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Found 1,000 results

  1. How many of you had non-inflammed acne? Like blocked pores and small bumps on your skin? DId spiro clear that up?
  2. Okay, so I went to the derm today. Ever since my cystic acne came back (after having a baby), I have tried Erythromycin antibiotics and Ziana as a topical. When those failed, I gave them up and tried Exposed Skin Care (like Proactiv, but has Salicylic Acid cream at night and BP cream during the day). That did nothing to help my acne. Today the derm said that since I have deep, cystic jawline acne, mere topicals won't do the trick, and I really need an oral antibiotic to kill the infection an
  3. im just curious, does spiro reduce blackheads/clogged pores? if so, how much do you have to take, and how long before you can see results? tia
  4. I am a 22 year old male. I have been plagued by acne for the last 3-5 years. I saw my GP today. Up until now, I have been using Retin-A cream, and it makes the acne get better sometimes, but it always gets worse again. I have also been put on antibiotics in the past without adequate results. I asked my GP about putting me on Spironolactone, but he said that Spironolactone is not FDA-approved for treating acne. He did give me a referral to a dermatologist and suggested that I could ask the
  5. Has anybody taken accutane more than twice?I've taken it twice;it's helped but i'm still breaking out.I'm on spiro at the moment but if it doesn't work i think i'd consider another course of accutane.I once read that a percentage of people need a second round and then a percentage of those need a third round.It was something on the net that a doctor had written and then he said he has never known anyone to need a fourth round.Any ideas?
  6. hi there. last time i came on was quite positive but now feeling a bit disheartened ! i know three are prob peops so much worse off then me but acne is so depressin and such a hassle like! have been on 20mg daily of roaccutane for 15 wks and was getting nowhere had A constant breakout and my acne was never even that bad before this (mild -at times moderate but cystic and inflammatory by nature) so I pressured my derm to up my dose to 60mg daily. i have been on 60mg daily for nearly 4 wks now(
  7. Okay, I've been using Differin Cream for a little over a week now. I'm also on 200mg of Doxy and 100mg of Spironolactone. My skin has been showing real improvement just in the last week! I haven't really gotten any new breakouts like i usually do, and things are beginning to heal. But... All of a sudden in the last couple of days my face has gotten really itchy! It's not at all red or irritated, just a constant annoying tickle that makes me want to scratch! Ahh! What could this possibly be? Is
  8. i wondered if anyone had experienced negative side effects from mino(i'm taking brand name dynacin). my dad is a physician and is convinced that the tiny patches of broken blood vessels on my feet are related to the mino. i also noticed a rather large patch of slightly discolored skin on my chest this morning-about the size of a lemon. i have experienced instances of hives on my neck twice since i started taking the drug in november. again, dad blambed it on the pills. my derm said it was
  9. Thanks for taking the time to read my question... maybe you could help me out. How do I know if what I have is hormonally realted? * I am a 25 year old woman who has had very oily skin and little bumps on my forehead (non-inflammatory) since the age of 15-16... way after my first period. * I notice that my skin is oilier some times of the month than others times. * My acne fluctuates, also depending on what time of the month it is * I am careful not to use products that could clog my p
  10. Hey girls, I am wondering how you are all doing on the spiro? I had a horrible initial bad breakout that has seemed to have sub-sided w/ a little help from some anitbiotics. My question: I am only taking 25mg of spiro w/ yasmin currently (I've been told yasmin is 25 mg too) so basically 50mg total daily. Is it safe to increase the dosage of spiro to 75mg (plus the yasmin = 100mg) you think? Or should I just increase it to 50mg so a total of 75mg daily? I think I need to increase somethin
  11. This.......I know that there are alot more important things in life to worry about, but acne is soo hard on a person, and you have to have it to understand. Anyway, Its been almost a year since I came off accutane for the 3rd time, and of course, like usual, my acne has started to come back and my face is so ridicolously greasy. I feel like theres no way out. If I went on accutane again, it will just be the same, Ill be clear for a little bit, but eventually back to this. I have BAD acne cys
  12. I posted several times about a year and a half ago, concerning my problems with Spironolactone. Basically, it was a disaster for me - I took it for around 6 months, it caused huge breakouts and cystic acne constantly, all over my cheeks and jawline. I had had minor acne for years and years, but never anything so serious. Since I stopped, a little over a year ago, the acne has gotten somewhat better. I still get pimples rather often along my cheeks and jawline, though, which NEVER happened
  13. BuckeyeOne

    Spironolocatone For Men

    When I searched the internet for information on Spironolocatone for men several years ago it was hard to find any info. I have been on Spriro 75 mg for over 2 years with no adverse side effects. I did have an intial breakout. I have later to find out that spiro is still commonly prescribed for men with high blood pressure at much higher dosages but it is never considered as a treatment for acne for its fear of side effects even though the dosage level required is much less. I decided to pursue s
  14. Someclearday

    Can a derm prescribe a new BCP?

