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Found 20 results

  1. From the album: ACCUTANE STEPS.

    I am on my Fourth week of Accutane :") it has definitely improved alot since i have been on it. very pleased just waiting to improve a bit more!
  2. I joined acne.org entirely to ask this question as I can't seem to find an answer or anyone in the same situation. I started Accutane (Isotroin) just over 2 months ago now - 30mg for the first month and now 60mg (maximum dose). I got the expected dry lips, dry skin/scalp, redness and little bit of back pain. Now, for the past week and a half I have noticed my skin gradually becoming less dry and more oily. My lips are still dry but nowhere near as bad as they were and the redness seems to have
  3. From the album: ACCUTANE STEPS.

    I am on my Fourth week of Accutane :") it has definitely improved alot since i have been on it. very pleased just waiting to improve a bit more!
  4. I have been taking 40mg of Isotretinoina day (Roaccutane) since mid January. I started on 40mg, and am still taking that dosage now. I have another appointment with my Dermatologist for my final prescription on Saturday (after that, my 6 months is up and i'll be finished), My worry is that for the past month, I have started to feel really low and depressed. I am petrified as I have suffered with mild depression in the past, and do not want to be that way again. I would have thought that if it
  5. Hi all, I'm currently half way through my 4th month of Accutane, and all has been going well so far! Acne is mostly cleared up, and the only side-effects I've experienced up until the start of this week were chapped lips and nose-bleeds. However, I have suffered two side-effects recently which have not gone away: Two weeks ago I developed a strain in my neck, if I turn it say 90 degrees it is very painful, and I cannot turn it any further than that. The problem has persisted and shows no si
  6. Hey guys iv just taken my 7th dose of my isotretinion which is accutane as im lead to believe and ive already had some hair loss, nose bleeds, dry face, etc but on the 3rd day i got a small pain on my chest where it felt like someone had been sitting on me along with a cough, now im having constant coughing fits and it feels like theres water on my lungs. I also have a general feeling of being unwell and have for the past 4-5 days. I was wondering wether this could be due to the side effects and
  7. I just wanted to give a quick update as I pass the 18-months post-Accutane mark! My skin is still VERY clear - I probably get about one very small pimple every month or 2, and it goes away COMPLETELY within 2 days. Again, it's very small - usually doesn't even develop to the stage of being a whitehead, and it's gone before I even really notice it. Here is a before and after pic: ALSO, I wanted to address some of the side effects that other users had/have been experiencing. I basica
  8. From the album: ACCUTANE STEPS.

    I am on my Fourth week of Accutane :") it has definitely improved alot since i have been on it. very pleased just waiting to improve a bit more!
  9. I've suffered from breakouts for a little over 10 years. In high school I used to use benzoyl peroxide (Proactiv) and had lots of success, but I haven't used an acne treatment in years. So I decided to try Differin, and I'm aware of a "purge" that causes excess breakouts for some people. My problem is extreme amounts of flakiness that it causes for me. It makes the corners of my nose so dry that I have to use vaseline on it before bed, and have to rinse my face off at work 1 - 2 times a day
  10. I finally visited a private dermatologist. The initial consultation was £200, the blood work was £200 and the medicine was £50. I could have had the blood tests done on the NHS but I felt like I had waited long enough. At this point I would say my acne was very red and my face was very greasy. The derm prescribed me antibiotics for 2 weeks before starting accutane to prevent a bad initial flare up. was then given 40mg a day for a month and told to have another checkup then. For the first 2 w
  11. Hi everyone. So it has been 111 days that I have been taking accutane, first two months 30mgs per day and other two months 40mgs per day. Acne seems to be getting better, although I do have some active acne left and a lot of scarring. About a week ago my stomach started hurting and it actually hurt more when I was hungry, so instead of that feeling when your hungry I had weird pains in my stomach. The pain has stopped but I lost my appetite, I could go all day without eating anything and I would
  12. Hello, For the past 6 months or so, I've been on 100 mg of Spironolactone in the morning and 100 mg at night. It's the only medication I've tried that has cured my PCOS acne. I no longer get cystic acne and my skin is so much less oily. I tolerate it very well. It's the only thing that's helped my skin. If I stop taking it, I instantly break out with cystic acne. The only downside is that I have been gaining weight very fast, and in weird places. I almost don't recognize myself sometimes beca
  13. UPDATE 09/29/14: The stomach pain has stopped. I still have rectal discomfort after sitting in certain position for a prolonged time, as well as walking for about 15 minutes or more. It feels slightly inflamed, like a rectal examination without proper amount of lube. TL;DR - Stomach upset, abdominal pain, and rectal discomfort after only 1 and a half months on second dose of Accutane. Anyone experience something similar? Hey guys, I thought I'd post this here to see if anyone experience
  14. Hello. Recently i started no dairy, no-sugar, and no carbs diet. I have seen an improvement, everything's all right. But i'm wondering: No dairy seems to be clear for me - i'm not a calf. No sugar? I'm replacing it with fruit sugar - fructose - cool. But no carbs? In the food pyramid Bread, rice, pasta, etc. makes base of pyramid, which means they are most important. Wherever you look you can see people telling that carbs are good for your brain, etc. So, i'm afraid about my health. I ne
  15. This article from WebMD (below) says that echinacea was found to change the composition of gut bacteria. It does not say whether this change was for better or worse and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. About a week ago I started drinking echinacea tea 3-5 times a day (box says to drink that much when you are "sick" lol). Everything was good but yesterday my body cleared out like I took a laxative. I'm taking a break because that wasn't the effect I was going for. I