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Found 447 results

  1. The problem: Some skin disorder that is present at the moment or keeps recurring. (Could be Acne, bacterial infection, fungal infection, etc...) The solution (for the majority): Make an appointment with the doctor or dermatologist. Leaving the office with a prescription for antibiotics, orally or topically. The new problem (from my experience and other posts I've read): Temporary relief from taking antibiotics and sometimes a worse problem than before. The same old solution: More and more doct
  2. I am sure this has been asked before but I am going to ask it again! For all you current and previous accutane users please give me some advice on what cleanser, moisturizer, and even the shaving cream you used while on tane and what worked best for you.
  3. i just spent 20 bucks on the razor and cartridges, so i hope this works, i use warm water to help loosen up the skin, ima TRY to shave daily, and ill use plenty of shaving cream, so lets see what happens, wish me luck, my birthday was tuesday!!
  4. What's up everybody! I stumbled across acne.org searching for a treatment for acne on my back. I also have pimples, rosacea and scarring on my face that I would like to get rid of! I've tried a few treatments unsuccessfully during the years, mostly because I didn't follow the directions. After searching through the site, I decided to try this for the next 3 months or so and see what results I get. I have sensitive skin that tends to dry up and gets irritated when I shave. Below are the
  5. Ok so I'm 26 and have had mild to moderate acne most of my life. I'm also a red head with uber pale skin. Great combo! I recently went through a two month period of mild to moderate breakouts (following a two year period of relative calmness and genuine improvment) which I belive was due to shaving habits ( I started shaving less with more days in between shave). Last weekend, the 7th roughly, I started shaving every two days and using a different shaving cream. So the post-shaving breakouts hav
  6. I have had an acne problem since I was 14 years old. I am 30 now and have been still had a problem until now. First let me tell you my story, besides during puberty my acne problem was never really that bad. But I can honestly say since before 14 I have never had a day without a pimple. I went to a dermatologist when I was 15. He prescribed Retin A which worked some but never stopped the problem. For some reason in college I did not really have a problem with my skin except for the occassional p
  7. Hey guys, I'm just writing this post because I was curious as to what kinds of shaving cream/ after shave lotion/cream guys with some kind of acne are using. I've tried a bunch and can't seem to find an after shave and shaving cream combo that doesn't feel heavy on my skin, but still mosturizes to keep it soft. Any thoughts/ suggestions would really help. -Sammy
  8. Well first I would like to thank Dan for this website. There is a wealth of information on here, and I am truly grateful. I am a 21 year old guy and have had acne on my face for about 3-4 years. About one year ago I started using Dan's regimen and it really helped reduce my moderate acne to mild acne. I am very grateful for that. =) However for the past few months I feel like I am stuck. Here is a picture of me. I actually look pretty clear in this photo but basically my face is a little
  9. So....can I get yes/no on these items? massage? acrylic nails? pedicures? and what about makeup? is it going to fly off with tons of dead skin cells throughout the day? can I wear foundation? what moisturizer will work well with makeup? I ask about the nails b/c of nicks, skin being sensitive. Should I get deep conditioning treatments on my hair throughout my treatment? what shaving cream/gel works well? ANY advice is VERY VERY much appreciated! I feel so rotten right now, I could use a pi
  10. I'd like to get opinions on wet shaving. I use it myself, and I prefer it over using more modern products, I really think it has its benefits. Why? I'll explain. Wet shaving is a shaving technique that was used prior to the invention of canned aerosol shaving "creams." The defining difference between a "wet shave" and a modern shave is that with a wet shave, the use of a shave brush, water, and a cream/soap is used to generate a lather, rather than chemicals and air pressure. There's a coupl
  11. heres wat i do. one a week i may apply the asperin mask... Night: steam face until hot/red/sweaty. put on cetaphil cleanser while face is sweaty/red/hot then put on step three of proactive BP on pimples, whiteheads, red marks, ect brush teeth. 5 mins later.... splash and wash off face with warm water and clean hands. dry off. apply the proactive skin mask on pimples/acne spots/ red marks/ bumps. leave on the mask all night. Morning: wake up, have hot shower. wash off the face mask in hot show
  12. I have started following the regimen and its working great but I still have this problem that whenever I shave, I get about a dozen tiny acne on my chin and it lasts about 2-3 days. I tried different shaving creams but I found the problem to persist. I use the Gilette Fusion 5 blade razor.
