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Found 20 results

  1. cloudydreamer

    Day 6 [Depressed]

    Today sucked for a lot of reasons. I've been having a ton of stress from moving soon and not sleeping well and I'm sure that did nothing to help my face. The Neutrogena cleanser is necessary to prevent worse acne, but I'm just so dry...and it's making me way more oily than I ever was, plus cold weather isn't helping. I haven't looked this bad in at least 2 months. I feel beyond down. I never had this awful cheek acne until I began Spiro and it still hasn't subsided. It's like almost all the cc
  2. Hi there. I just started Sprintec birth control (generic of ortho cyclen) about 2 weeks ago. Also, I've been using epiduo for a little over two months now. I am a teenage girl with mild to moderate acne on my chin, middle checks, and a spot or two on my forehead. I used epiduo last year and cleared in 3 months (along with doxy) but became resistant and took a 5 month break. Now I'm still experiencing breakouts and not seeing much improvement in my skin. Birth control was my last hope because I d
  3. Hey everyone, I've been getting horrible cysts and nodules every month before my period. I've been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for a few years now, at least three, and I'm finally fed up with my intense breakouts before my period every month. I've read that being on a monophasic pill, i.e. Ortho Cyclen can really help. So I've made the switch to Sprintec, the generic of Ortho Cyclen. I've read a ton of horror stories. I did well on Yaz but was nervous about blood clots so I switched. I was o
  4. accutanebishhh

    Month 2 no change!!!

    Hi! So I’m an 18 year old female weighing about 120lbs. I’m currently on month 2 of my accutane treatment and I’m taking 60mg a day. So far I’ve had extreme back pain, dry lips, and nosebleeds. Other than that, I have not had any dryness on my face and I’ve seen no improvement in my skin and I’m breaking out on my neck, chin, and forehead which has never happened to me before (my acne has always been on my cheeks). I emailed my derm and she said that I should have seen improvement by now. Has an
  5. cloudydreamer

    Day 15 [BP and PIH...ugh]

    Hey again everyone. I'm almost at day 16 now and I thought I'd check in. I don't feel as down in the dumps about the initial breakout anymore, since a ton of it has calmed down and cleared [touch wood...it gives me hope]. I have really crappy PIH marks from the cheek breakout and two small nodules remaining [one near the left corner of my mouth from the hormones, a super tiny one on left cheek that was a comedone but got inflamed ... thanks Spiro!] but it is what it is. They won't scar, and they
  6. Hi everyone! I recently started taking Sprintec to go on Accutane, and I've been experiencing some weight gain. I feel hungry all the time, and I can't stop eating!!!! It's only been about a week since I started taking it, and I can already tell that i've put on a couple of pounds(or more). And this is not normal for me because I finished my period a few days ago, and usually during the following week after my period I lose some weight and not gain. So my question is, has anyone else here exper
  7. HarleyZ

    BC Switch and Acne Backslide

    *Jump to paragraph 3 if you want to read about acne backslide after I switched birth control. * I've been having pretty bad acne since the age of 14. I'm now 21. Between 14 and 19, I did not do anything to treat my skin problem, simply because my mom would not let me - she thought that my acnes would go away on their own when I grew older. However, all hell broke loose after I started college. I could not leave my room without makeup in my freshman year. I could not stand looking at my face in
  8. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  9. After years of fighting with acne that would never completely leave and would get worse around my period, I have always known it had something to do with my hormones. However, I have been terrified of the birth control pill for years as well. Stories of people getting worse acne and crazy side effects such as depression and anxiety scared the crap out of me since I already take meds for anxiety! Just thinking about the pill gave me anxiety...but I really had no choice. Me and the hubby do not wa
  10. sosickofzitz

    Ortho Cyclen experiences?

    Hey ladies! I've been trolling around looking for everyone's experiences on the birth control pill ortho cyclen. i just switched over to this pill from loestrin. did it help your skin? did you have an initial breakout? any other symptoms? anything you can share would be great!
  11. cloudydreamer

    Day 9

    The right cheek IB seems to be calming down. Same with the 2 small spots on my left cheek. It was always worse to begin with on the right side and I still feel down about it but at least it's healing and flattening out. I have to go out today after being a hermit for the last few days and I'm anxious (lol) but life must go on. I have a lot to do in preparation for my move. I only have to go to the bank and no one there cares what I look like anyway. My forehead seems to be improving the faste
  12. cloudydreamer

    Calling it quits.

