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Found 40 results

  1. Has anyone tried using pure vegetable glycerine bar soap for a face wash with good results? I recently came across some info that made it sound pretty good but I wanted to see if anyone else had tried it out? I find the simplicity of it very appealing after years of bottles and bars of multiple face washes...
  2. Shea terra african black soap http://www.sheaterraorganics.com/african-black-soap-natural-organic.html I really want to use black soap, so i want to know what product is better. Also, if you guys use any other brand that really works, please tell me! thanks! coastal scents http://www.coastalscents.com/catalog/product/view/id/5160/s/black-soap-with-shea-butter/category/190/ Shea terra african black soap
  3. Hey everyone, Just wondering, what seems to cause your acne the most?
  4. I was wondering, is it okay to use Dr. Bronner's tea tree soap on my face? I'm trying to be more natural/simple with my skin care routine, and I picked up some of the bar soap after reading some stuff online, I also bought a back up face wash just in case, I was wondering, what is your experience with it? (I'd be using a moisturizer afterwards.)
  5. Hello! So, I was wondering, would it be better to use the Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar or the Neutrogena Facial Bar for my skincare? I have pretty reasonable acne, only a few minor flair ups and nothing has been happening, for now I use the Dove Sensitive skin bar followed by Clean and Clear Deep cleaning toner, then some moisturizer. However, I bought a Neutrogena Face bar since my friend suggested it. So, I was wondering, which one is better for my face/to use? I've done some researc
  6. Keratosis Pilaris - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

    Symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris Keratosis pilaris may develop at any age but usually starts either before the age of 2 or in adolescence.1 The condition is very common: it occurs in up to 70% of adolescents and 40% of adults.2 People of all ethnicities are equally at risk. The signs and symptoms may include: Painless hard bumps 1-2 mm in diameter, which are often the same color as your skin but can also be red, white, pinkish, or...
  7. How to Wash Your Face the Right Way

    Medical science has achieved significant breakthroughs in the treatment of acne. However, gentle cleansing must precede topical treatment in order to prevent irritation, because irritation can lead to more breakouts.1 Choosing Your Cleanser Look for the terms "non-comedogenic" (non-pore clogging) when selecting a facial cleanser. You know you're on the right track when references to "ultra-gentle," "mild," "non-irritating," and/or "non-overdrying" are mentioned as well. If you have inflammatory acne, the most common variety that comes with redness,...
  8. Why You Shouldn't Use a Washcloth to Wash Your Face

    People with acne often wrongly believe that aggressively washing or scrubbing the skin will help to improve their acne, but the opposite is actually true. Acne-prone skin prefers to remain as untouched as possible, and staying gentle is best. Almost any cleanser you use will be more than powerful enough to remove surface oil, dirt, and pollution from your skin, and that is all that is needed. Dermatologists know that physically irritating the skin through too...
  9. Soaps or Cleansers: Which Is Better for Acne-prone Skin?

    To effectively remove dirt, sweat, and excess skin oil (sebum) when you wash your skin, you need to use either soap or a cleanser. Washing the skin is important because it removes these things from the surface of your skin and allows acne medications to penetrate into the skin. Unfortunately, some soaps and cleansers can irritate your skin, and when it comes to caring for acne-prone skin, reducing irritation crucial. Since cleansers tend to be less...
  10. Andykub


    Hey everyone it's Andy! And for my first blog I wanted to share my acne miracle and cure (in my case at least) so I have been struggling with acne for 4-5 years or so and I have tried everything and I mean everything to get rid of it and I have finally found it!.... It's.... GOAT MILK SOAP AND... APPLE CODER VINEGAR!! Yup that's all. And how I discovered this amazing thing, I was out with friends and we came across this little shop in my town (no name) and she spelled homemade goods like soaps a
  11. salparadise


