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Found 447 results

  1. Well im almost blemish free now..I had moderate/slight acne for a couple years and have been trying things ever since. Here is what I found works for me: Shaving Cream: Aveeno Therapeutic oatmeal shaving cream this stuff is great, not only does it smell great (no added fragrances), but combined with Gillette Mach 3, I get the smoothest and least irritating shaves ever. It's also non-comedogenic. highly recommended. I tried Edge and Nivea, but this one has a much thicker consistancy and I feel
  2. That's my only problem with getting pimples.Is when I shave. So what is a good razor to use, and good shaving cream. Anything would help, thanks.
  3. hey my doc just gave me benzashave and clindamycin to use to shave. benzashave would be used as the shaving cream and clindamycin as the aftershave. anyone ever try these products in this manner?
  4. Hi folks, this is my first post and I decided to document my Restylane injections for "rolling" acne scars. I have learned a lot from viewing pics from people like...I think her name is Tamara? And another helpful pic-poster named Misty, and many others. So I thought I would give something back. Although I photoshopped my eyes out since I'm not nearly as brave ;-) Restylane before and after pics I had the procedure done 9 days ago and I'm very happy that I did. The really brad pits [sic] fil
  5. Now, don't get me wrong, I like my dermatologist, he prescribes my doryx, and in general he's a nice guy, but there are some things he never told me that took me years to figure out on my own. If you are new to this site, you may want to take a look at this. Many of these tips are already on this website, but this is a simple, flexible regimen you may want to follow. 1. swim in a chlorinated pool everyday, or every couple of days for 10-15 minutes. the chlorine massacres the bacteria that li
  6. What brands do u guys recommend? The regimen on this site points this out, but doesn't specifically state which brands. I am currently using a Gillete, Sensitive Skin shaving cream....
  7. Hey guys! I got the Bp gel today. I will use it to replace my old Klear Skin System. I will now put my regimen on this thread. I am using my own version of the regimen, so it has been tweeked to meet my needs. Here is what I use- 1 - Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acid. This is the cleanser I use. 2 - Bp Gel from acne.org 3 - Pond's Replenishing Moisturizer Lotion with SPF 15. It's hypo-allergenic! This is the moisturizer I use. In the mor
  8. hi guys im looking for a shaving cream NOT GEl that wont cause break outs any comments would be helpful thank u all very much
  9. Hey folks! Well, I just took my first 3 pills x 10MG (30MG daily) today! A mix of emotions; happy that I am finally on this drug, scared of the incoming side effects, dreading the dry skin and what not, but happy that I (hopefully - knock on wood) will get rid of acne once and for all. Background I have suffered acne ever since I was about 13. It has gone from mild to moderate, to moderate to severe, back to mild again. It's an odd cycle for me. Fast forward 4 years later, and here I a
  10. Hi All, It was early September 2009 and the summer before my junior year of college (age: 20.5 years old) when I finally decided to do something about my mild-to-moderate acne. It was never terrible, but I felt that if my face was clear I would be more comfortable in social situations. So I first started the Regimen. I didn't have an initial breakout like many people do, and within just a couple weeks my face was rather clear without any major dryness or flaking!! Junior year of college
  11. Fixed! I just changed into a trimmer and all the white bumps are gone! Even when I tried to use tweezers, I got ingrown hair from my hair curling inside my skin clogging the pores. Now with the trimmer, the shave is almost as close as a razor and I haven't got an ingrown hair since I switched to the trimmer. Razor: Gillette Fusion Power Razor Shaving Cream: Gillette Fusion HydraGel, Clear Skin Shave Gel With Aloe Extras: Jojobo Oil (Pure 100%) Acne Regime: Neutrogena Power-Cream Wash, O
  12. Anyone have any product suggestions for accutane that they could not do/have done without? Moisturizers? Lip balm? Body lotions? Face wash? Body wash? Shaving creams (for women)? Shampoo/conditioner? And for the ladies...MAKEUP! (to cover up all those pesky acne marks and red spots left behind...) Thanks for any and all suggestions and recommendations! Feel free to comment on anything you didn't like or that caused breakouts, as well!
