educational website with easy to understand videos and articles. Just a heads-up, this website is practically vegan. If you're worried about that then please move on, but the information on the fruits and vegetables alone are amazing: http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/milk/ A complete lists of Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Nuts and Seeds: http://vegetablesfruitsgrains.com An alphabetical list of Fruits and Vegetables and some extra data (PDF Format): http://www.education...tionSection.pdf A website where people, mostly vegetarians, discus updated research about Vegan, Paleo, Raw Food, Fruitarian, etc… diets: http://www.beyondveg.com And finally, I saved one of the best for last. It's the only other acne website that we all can trust since it has outstanding data and articles to read: http://www.acneeinstein.com . Definitely worth the cost of membership. There are printable PDF formats there, and so much information to seek out. I had also bought and enjoyed reading it very much. It's possible to always find more information, but learning as much as you can makes the road traveled much less suffering. ---------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL NOTE: I had eczema as well. That's right. Acne AND Eczema. People have asked me if they were possibly related to the same "cause", and I’m pretty sure they were. I have never met anyone else like myself, and very few people online with this double-sided nightmare. After doing a lot of extra reading, I discovered that many skin issues come from the gut, and that it is possible and common for someone to have more than one kind of skin issue at a time. In fact, it's more common that inflammation is hidden under the skin and/or inside the body, not just exposed outwardly like mine was. My eczema's outbreak was not milk, like milk was for most of my cystic acne. It was actually food intolerance's, and the body trying to constantly detox itself without fully understanding what was going on. That particular food was tomatoes. Eczema had been with me most of my life, longer than the acne was, and no one ever really knew the cause of it. Most of the time it was just dry and slightly red, but a few times it was bright red and painfully burned. My family and I just assumed that it was incurable, and I was given topical steroids and creams to make the rash go away. Most of the time the creams worked, but sometimes they didn't. My rash mostly appears on the bend of my arms, and s a child it was behind the kneecap and on my feet. During my early 20's, it started to spread all over my fingers, hands and face, but the other areas disappeared. Eating healthy for my acne ironically inspired me to go on what most people would call an ‘Elimination Diet’. I joined acne.org after a year of reading online articles from it, and while doing the Acne.org regimen I began to expanding my research into other community boards as well, eventually finding my way into the diet and holistic health stuff. I had always deeply suspected that my diet played a role in my skin. I was surprised that acne could be "cured" by diet and lifestyle changes, I without hesitation I immediately started eating more vegetables and fruits, simultaneously omitting tons of other things. This is also when I started juicing vegetables, inspired by this post: https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/288705-how-i-cleared-my-acne-after-26-years-try-it/ When I was juicing vegetables and eating a ton of tomatoes, my childhood eczema came back with a fiery vengeance. It was all over my face, arms and hands. I suspected tomatoes when I was getting nauseous and from my rash flaring up immediately from eating them. When I took them out of my diet, my rash immediately stopped reacting. After a few months of wrapping and moisturizing my rashes, they too began to heal. My skin literally began changing; Fresh, new skin began to show where the eczema had overtaken. My rash was basically due to a mixture of detoxing, and not being able to handle tomatoes. If I weren’t trying to eat healthy to get rid of my acne, I would have never discovered this. With all this said, some people have told me that eczema/psoriasis is actually a food allergy/intolerance and not just itchy skin: http://www.dryskinsrash.com/a-skin-rash-caused-by-food-allergies/ and http://www.fda.gov/Food/IngredientsPackagingLabeling/FoodAllergens/default.htm If I were to eat tomatoes during this time, it would only take an hour or so to feel the eczema develop. This time frame, bodily sensations and symptoms, and lack of any other issue outside of diet suggested that my gut was what was causing the rash and rejecting the food. Interestingly enough, the gut also held the main cause for my acne as well: GUT Acne: http://gutflora.com/?p=344 http://chriskresser....ffects-the-skin http://www.ncbi.nlm....les/PMC3038963/ http://www.acneeinst...kin-connection/ GUT Eczema/Psoriasis): http://www.medicalne...cles/255235.php http://voices.yahoo....iet-195093.html http://www.medicalne...cles/264719.php http://www.caringdoc...is-in-your-gut/ http://primaldocs.co...a-or-psoriasis/ So, naturally after learning this, I was curious to see if this issue could be physically detected in other ways. Unfortunately, after several