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Found 30 results

  1. Hey, guys! I know it's been forever since I've updated on these forums. I'm super happy to say that I mostly have my adult acne under control. However, I definitely still get hormonal breakouts every month. They never get too bad anymore, but honestly that's because I've finally found out how to properly spot treat whiteheads! So, I found this product called Dots. They're hydrocolloid blemish patches that you're supposed to put on before you go to bed and sleep with them. So, that's what I di
  2. Hii, So I was wondering if someone knows a decent or good spot treatment. Since rn I'm using none. In particular I'm searching for these kind of spot treatments: - One for cystic hormonal acne without a head - Spots with a white head, pimples ect.
  3. Has anyone tried to use clove essential oil for spot treatment with any success?
  4. Hey folks, I am wondering if anyone here knows about Fucidin 2% Cream (not Fucidin H) and its mechanisms of action/ how it works? I was prescribed it once when I had an impetigo infection on my chin. It seemed to melt away the lesion, obviously due to some sort of anti-bacterial (anti-staph infection) properties, but it also caused the skin to gently exfoliate so that new skin would grow, it seemed. I once read that it works on acne so I applied it as a spot treatment and it works be
  5. Hi.. So I've been using benzoyl peroxide for about 2 months now and it actually has cleared up my mild acne around my mouth. I am left with some hyperpigmentation and potential whiteheads that go away as I continue to use the benzoyl peroxide (5% wash in morning, 5% wash at night, 2.5% spot treatment overnight). I just use the wash and spot treatment around my mouth, where my acne is. However, I traveled to Florida for a vacation and have only been here two days and noticed that around my mouth
  6. As of late, my skin has really cleared up (knock on wood) so I thought I would share the products that have helped me achieve clear skin/hide my blemishes. If you have any products that I didn't mention, add them! Cleansers: Neutrogina oil free acne stress control power clear scrub (Better for oily skin, can be drying) Neutrogina grapefruit acne scrub (Better for oily skin, can be drying) Clean & Clear deep action cream cleanser (Better for oily and combo skin) Biore warming scrub St. I
  7. I'm looking to buy some salicylic acid as a spot treatment for some of my breakouts, since my skin seems to generally be clearing up to a degree I'm avoiding picking at it due to what already seems to be a bad case of hyperpigmentation, mostly because of my pale skin tone. Anyways, I'm looking for a pure salicylic acid to use, naturally derived. I don't want some type of gel or cream, just the pure stuff! No fillers! Give me suggestions/links/whatever. What percentage works best, what have yo
  8. Today, I started taking (1) ibuprofen 200mg capsule orally. Also, I puncture (1) capsule and use the gel as a spot treatment. It burns like crazy. Any advise on if this will help reduce inflammation and red marks?
  9. Hey everyone! So I am happy to report that overall my acne has improved in the last 6 months due to Differin, Duac, and Birth Control. However I still get those pesky "once a month" pimples. It wouldn't bother me if the pimples didn't always leave bright red marks behind which of course take months to heal. I use Duac, which contains benzoyl peroxide, to spot treat. I have read that BP can worsen PIH and prolong the healing time. Is this true? And if so, what is a good spot treatment to use inst
  10. I haven’t been breaking out lately but the ones I did have before, specifically on omy right cheek, are still not going away. I’ve tried Benzonyl peroxide for a month but no progress. I’ve even tried natural spot treatments (witch hazel and tea tree) but nothing works. I’m trying salicylic acid now but so far it’s not working. some of the acne disappears while my active ones right now were from a few months ago. Some of the spots have little bumps for some reason. It doesn’t hurt or it
  11. So it's been 2 weeks and 1 day since I started roaccutane and, I'm not going to lie, it has been really really hard. The last 2 weeks my skin broke out to the worst it has ever been. My confidence was rock bottom and I felt no amount of make up could help the situation as the texture of my skin was awful due to the dry skin caused by the accutane. I kept thinking, "nothing is going to work, I'm going to have this acne forever". As much as I'd like to post a photo to share, I'd be way too ne
  12. Has anyone tried this? I'm going to use one to spot treat on closed comedones and hopefully dry them out so they will just flake off. Please let me know if any of you have tried this. Thanks! I will update tomorrow.
