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Found 919 results

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, it's the only one that stood out to me as a 'general' skin forum. I have very pale skin, which firstly makes my spots look a whole lot worse than they would usually... but also means that my stuble (what little I have) shows up a lot too, and its very annoying to me. Sometimes my skin looks great, but above my top lip and on my chin it will look really blotchy with black dots showing through all over.. not very nice. I'm not sure if it's the way I shave (i
  2. I was originally gonna post this on my first topic which is nearby but i thought i would stray too much off-topic Im planning to buy a Gilette Sensor-Excel for my shaving needs as from the looks of it seems suitable enough for my sensitive face. Of course alongside it im gonna have to buy a shaving cream but the question that irks me is (and sorry if this sounds stupid) are shaving gels comodegenic and if so then can anyone recommend a non-comodogenic shaving cream? If not then recommend me a
  3. Vinci

    Shaving with grain

    This may sound stupid, but...do all people have the same grain in facial hair? Because unless I shave upwards on my face, it dosent shave any hair off, just wondering.
  4. nloo

    shaving cream

    Best shaving creams while on the csr regimen plz post comments
  5. STEVEN1


    my acne problem is really on my chin. and i need advice on shaving , i ussauly get razor burn and bumps and my pimpalls get cut a little from shaving. i use the mach3 and im on the last blade so i wanted to know if i should buy a Gileete Sensor?? or electric is better for acne prone skin?
  6. I switched from Gillette Fusion razor and gel to: Gillette Sensor3 and Edge Advanced Ultra Sensative (Says won't clog pores on bottle) Two questions: 1) I know Gillette Sensor Excel is prefered to be used (Dan says so) but they didnt even have it, is the Sensor3 a new version of it or something? 2) Are my new supplies good?
  7. schoolboy

    Shaving with the regimen

    I never really figured this out but what if you get razorbumps or other things that might occur whilst shaving, isnt better to use a aftershave that prevents this? Otherwise you'll look like shit and i doubt the BP will do anything about that. What do you guys say about this? how do you handle the shaving routine? As far as i can tell, you HAVE to wash in the shower, right? Cause normally you would want to exfoliate before shaving but since you cant change or add in producst in the regim, that
  8. dishes

    Shaving Question

    So if I read the regimen correctly, I am supposed to wash face, then shave, then wait 5-15 min. and apply bp, then wait 5-15 minutes and apply moisturizer?(So far ive just been using bp at night to let my skin adjust to it, im still in my first week, im just preparing for later) So I don't use any after shave or lotion right after I shave? I just have to wait and put the bp on? I've never waited at all after shaving, wont I break out and get red spots if I don't use after shave, or don't use
  9. Hey... I always get a rash on my neck after shaving, its based mostly just above my adams apple and to the right side of my neck. What I use is: Gillette Mach 3 Turbo with Gillette Series Sensitive Gel (Aloe Vera). I shave after I've taken a shower (I first splash hot water over the area I shave) and I cover the area I shave well with shaving gel, I massage it in a little bit so it softens up the hair. I use little diagonal/downward strokes and clean the razor after every stroke using hot wate
  10. hi, Im on the regimen and its working great. its clearing up with less breakouts now. Ive decided to switch over to shaving with a razor rather than electric since i cant get a clean shave over my cheek area. im hoping not to aggrevate my acne and not cause any razor bumps or irritation. Do you guys use shaving cream or gel? i know Dan recommends using the cleanser to shave but i havent found that effective? And do you guys use after shave afterwards?
  11. rg43

    Shaving Cream?

    I know that the regimen suggests using the cleanser lather in place of shaving cream, but I find that this dries my face out way too much. Can anyone suggest a good shaving cream that doesn't irritate the face or induce breakouts? Thanks.
  12. EarPlug

    Shaving over pimples?

    I wan't to shave, but I don't want to catch anything with my razor. How should i go about this?
  13. To all the guys here: Use an electric razor to shave. Clean the mesh with rubbing alcohol before you use it. Blades will make your acne look terrible and shaving cream certainly doesn't do you any good. After using an electric razor for a while, I had to use a blade cause I forgot to bring my electric with me... and I completely broke out. Not cool. So in short either use an electric razor or just accept that you will look like a hobo for a while And if you really must use a blade, there is sh
  14. So i have been on the regimen for about 4-5 weeks. The first week was a disaster b/c i was using tons of bp with no moisturizer. So red , flaky irritated skin, and of course i broke out a bit more. Eventually the redness faded, about 3 weeks later, and i do lather myself up with moisturizer. The pimples for the most part are pretty clear, just a couple of stubborn ones which could be red marks....any thing new seems small and irrelevant. so i am pleased with the results. being a guy who op
  15. astrodz


    Just bought the Gillette Sensor Excel, and I was wondering.. Can I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Wash as shaving cream? Does it lather? I have yet to use it. If it doesn't can I use ivory as shaving cream? Thanks..
  16. Alright, so this is for all the guys out there. What do you think is the best way to shave? I've read a lot about how shaving can aggrevate your skin and all, how you should wash your face before you shave...blah blah blah. I like the feel of a regular shave, but when I have pimples, you can't always shave well with a regular. With an electric, you can shave around the pimple and stuff but sometimes I feel it might irritate my skin more. Does anyone have a favorite shaver or shaving regimen
  17. Hi, Since my old shave gel is finishing (not too happy with it) I was wondering whether you could recommend me some gel to shave that would not break me out. Thanx
  18. i have a very weird problem i always had alot of acne on my forhead and it was really bad like i couldent take it. on my cheeks and chin and around my mouth i never really had anything. then i started shaving and guess what i started getting acne all over those places and now my forhead has gotten alot better but my other areas are horrible. I mean if i was clear in all those other places i would be happy but stupid shaving has made me so angry i cant take it. if i dont shave and let it grow out
  19. Johnjoz


    right after i shave i notice in 1 or 2 days i start getting some acen especial right in my mustash area (under nose) should i use aftershave after? then apply bp? or waht should i do?
  20. the.ronin


    It is absolutely imperative that I shave every day? I have been doing the regimen for a while now but i cut back because my face just couldn't take it. And instead of the acne going away quicker, it will stay longer. I don't have too many active pimples, but when I do get them, they last for at least a week, not to mention the red mark that follows. Shaving seems to be the only thing that i break out from now. but my skin becomes very flaky after using BP and moisturizer just makes it red. I
  21. i just had an idea about using natural oils for shaving. so i searched the net and found that there are already shaving oils for sale. i was wondering if anyone here has used shaving oils, or have you used any pure oils for shaving?
  22. The guide says not to use comodogenic stuff. Is Gillette shaving gel comodogenic? i couldn't find this information on their site, and it doesn't say on the can.
  23. Cadcorhar7


    Greetings, I just started using Gillette Sensor Excel blades and would like to know how often I should change blades? Once every three shaves? Thanks!
  24. I heard that using aloe vera to shave with (like shaving cream) is good for your skin and helps to reduce irritation. Can someone tell me if its good to shave using aloe vera instead of shaving cream? Thanks.
  25. I'm just finishing up month five, and hopefully will only have one more month of this stuff. One thing I've noticed over the last few months is that I cut the hell out of myself virtually every time I shave. It's strange though, it seems to go in stages, for a week or two everything seems pretty normal and I don't get cuts. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my water intake or moisturizing. I've never had whitehead problem, but I've gotten two very large whiteheads in unusual places