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Found 447 results

  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to write because I want to help others find success in controlling/curing acne. I have had acne since I was 13, I'm now almost 26... so about half of my life. I have been through 4 courses of accutane, tetracycline, dex, differin, duac, tried the OCM method, tried niacin for about 4-5 days, tried 20 different facial scrubs, tried exfoliating, minocin (SP?), and several other meds. I've seriously tried everything! I recently quit my job because of acne (Sales position
  2. *sigh* Mods, if this needs to be moved somewhere better, go for it. I'm posting it here because I can't decide where it really goes and this is where I used to post pretty much everything. Hey guys! I haven't been around the boards in a while, but I thought I'd share this with you. The technology/DIY/etc./etc. blog I write for had an interesting post a few days ago about how to make your own shaving cream, and I thought I'd share it with you guys because - lucky for us - it's completely non-com
  3. I had moderate acne and bacne since I was about 15, tried literally everything: antibiotics, prescriptions, tonnes of topicals, bp, you know the story, each seemingly making things worse. After all these crappy products making my skin worse I did a bit of research and came across the BeautySkin acne treatment lamp, had a hefty price tag of £179 but I thought id give it a go so I got it in September 07. Didn't make much of a difference, with 6 months of use so I did some more research on alternat
  4. Dan have you ever thought about doing a shaving cream/gel? For some odd reason I still believe shaving creams/gels breakout my face as I only breakout where I shave and I use the sensor excel 2 blade. Maybe in the future it would be pretty cool to have a shaving cream with ingredients helpful for the face with some jojoba oil or aloe added in. Just a suggestion or idea I thought I would post lol.
  5. So I am back again after a failed Tetralysal 300mg course. I ended that course in the beginning of February and today I was at a skin specialist (waiting time was around 2½ month) and we talked much about accutane. Since I have mild acne today there was a slight concern of either to perscribe it or not but he did not say 100% no. The problem was I need to do a antibiotic course with a local treatment in order to leagaly be able to get accutane. My last antibiotic course with Tetralysal 300mg
  6. ok so im 21 had acne since around 14 but it has changed over the years. at the moment im getting them near my mouth and they spread along my jawline and i have quite a bit on my neck, lots of painful bumps that generally turn into whiteheads and crust over. i cleanse,tone and moisturize twice a day. i dont do this to my neck area though, i just moisturize because i think cleansing and toning aggravates my neck acne a bit but im not so sure at the moment. i eat quite healthy, sometimes eat a l
  7. Does anyone know of a good non-comedogenic shaving cream? I've look at Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Smooth Shave Gel and Neutrogena MEN Razor Defense Shave Gel, does anyone use those?
  8. I need help finding a shaving cream or moisturizer that I can shave my face with. I seem to get like little ingrown hairs that eventually turn to pimples. I've tried just simply using Purpose Cleanser but that doesn't seem to lather up enough... Any ideas? Thanks,
  9. Hey all, I wanted to share some of my experiences with the regimen. I'm a 24 year old male and although I never had bad acne (I would say mild to moderate, with some annoying cyst pimples caused by blade shaving) I finally have skin that I am happy with to the point where I don't avoid the mirror anymore. About 3 months ago (after following the standard regimen very closely) I spent $100 on a Panasonic Wet/Dry electric shaver and will never go back to blade shaving. Blade shaving, while givi
  10. It would be a sin if I didnt come back here to share my success with everyone. I basically figured out on my own through much hours of research and trial and error how to get rid of my acne. I'll try to make a long story short and get right to how clear your skin. A little about my acne problem, my acne actually started at 18 from 18 to 22 it was horrifying and really bad, I had used every thing under the sun, proactiv worked for a while but in the end made the acne worse and dried out my skin.
  11. Alright, I was just thinking about what I've learned over the years to combat my acne. And I realized I do a lot. The bacne was the most difficult and rewarding battle. Hopefully this helps somebody. The morning I wash my face with cephil gently (the cheap brands are the same-rite aide,etc)and rinse with cold water. I then put on Dickenson's witch hazel on my hands and pat on my face. Then I squirt some fruit of the earth Aloe Vera in my hands and cover my face and neck. This gives my face a
  12. I cant seem to find a shaving cream that says non-comedogenic. do they have one? what kind do you suggest i use? Thanks!
  13. This may not be the right forum but I wasn't sure where else to post. I'm just having trouble finding a good one! The one I had been using, Gillette Complete Skin Care I think, was discontinued from Wal-Mart. That one was soap and fragrance free, which is what I've been looking for, but it seems like almost all of them on the shelves contain soap or fragrance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I need some more soon. Thank you! A good NON comedogenic shave cream, of course.
