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Found 443 results

  1. Hi, just hoping to get the word out there to the medical and science world. It seems that no one realizes that DIMETHICONE and TRIMETHICONE are REALLLLLLLY horrible for some people's skin. I look it up online and it says safe enough for babies. But I would feel so sorry for any baby who is having the same reaction that I have to these silicones in the creams and moisturizers. Please know, that my own dermatologists just assumed I had rosacea for nearly 20 years. They put me on a daily regim
  2. beautifulambition Veteran Member 73 168 posts Gender: Male Location: San Francisco, CA Interests: Improving my acne scars, ^Adam Levine is a inspiration of perfect skin. Done:Subcision,Retin-A,Microneedling,Dermal Graft,TCA,Ematrix,CO2RE,Infini,Fillers,etc Posted May 3 (edited) · Report post
  3. Recently I became curious about the claim that silicone is occlusive and causes acne, so I decided to take a look at some information on it, and share it with you guys. Any thoughts? It'd be nice to see what everyone's opinion on silicones and acne is. According to Cosmetics Cop by Paula Begoun, there's scientific evidence and reasoning that shows that silicones do not suffocate skin or clog pores: "... the molecular structure of commonly used silicones makes it impossible for them to su
  4. I have two hypertrophic scars from two severe cystic bumps on my nose. From 5 years ago....as we all know, injections will work on newly formed scars...but yea not an option for the old ones that are inactive...........I'm going to look into whatever it takes to get rid of these things, they have very nearly ruined my life and I'm afraid of socializing because of them...I think that my options are actual surgery or laser treatment. what's prevented me from actually going forth is that I know t
  5. Recently, I've come to the conclusion that silicones break me out. I have already read posts of people who claim that silicones break them out - this is nothing new. I just wanted to make a thread about it so people can be aware that they have the potential to cause breakouts. I've used several products over the past few years that contain silicones, primarily primers. Primers help to create a smooth surface for makeup and creates a barrier between the skin and makeup. I believe it is the silic
  6. Can anyone tell me if it is advisable to use a dermroller after silicone microdroplet? I'm afraid the needles puncturing the dermis will disrupt the placement of the silicone beads. I am very interested in trying this with my much shallower, yet still extensive scarring. Even with the good improvement ive seen, my skin still looks awful and beat up when I looked at my face through this handheld mirror at my derm's office today because I now have ALL OVER small scarring, some I never even knew I
  7. I got a job in a car paint shop and they ban you from wearing any silicone based products, as they can cause a bad reaction with the paint. They had examples of banned products, and I noticed that Cetaphil Moisturizer was on the list. Does the Acne.org moisturizer contain any silicone based ingredients?
  8. Hello. I am new to this forum. This is my third post. I have already made my introduction in the relevant board. I want to post on what I am currently doing and what my environment is like as well as what I would like to try. My heritage is African and German-Jewish. I have sensitive skin and scar easily. I get dark spots on my nose bridge from simply wearing glasses and I have even bruised the skin on my elbows doing bridge exercises on a carpeted (rough and thin, not shaggy) floor in a
  9. Hello all, I have a couple of raised scars on my chest that I need help identifying. (Refer to pictures below) The first is a red, raised scar that was the result of misuse of apple cider vinegar I guess. Initially it was just a small scar that varied a bit from my skin tone and was very slightly raised but I read somewhere online that someone managed to get rid of scars like these by rubbing apple cider vinegar on it till the scar is flat again, and allowed it to reheal. I tried this
  10. I have a few rollings scars which I am interested in getting treated. I am considering Subcision or Liquid Silicone Fillers. I have read a lot about subcision here and it seems like there are very mixed opinions. Some say it works great and others say there is no benefit. Has anyone here gotten Liquid Silicone Fillers? I have read horror stories about them but this doctor seems to swear by them and says that they are safe. Here is where I am considering getting the procedure done. http
  11. I have been reading up on what is best for fading red and pink marks left from acne (scabs) and I feel like I'm going in circles. I'll see all these people suggest vitamin e oil then a bunch of people say there's no evidence this stuff anything for marks/scars and that it can actually make them worse and give acne. Then I see people suggest lemon juice but I've also seen people say you should avoid putting lemon juice on red and pink (raw skin) because it can irritate it. Some people say meder
  12. Just wondering who would come recommended for silicon microdroplet injections. I travel regularly between aus-usa-europe, so geography is not an issue. Thanks in advance.