allergy tests and an endoscopy, my doctors couldn’t find any evidence of a gut problem within me, only to avoid whatever it was I was eating. Is avoidance a cure? Yes and No. It’s a cure in a sense that you no longer have the rash, and no because it’s not the magic pill that people are looking for when they still want to consume the produce. Also, after about seven years of avoiding tomatoes, I was able to eat them again. I have heard similar stories from people who were allergic to things such as onions, strawberries, etc. since childhood, only to realize that they grew out of it. Some people do not, which is often the case for allergies related to nuts, peanuts and other harsh chemicals, but it’s still worth safely exploring and discovering. No matter what happens, we must accept what we are given if we are to go beyond the past a move on with the natural changes of the universe. This may not be what everyone likes to hear, but it's the closest thing to truth that can be understood. If you want to see pictures of my eczema/psoriasis they're right here (Please note that my acne AND rash was going away at the same time, so I did not catch the rash at it's full strength... it was already healing at this point. After these pictures, everything was gone in about 2 months): This woman's blog may also be helpful to you (the pictures of her hands were exactly how mine looked): https://thebutterchurn.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/dyshidrotic-eczema-a-malady-of-concerning-cause-and-effect/ . Rubbing Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted) on my hands seemed to help keep the redness, itching and blisters disinfected, but it painfully stung when the blisters were open. Diluted ACV is also great for getting rid of ringworm, athlete’s foot, and eczema caused by direct mold/bacteria contact situation. Unlike alcohol, ACV does not dry out your skin and even leaves it soft. People say there is no "cure" for eczema, but I am convinced that that's because they refused to get rid of their daily allergens, which over time overwhelms their bodily systems and becomes the "cause". Why did no one else in my family suffer Eczema like I did? I don't know, but I was also the only one to discover and admit that my diet and lifestyle was terrible for a young female like myself. I now know and understand that my gut went out of whack with the overwhelmingly polluted and unhealthy diet and lifestyle environments that society had to offer, and that the physical allergens and pesticide carrying food was too strong for my already unhealthy and exhausted body and skin to keep up with. So no matter what people say to you, do not be tempted by their lazy and over simplified statements that what you eat does not affect you. Others will not understand our skin because they simply do not have what we do, and do not experience what we went through. Do not let this deter you, and do not be tempted by ignorance. ---------------------------------------------------- Seriously, thank you all for your support, love, and kindness. I could have never made it this far and this fast without everyone who helped, and the research that was provided in the world. Surprisingly, most of this knowledge is already basic, and free, if you know where to look and apply yourself. Whatever you decide to do, be smart, be safe, and be open to ALL possibilities. Blessings to you all In Spirit and Truth, Renee ReneeAwen@gmail.com
  16. I wanted to share my story and struggle with acne in the hope other people can relate and share their advice, including any information they may have found that could help. Long story short, I began to suddenly suffer with severe acne two years ago - unsure and frustrated with why this suddenly occurred I was put on a 4 month prescription of Accutane or Roaccutane depending where you're from. The accutane helped, it cleared my skin significantly and didn't damage my liver etc. 1 year later after continuously researching about acne, diet, insulin and other things I've found to be linked with acne, my lifestyle and diet have significantly changed which I've found (contrary to the doctors belief) that diet has a MASSIVE impact on how clear my skin is. Frustratingly, my diet consists of only chicken, tuna, brown rice, lentils, vegetables and eggs everyday. When I eat a high amount of carbohydrates, especially when it's processed food such as pasta, pizza, bread, beer and cake I seem to suffer quite immediately afterwards (sometimes acne follows a day after eating such foods). This link has become clearer to me through experimenting with foods, but what I'd like to hear from other people is if it's possible to change this!? I'm desperate to live a normal life again where I can drink a beer, have some pizza or sweets knowing I won't develop acne days later. It may seem my body is now very much insulin sensitive, and that when I eat these kind of foods my body struggles to deal with the sugar spike/carb spike and so produces excessive sebum followed from the insulin spike which quickly leads to breakouts. What confuses me is how I used to eat many many sweets, cake, pizza as a kid and now it's impossible... Please please, anyone who suffers from a similar experience or has any other findings I'd love to hear your story.
