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Found 1,701 results

  1. So I waited 7 months to see a dermatologist and my appointment lasted about 10-15 minutes at the most. All that time waiting and waiting and waiting for an appointment and then...nothing. I'v been on minocycline for 3.5 months and it has done very little for my face....I still have non-inflammed acne all over my forehead, and I still have tiny little pimples forming on my cheeks...and back acne/ chest acne seems to just be increasing. So my derm gave me 3 options; -100mg of spirolactone -birth control - accutane She said because I was crying and obviously emotionally very anxious and upset about my acne that accutane would not be a good option because it causes "mood disorders". So she perscribed me 100MG of spirolactone and gave me a topical benzacline. I am 85 pounds and she wants me to take 100mg of spirolactone right off the bat? that seems crazy to me...I thought spiro was usually increased slowly...not taken at such a high dose right away, particularly for someone as small as me. I see people on here all the time that take 50-75mg of spiro and they weigh alot more. I am so confused...do I take the spiro for 8 weeks until I see her again, or just use the topical or what? I WISH I didn't start balling my eyes out during the appointment because then i'd flipping have accutane and be done with this crap. (although im suprised she mentioned it...I thought accutane was for severe acne...my acne, on the right side of my face is more 'aggressive' I suppose...its all cystic acne but during the appointment I had no cysts, just hyperpigmentation)
  2. Guest

    Spiro Taste!

    I have been taking spiro 100mg for about 2 months now. It doesn't bother me at all, save for ONE thing...it tastes awful! I mean, really awful. A lot of people say that it tastes minty, but I don't think it tastes or smells minty....I can't really say what it tastes like, just bad. I really hate taking it and have a hard time getting it down every time for that reason. Am I the only one with that doesn't think that spiro isn't minty at all? P.S....It is helping my acne, especially the cystic stuff. I'm not clear yet, but I'm hopeful. It does, however, seem to give me more whiteheads....anyone else?
  3. Why do so many people report breakouts after stopping ant-androgens like yaz, yasmin, dianette, and spiro? Is it because the androgen receptors have become more sensitive? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I just have not been able to find a clear answer.
  4. disney50

    Manufacturer of Spiro?

    Hi, I've been on spiro for 2 yrs & it has worked wonders for my skin, however, recently the pharmacy has switched the manufacturer on my spiro. Not only did I break out with this new spiro medication, but I broke out worse than before. I would get these huge nasty cysts that I've never gotten before. The surface area is about half an inch in diameter. It is really depressing. Has this happened to anyone? Also, who is the manufacturer of your spiro medication? and if the spiro has worked for you. Thanks in advance!
  5. Someclearday

    Question About Spiro Dosage

    I just started back on 100MG a day after taking a break for a couple months. I know my androgens are still high because my oil and acne came back almost immediately and was way worse than I remember. My question is should I take the full 100MG at once or 50 twice a day?
  6. Danette

    Questions about Spirolactone

    Hi everyone! So, I'm on my sixth month on Yasmin and after a horrible initial break out, my skin is now more stable and about 60% clean but still very oily. I still hate to look at it and it makes me really depressed Anyway, I was thinking about asking my doctor to prescribe me spirolactone, as I've read many good reviews when it's taken along a BCP, but I had a few questions, and maybe those who have taken Spiro could help Should I expect yet another initial break out? What dosage did you start off? Did the oily skin go away? Do you have to take a 7 day break as with a BCP? And finally, how long did it take you to get clear? I'm sorry I know they are a lot of questions, but I I'm feeling really desperate right now Thank you so much!
  7. holloway

    Take ur Spiro with food!

    I've read that taking Spiro with food can increase its absorption by up to 100 %! maybe that's the reason why i hav so many (side) effects already at 25 mg whatever, just wanted to let u know
  8. Sophia P.

    Spiro Interactions?

    Has anyone had a bad interaction with Spiro and NSAIDS? I've got a bad back and I tweaked it yesterday. I've only been taking Spiro less than 2 wks and it's a low dose, but ibuprofen, naproxen and my prescription muscle relaxer are all on the possible drug interaction list. So I don't know what to take...is it really a big deal? Any thoughts?
  9. I was at 50mg doing pretty good zits seemed to be stopping well the derm said after 2 weeks increase to 100mg. So I did and now I'm breaking out BAD....Is this normal when you increase?
  10. I uped my dose of spiro from 50 mgs to 75 mgs how do bring this up?
  11. Someclearday

    Can a derm prescribe a new BCP?

    Right now I'm on Tri Sprintec and I think it may be giving me random BAD breakouts. I go to my derm on Friday and I think I want to try a monophasic pill. Can they prescribe a new one/ which ones are the most effective in treating breakouts and are compatible with Spiro?
  12. Hey Every1:) Im 17 and have hormonal acne.I've been taking spiroaldactone for about 2 and a half months. I have also been taking an antibiotic with that for about 3 months. I was wondering if any1 else has had success with spiro? and how long does it actually take to start working?
  13. If you live in Southern Calif. would you please be so kind as to tell me the doctor's name and the city that he's in that prescribed it for you? I am getting frustrated trying to convince a doctor to give this a go. Thank you.
  14. I'm 37 and have been on spiro a few months now. Woke up this morning to cyst thing brewing between eyes! Could do with some words of comfort as anyone who has not had such a persistant problem will not understand how I am feeling - one step forward, two steps back. Spiro cleared me completely a few years ago so I am really upset that this does not seem to be happening this time.
  15. Holly_08


