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Found 447 results

  1. 1. Why is it recommended that men use cleansing bars as opposed to using liquid based cleansers? 2. I don't shave in the shower. I use gillette shaving cream (with vitamin C @ ginseng in it) before I apply BP or moisturizer. Is this ok? Thank you.
  2. I know I have a lot of ice pics on the right side and a few good ones on the left . I have a really deep scar on my right cheek about an inch round and an even deeper one the same size on the left cheek. All of these scars where caused by ingrown hairs which i started to get after accutane. I now only get about one every 6 month now. These pics where taken right after i shaved and this is as close of a shave as I can get without a razor. I only grow facial hair is spots and strips now on the si
  3. boeh

    My Regimen

    Background information: I'm a 22 year old male with persistant mild/moderate acne since early in my high school years. I've tried different cleansers, and many of the SA and BP products you can find at a place like walmart. None have been terribly effective. About two weeks ago I decided that I'm really going to try to get rid of this problem, I just don't want to deal with bad skin anymore. I tried Dan's Clear Skin Regimen for about a week. My skin started clearing almost immediately, but I'm j
  4. I currently use Gillette's Complete Skin Care Shaving Cream and Aftershave Lotion, and I have pretty good results with them. I do, however, get the occassional breakout and I hate it. Not sure if this is due to my products or just bad luck, so I'm wondering what you guys use. If you could tell me your shaving regimen, including all products used, that would be helpful. Thanks...
  5. hello , well i have Dove Sensitive Soap and i use Gillete Mach3 , and i had a breakout the other day on my cheeks and chin and upperlip from i believe aftershave , either Gillete sensitive skin ( with is basicly alchol and fragrance ) or my moutirzer . now i wanted to nkow would it be better to use a good shaving cream or my bar of soap? for 2 reasons. 1. my soap leaves my face kinda dry when using it to shave, and 2.Gillete razor's cartiage come with Aloe strips which moutrize my skin and it's
  6. I've used the regimin on my forehead and it is 100% clear. Now I am thinking to use it on my entire face but the problem is that I am a guy which means I have to shave. Is it ok to put the bp gel on after you shave or should I skip an application when I shave. Or could I just not shave and still do the regimin. Also what type of after shave, shaving cream and razor should I use? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hey again, When it comes to shaving I use this Gillette shaving gel for sensitive skin stuff. Is it a good idea to use this or does this just irritate the acne? Because I've heard people talking about ance cleansing bars or something like that so I'm a little confused. The cleansers you use when washing your face, is that the stuff you should use to shave with?? If so what the best non irritaing cleanser out there for acne? sorry for all the questions but I'd really appreciate any thoughts
  8. I've always had a smooth face, ate well, excercised, never had a problem with zits. However, one day I went to shave and there was no shaving cream. I opted for soap instead. To my horror, I got an ingrown hair. It got infected and a cyst formed. I never had a problem popping zits(actually enjoyed it) and thought this one would be no different. I dug in really hard and only made matters worse. The cyst looked to get bigger and the area became red. I also added a huge scar that will now b
  9. after my shower in the evening? for one thing i need a mirror to shave plus i dont have time in the morning to shave. by doing this will it alter the regimen/and the results?
  10. yea i work at the publix (grocery store) next to my house here in florida, and while i was blocking the shelves one day near the shaving creams, i saw this one old spice shaving gel with tea tree oil and wondered if i should try that, since i heard that tea tree oil is good for acne, anybody have any experience with this or tea tree oil that like washes right off ? i mean after shaving the pores are pretty much wide open so the tea tree oil should enter the pore to clean anything. ps. im 17 a
  11. I was wondering what most people on the regimen use for shaving creams or gels. I see Dan reccomends using the cleansing bar lather but that doesn't always work the best for my sensitive face skin. I normally use a shaving gel from gillette but I'm not sure if it is non-comedogenic. It doesn't say it is, so I kind of doubt it. What do you all use for shaving creams or gels with the regimen?
  12. According to my Street Pilot GPS, after being on the road for 23.5 hours with 2.5 hours of sleep at a rest area in VA I made it from Brooklyn to Best Western Avalon Hotel in New Orleans early yesterday afternoon. The room is large and clean. There is even a microwave oven and a refrigerator. The added bonus is the high speed internet access from my room. After sleeping for 10 hours I feel refresh and ready for my dermabrasion at 3:00 PM. I need to pickup some Colgate shaving cream and a tub of v