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    Energy drinks

    Hi, I've never had a strong belief that diet played much of a role in acne (from my own experience) but I just wondered what you guys thought about the effect of energy drinks such as Monster and Rockstar on acne. My son's skin was looking quite good for a while but has flared up over the past few months and one of the changes during that time is that he started a full time job and started drinking 1-2 energy drinks every day. He's started the regimen again and is on week three and although he's had a bit of clearing, i would have expected a bit more at this point (he is still drinking the energy drinks). Thanks!
  18. Heeey my first Topic.. DIM is good for me and im muuuch clearer thanks to this supplement. i am underweight, so im wondering if it would it be okay to take double dosis (200 mg), and does it help more than just taking the 100mg dose? I am strict on diet. No sugar, refined carbs, gluten or dairy. But still have acne and pcos. Do you guys think, that someone can be insulin resistant when they are very skinny, and have no fat on the body.?
  19. I've been meaning to write this for a while and am finally getting to it! Since I was around 16 years old, I've had mild to moderate acne all around my jaw and chin area. It never seemed to get any better no matter what products I used so I just lived with it. Than I went to university and then veterinary school and now am doing a residency. Since starting the residency two years ago, my acne would flair up at times - total lack of sleep, tons of stress. AHHH. I am also extremely into fitness and have a super strict diet with high fats and proteins and low carbs which makes me feel great and I have a lot of energy (work out 5 days a week) but still was having breakouts and could not figure out why. So I started the acne.org regime about five months ago and started to see a big difference. After three months my skin was doing much better but I would still continue to have breakouts around my chin / jaw area and could not figure it out. Super discouraging! I kept researching online and decided to change my diet again - seems my breakout area was related to hormones mostly. Up to this point, I had stopped eating sugar (made a big difference) but was still having coffee with cream daily and once a week would have a "cheat meal" where I would eat anything I wanted for an hour....most often it would be a pizza or something with cheese in it. I eliminated all dairy from my diet and also stopped drinking coffee and tea. I would have a scoop of instant coffee and that was it for the day for caffeine. I had already stopped eating sugar so I just continued with this. It has now been over a month since I stopped eating dairy and the only time I had a breakout was after someone gave me a protein shake that had yogurt in it....I had a huge zit within 20 hours!!!! But after that, not a single issue aside from two tiny ones, almost too small to even mention So, for me, I think I've discovered the secret to my breakouts and think it is a combination of a lot of things: stress, lack of sleep, dairy and sugar (main triggers) and stimulates (coffee and tea). Yesterday I even tried having tea again and woke up with a tiny zit...maybe a connection there? Anyways, hope that helps someone and I am so grateful for this website, the helpful people on here and the regime!
  20. Hello friends!! i wanted to know that whether indulging (very lil') once in a while is alright for acne prone skin(or someone who has acne..less or more) ?? i'm not too bad at the moment.and i lead a healthy life of late..atleast for a few months i am. i dont eat out.have home cooked food that has very less oil and spice. i don't like sweet..so except for some curries(yes,am indian) or vegetable dishes with requires very lil' sugar(about a tbspn for the curry made for a family of 2-3). i do have white rice for lunch but very less.(and i dont think thats a problem for me *blessed*) i dont have refined flour and its items like normal biscuits,bread etc, i do have digestive biscuits.may be about two in two days or so.i prefer having whole grain bread sometimes.((and NO, i dont think i will omit grain,pulses etc completely from my diet.thats not a plausible idea in my household.plus body neads carb in right amount.i eat balanced diet.i eat lots of fruits and water as well. NOW, CAN I EAT DEEP FRIED OR OILY FOOD(VERY LIL') LIKE A SAMOSA OR 2 PURIS(INDIAN SNACK..THEY AINT AS HUGE IN SIZE AS MOST SNACKS ARE)?ONLY IN ABOUT LIKE ONCE OR TWICE A MONTH? OR A SWEET(NOT A WHOLE FULL DESSERT DISH)..JUST A SWEET OR LADDOO(THATS LIKE TWO BITES OF A CAKE MAY BE.)??? DOES IT REALLY MATTER? I HAVE HAD SUCH INDULGENCE ONCE IN A WHILE AND I DONT THINK IT HAS EFFECTED MY SKIN MUCH? STILL I WOULD LIKE HEAR YOUR EXPERIENCES AND VIEWS? PLEASE CARE TO REPLY.=) Luck, aana for friends who are not Indian.lol!
