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Found 258 results

  1. Still breaking out Had a few bad days of picking that may have aggravated the situation. Mirrors and touch are big triggers for me, so I’ve already had the mirrors in my room and bathroom covered for a while. I’m using my brother’s vanity bathroom extension for putting on makeup (which I’m trying to do less but self-esteem has always been low and is even lower now that my face is extra bad) and I used paper to cover part of the mirror so I can’t lean in close and over-analyze my pores. My face
  2. Day 5 and Day 6 have not gone super well regarding skin picking. I'm beginning to think I may not be able to make it through 21 days??? I know that kind of thinking is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I'll find myself doing it subconsciously. So frustrating!! If anyone else is struggling with this, you are definitely not alone because I am having a difficult time managing it. I'll technically have to start over because that's the rule I gave myself, haha. So, if I do it perfectly, I'll
  3. I have had this problem for as long as I could remember. When I was in sixth grade my mother would give me one of those small magnifying mirrors and to use in order to pluck my eyebrows. I would sit for hours just picking and squeezing junk out of my pores. I am 17 now I and I want more than anything to stop this really really bad habit. I encourage anyone with the same problem to join me. Make 2017 the year you finally can be free from this! I will be doing daily logs and sharing tips that h
  4. Posted January 31, 2014 My name is Angel. I'm an addict. I'm addicted to skin picking. Or perhaps just addicted to picking out my imperfections and focusing on them with diamond-cuttin laser focus. Today I am starting "the regimen". Or should I say... tomorrow i am starting. I've already messed up today. I've only told a few people about my "dirty little secret".. and they all think I'm crazy. The problem is that I never let anyone see me without make up. I'm a young, fairly success
  5. I woke up with a startle in the middle of the night having a nightmare. And it was simply this: There was a giant, hideous, monstrous scab on my face, and I was picking it off. I can still remember precisely where it was: on my right side, where the picked at spot on my face is presently. The scab was between the size of a nickel and a quarter. It was as discolored and otherwise unpleasant looking as you might imagine, so I'll stop there. But I ripped it off my face, and instantly woke up to rea
  6. I have a variety of PIE and PIH scars that I got from skin picking. I picked at them over and over again so they're pretty red and brown. There's a few on my face and a few on my body. I've tried a lot of products that are recommended for these scars but nothing has really helped. I don't know what to do next. I'm thinking of dermarolling but I'm not sure. What should I do next? I can't afford laser treatments for multiple areas of my face and body as it'll cost too much. But, I'm considering it
  7. My acne is healed. I healed my skin with a combination of: Diet - I do not eat gluten, I avoid dairy products, lots of fruits and vegetables. I still enjoy my food and eat out on occasion. A few months of the caveman regimen (which allowed me to discover that my skin is extremely DRY and SENSITIVE not oily.) Stopping my skin picking habit (took a long time but I no longer touch my face or pick my skin.) The first and most important rule of my current acne routine is that it
  8. I have dealt with acne for the past 4-5 years (I am now 25). My acne started when I went off my birth control. I know some people go back on it to fix their acne again, but I was didn’t want to use a band-aid and I knew one day I would want to have kids so I bit the bullet. The first 2-3 years I believe the acne was my hormones adjusting, but this past year and a half I don’t get anything cystic and I notice my breakouts get really annoying once I’ve been on a picking spree and squeezing all of
  9. About a month ago I developed a rather large red pimple on my nose. I attempted to treat it with hydrocortisone to calm the inflammation. After about 3 days, I attempted to pop the pimple before it was ready BIG MISTAKE #1. The next day I began to see a dark spot forming. It got worse until the point where I began to pick the skin BIG MISTAKE #2. I picked at it until most of the dark spot was gone, I applied triple antibiotic to it and went to sleep. When I woke up the dark spot had return
  10. Hi guys! A year and a half ago I was on accutane and actually tried to do this skin picking challenge, but failed However, with prom, summer, and college right around the corner, I really need to solve this issue. I've come to the conclusion I need to get to the bottom of what is actually causing my compulsive skin picking in order to fix the issue. Starting tomorrow, April 24, I'm going to keep a daily log on here of my journey through this. I was thinking of going to see my school psychiatris
  11. So it's taken me a month to even find the courage to make my first post on here. But in reality that's barely surprising considering the complete & utter bullshit that is my pointless existence. If any of you out there think that things are bad & that you've wasted so much time & energy on this never-ending struggle, well, at least this should give you some retrospective hope in that you haven't fucked everything up anywhere near as epicly as I have. I once had a future along with al
  12. If you just keep picking, squeezing, poping and cannot control yourself, you may have a serious disorder. If your skin picking is ruining your life, check out this website. It might help. I went there, and it helped me. facepick.tripod.com
  13. Hi guys... I have been on accutane for about 2 months now, small dose of 20mg.... Tbh I am not sure how my derm came to pick this dosage because he never weighed me or any of the usual stuff, just prescribed this doze... Anyway, it's been OK... tolerable. Only problem I am really finding is dealing with the skin picking and pimple popping. I fixated on it a lot prior to starting accutane but now it's so much worse and I have no idea how to stop. I don't even need to be looking at my skin in the
  14. Hi guys. Ever since starting the regimen two months ago, I have been trying and mostly succeeding with my horrible skin picking which has caused a lot of hyper pigmentation on one side of my face. Last night I picked badly for the first time in awhile. So badly there were and are indents in my skin where i ripped scabs off, one tear the size of a dime. They bled a lot. It happened within probably 2 minutes and the whole time my brain was telling me to "stop!!!! immediately!" but I just kept th
  15. Alright, I have moderate acne, very oily skin, and red marks left over from healing pimples. I need make up, I honestly refuse to leave the house without trying to cover my imperfections. I'm far from a makeup guru soI'm looking for advice! I need a affordable (drugstore or not crazy expensive higher end) full coverage foundation that is oil free and wont clog my pores and also a blemish concealer! Any suggestions?
