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Found 78 results

  1. 10/28/15 No notable difference this week. I continue to have days where I break out and days where it starts to clear up. This morning, the inflammation was not nearly as bad as it had been, and I have fewer active pimples on my face. Yay! My cheeks are absolutely covered in acne scars that are darker than they have been (almost a blue/purple color). But, I am starting to regain some hope that my acne may clear up…trying to stay patient.
  2. I still have a good amount of blocked pores and inflammation. My Dr upped my dose to 80mg Solodyn and 5% tretinoin (Atralin) and added Aczone (morning cream) to my regimen. I've read good things about to Aczone, and my doctor said I should see good results in about 3 to 4 weeks with this new regimen. I am excited to see how things go. *Fingers crossed!*
  3. So, I had a breakout this week it sucked.. I think it had to do with this being my period week. I accidentally skipped my inactive sugar pills for my birth control (long story).. It is said that many girls do this to skip their period on a special occasion, so it is okay. I didn't do this intentionally though. My period was delayed, but it still came. A lot of my clogged pores on my right jawline came up and unclogged, thank God. I am currently past my breakout and still dealing with a few clog
  4. OMGmahface

    Day 1

    So i'm starting this blog to hold me accountable for picking at my skin. I'm very good at disciplining myself when needed, but for some reason I can't stop picking at my skin! I tell myself "NO MORE PICKING" but 10 min later, I find myself in front of the mirror... touching my face for any bumps :'( and then pick pick pick. Hopefully, by writing this blog, i'll be able to force myself to stop - for the sake of each entry! I know one reason why I haven't stopped picking is because I haven't
  5. So my dermatologist has had me on Epiduo Forte and Solodyn for 13 days now, and it's been working great for my acne (cystic and closed comedones). Backstory: my forehead had been the worst the areas since 6 months ago when this all started. So all the products/treatments I tried mainly concentrated there. I still put makeup on the lower half of the face, but never on the forehead. and when my skin started to get better, I wanted to give a bit of concealer or even foundati
  6. From the album: Ziana, Solodyn, Aczone. (& OCPs)

    Like I mentioned before, my break-outs were calmed down before I started therapy-- I was just suffering with the hyperpigmentation aftermath from the break-out-of-the-century. So, these new break-outs this week are a bit unusual. It leads me to think that it is part of the initial "purging." I really hope so because it hasn't been terrible. However, if you notice in the long picture, I started to get some tiny white pustules on my chest. I don't have body acne, and this is certainly not acn
  7. From the album: My Mini Acne Journey

    I've dealed with acne since I was 12 or 13 years old. I am now almost 21. Had a bad case my sophomore year and then it calmed down. After it became a steady battle with mild to moderate acne. My skin also scars extremely easy, so that was challenging. But by the end of 2013 and very beginning of this year, my skin was great! I had very little scarring and I rarely broke out. I felt like I was finally growing out of my acne phase and that it wouldn't strike me again. Man was I wrong. This
  8. Hello everyone! I have been suffering from cystic acne along my jawline (as you can see in the picture) for about a year now. I was prescribed with 115mg solodyn, and I have been taking it for about 8 weeks now. While I do think the bumps on the right jawline feel slightly smaller, I haven't noticed any drastic changes in the sizes. I'm worried they will never disappear. If they will eventually go away, how long will it take? Lastly, I'm also experiencing red/brown marks from the
  9. I've been taking solodyn 65mg for a little bit over a month as well as onexton in the morning and ziana at night. It hasn't been working and some purple circles appeared on my face and I'm super worried they're scars. I haven't touched my acne at all so idk why this appeared. How long does it take for this acne medication to work? I've been religious about it.
  10. Hey everybody, I'm a first time poster but long time reader and follower of this forum. I've been struggling with acne my whole life and it's great to come to this forum and see that I'm not alone. I honestly can't even remember when the dreaded problem started but I can say that I am 26 years old and suffer with adult acne. Most of my acne is on the left side of my face with zits here and there on the right. It's been hard to pinpoint the cause of my acne but it's most likely hormonal due to t
  11. I've been on Solodyn + Ziana for about 2 weeks now for my moderate acne and in the first week I only had a few headaches and lightheadedness but starting with the second week to now I've been extremely exhausted, having to take naps everyday but my headaches have gone away... For those who have taken Solodyn, does the fatigue usually go away with time?
  12. I went to my dermatologist a couple of days ago and he prescribed me tazorac, aczone, and solodyn. I've taken all of these medications before and experienced good results, but something confused me. I'm not sure what the dosage for the solodyn was the last time I took it but this time it's 115 mg. According to the dosing table found here (http://pi.medicis.us/solodyn.pdf), for my weight (140 lbs) I should only be taking 65 mg. Is there a reason why he would do this or could it be a mista
  13. 11/11/15 My face is getting better little by little. I made the terrible mistake of picking at my pimples and scars a few days ago, and it has made huge and noticeable scabs on my cheek and chin. No more picking for me; this girl learned her lesson. My breakouts have not been as frequent as they were before, and I am not in nearly as much discomfort as I have been. I did have a noticeable breakout along my jawline several days ago. I had about 8 pimples that popped up along my lower jawline, whi
  14. 10/01/2015 I started with my ziana gel last night before bed. I noticed that the gel was really sticky and it made it hard to spread all over my face. I probably ended up using more than the “pea size” amount recommended to make sure I applied some to my whole face. The next morning, my face looked okay. It was a little oilier that normal, and I noticed a few more little acne spots that popped up overnight, but I actually noticed some of the large, painful, deep “under the skin” cysts had reduce
  15. I'm 16 almost 17 im a girl... Okay so here goes my rant! I've had clear skin almost all of my life until about January my skin starts going CRAZY! I had been using differin and it had worked wonders on my skin but it had just stopped working... So about 3 weeks ago I went to the dermatologist Bc I've been so self conscious about my skin. I can't tell you how many time I've cried about it. Sometimes my mom is " wow Kayla your skin looks like crap" well obviously. I'm the one who looks at it every
  16. Everytime I feel like my face is finally calming down, a breakout proves me wrong... I broke out again this week.. I hate my skin.. I don't know if these medications will be my answer... I am very impatient. I honestly think that I just need to change my birth control because it is obviously hormonal (breakouts being on my lower cheeks and jawline). Tri-Sprintec and Tri-Nessa has worked for me since I was 19 (23 now), but obviously my hormones have changed. If I do this, should I switch to Yaz
  17. OMGmahface

