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Found 31 results

  1. Hi there guys I was just wondering if someone could tell me what severity of acne I have. I have had acne since I was about 12-13 much worse than it is now. Currently I use epiduo every night with aveeno moisturiser afterwards and I use a black pore mask once a week. However despite this I continue to suffer with large red pimples under the skin that are painful and take a long time to go away. Does anyone have any tips to help get rid of these because they make me extremely unhappy and make me
  2. This week I finally saw noticeable differences in my skin at least. My current blemishes went away and my skin started to almost have a glow to it. I had maybe two pimples, but the overall tone was much clearer. The side effects were all gone, except the occasional trip to the bathroom. Insomnia completely stopped, and I finally felt as if there was hope to ending all of the annoying blemishes and pounds of make-up to help me appear "flawless". My skin was also less oily, and I felt like the bla
  3. About 5 days ago, I began using a benzoyl peroxide face wash from Kasier Permanente at the advice of my dermatologist. Other reviews say that bp face washes cleared up their skin almost within a week but I don't see any results yet (although, I will keep using it for a few more weeks since everyone has different skin types). I've only been using washing with it for 30 seconds a day and using a lotion (Johnson&Johnson) or sunscreen after, but it seems that it might be worsening my acne. I mai
  4. I have never broken out before in my life. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Please help I feel so ugly and ashamed.
  5. Hi, So i've used the regimen for about a year now... and I am currently clear with maybe very small pimples here and then. However, I've had a month of mid semester exams for university.... and this might be stress related, i don't know... but lately... well, maybe for the past week? Small red, pimple-like lumps are coming up. These ARENT pimples... they're very small... much like very sand-grain sized (smaller than that) little lumps under the skin... Is this just irritation? or
  6. So, I've had these for about two months. I know the red ones are from squeezing them and forming actual pimples...but what are they? Just clogged pores or something else? And how do I treat it?
  7. So ive been having acne for about 7 constant months now . i used to have perfect skin until recently i started breaking out on my forehead and no where else . Ive tried PHYSICALLY EVERYTHING . egg white masks, salysilic acid , black soap , mandelic acid , benzoyl , etc EVERYTHING . now im left with brown scars which i dont care about but the fact that i keep getting pop up pimples one after the other is so annoying and i have no ideA what to trt next. HELP i wash my face with black soap as of ri
  8. Hello everyone, i am 15 years old and i have these very small bumps on my forehead that cannot go away, and i have tried anything. According to what i have read it may be comedonal acne/clogged pores but i´m not sure. There are hundreds of them: they are colorless, and you can only see them when close or when light catches them. It makes me feel extremely anxious and the few times that I could get rid of them, my anxiety levels went down. I used to use face scrubs, but that didn´t seem
  9. i use the rapid clear collection from neutrogena. i have combo skin. is it good if a small pimple turns into a pus filled one the next morning. what shd i do w it just leave it?
  10. I have been on The Regimen for about 4 months now. It has helped my acne clear up mostly. The only thing I noticed is that I have smooth red patches of little marks on certain areas of my face. (lower and upper cheeks) I don't think it's acne because I run my fingers over it, and it feels smooth, no bumpy areas. Are these acne scars?? And how long will it take for them to go away? Thanks.
  11. Hello. So i have been using the regimen for quite a while now. I started about 8 months ago but took a break about 3 months ago for a month. this is because i felt like after a while, yes the regimen did clear up my big zits but it reached a point where it didn’t help anymore ( with the small bumpy acne) . A while ago, I started to break out again and I started using it again. It cleared up my big acne again but it doesnt really do anything with the small bumpy acne that come in groups. What sho
  12. Right, so I have been suffering from these bumps across my forehead for about 6 months. I've tried benzoyl peroxide in hopes that it would clear away these bumps for about 1 month. It dried up my skin completely although did not remove the bumps. I'm starting to think that it is some sort of folliculitis as they first started across my hair line and gradually moved towards between my eyebrows and a few near my nose next to my cheeks. I've tried Nizarol and this has cleared up the bumps to some e
  13. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any insight for me. So far the Internet hasn't really revealed any information and my friends/family are unsure too so I suppose after this my next step is to ask a doctor. Anywho, I keep getting tiny recurring pimples in the same area (not necessarily the same pore, just the same small area), near the corner of my nose/left upper lip area. They are small whiteheads, not painful at all but a bit red. They go away after a couple days but as soon as one heals there
  14. Hey everybody, 2 weeks ago I got a 25% TCA Peel on my face to help get rid of my red marks and to smooth out my acne scars. So far, I've noticed my cheeks a lot smoother, and it doesn't look like I have wrinkled cheeks due to my acne scars anymore. BUT I got a mini breakout after I stopped peeling. I noticed that for the most part my chin was the victim of the breakout, and I got a heat rash on my forehead around a day after I finished peeling (I think I got it because I used Tazorac
  15. i have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Since getting hormonal acne at 11 years old until now, my skin has formed a bumpy texture which is especially prominent on the sides of my forehead, center of my chin, nose. it doesn't seem to be clogged pores because i have bigger clogged pores too. they are so small and look terrible under the light. i can't even feel the bumps very well when i touch them, so the overall texture is grainy and bumpy. please help!!!!
