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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Acne.org! I'm a 22 year-old male, 213 lbs, 6.1', and I have moderate/severe cystic and nodular acne. A few days ago, my dermatologist prescribed to me Accutane 100mg/day. I would like your advice. First, I planned to take my first pill this morning. However, I woke up feeling a bit under the weather (i.e. sore throat, a bit congested, a little feverish, etc.). Is it safe to begin my first Accutane course while I'm experiencing these unrelated cold symptoms? Second, I'm concerned a
  2. Has anyone experienced being sick in the mornings? (i take my Accutane at night) and seem to throw up anything I have first thing in the morning. For the past few days ive noticed small specs of bright red blood and an orange like phlegm (not nice I know). Thing is, im not sure if this is due to Accutane or if it could be something else I should see the doctor for? Really don’t want the doctors to stop me taking it! Already had to go down from 60mg a day to 30mg as derm was concerned about t
  3. HI, I am located in SYDNEY Australia. I am looking for any other people suffering from this drug located in Australia to take part in a class action law suit. Please contact me at: (email address removed)
  4. Lately I've had it with acne up to here. I don't have severe/mild/moderate acne, I have around 1-2 pimples and they scar, and they come about each time new ones heal. It's like an ongoing process. Past 2 months I've been using clean n clear 3-in-1 advantage cleanser and it killed my face's skin. I have wrinkles now, my face looks older than before, everyone told me this.. It looks like my face is of someone who is anemic. My family is pissed off at me cause of it, but acne is killing my self
  5. i mean if u think abt it does it actually matter wht exactly is the internal problem? if body decides to dump its shit (wtv it is: toxins, bacteria, inflammation, hyperkeratinization or else) on face? face is your most important and most representive part of body! it has to be super screwed up and deformedly working! why would body decide to break out exactly there, OF ALL THE OTHER PLACES??and first of all?? there r bunch of other less important places. it doesnt make ae
  6. Well after months of getting off BP and breaking out in severe cystic acne, I went to see an endocrinologist in January to figure out the problem. After months of tests, labs, bloodwork. A cat scan showed I have a tumor on my adrenal gland causing my body to produce too much cortisol which causes cushing's syndrome. condition is very rare it only affects 2 in a million people. And because of excess cortisol it is causing the acne since tests shows I have normal estrogen/ testosterone/ androgen l
  7. Trudi

    Day 102

    okay i havent posted in a long time wow, well im in my fourth month and since the last time i posted nothing has changed, in general my skin hasnt got any better or worse, except i got an accutane induced spot that was huge on my cheek but just became a massive lump (gross), it didnt bleed or pus didnt come out and it went away in like less than a week leaving a dark mark which is very irritating ugh but it was very weird yes?, but really i just want my scars to go away more but the accutane doe
  8. I started taking Zinc supplements about 4 weeks ago (50 mg Now Brand Zinc Picolinate). Yesterday I started a Cold (sneezing, very stuffy/constant runny nose, stuffy head feeling). This is weird because this is the first time I've gotten a Cold since I was a kid. I'm 30 now. Is there some sort of detox effect going on? On the plus side, Zinc (in addition to a healthier lifestyle) is helping immensely with the acne! I went from many huge hormonal cysts to clear (just have scars left). I'm also
  9. From the album: BEFORE & AFTER ACCUTANE

    Here you can see how thin & Dry my hair has become as well as my poor complexion, yellowed skin, bags under eyes
  10. I feel like since going on accutane I'm sick more than normal. I have had a cold, cold sore, strep throat and now a sever sore throat. Not sure what's going on. It feels like accutane takes a toll on your immune system. ANyone else feel that way?
  11. so for like the past 2 months I've been eating super healthy. I've been taking all kinds of vitamins--everything you can think of vitamin A b C D E Omega 3 zinc magnesium Calcium.. I can't even think of everything. Now all the sudden I find myself with a bad cold. I don't understand this. I thought all these types of foods and vitamins would prevent people from getting sick.. What gives??
  12. I am currently on the birth control pill Yaz (have been for 3yrs), 100mg doxycycline hyclate twice a day (been on for a month), One a Day Teen multivitamen (statrted two weeks ago), and Tylenol PM for my insomnia. However, for the past 3 weeks I havn't been my self, physically. I have felt dull, with absolutely no energy AT ALL. It feels like I am trying to drag tree trunks when I walk. Theres not a moment during the day that I don't want to be lying down sleeping. My eyes constantly feel swo