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Found 35 results

  1. You can only see them in certain lighting, but I am desperate for solutions. I've changed my diet , don't use scrubby exfoliations, have been om acne medications, seen a facialist, gone on birth control, nothing see,s to help it completely. I'm also allergic to benzoyl peroxide so that's out of equation. I really need help because I've been dealing with this since I can remember and nothing's changing.
  2. So I stopped tri-sprinted (birth control pill) about a year ago and since then, my skin has been out of control. Based off what I’ve read, I’m pretty certain it’s hormonal. It was good for a couple months, and then had been progressively getting worse. It’s also unlike any acne I’ve ever had before. The texture is really gross looking, small bumps, lots of blackheads. I don’t know what to do. I’m awaiting an appointment with a dermatologist, and in the meantime I am using Beauty counter cleanser
  3. I've gotten small bumps all over my forehead and I have a lot of blackheads on my cheeks. I have oily skin, and I wash my face twice a day and follow up with a light mosturizer. I've stayed clear of makeup for 2 weeks and if anything, my skin got worse. I've been eating healthy, staying away from greasy and unhealthy foods and my skin looks the same. Nothing is working and it's getting worse. I feel so insecure
  4. Hi everyone. I've never had acne like this before in my life. The random cystic one around my period was normal for me. This past March I tried out OCM. My skin didn't respond well, was getting cysts on my cheeks. I stopped, only using water and a tea tree toner. Skin wasn't clearing up. I picked up "gentle" glycolic cleanser beginning of May and all of a sudden my skin FREAKED out. Tiny bumps all over my cheeks. I got in to see my derm May 20th. He prescribed me 500mg ampicillin 2x a da
  5. i had put on aloe vera, 10% benzyol acid and lotion to my face last night and i woke up the next day with these tiny bumps surrounding my eyes & all over my forehead. i looked it up & these 2 conditions match my description : prickly heat & pityrosporum folliculitis is there anything to treat this? i look horrible
  6. Helooooooooo. Title says all. Please read v_v My acnes don't hurt at ALL. I can't even squeeze them when I try to, I was just making sure and I'm not someone who squeeze their acnes and bleed (I don't have that kind of acne anyway -.-). They are small and pinkish-red. Some of them maybe are whiteheads. I have oily and sensitive skin, and everytime after I do sports they get more oilier and shiny and more pinkish red face. They are often or sometimes itchy yet I try not to touch them. The on
  7. Hi, I have these small bumps all over my face and I really want to know how to get rid of them! I saw my GP and she prescribed me tetracycline, which i just finished, and Benzaclin. I've been using the benzaclin for a couple of weeks already but i haven't been seeing that many changes... Please help....
  8. I have these small flesh coloured bumps all over my face. No matter how much I take care of my skin and am consistent with a routine nothing seems to be working! I’m not sure whether it even is acne, it seems more rash like so perhaps folliculitis, but I’ve been suffering with it for a while now and just really want to find out what it is/a solution.. I will be seeing a dermatologist soon. Thank you!!
  9. Ok so I’m an idiot. I had some mild acne on my cheeks like 4-5 pimples on each side and they usually come up only during finals which I don’t mind, but since a lot of my family members kept pointing it out and asking what was wrong i got sick of it & decided to use benzoyl peroxide 5% which a dermatologist told me to get a while back. Anyway i applied it and then waited till it dried then applied some moisturizer & it was fine. next day i had some redness didnt think much of it so I appl
  10. So for about a year and a half I'd say i started getting these small bumps all over my cheeks and they become quite red. They don't itch or anything so Im not sure if its a rash but ive had them for a while now although ive changed all of my skin care products and even makeup, stopped using a clarisonic, dont eat dairy, hardly any gluten (its hard but ill have the occasional pasta or toast once a week), i exercise, eat clean (no processed foods) and they are still there. Ive gone through trial a
  11. rickey