  13. I use the regular edge pro gel. I looked and it didnt say non-comogenic or whatever. does that mean it IS irritating for sure? Also I never seem to get acne on the spots (chin, mustache area, brow) that I shave, so does it matter much? Does using a lather from the bar really work well?
  14. So ive been using the regimen for awhile now, and have been clear (using DDF 5% bp) I mean i have my breakouts, but nothing to really give a damn about... However about 5 days ago i was 95% clear. I shaved and all of a sudden i ahve 3 cysts on my cheek (close together) and various other spots emerge. It could have been the shaving (used new shaving cream, a sample i got). Or the fact ive been working out etc etc. it could be anything. What i did notice is that about 4 days ago, a day after b
  15. Greetings, One quick question, does anybody have troubles around their forehead and hairline area. I seem to be having troubles applying On-the-Spot around there. Another concern is that I NEED hair gel for my hair. If I don't, acne is not my worst problem. My hair is too curly and basically gets angry. Any recommendations on hair gel or an answer to my scenario? Also, I am having difficulties with a razor. What is a great razor and gel or shaving cream to use with the regiment? It seems
  17. To all the aussies out there, what products do you use in the way of moisturisers/lip balm/shaving cream etc etc on accutane?? I'm a bit stuck as to what to buy at the moment, how many different brands are there! I swear I'm so lost when it comes to this stuff = me.
  18. Hi, I'm looking for some guidance on a condition I've developed. There have been small pimple like bumps forming just above my forehead, and they have started to spread backwards to the rest of my scalp very slowly. They are fairly evenly spread out. - I have been shaving my head for 6 years and have had no changes in razor types or shaving cream. -The bumps contain no pus, are only slightly itchy, and not the kind you can pop, only slightly off-skin color (not red). Have to look closely t
  19. I have mild/moderate acne, and have done for on and off for about 2 years. However, I know that if I wanted to be, 2 weeks from now I could have none. I know from experience that the regimen works well for me, keeps me clear with just some redmarks to show and a whitehead coming up once a week or so here or there. That's just using the BP gel once a day, and just washing my face the other end of the day. Why the hell don't I, then? Well I stopped using BP gel, in fact stopped using everything
  20. How often do you shave? I shave every other morning, using the Mach 3, shaving against the grain, along with Aveeno Oatmeal Shaving Cream. I have previously tried the Sensor Excel, but it hardly shaved anything, so I went back to the Mach 3. Needless to say, it hasn't been too irritating. Maybe just the sides of my chin wear the hair is thickest. I was wondering if using the Sensor Excel every morning would yield better results than using the Mach 3 every other morning. It's just that shaving wi
  21. Whats up guys. New to these forums and the regimen. Been using it for a whole 2 days now. But my question was actually about shaving before. I saw that Dan said you can use the cetaphil soap as a type of shaving cream, or a non-comedogenic shaving cream. I was wondering if you guys think it would be better to use the soap as the type of shaving cream because it could possibly kill some of the bacteria while you shave over the zits, and on the razor blades themselves. Do you think it would make t
  22. I've looked at the backs of all the shaving creams/gels and aftershave products in the store and they all say "dermatologically tested" but none say that they are non-comedogenic. Can anyone reccommend me a good shaving cream or gel and a good aftershave, both being non-comedogenic, that I can purchase at a common supermarket like ShopRite or something. If it matters, I'm on my 4th month of accutane so dry skin is another problem. Thanks
  23. I use the Gillette Sensor Excel with Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream (the kind in the white and purple tube). I shave every other day. I use a new blade every time and never use the same one twice. I'm wondering if it's better to shave every day or not, because that can be harsh on your skin. Dan said he doesnt use shaving cream, but a Purpose Bar instead in the shower. Any luck with this? Thanks guys
  24. please post all of your shaving tips here. (i.e. brands of shaving cream, what the heck is going on with pre-shaving-oil stuff. brands of blades, electric razors, even types of moisturizers) please help cause i don't want to continue shaving poorly.. ...and i havent shaved for several days and its kindof long now, is that bad for when i shave? should i shave on a daily basis for less irritation??
  25. I was curious to know what is better for most of you that shave. A shaving cream or a shaving gel? I've used shaving creams in the past and i believed they have worked well. Although afterwards i would become red when shaving, but it could have been coiencedence. As of now i'm using Neutrogena Razor defense shave gel and i feel that it causes red/blotchiness. Your thoughts?