    Right now I'm on Tri Sprintec and I think it may be giving me random BAD breakouts. I go to my derm on Friday and I think I want to try a monophasic pill. Can they prescribe a new one/ which ones are the most effective in treating breakouts and are compatible with Spiro?
  15. Hello all, I'm not very active here, dont post very often, because I can usually find what I need just reading posts by others. But I'm at my wits end right now, and need some real interaction here... I started on 25 mg Spiro on 2-5-11. My acne was so light, that I couldn't actually tell if it was doing anything or not. So i got bumped up to 50 mg, started that on 3-7-11, and now, I cant remember the last time my face looked this bad...probably not since before Accutane which was when I was 15
  16. I am 36 and have struggled with acne all of my life. Yesterday my derm thought based on my history my acne must be hormonally based and spiro would be best. She wrote the script for 50mg once a day. I filled it then came home and read every review on this web site about the medication. My derm did not warn me of any of the side affects I am reading about. I am worried about the side affects. Particularly, the heart palpatations, low blood pressure and increased potassium. I am currently traini
  17. I've been taking Spiro for 3 weeks today. Started out @ 50mg & been on 100mg for the past 2 weeks. Everything was going so well; super smooth skin, greatly reduced breakouts, minimal to no side effects. Until today. My heart feels like it's racing. I went to the doctor & they said that my bp, pulse & EKG results are perfectly normal. Said it could be anxiety - which I'm not ruling out but I've never had issues with before. I'm so sad & worried that this is from the Spiro b
  18. My dd has been on either Yasmin and spiro or Yaz and spiro since May of 06. She's suddenly starting to break out in random places and more frequently. A low dose of spiro has always worked and she has tried increasing it herself. Does varying your dose make you break out? She has always gotten along with Yaz plus 50 mgs. spiro. I don't know how much she's taking now actually because she says she ups the spiro depending on her skin. She wondered if she should change her bc pill now? What d
  19. I am wondering if anyone has been prescribed spiro by their family doctor.
  20. ok so since my bcp went from yaz to the generic gianvi my skin has gone crazy.....at 3 months on yaz and spiro i could finally see that my skin was starting to clear...i had no breakouts on my chin and the ones on my cheeks were starting to heal...i had breakouts on my forehead but that was because i had my eyebrows waxed and my skin didn't seem to agree with it....but still my skin was starting to clear....i had maybe 2 active pimples somedays i would wake up with no new breakouts it was great.
  21. I have also just begun to take Spiro. I am 23 years old and have been having mild acne with many pustules. I began to break out around 19 years of age and have tried many different regimines. AHA's, BHA's, detox, excercise, chemical peels, light moisturizers, acupuncture...etc. I did gymnastics for 7 years as a young girl and sometimes would skip my cycle for 7 months at a time. My period has never been regular and still is not. I have the typical t-zone inflammation and have just begun to
  22. I was at 50mg doing pretty good zits seemed to be stopping well the derm said after 2 weeks increase to 100mg. So I did and now I'm breaking out BAD....Is this normal when you increase?
  23. I'm having bad breakouts since I just switched my BC pills, so I decided to call my gynecologist to perscribe me Spiro since I've read so many good things about it. But the tells me...Spiro is for hair growth and will not do anything for acne. ...what? I told her I've been reading tons of things all over the internet saying how it is an effective acne treatment and she told me I was wrong? I didn't want to argue with her, so I just gave it up. I just thought this was incrediblty weird. An
  24. holloway

    Take ur Spiro with food!

    I've read that taking Spiro with food can increase its absorption by up to 100 %! maybe that's the reason why i hav so many (side) effects already at 25 mg whatever, just wanted to let u know
  25. Sophia P.

    Spiro Interactions?

    Has anyone had a bad interaction with Spiro and NSAIDS? I've got a bad back and I tweaked it yesterday. I've only been taking Spiro less than 2 wks and it's a low dose, but ibuprofen, naproxen and my prescription muscle relaxer are all on the possible drug interaction list. So I don't know what to take...is it really a big deal? Any thoughts?