    From the album: my bacne

    lets try this
  12. I would like to take a second out of my time to explain to everyone how I achieved clear skin after a 10 year battle of moderate acne. First, I will give you guys a background of my skin in order for you to understand the condition my skin was in over the years and how achievable this method I used will be for you if you choose to use it. I first started getting acne at the young age of 10 years old. It started off as a few pimples on my forehead and by the age of 12-13 it covered my whole foreh
  13. What shampoo and soap is the best to use for people with bad acne? When showering should you soap yourself first and then wash your hair with shampoo last, I feel if I wash with shampoo first, then there is more time for shampoo on my face to aggravate my acne?
  14. Hello all. I made this thread to question what I should do about the rest of the skin on my body since I started treating the skin on my face with utmost care. I am currently using some run of the mill mens body wash and am beginning to think that I can do better. I have been checking out a line of products called "Yes To" and they seem to have a good reputation and from a consumer standpoint they seem reliable with a quality product that isnt expensive. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D42C9H8/r
  15. Hello everybody. I'm not new to the forum actually. I follow almost every thread here and read some of them almost everyday. But today I felt the urge to sign up and share. I'll try my best to keep this short but in case there are other users who suffer from the same issues or in any way that they can relate to my story, I won't refrain from giving full details. As an adolescent I never had much issues about acne. I used to have one or two on my face and I would do nothing to get rid
  16. Hi I'm an 18 year old male and have been on accutane for about a little over a month I was put on 20 mg once a day for the first month then I was put on 30 mg for this month once a day. And I was wondering what face soap and lotion to use? I've been using cetaphil antibacterial bar soap every morning and night then after I wash I use cetaphil face lotion with SPF 15 it's works but my my face is ether always red or pink my skin isn't dry becuase I use lotion and my face is soft but it's always re
  17. Persistent patch of acne that won't go away! I've had a patch of acne that won't go away. It's very red and quite bumpy!
  18. I was reading about the drugstore products that can be used with the acne.org regimen, and it looks like only a handful of bar soaps are allowed. I was just wondering about Mary Kay Timewise cleansing bar. this is what I currently use and it's pretty expensive, so I'd like to continue using it if possible. Here are the ingredients: Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Camellia Oleifera Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Cucumber
  19. just thought i would share, as it might help someone. ive been seeing good results with johnson's baby soap. (i have adult acne/bad, sensitive & acne prone skin) it does not cause any redness and unlike other soaps + it does not cause excess sebum production. another plus is that it cheap.
  20. Looking for any reviews from people who have used colloidal silver soaps. I know there's the nano cyclic and cor silver soap that claim to help with acne and many other skin conditions. Anyone used either of these or something similar?
  21. Okay so I have had mild acne since I was like 10 or 11 and now I'm 14 and its gotten so bad I can't even walk out of my bedroom without makeup on and no matter how much makeup I wear you can still see the redness and acne through it. Its so embarrassing because I'm a dancer so at like competitions I have to take off my makeup because I'll be wearing like costume makeup and I'll have to change it to a different character or something and take it all off and I've had people ask me if it was an all
  22. I have just started using the body regimen and I have one question. Typically I do the body regimen in the morning. I shower in the evening and wash by body including acne infected areas with soap. Then, right before bed I do the body regimen again. My question is on the regimen should I keep washing by body with soap when I shower? Or should I skip washing my body with soap and just do the regimen while I shower instead of washing my body with soap in the shower and then doing the body regimen
  23. Instructions for The Regimen say specifically to avoid soap. They also say that you should wash and dry your hands before applying individual steps of The Regimen. Question: Should I use soap when washing my hands, or just water?
  24. Hi Everyone, My family and I went to PEI back in June 2011, and we drove by a small farm that made and was selling all natural, farm-fresh and handmade goat's milk soaps and creams. We bought a whole bunch of things and went home, thinking nothing of it. Well! My daughter had severe eczema around her mouth and face, and by using this soap, it cured it completely in just two weeks! We were shocked, as we had tried EVERYTHING, every natural or medicated cream, even antibiotics, but NOTHIN
  25. SO....There is this fantastic french soap called Savon De Marseille and i'v been fortunate enough to have discovered this soap thanks to my dad....and i just want to say that i'm honestly in love with it. Iv been using it for my face for a while.. I have combination, acne prone skin and since iv been using it my face has been in the best condition...the soap does not dry you out its actually very moisturizing depending on why type you get. Its not harsh at all and Its vegan, made with olive oil