  13. Has anyone tried the Neutrogena Naturals series of acne products? I've been using the spot treatment (salicylic acid 1%) and the face wash for about a month now and just started using the cleansing pads. I'd had some harsh reactions to the upped-up benzoyl peroxide in the AcneFree spot treatment cream, so I thought a natural cream would be gentler. I was happy with the results for a while, but it seems like my skin grows immune to products fast. I have mild to moderate cystic type acne, m
  14. I was wondering if any of you guys use AHA to spot treat? I saw a video where Dan uses AHA when he gets a spot but I was wondering in what order do I spot treat when I'm doing the regimen? After moisturizing? Before? A little info would be helpful to find out what works for you guys.
  15. I'm going to start writing how I feel about my acne, the products I use, what works and what doesn't, and anything else acne related. Feel free to post your thoughts on your own acne, or give me suggestions on how I can treat mine. Background info: I am fourteen years old and have been battling acne for what seems like forever (but really at the MOST probably 2 years). I pick my acne to the point that they've become hyperpigmentation scars. I avg about 7 hours of sleep a day. I usually eat s
  16. Hi all, I have tried many spot treatments, but none really seem to wow me. Granted, some do visibly reduce the size of break outs, but I have yet to come across something that zaps them away fast and for good. I have tried searching for the "best spot treatment", but came across far too many options. I was wondering if there is a certain spot treatment that a lot of people have tried and reviewed? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  17. Hello As always, my body feels when I have an important event to go and gives me the most hideous pimple, this time on my nose. It's red and doesn't have a white head. I tried to squeeze it but nothing happened. The important event I have is on Friday. I've just put a mix of aspirin + water on the pimple, and I'll keep it overnight. Does it work?
  18. Basically I've got two, pretty small, red bumps on my chin. They have been there for a few days with almost no change. They don't have a white head yet aswell and i really just want them to go away I usually get a few of these every month. They are red for a few days, get a white head, then eventually begins to fade away. It's still a red mark on my face even months after which is really annoying. So I'm wondering if I could spot treat them with a thin layer of BP 5%. Will this make them go
  19. I recently bought a new spot treatment, and I just feel obligated to share it with everyone. It's the Blemish Touch Stick by Desert Essence. I saw that there are only 4 reviews on here for it, but it should have many more. It is the ONLY spot treatment that has ever worked for my skin. It works on all types of acne(including cystic). I implore you all to give it a try if you haven't found a good spot treatment yet, and I got mine for around $8 on Amazon. :)
  20. Does Ice Help to Heal Acne?

    Skip Down to How-To So far there is only one study that looks directly at how reducing skin temperature might help heal acne. The study shows that reducing temperature may in fact help reduce skin oil and thus reduce acne.1 Expand to read details of study A 2015 study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology applied extreme cold to the skin of both mice and humans to determine whether cryotherapy can help treat acne or not. The treatment...
  21. hi my name is anthony and i suffered from acne a long time and not just mild acne but severe acne over my face, i got called pizza face and all types of names smh but now my skin is clear, and i get comments on my complexion just thought i would help some other ppl that might be suffering from the same problem here's what i did not guaranteeing it will work for you but it def worked for me. first off all i had to stop washing my face so much i know that sounds crazy lol, but its true if u wash
  22. Hey guys, I was wondering what your opinion on what the purpose of Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser should be? I know it has "cleanser" in the name and in the directions it says to wash off face, but this website seems to say otherwise. When looking at the reviews of the product on this website, it lists it as an "Acne/Spot Treatment". This is a big difference in what a cleanser is and, according to Acne.org's regimen, you are supposed to gently rub an acne/spot treatmen
  23. Hey (: So I had inflammatory acne briefly and I've been taking antibiotics for a couple months, and they cleared my pustules. However, I've been noticing that I'm getting more small papules and whiteheads than I ever did, even before my antibiotics. I'm not exactly complaining, because at least I know they won't scar, but I'd still like to get rid of them. I have two drugstore spot treatments: 2% salyclic and 2.5% BP. Can I use those as full face daily treatments or is that a no-no? I don't real
  24. I am dumb and didn't realize there was a step By step video. Oops.
  25. Hey everyone -- Does anyone on accutane have any recommendations for spot treatment? I'm on Claravis 20 mg and so far I've been using aczone *LIGHTLY* only on problem spots to avoid drying out my skin too much. Also, would you recommend Aquaphor or Neosporin on popped pimples? Which one heals them quicker? I know that aquaphor is more moisturizing, but neosporin kills the bacteria. Any advice would be great