  21. I'm starting to wean off antibiotics! From what I've researched, antibiotics kill both good (gut flora) and bad (candida) bacteria. While weaning off antibiotics, would it be wise to approach it with an (anti)candida diet (to not allow bad bacteria to flourish, and keep them at bay)? Logically, I assume this would inhibit the bad bacteria's growth, and along with probiotics, keep their levels low and eventually out-numbered! So, SOUND GOOD?
  22. Just curious what everyone is avoiding because it causes break outs. For me, dairy is my worst enemy. I can't enjoy ice cream, milk, or moderate quantities of yogurt without paying the price. I have found that kefir is ok though, probably due to the added bacteria helping me digest the lactose. I haven't noticed anything else though. What about you? What foods cause you to break out? I have heard stories that citrus and other weird foods cause some to break out.
  23. Hi everyone, my name is Lydia. I am an almost seventeen year old female with what I would consider to be moderate acne. I have struggled since the age of 13 with persistent breakouts, excessively oily skin and clogged pores- trying every product under the sun in hope of finding a miracle cure. Unfortunately I still haven't found one. Although my skin is considerably better than it used to be, I still feel plagued with self-consciousness and have major self-esteem issues. I have decided to take a different approach from pills and potions and go down a more natural, holistic path. In my attempt to clear my acne I am going to significantly reduce the amount of dairy (especially cows), eggs, meat and refined sugars in my diet. My goal is to eat no more than one portion of dairy a day (e.g glass of milk), only eat meat/fish once/twice a week and keep my consumption of refined, added sugars to under 10g a day. I am going to keep a journal, log-type thing to update you on how my new diet is going and what the effects are on my skin. Please feel free to send me advice and tips- It would be very much appreciated
  24. CiciBabyGirl


    I got my results from my ultrasound from my doctor today. The findings are consistent with PCOS, but the changes are mild so a definitive diagnosis of PCOS can't be given. My doctor told me the best things to do if I have PCOS are heavy cardio workouts, low carb diet and stay away from sugary foods. If my periods continue to get longer, I will go back and see her and go from there. Its not going to be easy to make those lifestyle changes for me, but I'm trying. I've never had to worry about what I eat or working out because I've always been thin and healthy. I am slowly incorporating low carb foods like whole wheat and multi grain into my diet, which won't be a huge problem, the problem will come with the sugar. I am going to start slow with the cardio, I'm going to walk the distance from the subway station to work instead of taking the bus. It'll probably end up being a 15-20 minute walk (I'm a fast walker). My doctor emphasized the heavy part, like she says I need to be sweating, so I'll probably have to hit the gym. I thought I would feel relieved, and maybe I do, but I think I'm more upset and overwhelmed right now. I'm relieved I have an answer, but overwhelmed at the changes I have to make I guess. I'm not complaining, I'm looking forward to being healthier, its just a lot to take in. I'm only 23, so will this get worse with time? I don't know. Anyway, hopefully knowing this and making lifestyle changes will ultimately help my acne.
  25. My diet has been all over the place and it shows on my skin. It's probably the worst my skin has been in a while. My poor body is sick of all the back and forth with diet. When I am eating clean it shows up on my skin in the best way possible. Too much sugar and grains and crappy oils and it goes downhill pretty fast. I really need to get a grip on being more consistent rather than all or nothing. I'm hoping to adopt a less restrictive approach to paleo based eating so that I can keep up with it better (rather than giving up and then going back to it). I am still doing retin a micro .1% but only once a week since it is summer (retin a makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so even though I wear sunscreen and hats I still get accidental exposure now and then so I don't want my skin to be too tender). I'll try to do twice a week once fall / winter sets in. My plan for now is to base as much of my diet as possible on fruits and veggies, lean fish and meats, chia seeds, eggs, sweet potatoes, and some grains here and there (preferably sprouted and organic). I want to eat healthy and feed my skin the right nutrients but in a way that is possible for a lifetime.... not something that is so strict that I can only do it for a month until I quit and binge on snickers Anyways, I've obviously re-thinking a lot in terms of my diet and how I plan to continue and I feel like I'm really figuring out the direction I need to go. I am going to start changing some things up and documenting the changes and progress in my skin (and how I feel as well). Hopefully I will be able to inspire others to get healthy and also improve the health of their skin. Hopefully soon I'll have a new video update but for now this is the most recent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMFwuPbrEb4