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Found 25 results

  1. Hi. Does anyone know if acne.org ships to the Caribbean and what would be the cost?
  2. I bought the Acne.org regime in Nov 2015 after seeing the successes of several individuals on YouTube. As many other, I have seen a huge difference in my skin and am really happy with the results however, with the amount I had to fork out I didn't expect anything less! I paid $44.87 for the actual product itself and then the website attempts to charge a minimum of $21.38 for shipping to the UK! On top of that... When the products arrived in the UK, I'm faced with a letter - not the products! A
  3. Buying acne.org products if you are from the Philippines is such a pain in the ass. It is true that from the amount you get and for the price you pay, you can actually save if you get the acne.org products. But if you are from the Philippines, the shipping may sometimes be more expensive than the actual price of the treatment you wanna get. As far as I know, there are three options on how you can have your products shipped to the Philippines. 1. Through acne.org shipping partners where you'll
  4. Hi everyone, I'd like to know the price of international shipping (in France). How long did you wait to get The Regimen? And to get results? Thank you x
  5. I'm looking to order some more products and if there is anyone in Toronto that would like to share shipping, let me know!
  6. Hi there, I live now in the US but not yet a citizen, just a permanent resident. I still visit my home country. I have a low dosage of accutane that I will be bringing back to the US when I visit my home country, but that will be in 6 months, so I am wondering if I could have it shipped here instead. I am aware it is a prescription medicine, but wondering if low dosage (10 mg), it will be allowed to pass through customs? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I live in Canada and I am interested in purchasing some of the acne.org products, however, it when I am choosing my shipment method it says, "UPS shipments to Canada have been incurring large brokerage fees. To avoid these charges, you may wish to choose an alternative shipping method.". So does this mean I will have to pay more money on top of the shipping costs? Can anyone give me some clarification and also if you also live in Canada, did you have to pay those fees? Thank you so mu
  8. Hi! Can someone from California tell me an average time for the products take to arrive? I live in Calexico, well, my uncles live there, I am from Mexico, but I thought that if I selected the regimen to be delivered there they would get faster, its been like 10 days if I am not wrong HELP PLEASE And sorry for the lousy english u.u
  9. Hi everyone! I live in Luxembourg it's next to France, Belgium and Germany. I want to buy some things from here but I'm not sure about the taxes... where is this company located? Is it outside europe? I know you have to pay a certain amount of shipping taxes but sometimes when you import something from outside europe you have to pay a supplement in taxes you know what I mean? (Import taxes + shipping) And it can be really expensive... So I wanted to know if it's the case? Thank you!!
  10. Hi, I am from Spain and I want to know how people from Spain could get this product. I want to buy it but there is no shipping to Spain.
  11. Since the Regimen has an active ingredient (benzoyl peroxide), considered medicine and comes in cream form, not to mention the face cleanser in liquid form, would one need an import licence to get it shipped to the United Kingdom? (even if it's just for private use and not for retail purpose, aka just one bottle of each?) Any experienced advice welcome!! Thanks in advance..
  12. I absolutely LOVE this regiment but the shipping cost to Canada is ridiculous! It costs more than the product! Is there any alternatives that work equally well?
  13. Just thought I would share my Acne.org shipping strategy with my fellow Filipinos. There are some countries that Acne.org doesn't ship to and sadly the Philippines is one of them. So I found an alternative way of shipping and it worked. I managed to save a lot on shipping expense. I got in touch with a company named Johnny Air Cargo Plus who ship items from the US to the Philippines. Basically how it works is that when you order your products, you give Acne.org the US address of Johnny A
  14. Hi all, I've always used USPS First-Class Package International Service to ship over my Big Kit, and the last time I used it was in October 2013. Can I know why it's not available as an option to ship the Big Kit anymore? I've tried a variety of other options, including single items of AHA+, 2 AHA+, one Regimen Kit, 2 Regimen Kits, and the thing is only when the Big Kit is added into the shipping cart that the USPS First-Class Package International Service becomes unavailable and suddenl
  15. I really want to buy the regimen, but the cheapest shipping option for the big kit is $36. I really can't justify paying $36 on shipping and handling alone. Why is it so expensive and is there any other way i can get the regime without the insane shipping costs?
  16. Anyone from Malaysia bought the regimen before or recently? Will it get pass customs? I'm afraid that it will be confiscated because it's a pharmaceutical product. Please help!!! Thank you very much
  17. Everytime I place the order, it says "Trouble with your network connection. Check your email if your order went through!" It never has gone through. I could buy the products off of Amazon, but the shipping is $10 there and I can't afford that. I really need someone to help me with some advice, please. Thank you!
  18. Hey does anyone know how much it costs to buy the 8oz. BP treatment from amazon.COM to Canada (Toronto) is? For me it says it should cost $19.29 + $6.70 shipping but everywhere else I've researched on the overall costs to Canada seems to be significantly higher. Can anyone provide a more accurate price? Is this the cheapest method in purchasing it for Canadians? Any help is much appreciated!!
  19. Hi Guys! I'm new here and I just thought I'd share my experience with you. I know there have been many skeptical people about "first class international shipping" method to Canada (only avail, if package is a certain weight). I did NOT get taxed also! That is because my subtotal was less than $50. I bought a bottle of Treatment and AHA. For the cleanser, I use cetaphil bar soap (as recommended, works well!) and jojoba oil to my AHA (as a moisturizer). This is the regime for my back. Mo
  20. Hi~! I'm from the Philippines and want to avail these products but the problem is there are some restrictions when it comes to shipping process ( what should I do? TOT
  21. Hello! I can buy products that are similar to Dan's products in Sweden, but not the 10% glycolic acid gel, so I was thinking about ordering it from the acne.org store. I have seen older posts about trouble with shipping to Sweden but it is not mentioned as a country that they can't ship to, so I'm assuming that it is considered to be... not completely at my own risk? What do you think? Also, I started a Checkout just to see how much the shipping would be and it says that it's $2.50, can that b
  22. Hello, long time lurker, first time poster. I am looking to get TCA, to perform the cross procedure on my ice pick scars now my acne has finally calmed down. They are not the rolling type, but they look like large open pores although you can see the bottom on all of them so they are quite shallow. However TCA is hard to get in the uk, so I am looking to ship it. Main question is how easy is it to ship or will customs confiscate it? The supplier say they have shipped to the Uk successfully, and t
  23. Hi! I wanted to ask a few questions before I start with this new regimen. FYI: I am 16 year old (turning 17 in a month), male and exited about hopefully getting a cleaner and better looking face without acne! Ok, first of all, I've read through most of the pinned topics, but they are different from others in one way or another. A lot of people have their own regimen so it makes me confused on how to start off my own (???). I understand that everybody have their own
  24. So, as a little disclaimer: this topic probably isn't helpful, but I just thought that for those of you who are on the regimen or are looking into it, here's a piece of reality for you. The reality is: You will, at one point, be faced with a situation like this. You casually walk over to your sink, or wherever you store your skincare products. Then, you realize one of your products has completely run out. In my case, this was the moisturizer. I have no idea what to do, I can't moisturize my sk
  25. Hey this is my first post on Acne.org and I just wanted to make a post regarding sourcing Dan's products within the United Kingdom. I should first start off by saying that I have no complaints about the price of Dan's products as I understand they have been specially formulated with regards to oil levels, the balance and preparation of the moisturiser and cleanser whilst also careful consideration to the texture and consistency of the Benzyl Peroxide. (If you have tried with Panoxyl and realised