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Found 1,000 results

  1. hey, I'm totally new to his but just felt like i could do with a bit of support, so here goes Okay, firstly naturally I'm probably and always have been one of the most shy and timid people you're likely to meet. I'd never really had a big problem with acne till I came to uni, at first it was pretty mild and a short roacc. course sorted it out. One other the other things for you to know, I can be really quite vain, and although i'd never judge others on the basis of looks - i do it to myself a
  2. So I finally took the plunge and had a subcision done to get rid of the cyst that was on my left cheek for two years. I went yesterday to get the stitches out and he wanted me to be a guinea pig for a new thing he's doing. He calls it "acne blaster" and is going to start selling it in malls in kiosks (in Michigan). I think it sooo sounds like Dan's thing tho. Gentle cleanser called Blue Soap. There's something called bp something or other that is a 10%, then something called glytone, which i
  3. I've been coming here and posting here and there with questions and such, I guess sometimes I get carried away and write a little too much. So I decided to to write everything all in one post, so maybe I won't be judged too quickly because though my scars are few and shallow, the amount they effect me is... severe, deep... Maybe this will be like a diary or something. Hopefully it will help. Right now I just need support. So here's my story. I feel like I've been going through one long realit
  4. After reading some of the treatments on scar treatments, I've noticed some have experienced either hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation. More notably on laser treatment and dermabrasin. In a search to find a topic directly dealing with this, I must have failed to find one. So my question is...what scar treatments run risk of such pigmentation problems besides the above mentioned ones? Chemical Peels, Punch Techniques, Subcision, Augmentation?
  5. I went to go see a plastic surgeon last week about options for my scarring (both discoloration and also pitted scarring.) The PS mentioned Fraxel Dual which I had never heard of and was not that excited about it as everything I have heard about Fraxel seems meh at best. So I googled it and it sounds like its an excellent laser for discoloration. It looks like it is an additional wavelength(1927nm) that is added to the existing Fraxel restore wavelength. The Dr can choose between the "old" Fraxe
  6. hi to everyone! finally I managed to post my pictures of my scars on the gallery!! I took more or less 100 pictures and put the worst ones in this thread so that you can see them better! it is mostly under special light (from behind,at an angle) that you see them. Could please everyone that has had experience with some of the scar reduction methods (creams,needling,subcision,peels,...) advice me what they can recommend for my scars?! Especially maya and oursfan, could you give your comme
  7. Hello, i had another N-Lite session 15 days ago. I don't know if it is my mind, or what is, but i think always is helping me. My scars are rolling, low-medium. I have readed a lot of posts, telling that N-Lite doesn't works, but now i think that maybe the best "commentary" is that N-Lite works, but little to little. I have now 4 sessions in the same zone done. (First, on December of 2002, Second, January 2003, Third, June 2003 and Fourth July 2003). No needling/subcision done, just the N-Lit
  8. Hi, my question is how do you cope with downtime? I was reading Maya's post saying the following 1) TCA CROSS - I had around 100 scabs all over my face 2) stitches on my face after punch excisions 3) puffed, red and swollen after subcision Now in Rupert land I imagine myself having had one of these treatments and being at home recovering, with nobody seeing me. Then I come back to reality and realise that the rest of the world doesn't have scar treatments and is not going to be overly
  9. shiny

    subcision number 2

    I've had 40% improvement from 1 subcision and 2 Nlites. I had my second subcision today. Dr Chu thinks that after I've had my Isologen in May 2004, I should get about 80% improvement overall.I'll be very happy with that. I asked him if he's had good results with Isologen. He said that a combination of subcision ,Nlite and Isologen produces better results than Isologen alone. He also mentioned that retin A over a long period of time helps build collagen.So it seems to be a combination of t
  10. I had an appointment with Dr. Rapaport this morning and he seemed like a very straightforward and nice guy. However, he turned me away for treatment. He said that since I told him that my scars (which are shallow) did not respond to two previous rounds of subcision in the 1990s (with Dr. Robert Orentreich in NYC) he saw no need to try the subcision again on me. At first, his patient counselor was advocating subscision followed by N-Lite for me. But Dr. Rapaport nixed that plan. Anyway, he was ve
  11. I would really appreciate it. I will be having smoothbeam but I think I would benefit a lot more doing subcision and smoothbeam combined. Any of you know any good places to go to for subcision in Los Angeles ...by the way I live in the 213 area. -not2bad
  12. Hi All, I've read a lot about the risks associated with scar treatment after Accutane. The conventional wisdom seems to be anywhere from 6 months to as much 2-3 years after Accutane. However, everything I've read applied to resurfacing procedures such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. What I'm wondering is what kind of data is out there for other types of scar treatments such as subcision, needling, smoothbeam, etc after having Accutane? Do the same risks apply? Can anyone point
  13. Cookie

