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Found 447 results

  1. I have hair on my arms and legs that I want to shave. Your typical shaving cream and razor drive me nuts and takes me forever. I am a guy btw. I was thinking of buying a nice elctric shaver for those areas. Anyone have any input or suggestions ? I've trid nair for men but it left my skin feeling "weird" and I had to use it twice on my legs and it irritated the hell out of them.
  2. Hey guys, my apologies if this has been posted before. I did a forum search, but nothing really came up...or I might have not been looking hard enough. Anyway, I'm currently on my fifth and final month of accutane for the second time. Throughout the course of my accutane, I've been on Claravis for three months, Amnesteem last month, and I just started Sotret yesterday. Today, I shaved (with Gillette SensorExcel and Aveeno Shaving Cream) and I noticed little bumps particularly along my cheek. I'
  3. Hey, I am nearly 20 and I have battled with dreadful acne for the better part of my teenage years. During the summer, much of my acne began to get away: no more backacne, none on my forehead and upper cheeks. Unfortunately, I continue to get acne on my upper lip, lower cheeks/jawline and the peripheral of my chin. I have discovered over the months that this is not the acne I had for so many years... it is from shaving. If I don't shave for a few days, my acne goes away. However, if I shave one
  4. I know that the regimen suggests using the cleanser lather in place of shaving cream, but I find that this dries my face out way too much. Can anyone suggest a good shaving cream that doesn't irritate the face or induce breakouts? Thanks.
  5. Hi guys. I noticed that the day after i shave my skin become pretty red and irritated...it usually goes away in a few days...but then its time to shave again, so its a bit of a problem. I was just wondering what works best? Which shaving cream and razor do you guys recommend? I use mach 3
  6. hi, Im on the regimen and its working great. its clearing up with less breakouts now. Ive decided to switch over to shaving with a razor rather than electric since i cant get a clean shave over my cheek area. im hoping not to aggrevate my acne and not cause any razor bumps or irritation. Do you guys use shaving cream or gel? i know Dan recommends using the cleanser to shave but i havent found that effective? And do you guys use after shave afterwards?
  7. i noticed that when i dont shave at let my hair grow....not a beard but jsut stubble my face seems oily. is this cause the hair that you didnt shave oil? anyone know if not shaving will cause more acne??? do they have non-comedogneic shaving cream...good kinds? thanks!
  8. i have a very weird problem i always had alot of acne on my forhead and it was really bad like i couldent take it. on my cheeks and chin and around my mouth i never really had anything. then i started shaving and guess what i started getting acne all over those places and now my forhead has gotten alot better but my other areas are horrible. I mean if i was clear in all those other places i would be happy but stupid shaving has made me so angry i cant take it. if i dont shave and let it grow out
  9. flawless.I have been on the regimen for what seems like forever, my skin is fine except for the fact that I only breakout when I shave.Everyone has suggested different types of razors and I have tryed them all. Dan suggested Sensor Excel razor, and I have been using that with Edge shaving cream, but still this razor doesn't even work.
  10. To all the guys here: Use an electric razor to shave. Clean the mesh with rubbing alcohol before you use it. Blades will make your acne look terrible and shaving cream certainly doesn't do you any good. After using an electric razor for a while, I had to use a blade cause I forgot to bring my electric with me... and I completely broke out. Not cool. So in short either use an electric razor or just accept that you will look like a hobo for a while And if you really must use a blade, there is sh
  11. Just bought the Gillette Sensor Excel, and I was wondering.. Can I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Wash as shaving cream? Does it lather? I have yet to use it. If it doesn't can I use ivory as shaving cream? Thanks..
  12. Which shaving cream or gel won't clog pores and give acne if you have sensitive and oily skin?
  13. I have bought a bunch of skin and shaving products and was wondering if they will be ok if they all say dermatologically tested will this be ok to use with my acne,? i have got some shaving cream, moisturiser, and face gel wash.
  14. I use the Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar, and works okay I guess... but I have problems getting a nice, thick lather to shave with. I usually have to shave alot of areas of my face with little, or no lather on it which is kinda irritating especially after 2-3 days of stubble. Any ideas on how to make the lather, more thick? like shaving cream, to help my shave become more smooth? thx.
