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Found 139 results

  1. For me, one of the worst parts of suffering from adult acne (moderate and sometimes, pretty darn gnarly) is the anxiety and pain associated with low self-esteem. I NEVER leave the house without makeup, and have a minor panic attack when camping, traveling, or sleep-overs are involved in my plans (how will I wash my face? Will people see me without my makeup? I'll have to get up at 5 am to get ready, just so no one will see my bare skin...). I also model, and you can imagine how hard it is to see
  2. El4cure

    Day Two: Skincare

    Day Two of my skincare routine: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (morning and night) Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid toner (morning and night) Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (morning and night, depending on daytime schedule) I love this gentle skin cleanser guys. if you've ever tried high-end cleansing milks, this is highly comparable. So as an update from yesterday, my skin is feeling so much less tight and the peeling seems to be almost gone completely (after a whole week). I washe
  3. El4cure

    Day One: Skincare

    Skincare changes began tonight: 7/9/2016 I quit panoxyl 10% and my persa-gel 10 (although it's a great spot treatment, it's too irritating). I used vaseline on my face and neck to help bring in moisture due to cracked and excessively dry, flaky skin from benzoyl peroxide. I washed that off with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (a holy grail product) I currently will be using 3 products for the next 2 weeks. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (morning and night)
  4. I guess I'm going to tell everyone my story it all started when i moved to Indianola I met this girl and i didn't really think of anything but as a friend we only hung out because my ex girlfriend hung out with her and then over the summer it was nothing but then we came back to school and my 5th period math class was with her I didn't really know who she was but she was the only "friend" i had in there so we did alot of the group activities together i thought i was in love i swore i was in love
  5. After a chocolate binge on Thursday the 9th May and Friday the 10th i have completely removed all refined sugar from my diet + milk. I had a very bad breakout 2/3days after the chocolate binge so from the ~13th but this only last for a few days or so and started cleaning up from about last weds/thurs[15/16]. Something to note is that i also started eating fruit from the 9th May onwards so this well could of been the culprit rather/plus the chocolate. Although i compellingly removed a
  6. I'm feeling very hopeless right now. My skin is attempting to rebound from a massive breakout and infestation on my face, neck, ears, chest. Why didn't it go to my damn back? I tested a new round of vitamins with catastrophic results. No more Saw Palmetto for me. Birth control here I come. Trying out Ocella. And yesterday I started juicing. Wishing my mom still owned her health shop, all the free food, juice, smoothies I want for FREE. My skin looked fantastic back then. Thinking about
  7. Hi there to whoever will read this! im almost a 21 years old female suffering from acne of my face, back and chest. I have been dealing with this problem for the past 5-6 years and it has become increasingly unbearable for me to deal with it. During my teen years, my acne did not effect my mental health that much. However I am in college now and earlier this year, I had a flare up which led to significant damage to my self esteem and symptoms of intense depression. I'm currently using adapalen
  8. I've seen lots of threads on people facing this issues, as I did myself. Are you feeling this way? Do you believe a single, or multiple products will gain back your confidence? What are things that you do to prevent from being stressed, upset, ANGRY, due to the way acne has effected you?
  9. So I have been dealing with acne for a few years now it was ver mild at first just on my forehead and chin it came and went I was never all the bothered about it , until January this year it started getting worse I developeped acne all along my cheeks and my chin and forehead flared up , I soon realised it was to do with my hormones I went see my doctor but the cream and antibiotics they subscribed didn't help i a man now trying to fix it naturally with a herbalist. For the past couple months i
  10. I am mid week of my 4th week, I wake up with clear skin and then at work I get around 6-8 new pimples on my chin. I am extremely stressed at work. Would you say this is normal around week 4? And will this regimen work even though I stress everyday!?
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first post after many months of curious lurking. In January of last year I went on 3 weeks of board spectrum antibiotics and after my course was completed, started noticing strange itchy pinpricks that would come and go without rhyme or reason across my chest. This went on for a year before my GP suggested fungal folliculitis and gave me 3 weeks of Fluconazole at 100mg per day for 3 weeks. My PF started getting immensely better and I was overjoyed. I was very excit
  12. Hello everyone I'm 22 years old, I have a lot of acne scars on my face and chest too. it makes me stress and shame. I have some questions 1. How to treat them? 2. can i get rid them till 90%?
  13. This is gonna sound so bad and I already know I’m gonna get rekt in the comments but come for me I guess... i have severe acne and it has taken over my whole life. I know that I’m probably a lil bitch when everywhere there are people in much worse situations. I can’t help it though. I’m 15 and I’ve had severe acne for about 2 years now and I honestly don’t know how much more of it I can take. Suddenly everything becomes so uninteresting to me(Depressed life oof). I don’t go out with
