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Found 14 results

  1. So I started the almost caveman-regime and have been improving constantly without any new breakouts over the week. I've been wondering why this treatment has been working...and I've come to a conclusion. It's my tap water. We have a water softener, but the tap water at my house still dries out my skin and hair. Doing research, I've found that many houses have terribly heavy-metal ridden tap-water and chlorine. The chlorine is necessary to keep the water clean, but must be filtered out via the ho
  2. I always told myself that if I ever got rid of my acne I would come back here and tell everyone what worked for me, so maybe they could give it a try too. Just before Christmas last year I made one change, I stopped washing my face with hot water. I didn't use any facial cleansers at the time because they made my skin so dry and tight so the only contact my face had with hot water was in the shower. I decided to try and see what effect, if any, turning off hot water in the shower would have.
  3. Hi, although i'm new to the forum i've been following for over a year and i've finally decided to post. My acne is mild most of the time though sometimes it can become pretty moderate for a period. I've managed to clear it before using a light cleanser and jojoba oil in the evening only but i'm always looking to simplify my regimen so i dont have to go to bed with oil all over my face and keep such a strict skincare regimen. My skin used to be really oily and i never used a moisturiser after
  4. What shampoo and soap is the best to use for people with bad acne? When showering should you soap yourself first and then wash your hair with shampoo last, I feel if I wash with shampoo first, then there is more time for shampoo on my face to aggravate my acne?
  5. When using the face acne regimen, when should I shower? Should I put on the regimen products, wait for it all to dry, then shower? Or should I put on the products after I shower? I also have a mild acne on my back, so what would be the best process to reduce that simply by when I shower. I have heard that shampoo and conditioner will increase back acne....
  6. Hi I'm 15 and ive got acne rosacea and I thought was handling it well when my skin just basically erupted and instead of the acne being under my eyes and around my nose, it has spread into 'butterfly' across my cheeks. I feel like everytime I change my cleansers my skin starts to improve but gets worse afterwards than it was before. I dont touch my skin often, only if I feel an itch. Everytime I have a shower I ALWAYS get red patches on my face. Ive tried having a cold shower, or less time i
  7. I've been trying to break an irritating habit recently. I wear glasses; without them my vision is acceptable, but I lack the ability to see fine detail. I digress... As one commonly does before they shower I remove my clothing and spectacles. One refreshing shower later I exit the shower, dry off and look in the mirror... "Hey", I think to myself, "My skin is looking a heck of a lot better! Maybe <treatment here> IS working". I begin to exude confidence and feel 70-80% better about myse
  8. Not sure if this is the correct subforum. If not, feel free to move. I moved out of my mother's house a little over a month ago and my face started breaking out like it has never before in many years. I couldn't identify what change in my lifestyle brought upon this. I eat about the same things and sleep roughly the same amount. I've also resumed the regimen 100% following these breakouts as opposed to when I was living at home, I would just apply 2.5% BP on my face about 3-4 times a week an
  9. So what's basically better? I have been taking those really fire hot showers for as long as I cn remember, maybe I should switch?
  10. Diet: Your body needs to have healthy cells to reproduce and fight skin damage. However, it has to be balanced. Too much of anything, even omega 3 (too much can hurt our skin's ability to fight bacteria), can hurt us. Remember the food pyramid and too get plenty of fruits and vegetables, while not getting too much of any one thing (multivitamins hurt, you get everything you need in a healthy diet). Showers: A big hidden killer. If you take long hot showers, you are not doing your skin any fa
  11. I took my first water only shower last night. It turned out being a cheat day from my cold water routine so it was lukewarm and lasted a bit longer than usual, but that's ok. Felt great when I got out My skin looks a lot better than usual this morning. My scars continue to fade and so is the breakout on my jawline. The pimple on my forehead looks better as well. I noticed that some of the scars on my cheeks are getting smaller instead of fading. I assume that's a good thing. Feeling a
  12. hi! i used to have horrible acne. then i went to a derm, got a topical, and it all cleared up! i've been this way for around a year with the occasional breakout, never lasting longer then a few days. but, recently, like a week ago, i started showering in the morning instead of nights. my face has been super horrible with big blind painful under-the-skin pimples, especially on my chin. plus, my chest and shoulders have been breaking out like crazy! this never happens! i find it odd because i have
  13. I'm torn between whether to take hot or cold showers to help my acne. (I have acne scars mostly on my cheeks, along with a few zits from a recent breakout.) A few people suggested that maybe I should change the temperature that I shower at, as that could be affecting my skin (especially since I took VERY long hot showers). So for about a week I have been taking short, cold showers, because I heard that it has many benefits for your skin and otherwise. I can see a little bit of improvement bu
  14. When im taking a shower and getting ready to shampoo my hair i usually do this before i wash my face with dans cleanser.. But when i wash my hair with shampoo and it runs down my face does it affect acne in any type of way like i wash my hair with head and shoulders for men and when i rinse my hair it runs down the sides of my face and stuff.. Does it matter or no? i Was just curious would it have any affect?