  15. Good evening ladies and gentlemen of all ages. I am a 22 year old white man from New Jersey who is now on vacation in the Carribean. I like most of you had these things happen to me: 1. Obsessive spending (more like wasting) of valuable time and energy in front of a mirror, touching, looking at and despairing at my pimples. 2. Not wanting to go out with friends and shying away from women because of my perceived "flaw". 3. Moments of depression and distancing myself away from social situations
  16. Good evening ladies and gentlemen of all ages. I am a 22 year old white man from New Jersey who is now on vacation in the Carribean. I like most of you had these things happen to me: 1. Obsessive spending (more like wasting) of valuable time and energy in front of a mirror, touching, looking at and despairing at my pimples. 2. Not wanting to go out with friends and shying away from women because of my perceived "flaw". 3. Moments of depression and distancing myself away from social situations
  17. I was originally gonna post this on my first topic which is nearby but i thought i would stray too much off-topic Im planning to buy a Gilette Sensor-Excel for my shaving needs as from the looks of it seems suitable enough for my sensitive face. Of course alongside it im gonna have to buy a shaving cream but the question that irks me is (and sorry if this sounds stupid) are shaving gels comodegenic and if so then can anyone recommend a non-comodogenic shaving cream? If not then recommend me a
  18. Okay I am 15 years old and I started shaving about a year ago and I have noticed that my upper lip has always inflamed when I shave not to mention i get spots on my upper lip and when i shave i make it even worse! I use some good shaving cream and my mom tried putting me on womans razors in stead of mens hmm no difference and I use my dads medicated aftershave from the doctor I dont know mabey it will help... he doesnt have a problem like I do though cus his after shave is working... I just dont
  19. Hello! Could someone please tell me if the Prorasa brand of shaving cream is comedogenic, and whether it is safe to continue using it while I begin the Regiment? Thank you in advance! [ingredients: Aqua (water), Stearic Acid, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus Globulus Extract), Menthol, Parfum (Fragrance), Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Eucalyptol, B
  20. Hello, I'm new here but not new to acne. I'm a male and let's just say I'm about 40 years old. My acne is basically genetic. My father had bad acne and I've inherited it from him. Right now I have moderate to moderately severe acne. I have normal/oily and sensitive skin. Here's my history: 1. Had normal teenage acne growing up, then in my early 20's developed cystic acne. 2. I was on every antibiotic in the book for about 3 years until I finally went on Accutane. 3. Had to stop my first c
  21. hi i picked up a 2% Salicylic acid cleanser, an oil free moisturizer, and some new sensitive skin shaving cream. Under indoor lighting you cant really see the bumps and whiteheads but outside in the bright sun you can...Do you think using these 3 will get rid of the razor bumps and whiteheads? I also hav whiteheads and bumps on my forehead, but no serious Acne. Also how many times should i use the cleanser? Once daily? Twice daily?
  22. Hello. I'm a 20 year old male who has tried everything for acne. I've tried every antibiotic available, pretty much all of the over the counter medications, and I've been on Accutane four times (the second time was for nine months). I've been to four dermatologists here in Orlando; I've been to an allergist, an infectious disease specialist, an endocrinologist, and my family doctor. The next step is for me to go to a research hospital two hours away. My skin has been up and down. It's been pret
  23. Well, I bought a shaving cream today and it came with the whole package...after-shave, shaving cream, facial scrub, and cleanser... In the cleanser it says it has Vitamen A in it. I know Vitamen A isn't good to take while on Accutane but that's because if it's a solid food, it goes into your blood system. I think having the cleanser on your skin then washing it off should be OK, but just for calrification, I need an answer.
  24. I have been using the regimen for about a year now. I used pro active for about a year prior to this and it didn't work. As soon as I started here, my face cleared up. I am 22 years old and a male. I sometimes maybe get one or two pimples a week, but that is it and that definetally doesn't bother me. My question is, why does my face get so dry? It is like there are flakes of skin coming off my face all over, (mostly right above my eyes, but all over too). I am using the cetaphil cleanser, Dan
  25. Ok let me get right to the point.... Acne, illness, diseases are not mere coincidences... These things happen because they are well thought out... What can you do to stop it??? #1 Eat a mostly healthy diet consisting of mostly alkaline foods and when you eat acidic try to make sure these foods are orangic or somewhat healthy. Acidic foods like meat and dairy for example. Bottom line try to eat healthy. #2 You remember all your products you use for your face(including shaving cream), hair,