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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, hope all are having a good day today. I'm a smoker and yes, I'm aware that smoking does affect your collagen synthesis. I have already done 3 sessions of chemical peel and 3 sessions of fractional CO2 laser. I have a question that's bothering me and I would like to seek all of your advice on this. Each time I smoke, I feel that my scars are indented again although I have already done chemical peeling and lasers. So, does smoking actually make your scars indent again after laser
  2. I posted a little while back saying I've pretty much cleared my acne through diet but am just left with scars and red marks. I would get the occasional NASTY cyst though which I thought were because of hormones or cheating very slightly on my diet. I've been a smoker for about 5 years (cigarettes and weed) and just recently quit about three weeks ago. I'm not saying smoking causes acne, but I am saying it aggravates it for me. The past week, I've cheated on my diet by eating candy and
  3. Alright, well I've done the research and the jury is still not out. Does smoking cigarettes aggravate/increase the severity of acne? I was a smoker on and off since I was 14 (4 years ago), but for the past two years I was non-stop. Probably about half pack a day kind of person on average. I quit about two months ago and haven't really noticed a difference in my breakouts. Granted things are improving, but that only started after i started my regimen. The frequency and kind of breakouts I am gett
  4. Ok so I have noticed after doing high intensity workouts my hyperpigmentation subsides greatly, this is due to an increase in circulation and blood being taken away from your face. and the effects last hours after the workout btw. My question is - as we all know smokers have very pale, dead skin, this is due to the fact they have very bad blood circulation. bear with me.... So if one was to begin smoking to achieve this lifeless smokers face, they would have very little blood getting to there
  5. I'm going to be coming off accutane soon, and I was wondering how soon I can start to consume alcohol again. I have been told by my derm that the medication stays in your system for a month after the last pill. Knowing the damage accutane can cause to your liver, I was wondering what a sensible amount of time to leave in between drinking and my last dose of accutane would be? Also, I am not a smoker. I do like a casual cigarette when out with friends and after reading the horror stories of h
  6. Hi I hope I get replies to this post. I know that smoking damages the healing process of the skin. How soon AFTER I quit smoking should I get a subscision? Should I wait a while or can I get the procedure right after I stop smoking? Also, is subcision something that can be done over the weekend and you go back to work? I am between jobs and I really want to finally get work done on my scars. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, quick simply question here. Everyone here who is on Accutane will know that they have to go and get blood tests monthly to see if their liver functionality is not too high while they are on Accutane. I understand completely that drinking alcohol while on Accutane will drive up your liver functionality even higher which is dangerous. I was wondering since Nicotine is also a toxin so to speak that if I was to use an e-cigarette while on Accutane would that drive up my liver functi
  8. So guys, I’ve been on Accutane for about 3-4 months now and midterms are approaching and I’m extremely stressed out. I just bought a pack of cigs and I was wondering if smoking a cig here or there on Accutane would “Double my chances of lung cancer” as I’ve seen people say. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. So I am currently 18 years old i had acne since 13 years old etc. Suffering still although the healthy lifestyle i had ALL these painful years of patience( ate the bullet and took also accutane for 9 months)and so i actually broke the rules these last 10 days and started to smoke for 10-15 days only to see the difference. and what do i get? acne is somehow disapearing and fading/drying out. While in the meantime looking at all my loser friends that were smoking from the age of 15 have SUPER
  10. hello everyone, i was a heavy smoker and 12 days ago i reduced it 2,3 cigarettes a day. since then i have not got painful acne. my acne is hormonal and have pcos, although my testosteron level seems normal on the blood test. but i cannot rely on the blood tests. i read some researches on the internet about how smoking raise free testosteron and reduce estrogen. so i decided to stop smoking with the big hope that it can solve the problem. is there anyone who got rid of acne by simply stopping