    I think it was one of your posts in which I read that Spiro dried your skin up? Am I correct? How bad was it? **never mind...I think it was someone else.
  16. So Im new to this board, and I posted a week or so back because I started on Spiro. The first week I took 100 mg a day, then I started taking 150 once I got adjusted to that. Anyway, I was previously on Yasmin for nearly 8 months. I loved it- except my acne very gradually got worse. It wasnt until 4-6 or so months into it that it got worse. What happened was that I stopped breaking out in really big zits and just got lots of tiny little ones/clogged pores all over my cheeks and jawline. And Im a picker, so thats bad news. Anyway, I quit the pill. The first few weeks off the pill, my skin cleared right up. Now, Im a week and a half into Spiro and I am breaking out cystically. I just finished my period, which is usually my flawless skin time. This is awful. I havent had painful ones like these in...I cant even remember. Thank god you cant really see them, but they hurt! I have one giant one, and then a bunch of little tiny ones that hurt that are all over my jawline. Anyway, I put myself back on Yasmin as of 2 seconds ago. I guess Im wondering if that along with the Spiro will eventually work. Im so ready to just give up. Id like to go back on Doryx in a few months because that was the only thing that ever worked for me. Im just worried Im still resistant to it. Anyone have tips? Im so frustrated. Im scared going back on Yasmin was the wrong idea....but we'll see.
  17. i,m wanting to try spiro concerned of some side effects has anyone expierenced any
  18. i wondered if anyone had experienced negative side effects from mino(i'm taking brand name dynacin). my dad is a physician and is convinced that the tiny patches of broken blood vessels on my feet are related to the mino. i also noticed a rather large patch of slightly discolored skin on my chest this morning-about the size of a lemon. i have experienced instances of hives on my neck twice since i started taking the drug in november. again, dad blambed it on the pills. my derm said it was contact dermatitis. dad tells me to stop taking the mino. i am scared to stop! what if i have a massive break out? i just started spiro and read on this site that i should keep taking the mino for at least two months into my spiro regime to ward off a breakout. HELP!!!
  19. hi there. last time i came on was quite positive but now feeling a bit disheartened ! i know three are prob peops so much worse off then me but acne is so depressin and such a hassle like! have been on 20mg daily of roaccutane for 15 wks and was getting nowhere had A constant breakout and my acne was never even that bad before this (mild -at times moderate but cystic and inflammatory by nature) so I pressured my derm to up my dose to 60mg daily. i have been on 60mg daily for nearly 4 wks now( i weigh 58kg) and am having another breakout. have never been clear at any time through my course. i have about 9-10 wks left at this dosage and then thats it! i cant see this being a long enough course i feel like i could be upped a bit to 80 mg for a couple of months at least! also on diannete as contraception but also to help withy the oil. i've heard a lot of you talking about SPIRO? Do you think this would help me as well? What do you think should i jus stick it out at 60mg for the rest of the course i jus dont want to get a second course of roaccutane if i can help it- no side effects at all except dry lips. what do you think please help thanks xx
  20. Hey girls, I am wondering how you are all doing on the spiro? I had a horrible initial bad breakout that has seemed to have sub-sided w/ a little help from some anitbiotics. My question: I am only taking 25mg of spiro w/ yasmin currently (I've been told yasmin is 25 mg too) so basically 50mg total daily. Is it safe to increase the dosage of spiro to 75mg (plus the yasmin = 100mg) you think? Or should I just increase it to 50mg so a total of 75mg daily? I think I need to increase something because I'm getting oily again thanks girls!
  21. jilly410


    Has anyone experienced even more breakouts on Spiro or simply found that it just did not work for them? My acne is definitely hormonal, as I have PCOS, but Spiro does not seem to be helping after almost 2 months.
  22. ok so since my bcp went from yaz to the generic gianvi my skin has gone crazy.....at 3 months on yaz and spiro i could finally see that my skin was starting to clear...i had no breakouts on my chin and the ones on my cheeks were starting to heal...i had breakouts on my forehead but that was because i had my eyebrows waxed and my skin didn't seem to agree with it....but still my skin was starting to clear....i had maybe 2 active pimples somedays i would wake up with no new breakouts it was great.... now two weeks left in the "month" of gianvi i had 6 huge pimples on my chin, several on my cheeks....and they are very painful and have been there since about the second week of this new pill and they just won't go away...when they actually do get smaller the next day they are huge again.... so until i can actually get a new bcp i want to just stop taking this one...maybe take a month or two off of bcp pills altogether....i've been on pills for about a year now.... so is it ok just to stop taking them without finishing the pack? and i know that by stopping i'm risking breaking out more but honestly it doesn't matter right now because the pill is breaking me out to. i think i'll try to start antibiotics even though i had a few problems with them in the past because doctors had me take them for 2 years or more straight with no break... i'm gonna stop taking the spiro for a while as well....i might need to take a high dose but i don't wanna take it without the bcp. i've read some of the logs about stopping bcp so i kinda know what to expect but i know everyones different...i really want to be clear by my 21 bday in November but i'm just sick of this take a pill everyday so my skin won't improve crap i'm giving up all that stuff so i can research a little more...
  23. Karyn_elise

    Any good results from SPIRO????

    I'm jsut wondering how well spiro has worked for others???? Any side effects? Did spiro help reduce the oilyness??? I'm hoping it will help with my oilyness. Any one completely clear?
  24. CalypsoStorm

    Weight loss with Spiro

    I have been on this medication for about 2 1/2 months now and I'm just taking 25mg a day even though I'm suppose to be taking 50mg and I've already lost about 6-7 pounds from it. I'm just curious as to how much weight other users have lost when they started this pill.
  25. if i want to lower my dose of spiro is it okay to only take 1 pill a day rather than 2? I know its probably better to get the 25mg tablets and take it twice a day..but what do u guys think?