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Found 447 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good shaving gel or foam to use with the regimen? I've read Dan's shaving tips and know that he recommends using the lather from the cleanser, but I've tried that and prefer the feel of normal shaving cream. I like the Sensor Excel for a razor blade and agree that it is not too irritating. Currently I am using just normal old Barbasol shaving cream and it works pretty well, doesn't seem to make me break out but doesn't protect too well on the
  2. I know the non forum part of the site says shave everyday, but when you don't really need to it doesn't seem necissary. But recently I've started too and it seems to be helping actually quite a bit. I'm not sure if it's just exfoliating or what, but it seems to be helping. I'm also trying the same on my forhead to see if it's the actual razor doing it, because my breakouts I had on my jaw are dieing down quickly. This is old news but I think it's often overlooked as shaving is a bitch if you ha
  3. Hey. I was wondering if you guys know of any non-comedogenic shaving creams out there that I can get at the grocery store or pharmacy for pretty cheap. I use Edge shaving gel right now, and I'm not sure if it's comedogenic or not... On another note, does it even matter if a shaving cream is comedogenic since it's on for such little time? And lastly, what would you recommend in terms of least irritation, a two-blade with shaving gel, two-blade with a face cleanser, or electric shaver? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm George. I've been having problems with aftershave white heads and razor bumps. I've gotten a lot of suggestions about what aftershave to use and exactly how to shave proper. But a few more wouldn't hurt. I don't use acne medications at all because i'll literally get prone to them. The only thing i use right now is a moisturizer (complex 15) that works lovely. Now I'm dealing with white heads, ingrown hair that come from shaving. I shave with the grain not against the grain, i use a g
  5. My acne is pretty mild. Just get a few zits here and there, lots of blackheads on my nose, some whiteheads. I've tried DKR but I don't believe my acne is bad enough to warrant the cost and time, and since what seems to be the main detriment to the appearance of my face is the skin tone, which the DKR seems to make worse, I want to try an alternative. My skin seems to always respond very positively to anything new I try, but then it seems to stop having an effect after 1-2 weeks. Basically what
  6. I think I once read here that shaving cream might cause/aggravate acne, and that we should always use shaving gel. For the past two years I've been using Gillete Shaving Gel with Allantoin but today my dad bought Gillete Foam instead which contains menthol. He said cream/foam is better than gel. What do you guys think?
  7. hey guys. i'm a long-time lurker (been lurking since the beginning of this summer), and i finally decided to register and post today because i'm starting the regimen. i got dan's cleaner and BP gel in the mail today, and i have a decent moisturizer to get going. basically, i have light to moderate acne. my forehead is pretty clear, my chin and lower nose area are problem areas, and very recently my checks started breaking out. i figured that part out. i recently have started to shave, as my be
  8. I figured since we all deal with skin issues here, I could ask in these forums about shaving too. I am so frustrated it is unbelievable. I have straight thick hair and my bear hair is fairly thick. I shave probably every 3 or 4 days. I have tried every kind of razor and shaving cream or gel possible. Here is what happens. It seems random. I shave and everything is fine for about 1.5 days. Then, like today, I get what look like acne bumps (I have cleared up my acne almost entirely) all ar
  9. I know that Dan says that you can use the CSR cleanser as shaving cream, but i was just curious about other products. I use a Gillette Fusion to shave. i also use the shaving cream and after shave balm on my face afterwards. So i have two questions. is it ok if i still use the gillette shaving cream to shave? or is it better to use the CSR cleanser. Also, should i use the after shave balm or not. On the after shave balm, i know it has aloe and hydrating emolients. and i know that the gillette s
  10. pro_bot


    CUrrently the CSR is working well on the facial area but on the neck area i tend to break out in 2-3 varoius areas a few days after a shave. I am careful not to cut the neck and after a day 1/2 it looks to be improving but then boom right on schedule. Im using a gillette mach 3 turbo and gillette sensitive skin shaving cream and then a nivea sensitive after shave. Maybe could the the shaving cream or aftershave or even blade?
  11. Best shaving creams while on the csr regimen plz post comments
  12. Just finished Accutane and it seemed that my big cause for acne was tons of clogged pores allllllll over my face. My skin is clear now and I want to keep my pores clear. I don't use ANY comedogenic products anymore, not even shaving cream. I know topical retinoids keep pores clear but that seems like it will just irritate my skin if i was to put that all over my clear face. Any ideas on what I should do to keep my pores unclogged??