  16. Hi Everyone! This is my first post here. I want to tell you all my story. I just got done picking my face and I felt an urge to document it. My hope is that maybe this can help someone out there who is struggling with what I am struggling with. I'm 18 now, and when I was about 15 years old I developed severe cystic acne. It was really painful, pussy, and swollen all the time. I tried to conceal it with makeup, but I had very visible bumps on my face 24/7. At some point, I realized I could temp
  17. Naturally, I do not have very much acne. However, I pick anything remotely resembling acne or very small acne on my face, back, arms, and even legs. I spend about an hour to two hours picking these areas of my body every day. I can already tell that I'm attaining scars from my intense picking, and I want to stop this terrible habit. I am wondering what competing behaviors I could try to substitute for my picking? I don't know what to do, and I need an alternate behavior. Thanks for any suggestio
  18. Ok I have been moping on these forums for years and came across some of my old posts about not picking. Well I still am and I'm fucking SICK of it!! Yesterday was a clinche moment (if that is right word) when I looked at my red-marked ridden face with a few scabs around the chin...so horrible. I going on holiday in a few days and I'm so angry with myself. I can't leave the house and I have vaseline smeared over my face like someone has just puked ectoplasm all over me. One good thing is toda
  19. I decided a couple of days ago to make a commitment not to pick at my skin anymore. And as I was thinking through how to do that, I wrote down all of the reasons that drive me toward picking at my skin. And then I wrote rebuttals to them. I posted them on my blog, but I wanted to share them here, too. Getting through these last couple of days has been torture, because I have a couple of picked-at spots that are scabbing over and irritating me to no end. So here are the thoughts that drive me to
  20. I've had this one blackhead on my upper cheek for awhile. I have a skin picking habit, but it's not as bad as it used to be. I would occasionally gently pick at this blackhead, and just today it's not all red and infected looking. I'm 90% sure I've gotten these before, but I usually resolved them by popping them and I don't want to do that this time. Is there any way I can cure this without traumatizing my skin any more than i already have? Please help. Thanks. ps. I'm going to try putting a
  21. I'm 25, and I've had acne since my teens, most of which has been blackheads/whiteheads with a few occasional small inflamed blemishes. I've also been a compulsive skin picker all that time. I was never really bad; nothing that left scars or even scabs, but I would always spend tons of time in front of a mirror inspecting every pore and pinching out all of my blackheads and whiteheads. Well, I finally got fed up looking at my swollen skin all the time, and with a lot of effort I haven't picked i
  22. I have this skin picking problem and I need to get rid of it. It makes me grumpy and ashamed almost every day of my life. I want to be free again and just live my life day by day with no worries about others seeing my destroyed face and arms. I'm gonna start with the 30 day no picking challenge. I wanted to tell others because I need support and I feel like I will be able to succeed if other people know I am doing this. I told my parents but they told me that I need to make myself stop, they don
  23. I'm male, 23, with mild acne. I don't scar, just very little red marks. I used to have "bad" acne, probably from all of the methods I used to treat it, especially skin picking, poking and scratching. Point is, I suffer from this really messed up voice in my head telling me that I am ugly all the time from the smallest pimple. This morning I woke up with a tiny white head on my chin and, as always, this is the first thing I notice when I look in the mirror. I get up real close and stare at it
  24. Hello. I figured this would be the best place to get some advice. I'm 23, and I have about 8 deep pitted acne scars from skin picking. Some of them though I can't even tell what kind of scar they are. I just picked so much at them. Over the last 2 years, I've been able quit my skin picking. This mainly entails me standing in front of the mirror going, "ok, do you want this huge mountain of a pimple to be there for a few days, or do you want a bloody, oozing sore for a month?" it really tak
  25. I know there are hundreds of these posts but i too have joined the ranks of those who want to stop skin picking. I have been skin picking for a while now (i think around 2 years) and have tried over and over agin to stop. I know it's leaving scars and my skin always has red marks and scratches on it and it looks awful, not to mention it makes me feel awful! I manage to nearly stop for a week and then i find a mirror and all my work is ruined instantly. I'm trying the chill-out program here on ac