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Found 259 results

  1. Cassie88

    No More Picking!

    Ok I have been moping on these forums for years and came across some of my old posts about not picking. Well I still am and I'm fucking SICK of it!! Yesterday was a clinche moment (if that is right word) when I looked at my red-marked ridden face with a few scabs around the chin...so horrible. I going on holiday in a few days and I'm so angry with myself. I can't leave the house and I have vaseline smeared over my face like someone has just puked ectoplasm all over me. One good thing is toda
  2. i used to pick at night before falling asleep and most nights i wud stay up for hours lying in bed picking every part of my skin that i could reach with my hands..somtimes id get in wierd postions to i could reach a particular section of my skin..but yeah u didnt need to know that. my point is, picking is ugly and obsessive and once you start you cant stop, so the point is to not start at all. i sleep with gloves on and i absolutely cannot take them off 'cause if i do, ill be in skin picking hel
  3. I decided a couple of days ago to make a commitment not to pick at my skin anymore. And as I was thinking through how to do that, I wrote down all of the reasons that drive me toward picking at my skin. And then I wrote rebuttals to them. I posted them on my blog, but I wanted to share them here, too. Getting through these last couple of days has been torture, because I have a couple of picked-at spots that are scabbing over and irritating me to no end. So here are the thoughts that drive me to
  4. Ok so I totally get confused about what type of acne i have. Please help determine When I wear makeup you cant see it at all. My face isn't red or anything but I have tiny backheads on my nose an clogged pores on the surronding areas of the nose that are hard to see. I dont get white heads but i do get some small light colored bumps around my mouth that are really hard to see unless i press my face against the mirror. If you squeeze them junk comes out. But like i said they are almost invis
  5. Ok, here is a close up pic of me that I snapped a few minutes ago: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l278/flu...rl26/me1256.jpg Do you see anything that I may be concerned about? Anything off? Well, when I look at this picture all I can see is the redness that is in the center of my upper lip. It's a section of it that looks almost like a patch, because the surrounding surface of the lip is lighter in color. I also have been worrying about the fact that my upper lip line looks a bit unev
  6. maggie07

