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Found 45 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've just started on the regimen and it's been great. I am living in the Philippines and I'm having a hard time looking for supplies, it took me a while to find jojoba oil and I found one in Singapore. Now I have no idea where I can buy AHA? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hi fellow Singaporeans, I have an approximately half-bottle 16oz DKR moisturizer and about 80% filled bottle of DKR jojoba oil, which I no longer use as I realized over the last few weeks that jojoba oil really irritates my eyes. I'm quite sure the vast majority of people do not have this problem, but for some odd reason or another, it just happens to me. (DKR moisturizer contains jojoba too in case you guys are wondering) But what does this have to do with everyone? Well, since I no longer us
  3. Hi everyone! Started this thread as a rendezvous point for people in Singapore to talk about anything acne-related. We can discuss perceptions of acne in Singapore, places for treatment, types of treatment, where to buy over-the-counter products, and even random celebrity acne gossip (i.e. is it true stephanie sun has acne??) This is meant to be a fun place for us to share our experiences and lend support to each other in our fight against acne! Ok let me start the ball rolling... How ha
  4. Hi, do you think its worth the risk of using Priority Mail International or First Class Mail International to order from danielkern.com? As opposed to UPS. Are those 2 US postal services reliable/safe?
  5. Hi there, I had just made a purchase of Bare Escentuals bareVitamins - Skin Rev-er Upper from US but I just realised that people who are allergic to aspirin cannot use salicylic acids. I am the unfortunate one who is allergic to aspirin. So I am letting it go cheap at only S$20. I can't risk the allergy reaction on my face! It is totally brand new and has not arrive to me yet. I should be able to receive it in Singapore around 18 August. Here is the URL for info: http://www.sephora.com/browse/
  6. I have tried ordering using this options some days ago and it was available. Today, when I was placing my new order, I do not have this option anymore. I'm getting mine shipped to Singapore. Any idea why is this option gone?
  7. Hi everyone, I've been on the regimen for almost 3 months now, skin's looking really great. The only thing that I have not added to my daily routine is a sunscreen of some kind. I don't really stay outdoors very often, but I'm thinking that I should at least use a morning moisturizer with some SPF. Any suggestions? I wanted to try "Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15, Sensitive Skin", but unfortunately I can't seem to find it in Singapore. And I've yet to find an online store that act
  8. As said in the topic, I'm from Singapore. The first time I stepped into Acne.org was last year.. cant remember which month. This place was great, plenty of information, advices and great products. When I started, I used whatever I can find in Singapore, but try to get whatever that's recommended here. I had used Cetaphil Cleanser, Water Based 2.5% BP from Guardian Pharmacy and some moisturizer which I cant remember their names. But those are lousy moisturizers. After using these, I saw results
  9. Is there anyone staying area where by can buy Phillips Original Milk of Magnesia easily and can help me post/courier it to Malaysia which nears to Singapore? I'll bear the postage and the cost of purchasing and of course a reasonable wages
  10. Hi I have 2 unused tubes of BP gel that I'd like to sell, S$16 per tube. i can't use BP now as i am expecting.... Interested Singaporean buyers, pls pm me. Thanks! cheers itsukii
  11. Tried all pharmacy but only supplies with complex pills of vitamin b5 20-50mg.Can't find a place to get hold of Vitamin B5 500MG-1000MG.
  12. Need Recommendations on Traditional Medicines...... I have been to Makuang Traditional Medicine to see Sinseh about my Acne conditions..... think the sinseh is actually specialized in birth and urinary problems based on newspaper cuttings of the sinseh at the clinic...... Makuang Medicines are "chemically proccessed" so that patients do not need to spend time brewing. Medicines are packed into sachels and just need to pour into glass and add water and drink, just like 3-in-1 super coffee m
  13. Hey anyone from singapore ordered dan's product using priority mail international? How long did it took to reach sg? Thanks!
  14. Hi all! I'm thinking of getting supplies, anyone who wants to share shipping? I'm shipping via the Flat Rate Box which is 44.50usd flat. Would could up to around 7bucks for a 16oz bottle and 3-4 for a 8oz bottle. Pretty cheap I feel! Here's the link of the order site if you want it!!
  15. Hi people! I'm new here. A small intro of myself: had horrid-f**ked-up skin all my life, tried Dan's BP this year and it's the BEST treatment I've used so far. Now that my acne's totally gone, I'm down to just one pump per day at night to maintain my clear skin, which has stayed clear even after I've cut down the BP amount for months already (thank god) Anyway, I bought way too many of Dan's BP earlier coz I thought I would need so much, but it seems I won't be able to finish using before the e
  16. i saw the youtube video on neutrogena on-the-spot treatment and dan used HEAPS of it, im afraid one tube wont be able to last me so long! gosh, i had no idea we had to use THAT much.. and one small tube is alrd 13$ from watsons ): i wanted to order online for the products but its really really expensive for the shipping.. anyone found another cheaper alternative?
  17. Hello everyone~ Looked thru the forums and i gather tt the only AHA products tt can be found in Singapore are NeoStrata and Therapeutic? Have anyone used them? Have AHA helped ur red marks to go away more speedily? Lol, 3 qns. Now all i need are answers~ zzz red marks go away~ ciaoz
  18. For people who have previously ordered in Singapore, please let me know how long it takes for the package to reach you? I'm finishing up on my BP in a few days and am still waiting for the package, I need to keep a look out for it. Thanks
  19. Does anyone wants to share shipping for DKR products to SG? We could work something out and maybe split the shipping costs or something. Message me or post here...
  20. I just read Botchla's thread and I can't wait to try this regimen, but I'm having problem finding the products. Presently I'm living in North Jakarta, tried Carrefour today (not much really) and a couple of other shops in a mall nearby, apparently they don't have these C&C products in Indonesia, does anyone know where I can get these? Also, next month I'm going to Singapore, do they have these in most Watson's or Guardians? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi, i am new to this CSR regime. currently into the 2nd week of the regime. Anyone from singapore using this regime? How's the result? especially for Singapore, such a hot n humid country. Eric
  22. Hi, i am frm singapore and i can't get a lot of products down here... I heard many good reviews for products such as C&C continuous control acne cleanser/blackhead clearing scrub, Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque...etc.. Other sites which offer these products charge a very high amount on shipping fees(as high as $60) which is a Lot!! if converted to sing currency... All these wonderful products are mostly available in the US so i was wondering if there are any kind souls from US or other cou
  23. Hi, I'm new here..just wondering if there's any fellow Singaporeans on board??
  24. Hello All, I am from Singapore. I am wondering if anyone here in this forum hv tried the Clean & Clear program from Sloane CLininc in Singapore. This program specifically uses 3 machines, Blue Ligt/Red Ligt & Ultrasonic deep cleansing to clear clog pores. Sepcifically meant for mild to moderate acne. Is the treatment effective? I am considering of taking the program up & would like to know if other fellow Singaporeans have done this treatment with success before.
  25. did any one check out the thread here about ordering Eucerin Skin Renewal (or what remains of it)? Hmmm wondering if anyone in Singapore's interested in buying some too! if so, please leave a message here or PM me okay? thanks!