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Found 20 results

  1. Hi guys, I have a cyst on my cheek that literally has been on my face for about a couple months straight with no sign of getting smaller. In fact, recently, I think it got slightly bigger. It's solid and shiny and sometimes the skin peels off easily and makes it red. It first showed up first on december when i had bad acne, and around March I found that the no dairy diet was extremely helpful and got rid of much of my acne including the shiny cyst! But because i'm an idiot, I still wanted to d
  2. After using an AHA+BHA facewash, i notice my skin is getting shiner, it is a tiny bit oily but after i clean it, the shine is still there. It's not only on my t-zone but also on my cheeks. Is it possible that my facewash cause over-exfoliating?
  3. So attached is a pic of my forehead, can someone help diagnose what this is? It looks and feels like crocodile skin! I have struggled with acne/pimples all my teenage life and continue to do so to this day, just not as aggresively! I have oily skin and dandruff. When I run my fingers over my forehead i feel the rough texture of it like there are many bumps. I started using tretinoin cream in hopes of clearing out what I thought were clogged pores or whiteheads. I used it for 4 months with no
  4. Phobia


  5. Hey everyone, Well, let me, sort of, introduce myself first. I'm a 20 year old male form The Netherlands, and never really suffered form acne or any other skin issues. On my face, that is. I did have eczema when I was younger. My facial skin actually looked quite good until I got seborrheic dermatitis around 2 years ago. It quickly faded with ketoconazole, and it has never returned in full strength either. I've been mostly free from it ever since. But I do have some long-lasting effects, w
  6. I've struggled with acne for a few years. I'm 15 and I don't think I have hormonal acne I'm pretty sure it's from irritation idk. I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, 2% bp on my problem areas at night, and a oil free mousturizer. It seems I have little bumps on my skin and it looks gross and clogged instead of glowing skin. I also have a bit of redness but I hat started bezyol peroxide a week ago so I assume that will help stop big pimples (it's already helping little). I don't wear face makeup
  7. When I first started treating my acne I used 10% benzoyl peroxide. It made my skin pretty dry, irritated, and shiny. When my acne became more severe, I started Retin-A. I used sunscreen in the morning because I live in Puerto Rico and Retin-A makes you much more sensitive to the sun. The Retin-A dried and irritated my skin and this with the large amount of sunscreen in the morning made it horribly greasy. After this, I went full caveman and didn't do anything to my face for a while. I'm sur
  8. I've been on the Regimen for 10 months now. I loved the Regimen because it cleared my skin and I never felt better. That was about 6 months ago. I haven't had more than a few hicups following the Regimen which was about 6 months ago. I have followed it with perfection for about 6 months. I used to look on these forums for cures to flakyness and after realizing how much time I wasted I realized no one is going to help me by telling me AHA works. AHA doesn't do shit for flakes. If I am missing som
  9. I'm using Cetaphil oily skin cleanser (http://www.acne.org/cetaphil-oily-skin-cleanser-reviews-1452/) and occasionally Oxy facial cleanser with 2% Salicylic acid and noticed that right after I use either cleanser (especially the Oxy one), some parts of my face would turn really shiny, and I know it's not because of the natural oils on my face (Sebum) because my skin feels really tight and dry after using them (obviously since they remove the oils), then I'd apply moisturizer but the shine is sti
  10. Hi everyone! I will spare the background and history about me until later on as I progress through The Regimen, but long story short, I have been a lurker for a long time and only now decided to try The Regimen out. I am a 19 year old male. I am about a week and a half in, and like everyone else, I am experiencing dryness and flaking. I would like some advice on what exactly it is I should do next, so I signed up a few minutes ago haha. I started slowly at once a day before I went to bed, sl
  11. Hello, I am about a month into a second attempt at differin and am experiencing very shiny, reflective skin that is unrelated to sebum. From what I have gathered from looking around online, some people experience this waxy, plastic skin from using a topical retinoid (and also from using Accutane). It is apparently an effect of the smoothing/exfoliating action of retinoids, where the absence of an outer layer of dead skin cells makes the skin much more reflective. And it sucks. The Differin see
  12. Hey y'all this my second post, finally starting to get the hang of it. My question is about Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion, I have recently been prescribe it as something gentle for post tane and it's done a good job at keeping the pimples away BUT the big problem is the oiliness/shininess it causes! My skin is oily to begin with but it used to not get shiny until mid-afternoon, on CPL it's shiny from the minute I apply it. Has anyone else had this problem? I like that it works and really don't wa
  13. Hi everyone. So I finished Accutane over 2.5 months ago and since then the skin on the back of my hands have been VERY thin. I moisturize but they still feel dry? The skin itself isn't dry, but it feels as if it is, even when my hands are smooth with moisturizer on. And I'm especially worried because I have been getting very small shiny looking patches of skin. The skin has a different color, but it is most definitely not white. It's more like a lighter tan? I'm really worried about this and pra
  14. Hello all, I have been dealing with acne for about a year now and have no idea what else I should do. It started on my forehead but has progressively begun to spread down to my cheeks and my chin. I have tried a myriad of products which all have not worked at all or just made my acne so much worse. I'm fed up with my skin, and as a freshman in college I feel like I can't even go out and meet people because all that I want to do is hide my gross face. And I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to Benzoyl P
  15. I'm confused on how to safely remove dead skin without upsetting my skin because when I scrub my skin with washcloth or hands my skin turns into a oily mess and my pores look huge and I do it very gently as well any tips guys?
  16. I've been slowly working my way up to using Differin (.1%) daily, and I'm currently using it three days, taking a day off, using it three days, etc. I was previously using Duac daily, but it started to lose its effectiveness (I've been on Accutane twice, with the second course being cut short after a month due to side effects. After both courses, Duac was effective for a while as my skin returned to its normal, acne-prone self.) My skin has been getting smoother the whole time, but has recent
  17. Hello, I'm currently using Dr.Woods black soap as my everyday cleanser and i'm also applying 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. My face has been somewhat clear for the past few months but I do get the occasional pimple/cyst. I have very oily skin and need good advice on an oil-free moisturizer. My biggest goal is to find a moisturizer that will not break me out and will not make my face extra shiny as it already looks that way even without moisturizer. Also, i'd like to stay away from moisturizers loade
  18. I'm on week 6 now of the regimen and my face started get a lot more oily and shiny (I have oily skin but the regimen made it much worse). I used to wash my face twice with a cetaphil cleanser, but now I only wash it once a day with the cleanser and the second time with just water, but I still moisturize twice a day. Can someone please tell me why this is happening? I'm really self-conscious about this face shine and not to mention, it's probably gonna make my acne worse since the excess oil will
  19. Is Oilier Skin More Prone to Acne?

    Human skin, all over the body but particularly on the face, is covered by an oil called sebum. Sebum is produced by glands attached to each skin pore. After the glands produce sebum, it slowly makes its way up the pore and is released onto the surface of the skin.1 Humans produce different amounts of sebum and thus have skin types, ranging from dry to oily. Conventional wisdom suggests that oily skin is the skin type...
  20. Hi I just started accutane (Amnesteem) and since I know that a very common side effect is excessivly dry skin I am wondering if Dan's moisturizer is a good one to use while on Accutane or perhaps just the Jojoba Oil? If the Jojoba Oil is good to use then is it going to make my face look shiny? Or if there are other better products or suggestions it is appreciated. Thanks in advance!