    scar removal advice

    Hello. I figured this would be the best place to get some advice. I'm 23, and I have about 8 deep pitted acne scars from skin picking. Some of them though I can't even tell what kind of scar they are. I just picked so much at them. Over the last 2 years, I've been able quit my skin picking. This mainly entails me standing in front of the mirror going, "ok, do you want this huge mountain of a pimple to be there for a few days, or do you want a bloody, oozing sore for a month?" it really tak
  7. I know there are hundreds of these posts but i too have joined the ranks of those who want to stop skin picking. I have been skin picking for a while now (i think around 2 years) and have tried over and over agin to stop. I know it's leaving scars and my skin always has red marks and scratches on it and it looks awful, not to mention it makes me feel awful! I manage to nearly stop for a week and then i find a mirror and all my work is ruined instantly. I'm trying the chill-out program here on ac
  8. Hey Does anyone pick there skin and make it like 1000x worse? I dont know why I do it I just look in the mirror and its like my brain goes off and I start picking all the pimples. Its only after is see the damage ive done to my skin. Does anyone else do this and has anyone found a way to stop this? Thanks
  9. Hey Just wanna know how you people cope with acne day to day...I find it really hard. Also ive got the very bad habit of skin picking not only at small pimples but large spots/cysts...I know this makes it like 1000x worse but sometimes I dont even know im doing it then after I see my face and its like OMG! what have I done! So any tips on how to stop picking or just general ways to deal/cope with acne would be great!
  10. Are you an Obsessive personality? You are a perfectionist, stubborn and pay too much attention to every little detail. You also tend to be rigid and inflexible, have strong likes and are not open to reason. Obsessive personalities can become too moralistic and judgmental, tending to evaluate people, keeping themselves as the standard. this has been hard its led to my Compulsive Skin Picking and Hand Washing among other neurotic things
  11. 2012-07-12: I hereby pledge to stop picking at my face, back, and neck. In the past 3 months, my acne has improved a lot due to oral doxycycline. However, as fresh new pimples become more rare, the old scabs become more noticeable. I need to stop reopening these wounds, I need to let them heal. I have tried to swear off picking before, but this time is different, because I am going to be accountable to all of you. I am going to post once each day reporting my success or failure. If I stop
  12. Hi guys. Ever since starting the regimen two months ago, I have been trying and mostly succeeding with my horrible skin picking which has caused a lot of hyper pigmentation on one side of my face. Last night I picked badly for the first time in awhile. So badly there were and are indents in my skin where i ripped scabs off, one tear the size of a dime. They bled a lot. It happened within probably 2 minutes and the whole time my brain was telling me to "stop!!!! immediately!" but I just kept th
  13. If you just keep picking, squeezing, poping and cannot control yourself, you may have a serious disorder. If your skin picking is ruining your life, check out this website. It might help. I went there, and it helped me. facepick.tripod.com
  14. Hey everyone.. my name is Emma and I am 18 years old. I have had problems with acne in my past, mainly because I was taking adderall throughout most my teenage years and it caused acne. Being on adderall also made me become obsessive about my skin. I purchased dermatend to remove the moles that I had on my body and it left bright red scars. (because I have skin picking problems) and am now left with them. I have have these weird birthmark on my hands (about 4 of them) and they are BRIGHT red
  15. I am a compulsive skin picker and my therapist has linked this to disgust at skin imperfections. I was wondering, as a kind of exposure therapy, if you guys could send me some pics of any gross spots you or others have had(!) I hope this doesnt offend anyone, it is not intended to! I have horrible skin but in the opposite way - dry skin/eczema. Lethe
  16. Hey there, okay so im a fifteen year old girl who started getting acne around age thirteen. Nothing was ever bad, but once high school started i develpoed and uncontrollable skin picking, looking at and popping pimples habit. It is now almost the end of my sophmore year, and im pretty sure i have a good amount of scars on my face now bc of it. I have red, irrated, and closed comedone skin now, and its AWFUL i start accutane tommorw. I can say though, that i have not picked in exactly one month,
  17. I'm beginning to think that skin picking is really a form of addiction. We have a disease (acne) and if we pick at it, we inflame it or make it worse. We feel remorse or shame because of our inability to stop our behavior (picking). And sometimes the results of our picking causes us to become reclusive and cancel social engagements. It also affects those who love us because we're so obsessed with our skin and overwhelmed by our emotions that we become all wrapped up in ourselves and ignore t
  18. Hi, I just found this board after googling "how to break a bad habit" and stumbling across the name "skin picking"... had never heard it before and it is definitely my problem. I'm more of a mirror picker, like my mom; my sister is more of a bored/nonmirror picker. So the reason I really, really have to stop doing this is that I keep giving myself cold sores. When I was younger I used to have them in this dimple on my chin all the time. I never thought they were cold sores because they wer
  19. I'm 25, and I've had acne since my teens, most of which has been blackheads/whiteheads with a few occasional small inflamed blemishes. I've also been a compulsive skin picker all that time. I was never really bad; nothing that left scars or even scabs, but I would always spend tons of time in front of a mirror inspecting every pore and pinching out all of my blackheads and whiteheads. Well, I finally got fed up looking at my swollen skin all the time, and with a lot of effort I haven't picked i
  20. Introduction HiHi, So I went to see the nasty dermatologist the other day and have been precribed 60mg of accutane for the next five months... pending the results of the blood test (being the NHS god knows when that will be). I've had really bad skin for 8 years now and am well and truly sick of it. Obviously I've been through all the medication stages to get to where I am now. This really has to work. I need this to work. I'm in the last 6 months of my legal training and looking the way
  21. Here I am, finally coming to my own conclusions about my acne. It doesn't matter how many days I lurk this site, looking for the cure, because I already have it. It's to stop skin picking. I shouldn't be so dumb, to think manuka honey will completely cure my acne. To think Apple Cider Vinegar is the cure-all. To think I'm not exfoliating enough. To think I'm not applying enough BP. It doesn't matter what I do. If I pick, I will always have acne. I have to accept this. I can't keep thinking I c
  22. GuardedlyOptimistic

    Update on Thiosinaminum

    Hi Guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted lately. I'm on my 3rd month of accutane and haven't taken Thio for a month and half it seems because I ran out. Anyway, I don't know if it's just me but my scars seem to be getting worse lately. Now, you know I have faith in the Thio but i'm just reporting what i'm seeing and how i'm feeling. Maybe i'm feeling this way because I went to a club last night and I should probably avoid looking at myself in those mirrors at all cost because they really make me fuc
  23. AnonymousForumPoster

    Acne Dysmorphia - The Real Cause

    First let me say that I have silently been browsing acne forums and articles for the past year looking for an explanation for what I have and I have not written anything myself until now. The article I found here: http:// www. highonhealth.org/living-with-acne-dysmorphia-desperation-for-a-clear-complexion/ (Remove the spaces after "//" and "www." from the above link, I have no idea why, but the link was being removed after I submitted the post.) and all the ensuing comments have made it obvi
  24. Hey everybody. I remember entering this forum on May 2006, that year was terrible for my face, many pimples were in my head. I tried many things, one was Accutane, as I found it in this website. I used Accutane for three months, and I have to say that my skin started to get dry and many pimples lowered down its inflamation. But it wasn't the solution. Despite Accutane is expensive, it has some side effects not so comfortable. (Dry lips was the worst for me). To stop this long story, I found
  25. Has anybody read the book "The Complete Guide To Skin Picking Disorders" by David Florendale? If yes, I would love to read a review of the book.