  13. I'm a male in my 20's am finally able to gain some control over my long battle with acne since age 14. The past 6 years have been a never ending cycle of OTC products and dermatology visits. I've tried every product from every brand such as Proactive to Clean&Clear, Neutrogena, Oxy, ZapZyt, etc. When that didn't work, I started seeing the dermatologist who had be doing Dove soap, Retin-A, and Doxycycline. When that stopped working, I played around with regimens using Dial gold bar, Witch Haz
  14. *pictures will be posted soon *It's good to note that before this I used proactiv, and am now off of that to begin this regimen Introduction: My name is Joshua, and I have some moderate acne. I have had blackheads on my nose since god knows when, I get some white heads, and small clear bumps on my T zone. I have read many, many pages of information about 'acne cures' and things like, and have begun to think and develop my own regimen. It goes like this: Morning: Shave using ordinary shaving cr
  15. i'm going to try the whole shaving with a bowl and brush and proper lather etc. malarky and for this apparently you need a soap or cream, not a gel or foam so just wondering if anyone knows of some?
  16. Will my chin ever be smooth, white, and clear again? Even though my boyfriend uses a four-blade razor with a good shaving cream, and will shave immediately before I come over (although this has always been his routine, before he met me I mean, shaving/showering in the evenings), my chin is always rubbed raw after a make-out session. It could be because I have sensitive skin, it could be because my skin is more sensitive due to acne products (my chin is my ONLY problem area), it could be beca
  17. So currently using Dan's Facewash, BP + Mousturizer, BP one pump only lower face and only at night as my skin is too sensitive to handle it anymore. Everything is fine until I shave, then 2-3 days after I get a lot of breakouts around my chin and around my jawline. This was after shaving w/ Giliettes new five blade...bad idea. Anyway, switching back to a 4-blade, the Quattro and if that doesn't work a Two-blade then a One-Blade Safety razor (http://www.classicshaving.com/catalog/item/522941/2
  18. Now I usually shave once a week, which is every Thursday night after work and before bed. My normal shaving routine is: 1. Splash warm water on beard 2. Dry beard area but leave warm 3. Buzz down beard to shortest length with my beard trimmer (if shaving whole face) 4. Splash warm water and then wash lightly with Dan's Cleanser 5. Rinse cleanser, leave face wet and apply Gillete Moisturzing Shave Cream 6. Leave shave cream on for 30 secs 7. Begin shave 8. Rinse shave cream 9. Full face wash wi
  19. I went to my dermatologist a few days ago, and while I was there I asked him about shaving. He said an electric shaver won't give me a completely clean cut shave (obvious), but a razor will. I told him about using the cleanser to shave with, and he thought that would be somewhat irritating. When I brought up shaving cream, he kept referring to the fact "its only on your face for a minute" What he told me to do was to shave after I take a shower when my skin is supple. After showering, I wet my f
  20. I've always wondered about this topic. People on this site seem to talk about it a lot. I wanted make a specific post for this topic so I can get opinions from acne suffers. Do you think its real? And have you experienced one while trying a new product/regimen? I've experienced these "initial" breakouts before while trying oils such as jojoba or vitamin E. I found out later that oils are bad for my skin because my skin already produces too much oil on its own. I was able to deduce that these
  21. I just bought a new shaving cream for sensitive skin and other than this ingredient seems fine. Im a bit weary of putting a butter on my face though. Anyone know? Its scientific name is thermabroma cacao.
  22. As a note I posted this same exact post under the "Oily Skin Issues" section. Not exactly sure where this should go, so if you're an Admin/Mod feel free to delete/move this as you see fit. ; Hello everyone, General info: Male, 16 y/o So I've been using tazorac for a good 7 months now, which has caused my skin to become very oily. Prior to using tazorac my skin was oily, however only in my t-zone and wasn't terribly noticeable. My dermatologist initially prescribed me Taz. Cream 0.05 %, whic
  23. Has anyone tried the Belo Men products? From what I know, they started in the Philippines but have stores in the US. I am most curious about the Belo Men Oil Control Face Wash because my faces tends to get oily fast, especially the nose. The website provides little information. Only noting: Controls oiliness, minimizes pores and deeply cleanses, moisturizes with skin vitamins, serves as a shaving cream substitute, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. There is no list of ingredients (I sa
  24. Hey guys, This is something I've thought of recently. I know that you should not use scrub after shaving, as your skin will get irritated, but is there are rule about not using cleansers (face soaps)? My logic is: razor is dirty, and shaving cream is probably not designed for acne either, so cleansing it all off afterward should help. I of course use the "After Shave Balm for Sensitive Skin", after I've shaved and cleansed my face. Few minutes later when it all dries up I apply differin gel,
  25. Hello everyone! I just discovered this website last night by accident, and am now thoroughly interested in trying out the "Regimen". But before I take the plunge and buy the products, I wanted to see if you could help me gauge how it would work for someone like me: A guy with a reasonably small amount of acne and some thick facial hair. My acne consists of a few pimples on my cheeks, and recently some damn persistent acne the left side of my forehead. (you know, that little strip.) Sometimes I'