  13. I was on Accutane last year from May to October and I had perfect skin after September. For some reason though, the acne started coming back (after a few months) slowly on my cheeks, which had never had acne, and on my forehead and the area between my cheeks and forehead, which had always had acne. I'm not really sure if the cheek acne started because i started shaving and at the same time not using shaving cream, but rather soap (my dad said shaving cream was useless lol). anyways from the wint
  14. hey guys im getting sick of all the preperation i have to do for a manual razor, so im going to try out the philips cool skin electric shaver! anyway just wanted to know if anyone that had an electric shaver could give me some hints/tips! with the cool shave it has"nivea gel and lotion" that dispenses.. but i wanted to put something on my face before i just wacked on the shaver... does anyone use oil? talcum powder? do you shave after the shower or in the shower? .............. and also can y
  15. If you are reading this and are one of the people who are still trying to get clear, then trust me...I was exactly where you were! About 4 months ago I started the regimen and as the weeks went by, I didn't see any success. I would constantly see posts about how people were succeeding and how that if you just stick with it, it will work out eventually. Man, did I hate those people! I was just so upset that every kind of treatment, medication, or regimen I had ever tried always seemed to wor
  16. Hi all. I've had mild acne on and off since I was 15 (I'm 28 now). I never tried any real regimen in the past to clear up my face, but I came across Dan's site and decided to make a conscious effort to follow it. Here's what I'm using: Cleanser: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (220 mL) Benzoyl Peroxide: Neutrogena Clear Pore On-the-Spot Acne Treatment Moisturizer: Neutrogena Moisture Sensitive Skin (120 mL) Shaving cream: Neutrogena Skin Clearing Sh
  17. Combinations of what I've learned from a few sources, actually. Many of them were close, but not quite. The following has worked completely for myself, my brother, and a few co workers. Most of this information was recently validated by the book " The Acne Cure" (which basically just reiterates thigns I already knew, but it was still probably worth $21.95 for a few of the things it recommends. Don't buy it, though, just read this post ;-)). Anyways: Morning: Shower normally, use a
  18. I have small breakouts around the area where I shave, how can i prevent that? I use my cleanser as my shaving cream.
  19. I heard that using aloe vera to shave with (like shaving cream) is good for your skin and helps to reduce irritation. Can someone tell me if its good to shave using aloe vera instead of shaving cream? Thanks.
  20. For anyone that suffers from very sensitive skin with acne I would recommend to try a simple routine that I fine effective. Firstly determine how often you need to wash your face.For myself I only need to wash it once at night and just splash with cold water in the mornings.I found that washing it twice daily made it break out more and stripped the skin of essential healing oils. I've tried hundreds of facial washes until one day I finally found the right one. ZIRH CLEAN This is a highly eff
  21. That my face looks great thanks to 1 year of the regimen, but my problem is I just break out in the places I shave especially my chin.If I never shave, I will never get breakouts. So what is a good shaver and gel to use?I use Sensor Excel razor and Edge shaving cream but not even that is working. Any help please?
  22. Hi Im new to the board and I was just wondering if anyone else on here has used or is currently using Neutrogenas clear pore astringent. Does it work well for you? Does it cause drying? How long does it take to kick in?... Ive been using the clear pore astringent treatment now for about 2 months..and it has worked well for my Chin area, the only area on my face that I apply it to. The astringent works well, but lately for some unusual reason my chin is pealing and flaking more than usual..and
  23. Hey guys, I've been trying a ton of stuff to help me with the REALLY stubborn acne and cysts I get around my mouth. Anywhere from 5-20 at a time. Other then my face being really red and irritated I have cleared up most of the rest of my face but I would constantly get cysts, nodules and normal acne all around my mouth. Mainly upper lip, lower lip, right by my nostrils, side of my mouth, upper chin right below my lip and a ton in the crease at your upper chin and lower lip. Nothing I was trying w
  24. Hello! It's been a while since I posted on here. After a long period of trial and error I think I know how I to shave my sensitive skin now. Every time I have to shave I do the following: 1. I Get a glass of warm water, and let my razor in it. This will heat the blades up and clean the razor itself. 2. I wash my face with Cetaphil soap bar and rinse. I use warmer water than usual. I only dry my forehead up. 3. I spread some "Proraso pre cream", which is a eucalyptus oil cream that we have her
  25. Draft 1- I will definately clean this up tommorrow so it flows better. I've looked at this forum for over three years. I mainly read stories and reviews of products when I came here. Sometimes I would come everyday for months when I was down because I felt so miserable about everything. I also came to Acne.org to convince myself that I wasn't doing enough to have an excuse to be down. Now that my acne is finally receeding, I owe my story to this forum for it's support over all these years. I