  14. im 20 years old and i really havent started to get any legit facial hair until recently...anyways... now the neck part of my beard is pretty thick and electric razors arent cutting it...so ive gone to the good old fashioned straight razor. This is a whole new thing to me...but I had the thought that I should possibly get a certain shaving cream and aftershave to reduce the inflammation im causing my face while on tane (if it will cause any) You guys have any suggestions for a gentle shaving
  15. So recently I noticed I have a bunch of cleansers left over. For some reason I stopped using them. I didnt want to just toss them all, so I took my paulas choice one and lathered it up and used it to shave. I didnt want to continue to do that though because I wash my face in the shower with a cleanser, and that would be two cleansers on my face technically. So today I wanted something to shave with. I noticed I have a big bottle of cerave moisturizer lotion left. I splashed my face with water,
  16. Some reason when i grow my beard for a few weeks then shave ,after my skin looks smooth clean and healthy. Then one or two days after it gets really bad with bumpy skins which is the same colour as my skin but looks uneven, also break out of spots of redness and what looks like stretch marks. Only a day or two after shaving. On the day I shave it looks great... I can't just live with one day and my beard all the time. Currently washing my face twice a day. Once in morning. Once at night. Taki
  17. I have Very Sensitive, but sometimes Oily Skin Alright, every morning when I wake up, I have 1-2 new pimples (w/ whiteheads). My current regimen is as follows: -Shave (electric razor) with Aloe Shaving Cream -Rinse off cream and use the Baby Brush -Get in shower and wash with Cetaphil Normal to Oily Skin Cleanser -Then just pat dry and I'm done (my skin is dry,flakey) My main concern is that I'm starting to break out around my upper neck. I think they're shaving bumps because its mostly bump
  18. I already use the DKR cleanser as a quite nice face wash/body wash/shaving cream, but now I find it's a great shampoo. All the shampoos I try 1) cause acne on my scalp, 2) don't remove oil well enough, so I'm greasy within a few hours, 3) give me major flyaways, 4) suck out my semi-permanent hair color more quickly, or 5) do any combination of the above. Dan's cleanser just doesn't do any of the above. It's also gentle enough that I don't need any conditioner for my short, fine hair. Guess I'm g
  19. Hello. I'm a 20 year old college student. I have been on the regimen for two weeks with the recommended products. I have been using the following: -Basis Sensitive Soap -Nuetrogena On-The-Spot -Oil of Olay moisturizer. I have cleared up for the most part. I have mild to moderate acne, but mostly the former. For some reason I got this small bump on the left side of my forehead, it almost looks like a cyst, but I've never got one before. I mostly get pimples on jaw line, and forehead. With the
  20. so i have moderate acne. nothing SERIOUS. but defineltly visible. mainly on my chin, around the lip regions and very mildly on my cheeks. NEVER ON my forehead. I am 21 years old and I consider myself a "late bloomer" with puberty.. I am just now starting to realize. my facial hair is starting to come in and with every shave it is starting to come back thicker and faster... is shaving something i should consistently do??. my acne tends to get red after I shave. which is understandable. thats
  21. Shaving gives me acne9 bothelectric and razor) but i need to shave or else i get grimy. Its a decision between the lesser of two evils. does anone have any advice? I use shaving cream and lotion. It usually stings really bad afterwards.
  22. DAY 2 (Started yesterday ) Nothing huge so far, but haven't had any new breakouts, and skin's been flaking a bit. Moisturizer is working wonders for that though. Hi everyone! I've had moderate acne since high school...it would come and go. And when it came, it was real, REAL bad. I've tried the retin-A, antibiotics, benzaclin, all of that jazz, and I finally mustered up the effort to go give this a go. I am realllllly freakin hoping this works out! I'll try and post pictures on a weekly or m
  23. As a long-time user of the regimen and one who follows Dan's advice pretty closely, I thought I'd share a success story and some general tips and thoughts. I figured that this can be added to a pinned log post or something similar. I first discovered Dan's website about five to six years ago, when, I believe, it was first starting up. I was 16, and had had moderate acne since I was 13. I tried the standard treatments, from Retin-A to antibiotics, and eventually after two years of only mild
  24. Can anyone recommend a nice non-comedogenic shaving cream for a guy? I'm using Edge for sensitive skin with aloe but I don't like it that much. Ingredients: Water, Palmitic Acid, Triethanolamine, Stearic Acid, Isopentane, Sunflower Seed Oil Glyceride, Sorbitol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Fragrance, PVP, Isobutane, Peg 90M.
  25. So I had a few questions, I actually just started the DKR today and I'm using Gilette Fusion Gel (along with the 5 bladed Gillette Fusion razor) and I was wondering if this gel is okay to use with the DKR? I was a little concerned about using the cleanser as shaving cream because Dan had a warning on his site not to wash more than twice a day. Well if you do the Regimen in the morning and the evening and then shave with the cleanser too, washes come to a total of 3 I think. Should I find a new g