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Found 12 results

  1. My derm prescribed accutane to me yesterday and she gave me the iPledge booklet and everything and I had a urine/pregnancy test. She gave me two forms for blood work in the booklet and I forgot what she said about them... I'm confused, am I supposed to get one blood test now and then another in a month, or did she accidentally give me two forms and I'm only supposed to get one blood test in a month? Also, I logged into iPledge and it said on the calendar "March 10, First day you may have you
  2. Hi Guys, During the initial weeks of the Regimen - when the skin may be very dry, is there any harm in applying moisturizer more than twice per day? I find my skin is fine for a while in the morning, but gets very dry by the afternoon. Just wondering what other peoples experiences are with this. Thank you, Nigel
  3. I am a brand new member (32 year old female) and have been suffering from cystic acne for a long time. I have tried various prescriptions and Retin-A seemed to clear my acne (upto 85%) last year. I stopped using it (my mistake) and restarted Retin -A (0.1%) 2 months ago after getting acne back. It was clearing up slowly but stopped it again for 2 weeks. Now my acne is really back and I am desperate to get a clear face. I have resolved to follow a strict routine and ordered the BP from this sit
  4. Hey everyone! I've been on this website a lot because acne plagues my life and it sucks so much. I just ordered The Regimen and this really is my last hope. I guess I was just hoping for some feed back on it, just knowing what to expect (if it does work). I'm in college and I never leave my room and skip class as often as possible so people can't look at my face I will take any advice, or your stories or anything really. I feel so alone, even though this site shows me I'm not. I just want my acn
  5. Hi... i know that i said i was going to start this ages ago, and i did... but instead of making up excuses im just going to tell the truth to you guys: i couldn't get over the redness factor so i stopped. i just couldn't bear to have my friends look at me and go 'wtf is wrong with you?' Im just so insecure about my acne. I dont have a huge amount of acne, but its my 1 achilles heel that can bring me down to the floor and drag me across it. So i've always stopped when the symptoms get overwhelmin
  6. I've been on just about every acne medication. I've gotten my face cleared up pretty well except for blackheads on my nose and the occasional pustule (usually in the chin/jaw area). My biggest problems are my chest, back, shoulders and neck. I've been able to get them cleared up for short amounts of time, but the acne always comes back. The acne that I get in these areas is painful cystic acne. This is my main reason for beginning Accutane. I started out 2 days ago on 40 mg. Needless to say
  7. After having moderate cystic acne on my face and back since elementary school (I'm now nearly 21), I had just accepted it as a part of my body. I had found makeup that covered pretty well, I washed my face, put whatever acne meds the derm gave me (that didn't work) on my face every night, and went on with life. Except that every single day, every single time I looked in the mirror I hated that it was something I had to deal with. I hated caking on makeup. I've been made fun of since 2nd grade wh
  8. ccw98

    Day 1

    Day 1: Just picked up first prescription (30 pills) at the pharmacy. Not name brand. Came home, took first- big- pill at 5:30 pm on empty stomach. Not sure dosage, will check later. Previously been prescribed on 10% BP once a day in the morning and topical isotretinoin once a day at night. Okay results over about 2 or 3. Scarring is my main problem, especially on cheeks ; everything always scars regardless. Topical iso reduced the size and darkness/redness of them a little but definitely did no
  9. Hi everyone, I just recently started the Regimen. I've been through a lot of info on this website and after trying so many things finally broke down and started the regimen. I'm 20 years old and I've constantly struggled with acne since probably 11 or 12. After watching so many people my age magically grow out of their acne somehow I realized it just wasnt going to happen for me and I needed to try something new. I'm using all drug store products. I don't have them in front of me , but will
  10. I am so glad that I found this website. I have never really been able to talk to anyone about my acne. All of my friends and family have near perfect skin and I am always singled out with their “suggestions” and miracle cures that a friend of a friend told them about. I started the regimen about a week ago and although I do not see a big difference, many people have told me that my skin looks much better, coincidence? Idk. What I do know is that I want to stick with the regimen until the end and
  11. acneguitarist

    Day 4 - Peeling Face

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this website and these message boards. I have nodular acne and I started accutane four days ago. I was very nervous, and I only comitted after talking to two friends of mine that have gone on it, as well as word of mouth from about 3 other people I know. I am now much less worried, I have always been really healthy and my first blood test results were very impressive according to my dermatologist, who has been on accutane himself. I also have had acne about 5 yea
  12. adfreak1991

    Ready, Set Go! My Starting Point:

    Waddup acne peeps. SOOO This is where I started when I began Dan's Regimen. This blog is as much for me as anything, as this is the first time I've officially documented progress with any product. If people read it, grewl, if not, fine, at least I can see my progression after some time and actually see how far (or not far!) I've come... As you can see, most of my breakouts are around my chin/jaw and a tiny bit on my forehead lately. I know my acne isn't severe, but this is actu