    Day 11

    Day 11 of trying to control my picking Week 9 of my duac + solodyn treatment Today, I stop taking solodyn and start taking the generic brand (financial reasons). My derm said I have to take the generic brand on an empty stomach... but my stomach is never empty!!! ahhhhh I picked at one spot today, but it wasn't bad. Anyways, i'm excited to say that my skin is definitely improving! I wore make up for the first time in a month and it was awesome! I had to go somewhere quickly and hell no
  18. If you haven't seen my first post** A blog documenting my returning cystic/nodular acne after 2 rounds of accutane. Considering a third but hopefully I don't have to get to that point again. Makeup tips for the ladies. Hopefully reading my posts helps you get through your acne struggle. _________________________________ After a happy derm appointment this Monday who noticed my cheeks were looking much less inflammed at the end of the week - things kind of did a 360 when I felt my c
  19. I am almost 37 year old woman who has had it with acne. I feel like I have struggled since I was a teen but it has gotten much worse in my 20's and 30's since having children. I also have PCOS so the hormonal spikes and mild facial hair do not help. I switched dermos as my previous one only gave me topicals. I you name it, I have probably tried it. BC pills never helped either. I went on spirno last summer and saw results however, I started developing horrible stomach pain in my mid left qua
  20. Hello everyone! I'm really excited to start this log...there has been so much emotion surrounding starting accutane that I'm happy to have a release, and maybe to help some people along the way like so many of the other logs have helped me! Here's my acne history: (a little long, but in case you're curious) I'm a 24 year old female, and have been struggling with acne for the past 12 years. It was relatively moderate in high school, and I did my first round of antibiotics that cleared it up
  21. Hello everyone. I decided to start this blog, not only for my sake but perhaps someone else who is experiencing similar feelings/problems. I had minor acne growing up, zits here and there, nothing serious. I visited the dermatologist in high school, went on Doxycycline for hormonal acne. I mostly would get a big "under the skin" zit here and there around that time of month. Was on that on and off, when needed. Then my senior year I began getting tiny, little bumps (barely noticeable) ac
  22. Hello, I have suffered with moderate acne for about four years. After experimenting with Acne.org's BP for a long time, I determined that my skin for some reason could not handle that much BP and settled on using half of the recommended amount but only at night. Otherwise, my skin becomes incredibly dry and irritated. This was effective in reducing my acne significantly, but I was not satisfied. I recently went to a dermatologist who prescribed me Solodyn 55mg, Duac, and Retin-a Micro .0
  23. From the album: Starting Week 3

    I stopped using the Aczone as often. It makes my face really greasy all day long to the point that blotting sheets are just a waste of time. Nothing has changed since then. I'm starting to think it's not worth the $600 they charge.
  24. From the album: Ziana, Solodyn, Aczone. (& OCPs)

    I'm not sure what to expect for this "purging phase." I haven't had a massive break-out, but I have had the odd-ball cysts that are in unusual places. Notably, you can see a huge lump along my jaw line in one of these photos. It was huge and painful... nothing like I've had before. But if this is the purge, then I'm okay with that.
  25. Hey everyone, I am currently on Epiduo and 65 mg of Solodyn once a day. I started Epiduo about 8 weeks ago. Two weeks ago I went back to the dermatologist and that is when they gave me the 65mg of Solodyn. My skin right now is awful, I have at least two new pimples every day. I called the dermatology office and they said that it was most likely caused by the Epiduo and that it was bringing all the dirt and stuff to the surface and that if can take up to 3 months for it to start clearing up