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Found 500 results

  1. runner7891


    QUESTION: Question for the guys out there. I know you aren't supposed to pop/pick whiteheads while on Accutane (because of scaring). But, what do you do when shaving? I have to keep a clean shaven face for work. Of course when I shave, the white heads break open...pretty gross, I know! LOL Just wondering if anyone has advice for shaving the face while on Accutane..?? PS. this Accutane journey kinda sucks..haha but hey I guess it will all be worth it! (better be!) staying positive
  2. Hello, I tried one pass at shaving against the grain, didn't do good. It left me with a really dark brown spot with red undertones. The darkness has faded a little but it is still very prevalent as you can see. Can someone help me figure out what this is and what I can do to heal it?
  3. Do you guys think I could get away with using this shaving cream a couple times a week? Barbasol, while having a very generic, basic ingredients list, just doesn't cut it protection wise. I know some people are hesitant about using menthol and/or peppermint. Below is an ingredient list. Thanks. Cremo Cooling Shave Cream Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Glycol Distearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, M
  4. I seem to get ingrown hairs, big red bumps and acne where my sideburns would be and on my neck. its obviously due to shaving, but i dont know what i should be doing differently. any advice would really help because this sucks.
  5. shud u shave before or after u wash? i usually shave before i wash but idk wuts better.
  6. It is absolutely imperative that I shave every day? I have been doing the regimen for a while now but i cut back because my face just couldn't take it. And instead of the acne going away quicker, it will stay longer. I don't have too many active pimples, but when I do get them, they last for at least a week, not to mention the red mark that follows. Shaving seems to be the only thing that i break out from now. but my skin becomes very flaky after using BP and moisturizer just makes it red. I
  7. right after i shave i notice in 1 or 2 days i start getting some acen especial right in my mustash area (under nose) should i use aftershave after? then apply bp? or waht should i do?
  8. I'm just finishing up month five, and hopefully will only have one more month of this stuff. One thing I've noticed over the last few months is that I cut the hell out of myself virtually every time I shave. It's strange though, it seems to go in stages, for a week or two everything seems pretty normal and I don't get cuts. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my water intake or moisturizing. I've never had whitehead problem, but I've gotten two very large whiteheads in unusual places
  9. About a week ago I bought a $150 Norelco electric shaver assuming it would help my acne...Instead, it has aggravated it and I even had my first cyst develop on my face for the first time in my life this past week! Can anyone please give me some advice as far as the proper way to shave when affected by mild/moderate acne? Thanks!
  10. I have small breakouts around the area where I shave, how can i prevent that? I use my cleanser as my shaving cream.
  11. I heard that using aloe vera to shave with (like shaving cream) is good for your skin and helps to reduce irritation. Can someone tell me if its good to shave using aloe vera instead of shaving cream? Thanks.
  12. The guide says not to use comodogenic stuff. Is Gillette shaving gel comodogenic? i couldn't find this information on their site, and it doesn't say on the can.
  13. I've noticed an odd thing after I shave. First off, I should say I've been using an electric shaver now for a couple of months. I switched to it in January because regular shaving with a razor was just too irritating & drying on my skin. (especially with new treatment) I shave every 3 or 4 days and I do a pretty careful job of it. I really like using an electric shaver but I must be doing something wrong. About a day after I shave, I sometimes get a very light breakout around the corners
  14. What moisturizer should I use after shaving?
  15. Hi All, Need some advice here.... (1) Is using a Shaving Foam OK? I use the Gillette Shaving Foam, but it does not say anything about being non-comdogenic. (2) Can I shave without any foam or soap (just a wet face)? (3) Unfortunately I cannot find any moisturiser here in Malaysia that is oil-free and has SPF-15. They all have oil in them if it is with SPF15. The Nivea for men has got UVA/UVB protection, but it does not mention anything about non-comdogenic. Has anyone tried this moisturis
  16. Greetings, I just started using Gillette Sensor Excel blades and would like to know how often I should change blades? Once every three shaves? Thanks!
  17. I heard that not shaving can prevent acne does anyone know anything about this?
  18. Hey everyone. I've seen a few topics about shaving here, but none answered what I specifically want to know. I'm curious about what shaving gel/foam/oil to use. Has anyone anything to say about those clear oil solutions such as the King of Shaves line, Total Shaving solution or Sensodryne (thats not what its claled but hey..)? You know those clear oils which only take a few drops and then nothing else? I'd like peoples opinions on these products, and also I'd be grateful if someone could tell
  19. i find that shaving with a electric shaver like once a week helps my acne. i have been using tazorac, gly derm gentle cleanser, and doxycycline for over six months now. i stopped using doxycycline because it doesnt work. my acne has drastically improved since day 1 but hasnt completely gone away, annoying. but i find that the more my facial hair comes in the less oily my face is and the less acne i have. i am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. i have moderate acne with ver
  20. I'm wondering if perhaps NOT shaving is a potential cause for acne? In the last four years since acne has been a problem for me, I think I've tried to grow a beard about four times.. and every time, after about a week of not shaving, my face breaks out horribly. Thing is, it's not breaking out anywhere near where I'm growing the hair in. Zits around my mouth, on upper lip (both areas where I was still shaving) all over my nose and forehead. Could just the fact that I've got all this hair on m
  21. This is for the boys here: How should I shave while I'm on this drug , I mean my skin Is sooo flaky and to shave off the scabs of the healing pimples so it wont leave me with a scar... so how is the best way to shave and what are the best products to use:Cream,razor,toner.etc.... thx in advance...
  22. So my skin is pretty much 98% clear except that I constantly get cysts in my sideburn area! Even if I don't shave the little bit in front of my ear so it's an extension of my hairline it'll turn into a horrible cyst and end up with a clump of hair coming out and just being generally disgusting. Any advice on how to stop/prevent this?
  23. I'm 32, male and have suffered acne off and on since I was 13. Although it seemed severe to me at the time, it would fluctuate from mild to moderate acne. I bought into the whole modern materialist trend of buying products to fix my problems (not just acne)! When I was younger I would buy face washes, scrubs, cleansers, and a whole array of other chemicals. These were all ineffective. I graduated to topical retinoids which had some interesting effects on my skin but caused far to much ir
  24. All you dudes out there, I have a question for you. Do you find that having facial hair either helps your acne, or contributes to it? I've noticed when I have more facial hair, my acne isn't as persistent as opposed to when my face is completely bare. What is your experience?
  25. So one thing I always make sure to do it apply rubbing alcohol to the blade of my razor after I'm done shaving and before I start as well to disinfect any microbes on the blade or near the blade plastic housing. It seems to help a lot with "razor burn" acne. Also, if my beard gets longer, I trim it with electric razor first and then shave with razor after to reduce drag. Shave after a warm shower when hairs are soft and pores are open. Be gentle with everything.