    It's become apparent to me at this point that the more I try to mess with my hormones, the worse I get. After getting SIX CYSTS on my chin/mouth area in 72 hours and a horrible forehead breakout from skipping my placebos [around days 29-33], I've called it quits. I'm not sure why birth control always seems to do this to me, but the derm I saw yesterday for the shots explained that for a handful of women, BC can only make things worse. [Lucky me.] I'm so sorry I ever tried to 'fix' my hormonal ac
  13. sarahbruno314

    Retin-a Mirco.08, Doxycycline, Aczone

    I need advice--please try and make it through this long post: I have been on Retin- A micro gel .08(using it 3 times a week) and clindamycin topical solution of 3 months. My Skin is still breaking out. It didn't purge when I first started but for the 2 last month its been bad. I don't think it has gotten any worse this month but it hasn't gotten much better(though my dermatologist thinks it has haha).I have only ever had hormonal acne my whole life but this past year, I started getting mor
  14. cloudydreamer

    8th Day

    CC's by the right corner of my mouth that haven't budged for months are starting to purge. Not violently, which is good. But they're definitely pushing their way out of my skin. 50% of them are gone. I still have a bad chin cyst and a tiny under the skin bump next to it but oh well, I always get that every month anyway and hopefully Sprintec will prevent it next month. This gives me hope that the pill is doing what it's supposed to and helping me, not making things worse. The stress of my financ
  15. cloudydreamer

    Day 11

    Hey again, everyone. The cheek purge from Spiro has continued to calm down a lot. It left some pesky PIH marks behind, but it's nothing that won't eventually heal within the next month. 2 cheek CC's from Spiro also came out on their own, which is good. My chin is the most problematic area right now [it always is anyway, but yeah]. I STILL have the cyst/nodule thing in the same spot that I always get it, but it's been hanging out a lot longer. I really wish I had my new insurance now because I'd
  16. Hi everyone. As some of you know on here, I have had a really tough time with Spiro for hormonal cystic and comedonal acne [see my post about the eyebrow/eyelash shedding]. I feel the anti-androgen effects were not just working for me, as it seemed fine at first but in reality it caused more of a hormone imbalance vs fixing one...hence the shedding and body acne I also developed. Thankfully, I haven't lost anymore hair since stopping Spiro. That means Yaz and Yasmin are also out. Anyway, I ca
  17. HEY GUYS! So im starting sprintec (generic ortho cyclen --- note: NOT TRI CYCLEN) next month. I'm so excited that this might be my savior and get rid of my mild to moderate teenage acne but I am terrified of the initial breakout. My gyno said "it's not proven" that bc pills cause a breakout but I was still unsure because of all the scary reviews I've read. So ladies, have you or anyone else gotten beautiful skin via sprintec, ortho cyclen, or any birth control for that matter without going thro
  18. cloudydreamer

    Day 4

    I took my 4th pill today. The closed comedone rash I had on my inner right cheek from Spiro is now more prominent and pinkish...it's purging, I guess. Some were inflamed near my ear/outer cheek the other day and cleared, now it's slowly moving inward. Depressing, but there is nothing I can do. I'll pay close attention to how my skin progresses to make sure no actual brand new spots are forming from Sprintec. I'm going to use Bentonite clay and hopefully these inflamed cc's will be calmed down by
  19. cloudydreamer

    Day 17

    Feeling depressed and crappy today in general because I haven't slept enough all week - last night was really bad, 2 AM and restless. I also have to take an antibiotic for a UTI which worries me for SE's on my body and skin. Another 2 comedones became full fledged zits (a tiny one and unfortunately a larger and more noticeable one) and that nodule I mentioned is still not gone. UGH. I may just go for a cortisone shot if I can find someone who can take me right after xmas. It's so annoying. Eve
  20. I recently started Sprintec 2 weeks & 3 days ago. I was prescribed this for my PCOS and my acne. I have had hormonal cystic acne since I was 15, now being 17. My skin wasn't clear before I started the Sprintec, but there wasn't much acne either. It was mainly scars and redness which doesn't bother me as much. It didn't break out as bad as I'm seeing it now though. It was always like 2-3 cysts. Ever since I started the Sprintec, , my face is breaking out instead. They are hard, red cysts all