  16. I N T R O Hello! I am a 14 year old girl and I have these small colourless bumps on my forehead. I never really cared about my appearance or what people thought about me, until high school came along and then that’s when people’s thoughts really got to me. 1 2 Y E A R S O L D When I was 12 I had clear skin, I never really washed my face just put on moisturiser as I thought that I was too young to invest in skin products that I didn’t actually need. Towards the end of year 7 I noticed
  17. hey people! i have suddenly got this small whiteheads like zits .two actually on my cheeks. i will be leaving for a trip in 2 days. its not the zit or its small head thats bothering but the halo like redness around it. although its tiny but its looking pretty gross from distance...primarily for its redness. i've washed my face as usual with saslic(salicylic acid face wash 1%) and applied clindamycin phosphate(last night) and a lil' bp(just on the head right now)...in shower i've washe
  18. I just recently used a face mask that has worked wonders on my acne and I was super glad until I took a closer look in the mirror and now I have like at least 30-40 small bumps on my cheeks which looks really gross. I really want to get rid of my acne once and for all, and I would appreciate it so much if you could all suggest something that worked for you! Thank you! Please feel free to ask down below if you would like to know what face mask I used!
  19. Hi, I'm a 15 year old boy who has suffered from acne for almost 2 years now. I would consider my acne mild to moderate because I still have some pustules and papules but a lot of them have faded away. Most of my visible acne is on my cheeks and a bit on my jawline. I do not have any acne on my t-zone or forehead (very very mild) but I do on my cheeks. Most of the acne I have on my cheeks has gone away but it has left this red annoying, smooth marks that never seem to disappear. Do you know what
  20. someone please help me. i have had this on going problem for about 3 weeks now. i visited the dermatologist and she advised me that they were white heads and there was nothing i could really do about it. she prescribed me epiduo and a oral treatment. i kind of felt rushed in her office and she told e anything just so she could see the next patient? has anyone had a similar problem? the bump are in clusters. small, hard and flakey. it certain light they don't look too bad but it some lights it lo
  21. hi, I'm 14 years old and I've been getting some blackheads on my nose, the ocassional whitehead (maybe once a month) but most of the acne I have is quite mild and looks like skin colored small bumps, mostly on my forehead some on my cheekbones too. I had been using a St. Ives apricot scrub with salicylic acid and now I'm using a gentle purifying face wash with some salicylic acid but no products I've ever used have completely cleared up my skin (except straight tea tree oil) I really need help o
  22. I have had multiple small bumps all over my forehead for the past couple of weeks. Every acne treatment I have tried has made them worse. I do admit to picking at and possibly irritating them and I have never had anything this stubborn. If I try to pop them nothing comes out and they lack white heads. I don't think it's pimples any more. I need to get rid of them and fast. I'm wondering if it could be bacterial folliculitus. Any input on what this is and how to treat it would be wonderful. I hav
  23. I am a 17 year old male and I have a single cyst on my right cheek. It has been there for 3 and a half years and it is very bothersome to me. The cyst is not very raised, but at times it can get very red. Every day I wash my face with a clearasil wash twice a day (sometimes three) and every other day I exfoliate with a st Ives scrub. I also put retin-a on the spot every night a minute or two after I wash my face and then I put cetaphil on it right after as well. In the morning I wash my face and
  24. Hi everyone, I have had these small, colorless bumps all over my forehead for about 1 year and a half to 2 years. The bumps are flesh-colored and do not itch, hurt, and there is no discomfort besides the fact they make my forehead look uneven. They can only be seen close up or in sunlight or light (btw, in the light they look a bit pink but are still flesh-colored). My skin is rough and bumpy due to the numerous number of these tiny bumps scattered across my forehead. I have never
  25. Recently(about 6 months ago) my skin changed from normal to oily with lots of clogged pores/black heads. The bumps are small with hard white/yellow clogged pores and when they pop themselves they push themselves out. Some have dark roots and some swell and become red/painful. My forehead and nose clog the worse then my cheeks and chin. I dont pick but since I am African American skin I still get scars. I dont wear makeup but maybe 2x a month when I am working as a Makeup Artist. I havent change