    From the album: Small bumps all over forehead

    Small bumps that would occasionally turn into pimples all over forehead and along hairline.
  12. Ok so I don't want to jinx anything but I ordered some mandelic acid for ishtar which I received on Friday, I have used it Friday night and sat night and the results are amazing on my small bumps under skin! There are only a few left and Ihave had no peeling or dry skin. I will upload a photo so you can compare the one from my last post to this one and iit's only after 2 days! Would recommend giving it a go
  13. I have always struggled with acne, but once I hit my 20s I started to notice small flesh colored bumps on my forehead, most recently It has spread to the rest of my face. They sometimes itch, and the substance that comes out when extracted looks like a black head but is white and "stringy" (they aren't blackheads) My dermatologist prescribed me Mometasone for when I get inflamed breakouts, which have since gone away; and doxycycline as an oral medication which was supposed to help with these sma
  14. A little after starting the regimen my cheeks are clearing up (where my acne was/is) but now I'm getting super small bumps allll over my forehead and it's pretty noticeable. I go to school in a week I need help! Could it be from clogged pores from not exfoliating? Do you have this problem?
  15. So I was on solodyn for almost a year and a half and I had amazing results. I was 100% clear with the best skin I'ver ever had. I weened very slowly off the pills and fully stopped in July. By the end of August, my acne had come back, in full force. I had little under the skin bumps everywhere and the inflamed white heads I used to get. I got put back on solodyn and it's been a month and a half and there has been improvement but my skin is still terrible. Do you think im immune to it? What ha
  16. During the first week taking it back in december of '13, I broke out near my mouth area; Luckily, it was during winter break. After that, there were slight improvements. However on the second month taking it, itve broke out on my jawline as well as my neck.. I never broken out in those areas before as much.. My face would look nice one day, then the complete opposite the next day. Next week would be my third month, ive been experiencing tiny red bumps on my face... Now my forehead has fro
  17. Yeah there's always a but Well the but is that I have been using a regimen that most likely will not work for the long term. It's one of those regimens where you have to constantly keep using for the rest of your life (That is if your skin does not get used to it and regimen ceases to work like usual). Anyway a bit about my skin...I rarely get cystic acne and if I do its probably that occasional inflamed pimple every 6 months or so..but what I do get is clogged/blocked pores. They are ever
  18. About two weeks ago, I started getting these little flesh colored little bumps on the middle of my forehead. After the bumps started I thought at first it was an allergic reaction as that's what it looked like. So I took allergy medicine and left it alone for a few days but it wasn't getting better. I went to the doctor who told me it was acne and prescribed me an antibiotic (Clindamycin phosphate topical lotion). I started using this twice a day and after two days I felt like my condition wa
  19. Hi all, I am writing this post in hopes that someone can figure out what is going on with my face. For years, I have used Neutrogena because it has helped my skin. Back in June, small bumps began to appear on my forehead and I thought it was just bad acne. I drank tons of water and used my Neutrogena but the bumps were not going away! They were not itchy and looked terrible in the light. I did research and thought that it was pityrosporum folliculitis. Doing more research, I saw that Nizoral
  20. I've noticed a few tiny flesh coloured bumps on my lower cheek, what exactly is this and how can i get rid of it!?
  21. Will someone please help me. I've had a crap time with my acne. 2 years I've been trying to sort it out. All I have been getting is these bumps EVERYWHERE. And they will not go. They look a lot worse in person. Can someone tell me how and what to use to get rid of them. I don't really wanna use BP as it's just to harsh on my skin. When I try and pop them or anything they scar. And leave these holes in my face. PLEASE HELP.
  22. Hi, I was looking for some advice/help/treatment for the mild acne I have on my forehead. It varies in its severity but has been ongoing for the past two years. I have small bumps all over my forehead and continuing my temples that makes the skin feel and appear rough, most of the time the bumps have no heads and sometimes my forehead becomes red and flares up, other times I get bigger red, painful bumps that have no heads but the small ones are constantly there. I've attached some photos that s
  23. Hello! I'm 15 years old. male. I'm gonna give you a clear back story about my situation I'm still studying. for the past 3 years, I have a very, very clear skin. Last year, small pimples started to join the pic. after that I went on to the new school year in high school. For the first months of my school year I have clear skin. I only had a couple of pimples on my forehead. That didn't bother me much. As the months pass by, I have been developing larger pimples on my face, especially those on
  24. Last month my face was clear then suddenly small bumps appeared on my face. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather, because now it’s starting to get hot in here. Or because of the food I’m eating. I’m also not sure if it’s because of the products that I use because I’ve been using my products for a long time now and this just happened last month. I’m using La Roche Posay Effaclar for face wash. Lush Tea Tree Water for toner. Cetaphil for moisturizer. And Epiduo every night, because I had
  25. Hi All, I'm new here but definitely not new to the wonderful, joyous world of pimples. Now mine is quite mild but it still causes me a lot of strife. I'm very insecure about pimples and the like and because of that have a really bad problem with popping my pimples. Right now I'm not doing that because I had an epiphany and have resolved not to but to give you some history: Previously I would pop anything. And I mean anything. Ever whitehead, blackhead, pore. Tiny bumps on my forehead that