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Found 255 results

  1. Hi guys, I've struggled with acne since my late teens and now I'm 22 and still suffering with very stubborn acne. So far I have tried all generic acne topical treatments such as Clinique system, Duac, BP gel 10%. These either didn't work at all or worked for a few weeks then the acne came back. I have had antibiotics which don't work. The most effective treatment was Dianette. It gave me totally clear skin for a year. Despite still taking it, it seems to have stopped working and slowly but surel
  2. Thriftshopper

    Roaccutane Diary

    Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old and have recently been prescribed Roaccutane. I have decided to keep a diary of my progress for people who aren't sure whether or not Roaccutane is for them. Personally I was looking forward to going on the drug. I was so sick of my skin as I have had ongoing spots since I was 12/13, but my skin got really bad since last year. Previously I had tried every product known to get rid of spots but none of them worked. I was using a skincare salicylic acid wash given
  3. Hello everyone, this is the first time I have ever wrote on a forum so I don't now what response I will get xD. Anyway, I have suffered from spots since I was 11 and i'm currently 19 (20 in January); allthough my spots aren't really that bad they have flared up now and then over the past 8/9 years and it really pisses me off. Half the time when I was in school I would get yellow heads just spring up on me at awkward moments such as when I was giving presentations (maybe that part was due to stre
  4. I was using tretenoin acne medication for about 4 months on my forehead, 2months after i stopped using the medication i started to get tiny bumps which then turned into small pimples then went away but left dark spots, does anyone know why i get these black spots? thankyou help much appreciated.
  5. Anybody please help. I've had this skin for as long as I can remember. It is oily, every pore seems to be congested. My forehead is bumpy with tiny grains of grey/black colouring in each piece hat nothing seems to get rid of. My nose and cheek area that meets my nose are covered in sebaceous filaments. I get spots on chin, cheeks and forehead. My neck has little white closed comodones. I have researched so so so many things on te internet ad spent countless of money on various products and tr
  6. I've had acne for pretty much all my life I'm 23 now and for the last 5 years I have thought about my acne literally everyday, hour. I go to sleep every night hoping it will disappear and never does, I drink so much water and wash my face twice a day. It has stopped me from doing so many things . I constantly look in the mirror and am so disappointed with how I look, thinking why can't it end, I cannot move on in life until it does, and even when I don't have a breakout my face still looks so r
  7. I have had red blotches on my cheeks for months. They are completely flat and on the same spot on each side of my face. They only flare up when I drink tea, shower, or look downward. When I wake up in the morning my skin is completely clear what are they and how do I get them to go away? Also I eat a very healthy vegan diet and rarely drink or wear face makeup. I use a cleanser that my dermatologist recommended but it still hasn't helped. Here's some pictures http://imgur.com/mmyqXxD http://
  8. lewis0121

    Exercise... F*** Me.

    Ok I really don't feel like typing a lot but I am very exited and need to type this right now. long story short I have had red acne marks for the last 5-6 months now which have been healing over time but never completely for instance after a shower they will look very red for about 15 minutes. ANYWAY I have avoided exercise like the plague for the last 5-6 months doing litteraly as little as possible (accept walking to school) as I thought this would only create more acne or even pro-long my m
  9. hello! i'll let know 1st that i've less or no idea about doing make-up. i use a sunscreen that my derma had prescribed.its MELAGARD 50+. It's got ZINC OXIDE alone with few other chemical blocks in it. as zno does,it leaves a slightly pale look. covered look. i have a concealer from AVON. AVON STICK CONCEALER. now,what i want to know is CAN I USE THE SUNSCREEN ALL OVER MY FACE AND THEN PUT THE CONCEALERS JUST ON MY POST-ACNE SPOTS/BLEMISHES ETC?? DO I NEED A POWDER/COMPACT/
  10. It's not even a year ago when I had perfect clear skin.sometimes I got one or two zits but they would disappear on their own.then slowly I started getting three to four & then one morning I woke up my cheeks were soo red & soo many small acnes were there.that was the end of my beauty....forever...day by day it just got worse.I tried using neutrogena foaming facial cleanser and betnovate cream but my skin dried up.so I stopped & then after some months tried neutrogena 3in 1 gel with n
  11. Hello, well I’m not an acne type of guy and well I haven’t really had a problem with spots till the past year really. I got these spots on my face and we’ll I’m not exactly sure what they are or how to get rid of them. I’ve had them for a long time maybe over a year or something. One side is worse than the other. Any idea on how I can get rid of them? Any help below on identifying them or treating them is much appreciated. Sorry in advance I need to shave
  12. johnsmith2014

    Any Advice On Acne?