    My subcision results

    Hello, I've had three rounds of subcision to my combination of ice pick scarring and the wider, shallow scars. The improvement is most noticable in the shallow scars, but you can see the tiny build up of collagen in the ice pick scarring areas where the dermatologist's needle perforated and reorganised the skin. I can't wait to get a hold of a Dermatologist capable of the TCA Cross technique. But how does one go about finding them?? Best regards, -K
  14. My derm breifly mentioned this to me when I asked about scar treatment a few months ago. Does anyone know what injecting blood under the subcised areas is supposed to do? Thanks
  15. Anyone have a complete medical paper on subcision? I'm thinking of asking a physican I work with to do one area on my face that will need more suciosn and I don't want to pay Rapaport 750.00 for one scar. angry: http://www.e-ijd.org/oct_dec_97_abstracts.html :
  16. ive got a couple of werird scars, theyre depressed into the skin like a ligh crater and in the middle of that crater, theres a light ice pick scar. under certain lighting they look pretty big, like holes. whats best for these things? ive heard of collagen shots, but a) theyre temp and i heard they make the scar even deeper ive heard of subcision but it has a lot of swelling ive heard of tca cross, but dont know what it is
  17. Okay maybe I'm stating the obvious but most acne scar treatments like TCA Cross, lasers, subcision, dermabrasions, tca cross etc. centres around damaging your skin first then letting your body do the healing.... Just like a bruise the body will heal itself. That's why little to no topical creams can do anything for scars because it doesn't tell the body to heal the skin and create more collagen. So all this discusion about ALA, DMAE, lemon, vinegar, copper peptides. emu oil etc. to heal scars..
  18. kkhajavi

    Superficial Scarring

    Has anybody had success treating superficial scarring. I have several rolling scars (no deep icepicks) that I would like to treat. I don't think invasive procedures like dermabrasion, subcision, excision, ablative lasers, etc. would be necessary in my case. Not to be rude, but please don't post unless you have actually had success treating these types of scars. Not to be negative, but it doesn't seem like there really are any great choices for removing acne scars Thanks so much
  19. He||zAnge|

    subcision and cross in june

    Hi, Hopefully i will be going through subcision n tca in june followed by another one of these sets two months later before i head out for Dr.Y in Dec. i believe most of you guys have seen my scarz. Anywayz i just wanted to ask something, i am still kinda breaking out, mostly along my jaw line. After 8 months of accutane all i use is a neutrogena face wash twice a day, nothing else. Is there anything that could help me control these breakouts before my procedure also if i should start a regimen
  20. clairedeloon

    Doctors in Northern New Jersey?

    I'm looking to go for another consultation for my acne scars. I was wondering if anyone has heard of Dr. Frederick Haberman? Doctorsbeautyhotline.com I've already seen Dr. Rapaport, but would like to get another opinion. He recommended subcision and n-lite, but after reading some posts on this board I'm having second thoughts. His patient coordinator told me that the results would be 30-60% improvement. He also recommended the Fraxel Laser, but just to do the cheek area he's charging $4,500. If
  21. Hi, I'm being treated by Dr Chu in London. I had subcision a few weeks ago and I'm due for Isologen injections in June. I read about Hen's experience, which I think is rare, but can anyone else let me know how their skin looked in the few days following injections. Did anyone else have any swelling or is it just redness like the Isologen blurb says. The way things are arranged now, I have a meeting 48 hrs after my injection appointment, Eeek! Hen if you are still reading this board how are yo
  22. Got2BStrong14

    Chicken pock scars

    After searching the scar forum for several days, I haven't really found any decisive information on treatments for chicken pock scars. When I use the term, pock mark, I am referring to the indented scar from chicken pox with a very clear, sharp edge in the shape of a circle. I have seen pictures of people with pock marks here, but I was wondering if anyone has gotten a chicken pock scar treated with excision, punch, subcision, needling, etc. with good results. I have a large one on the midd
  23. Hi. I've been doing saline injections on myself. I've done them i think three times now. There has been improvement, i dont care to judge how much - i won't be satisfied until my skin has levelled. I have scattered pitting on my forehead which bothers me. It's scarring that - i really dont know how to treat as the pits are so tiny but so numerous. i'm hoping chemical peels might effect those positively. I have Scarring on both cheeks. The ones on my left side and worse than my right as they
  24. Hi everyone. I just joined and this is my first post. I want to say that I'm glad to have found this forum as it's great to see so many people that have shared similar experiences. It's nice to know that there are many others out there who feel like I do. Anyways here's my question. I'm 25 and while my acne has gone away save for the occasional mild break out, I've been left with mild to moderate rolling scars on both of my cheeks, forehead and under both jaw lines towards the ears. I'm fi