  14. So lately, I've been under extreme levels of stress and anxiety. I stressed out big time over everything, but mostly on my acne returning. Last Sep 2012, i had a horrendous breakout from maybe wrong skin care, body changes(was 23, now 24), poor diet and stopping BP. The breakouts lasted for about a year and eventually subsided but i did have very mild acne which makeup covered beautifully. During March was the time when my acne was the worse...so when March of this year rolled around, i freaked
  15. Acne has had a profound negative impact on my emotional wellbeing. I've experienced and continue to deal with pretty severe social anxiety, depression and on rare occasions, suicidal ideation because of it. I'm sure many of you can relate. Yet, I've found that my struggle with acne and its permeation into almost every aspect of my life has also served as fuel for creative expression. Through music I have been able to channel the torment, humiliation and psychological pain into something catharti
  16. I am a 28 year old female and came off the pill 5 months ago to try to get pregnant. Since then, i have developed acne on my forehead and chin very badly. It's at it's worst the week of and after my period then subsides slightly, but never goes away. I came off the pill 3 years ago to give my body a break and experienced the same thing. I went on accutane twice and it helped only during the time I was on it, then my acne came back. I went back on the pill after this and it got better. But here I
  17. Hi there, I've been lurking these forums for a little while now and I see a lot of people claiming a change of diet was the one cure for their acne. What information I can find about the diet/acne connection is limited and inconclusive and it makes me skeptical. I want to try it but I don't know where to start. What I do know is that I get enough sleep (most of the time, but I'm working on it), I wash and moisturize morning and night and exfoliate every few days (I might stop, it may be irritati
  18. I've been having much trouble for my skin for the past 15 months. It has been a nightmare, I stopped going out with my friends and completely have stopped my social life. In the past 15 months I have been seeing a dermatologist who has prescribed topicals such as acne zone for night and clindamycin phosphate gel for the morning. He also prescribed me an oral pill that I took everyday. After 6 months of no improvement he upped the size of the pill. After 35 more months he then got rid of the acne
  19. Hello, Well I've recently researched a LOT about nicotine, cigarettes, and ecigs affect on insulin levels and blood glucose levels and relation to acne. However in my experience, I've noticed less "cystic" acne when I used to smoke regular cigarettes(10-12 a day), and when I quit, I got MAJOR constipation and lots of cystic acne around my jawline and chin and cheeks. I switched to ecigs, and use 12mg nicotine juice and notice that my constipation is controlled, but my acne isn't clearing up.
  20. In the past 2 months I have had some very small acne appear on my chin. I am writing to you guys as I notice it has become more red and has spread to the left side of my chin now too with a few dots appearing above my mouth by my nose, unlike before where it was minor and on the right side on my chin only. I had some break outs (not on my chin at the time) so I used a Neutrogena face wash to try and minimize the redness. I noticed that it didn't help and quickly stopped using it after maybe 3
  21. I'm new to posting and for a couple of moths now I just been on this website, just trying to reassure myself that I'm not alone. And sometimes I been bawling my eyes out from some of these posts. I have mild to moderate acne although everyday, I fear to get out of bed to face the new treasure in the mirror.(maybe alot of people feel this way also) and I'm wondering if anyone else takes off their glasses/contacts so the mirror all blurred up. I know I'm just 15 and many people have been sufferi
  22. Hi everyone, this is my first topic here but I've been a long time reader of the forums Many of you seem so experienced and knowledgeable, so I wanted to make a post and see if anyone could help me figure out what's causing my persistent forehead acne. Some background info: I'm a 22 year old female who had perfect skin all throughout my teens. Once I hit 19-20, I started to get the occasional pimple on my forehead/chin. As someone who prided herself on having great skin, it was bothersome,
  23. Hello! About 2-2.5 weeks ago, I started drinking 3-5 cups/day of green tea, as well as mixing it in with my daily moisterizer (Aveeno Clear Complection), which I apply 3-5 times per day. Over the course of 1 week, I noticed this made a huge improvement, but it was not clearing up everything. Then, I began taking Zinc (25mg/day), Vitamin B6 (100% DV), Vitamin B12 (100% DV), Vitamin C(>100%), and Brewer's Yeast (6 tablets a day w/food) in addition to Vitamin A (100% DV), which I had already be
  24. I woke up this morning with a HUGE pimple on my right cheek. Lately, I have been breaking out quite badly (for me) and I've been picking, obsessing, and getting down because of my face. This morning I have had enough. I squeezed that pimple and nothing came out. I kept squeezing and squeezing until it became an open wound. Now I have a huge blemish on my cheek that will eventually scab over, but this will take a while. The dang thing didn't even pop! I haven't seen my boyfriend in two and a half
  25. Today, I read an article on this website by Dr. Dale Bloom that basically said that teenage acne may be "evolution’s way of preventing us from reproducing before we are physically and mentally ready to take care of our offspring" and adult acne "physical sign of chronic stress, thus reducing the likelihood that a chronically stressed individual would reproduce." Here is a link: http://www.acne.org/blog/page/2/ So...that made think....are most people with acne constantly stressed? Do you