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Found 19 results

  1. Today is day two, and I have to say that despite being in an absolutely foul mood; I'm proud of myself. I was able to go the whole day without picking. However, due to the fact that I am in a bad mood I am going to keep things very brief. - Didn't pick today in the shower, which is one of the main places that I pick. - my GP is a useless, unprofessional twat. (I don't really want to get into details but he basically treated me like an idiot and was rude the entire time.) - Got home from wo
  2. Has anyone successfully quit Proactiv or another product that contains benzoyl peroxide WITHOUT breaking out badly? I'm 24 and I've been using Proactiv since I was 14. I feel my skin is no longer as acne prone as it was when I was a teen, but my skin seems to be addicted to it, specifically the benzoyl peroxide. I tried to quit Proactiv when I was 17. I was warned that many users suffer major breakouts when they first quit, so I stopped using it. Well, I broke out...HORRIBLY. For months. It
  3. ok so i started a post about this when i first stopped using tretinoin cream and its been a month since i stopped using it but before i get into what happened i will give you a little history. Ok i started getting acne when i was about 18 or 19 never really had it in high school but once i got out it began. Anyway i started getting acne and i was really worried when it started worsening so i ordered pro activ . I thought proactiv would be my savior but after using it for a few months it really m
  4. My skin has mostly cleared up from active acne but it's extremely dehydrated and flaky ,, no amount of moisturizer would help and any product i apply simply flakes off or balls up.. nasty. So I have decided to cut it out of my regimen for a week and then go back only treating affected areas with tiny amounts. This might not be my best Idea, but I really can't deal with this dry tired looking skin. Yes, I have tried cutting back on the amount but I think what my skin needs is some time to r
  5. Picky Nicki

    Baby Steps

    Hey there, This will be quick because I am exhausted. So my skin is improving, the skin cleanser and shea butter (which I'm switching for something else for a trial run) has been really helping. I still pick ... BUT!! BUT! BUT! BUT! I have realised that cold turkey only adds to the stress! So, instead I've been working on reducing the amount of times I pick, the duration, and the amount of zits. And slowly, but surely, my picking has decreased and stayed in its reduced state, (minor increas
  6. Picky Nicki

    It Begins Now

    I begin this journey now. And all I can hear in my head are the words that Frodo says to Sam; words Bilbo told him years before, "Its a dangerous business, going out your door. If you don't watch where you step there's no telling where you may go." I think that these words may be quite appropriate to heed as I begin my own journey. To begin; I have terrible OCD, a diagnosis made alongside of ADHD and Depression. I am in control of my ADHD and depression through the use of medication and the us
  7. Hey lately I've been having trouble not being able to keep myself out of the mirror and keep my hands off my skin, making my skin way worse than it has to be. I'm looking for any one in similar situation who would like mural support in kicking this habit. Let me know
  8. I swaer to gosh, im addicted to popping my pimples. I read everywhere that picking your pimple is not good, but its so hard to resist the urge to when the head is all white and looks ready to pop. For some unknown temptation, i fuck myself over by popping my zits, squeezing my pores or worst of all, i bought extracting tools recently. The exracting tool seem to work okay up until this past weekend, 3 days ago, i extracted a raised bump that was left after a pimple had healed. I thought that sinc
  9. I suffer from cystic acne and I was wondering will I have to use this forever? Once my face has been clear for at least a year can I slowly get off or will my face get worse? I've read that people who stopped using the regimen there face became worse than when they first started it. I was curious if anyone has got off successfully and how you got off and what you use now.
  10. If you purchase the Regimen once, will they keep sending you it automatically or do you have to re-purchase it?
  11. Picky Nicki

    Dusting Off

    Hey everyone! It is *counts on fingers* day 11 of my journey and despite my little hiccup things have started off again well. Day 9 was VERY difficult, as my picking had all but reversed my small, but crucial progress. Starting again was much more difficult but necessary! My face is healing well, though I leaned heavily on my family with the appearance of a very deep, very large, and very painful zit on my upper cheekbone. Perhaps one of the largest I have ever had, it swelled rapidly and sat
  12. Today has been quite exhausting. I got very little sleep last night and woke early to face the consequences of last nights picking. It was not a pretty sight. I was so ashamed and disgusted at myself. My face had been healing and then suddenly, BOOM! I'd pick, and pick, and pick until my bloody was bloody and marred. Then I decided that was that! And I began to construct my path. First, I popped an elastic band on my wrist, a form of negative reinforcement. If I pick then I snap the elastic b
  13. Let this be the beginning of my birth control free life. Been takin' a yaz generic for four years. Basically completely cleared my skin up. I only get small break outs around my period or if I have a lot of sugar. Before birth control I had mostly moderate but at times severe acne since I started puberty. I was 20 when I started it and now I'm 24. I'm trying to be more health conscious overall so I'd like to stop taking it and solve my acne naturally. I've heard acne gets a lot worse afte
  14. First of all, I'd like to say that I've already noticed the irony of my username. I know this is easier said than done, but the overbearing negativity in this section of the forum is very destructive to some people's perception of themselves. When people go to this site, they do so for support and for good vibes. They are most likely down about their acne and are actively looking for solutions. In the meantime, when one clicks on this section, he or she shouldn't have to be bombarded with topic
  15. Hey guys i was just reading around in the thread ''Niacin is AMAZING for acne'' that was posted here. And I read a couple times that it is only a temporary fix??? I used niacin before and it worked great but I eventually stopped using it cause I started breaking out again. I sont think me breaking out again was due to the fact that the niacin wore off because I have better reasons to blame for that. Well That was 5 months ago. Now, myy acne has been pretty bad for the last couple weeks, b
  16. Picky Nicki


    Bad day today, so I'll keep it brief. My bad day started at work... I felt sick to my stomach all day, even though it wasn't anything serious, just made a mistake. Came home and my sister was incredibly rude to me and then to my friend (who has self-esteem issues) and the thing fucking escalated into a cluster-fuck. SIGH. I broke my rules and I picked at my face. I feel like a huge fuck up and I just want to be left alone. Eight days, nothing. And then I fuck up. Today was just bad in general.
  17. Hi everyone, just a couple of questions to answer please for anyone that has managed to work it out. How long does it take for you to breakout from any "triggers" that you know you have? How long does it then take for the breakouts to stop? Ie. not how long for the breakouts to fade but how long for new spots to stop forming\pop up. Eg. if sugar is your trigger and you eat a chocolate bar, drink a coke etc which then leads to a breakout, how long for the spots to first appear
  18. Hi, Im Soha and im 18 years old i've been struggling with acne since i was about 11 years old till today, i've tried every face wash to every antibiotic and nothing has worked , So i've decided to take Accutane im on my 39th day of taking the drug, and all i have been noticing is that my skin is getting way worse than it ever was before , and is not getting better! What should i do? It's very frustrating! Should i stop it? Or decrease/ Increase the dosage? thanks
  19. So I started the regimen in May 2016. A friend recommended it to me. I did not have a lot of acne just a few pimples here and there. I was consistent for 3-4 months. Then I decided to stop. Then I had the biggest breakout of my life. I never broke out like this not even when I was going through puberty. Am I now stuck with using these products or is there a safe way to get off these products? They work well but i don't want to be dependent on them. Please someone help!