  13. I use the Korres silicone-free primer and I absolutely love it - it's "anti-aging" and I'm only 23, but it smells good and it lasts forever. Moisturizer I use a ton of different ones ... I really love the origins one. I also use the clinique gel (I had the lotion and it was too greasy..). Celestial by lush is really good too, and Hope in a Jar is what I used before I started taking the medicine and it was really good, but expensive. I don't really like tinted moisturizer because it looks fun
  14. tricia


    I recently read about this for acne scars, is this just like the prp I have read about here before? This looks new and I would love to try it, but it is pricey if it doesn't work. I like that it is natural. I've had two rounds of silicone in the past with poor results, and am paranoid it may cause problems down the road. I've had radiesse and perlane and it didn't work great, also felt like it caused new breakout around scars, but not sure. I don't think laser or peels will ever penetrate m
  15. Hi there! I'm 33 (34 in October) and have always suffered from acne. Years ago, my saving grace was Proactiv, but at some point it quit working for me - I believe they changed (aka "improved") their formula, so I had to abandon it. For the past few years I've tried a number of natural products, over the counter items, etc. with little success. The best thing that has worked for me is a plain old white Dove bar - completely cleared up my cystic acne, but the hormonal breakouts are still bruta
  16. I'm at my wit's end... I break out in literally hundreds of tiny bumps all over my forehead regularly. The cycle goes like this I have a breakout it takes a couple weeks but eventually the bumps go away, I get a week of a somewhat bumpless forehead then I get pms'in and my forehead erupts and is covered in flesh to slightly red colored bumps... it's not pretty. I also have some red splotchiness and a blackhead or 2 on my cheeks and nose, but my forehead is the real issue. About a month a
  17. i came across this and thought i'll share tca cross micro silicone injection
  18. I had a terrible breakout one summer and had massive cysts all across my jawline on both sides. After the acne went away, I was left with dark purple spots that were very slightly raised. I thought just time would heal pigmentation problems but these marks have been with me for about 3 years now with little or no improvement. I have read about silicone scar sheets that were supposed to help with raised discolored scars, but I haven't really started the treatment because of active acne. My
  19. Does anyone else get this? I don't know what to do anymore. I've already tried using powder under the straps and silicone grippies that are supposed to decrease friction. Neither of these things helped any. I am larger up top so going braless or wearing a strapless bra is pretty much out of the question. I am about to cut the straps and tie them behind my neck like a halter top because I'm all out of ideas. Does anyone have experience with this stubborn type of acne? Hope to hear from you
  20. Comedogenic: Tending to produce or aggravate acne. This post lists comedogenic ingredients and products containing those ingredients above a certain threshold. This is the BAD LIST of what to avoid in your skin care products. If you want the good list of non-comedogenic products, see this alternate post. This is purely informational. I am not making any blanket statements concerning any particular product. Use this post to inform yourself. What you choose to slather on your face is your o
  21. I used benefit and clinique's pore filler primers and they caused severe clogged pores to my skin. i came to ralise i can never use silicone-based products or primers on my skin. it seems it is mostly the area between my eyebrows that is most sensitive. I stopped using the clinique primer for a week now but the few clogged pore remain. They are like skin coloured bumps with a dent in the middle that has this whitish gunk tht is impossible to squeeze out. i think they are whiteheads. when the
  22. Have any of you guys tried ScarAway silicone sheets? I just started using them on a one year old scar, it's a fairly large and moderately deep indentation sort of at the top of and just above my cheekbone that shows up only in certain lighting, with slightly raised edges and depression in the middle, caused by too much picking with one of those extractor tools on a large nodule that wouldn't go away for about 6 months on and off. After just one night the indented portion of the scar already loo
  23. Hey ladies! Monistat has been discontinued in Canada and I'm looking for replacements (I can't afford high-end brands, though). Most silicone primers on sale have Dimethicone or Cyclomethicone in them. However, would pure silicone oil work in their place? I read some reviews on the site that sells it and they all seem favourable. Has anyone tried this? Does it break you out? Please let me know!
  24. I just wanted to share my latest scar treatment experience. I think I am finally satisfied with my skin, to the point of not thinking about or seeing my imperfections when I look in the mirror. I don't have that kind of obsessive, gnawing concern with how I look and how it is ruining my life. I have a better attention span, I am more hopeful, and just so much happier now that my skin is better. I feel so much healthier that I can see how ill I think my scars were making me. I truly hate acn