    Hi all, I have suffered with acne for 2+ years now first it started of severed but after being on a prescribed antibiotic and making a lot of healthy lifestyle changes it went to moderate acne but still has not gone? Still to this day I wake up every morning with the same red scars left and even more white heads over my cheeks and round the mouth area where they are more painful above my lip on the sides of my nose and on my chin. I do not understand why everyday I wake up with a new load of whi
  13. After I exercise, is it ok to wash my face with only water then moisturise it afterwards? Mydaily routine is to moisturise and wash my face with a cleanser twice a day. I think personally it's too much to moisturise and wash ny face thrice otherwise.
  14. Hi!im totally new to posting anything about my acne! I've followed this site getting so much comfort from other's stories and advice, so thought I'd take the plunge and write one myself. Ive had acne for 11 years now, started when I was about 13 and I've never grown out of it. I generally swing between being devastated and accepting (although, this is usually when it's having an 'OK' day) I had had a brief period where my skin was immaculate! I was on the Qlaira birth control pills. It only last
  15. Hi all, can anyone offer their honest experiences with vitamin b5? Firstly, has anyone had any success with supplementing 500mg instead of megadosing as im not comfortable with that. I've read a lot of the other forums that mention users supplementing along side l-cartinine or other supplements. Also did it have any effect on you acne or just the oily skin? thanks for your help!
  16. So, its been 2 and a half months since i started getting acne, right after when i came home after 2months of holidays spent on the coast side ( a lot of sun, sea and time spent outside of the house was involved ). My skin was awesome, clear, without any spots or scars, with few pimples covering it, but that pimples got away fast. When i came home ( I live in the city ), my face condition started to become worse and worse as the days were passing by. Like, something exploded inside me, my oil gla
  17. I've been on doxycycline for about a week now.. not much improvement. my acne is moderate. right now I'm using cereve foaming cleanser then i put clindamycin then on top i put on cereve moisturizer. at night i use the cereve wash then tazorac and then cereve moisturizer i just started this regimen a week ago any tips? and is my acne "bad"? please leave comments respond
  18. Hi guys, I've been looking through this place a little bit for the past few weeks, and I thought I'd make a post today. I'm now 18 (almost 19) and I started having spots/acne in certain places around 2 years ago. I didn't know much about cleaning and moisturizing back then, and I unfortunately used to go crazy at these spots and pick and pop. Fast forward today, I have dark spots/marks from previous spots (it'd probably be the same as red scars, but I'm dark skinned so--) and I still get
  19. Hi, FIrst time poster, long term acne sufferer. Dealt with it mostly by cutting out meat (on face). Fatty foods/alcohol/stress still effect but is manageable. Usually not too bothered about chest but has never been this bad and is quite persistent. Any advice much appreciated. Wax? Some sort of treatment? They start as white heads and stick around as red marks for a fair old while. Any advice much appreciated as this is now pretty aggravating.
  20. Hi everyone It seems like I have been waiting a lifetime to finally get my roaccutane. I got acne when I was 11 and since then I've tried everything - over the counter treatments like freederm, prescribed topical treatments e.g benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, erythomicin.... Now I have finally been prescribed roaccutane and I am really hoping it works. I have been prescribed 20mg for the first 2 months, and then 40mg for the last two months - however my derm said if my body cannot han
  21. So my problem is relatively well illustrated by the attached pictures, but I'll include some backstory. So I'm post Accutane (Isotretinoin) currently, I started it in October of 2015 and ended it in March of 2016... It worked extremely well, removing I'd say around 95% of my acne. Now I'm dealing with the remaining 5%, which is mild scarring and discolorations. Also I should note that I haven't had ANY breakouts in months, so these spots have lingered for awhile now. Any ideas about treatment
  22. Have just been told that UK has almost no Skinoren in any pharmacies as manufacturer isn't sending it out and it could be months before we get any. I'm planning to buy some on the net in the meantime in case it is a while before I can get some on prescription again and my GP is hoping that he can prescribe me the next best thing. Will this be Finacea gel, do you think? I know they both have Azelaic acid in them but I thought that Finacea is mainly used for Rosacea, not acne?
  23. I have been using Lymecycline antibiotics and differin for acne and soon i will no longer be able to take the Lymecycline. This really makes me worry as i am scared i will break out again. Please share any advice or past experiences below!
  24. KeiranBanks

    Beginning Roaccutane

    Hi there, I have had spots since I was around 14 years old. They started off not too bad however over the last 4 years they did intensify and have started to leave some scaring on my cheek. I went to my GP and after many creams and tablets I was referred to the hospital and they suggested that I start Roaccutane and gave me the side effects which at first did put me off however I eventually realised that something had to be done and it was a risk that I was willing to take. I have been advised t
  25. Hi everyone. Just joined this website earlier and this is my first blog/conversation. I am 21 years old and have had acne since the age of about 14. At the start of February I was prescribed Accutane and I first started taking the drug on February 6th 2016, so that will be 16 weeks on the drug tomorrow (about 4 months). Bottom line.. MY SKIN IS STILL BAD AND IM STILL BREAKING OUT, my derm is calling then 'pustuals'. Now don't get me wrong my skin is getting better in certain areas (forehead and