  13. I've been on the regimen for a long time but have never really thought about this until now. I just bought some jojoba oil and was going to use that pre-shave and it got me thinking. I just recently started shaving after showering to see if that would help with irritation I get from shaving and it has. I shower at night, so this is what I have been doing (I don't shave everyday, so this is only how my shower goes on nights when I shave): 1. Take shower - Don't use cleanser in shower like I usu
  14. I know that Dan says to use his cleanser, but I just don't like the idea of using a cleanser as a shaving cream. I have a pretty heavy growth and I just don't think the cleanser would suit well as a shaving cream. I have my acne under control fairly decently, but now I just get razor burn on the underside of my face. My neck, etc. I know how to shave and I don't go against the grain anymore these days because I'd rather have no irritation than a close shave. Anyway, what are some shaving creams
  15. Drugstore.com Alright. So I ran out of my current cleanser (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Cleanser) and decided I wanted to try this whole oxygenating gimmick, and hopefully it does more than i expect. Ive only used it once. and that was tonight, but Im not going to count that as my start. Im at my girlfriends house so I cant do any of my routine other then wash and lotion (leaving out exfoliating, shaving, and bp) At first, I was a little skeptical because of the price. I bought it for $6.99 at a
  16. Is it possible that Aloe can break you out? I bought a shaving cream with aloe in it, for the good effects aloe is supposed to have, but I think my shaving cream might be breaking me out. I have been having major breakouts, until recently, when I stopped using that, and it seemed to clear things up. In fact, I haven't broken out lately while taking some new supplements and eating a little better, until today. I am breaking out all around my mouth, which pisses me off, lol, and can't figure o
  17. Shaving is annoying, first of all. Second of all, has any(male)one been able to shave with a razor on accutane? My electric is not working very well and causes me to break out sometimes even when i clean it. I use aloe vera as a shaving cream b/c i dont trust the one i have of being non-comedogenic. It works fine but when should i stop using a razor? Will it cause too much irritation eventually?
  18. Hey guys- im new here. I've had some type of moderate acne ( i think ) since age 15 or so. I have tried ProActive with little success, and have focused more on shaving products that could help out. Needless to say, i stumbled upon this website and hope that maybe 'the BP regimen' will work for my type of acne. I use a great razor (the one that is recommended here) and even a old school shaving brush and creme that are supposed to be the least irritant. I've also tried tons of shaving creams on
  19. I've been washing my face for years, but after reading this site I feel like I"ve been doing it wrong. I usually get my face pretty wet with hot water, then I lather up with a Purpose bar and usually rub it in my face for a good minute. Sometimes I'll let the soap just sit on my face for another minute before rinsing it off. Is this wrong? How long should it take me to wash my face? Does it matter if I use hot or cold water? Slightly unrelated, but do I need to be washing my face before AND
  20. alright, so every over-the-counter medication and cream and whatever else you can think of have not worked out for me. the problem is that I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I've finally decided to go all natural. I've been following jan carlo's theory that acne is mostly caused by the chemicals and so far what he recommended doing has been working really well for me. but I'm still not satisfied and would like to extend my current regimen to include some natural products that don't contain an
  21. In my experience, it seems that a lot of my facial acne problems have stemmed from shaving. I found a razor a few months ago called the bump fighter, which is designed to cut hairs a little higher off of the face than most razors do. It's designed for African Americans that have trouble with in-grown hairs because of the thinkness and curliness of their hair. Also, shaving with the grain helps to keep the face from getting irritated as you are not pulling hairs out nor leading the blade into y
  22. I just started using a Sensor Excel thanks to some recommendations on this message board and it's been great. I'm currently using Edge Ultra Sensitive Gel (I just finished my can of Aveeno gel and I can barely tell the difference between the 2). I'm thinking of using a Dove sensitive skin bar as my shaving cream. Would doing this increase my risk of razor burn and ingrown hairs? Thanks.
  23. Ok, this is ridiculous. I've tried this whole shaving with the bar of soap, i've put little on, lots on, half the bar on my face, really watery, a little less water, everything. It doesnt do shit. I can't catch anything shaving downwards. I have to shave upwards (i tried sideways also, didnt work). however, i cut my face upwards with this soap on my face deal. Anyone know any shaving creams i can use, because this is gonna scar up my face too much (i dont actually cut my face, i cuy my neck[righ
  24. I'm on week 6. My face is clear except my chin. It seems to be a troublesome area with lots of whiteheads (Gillette shaving cream and old razor to blame??). It's been breaking out with small zits non-stop since week 4. I got 3 new ones overnight. Is this normal? I apply loads of BP on that area 3-4 times a day. Can too much BP backfire and cause more zits? The skin there is holding up pretty well though and is not dry, irritated, red or anything. BTW, should I use cold or warm compress
  25. With 6 years and counting, i tried everything there is to 'cure' acne. In my search to get rit of acne i found some things that helped. Thats why i'm making this topic. Since the last (almost 2 years) i'm on Accutane. A low dose, because i can't have much of it (i get to many side effects). This results in still having acne, but very mild. Here follow some tips that helped me getting my acne "under control". Drinking alcohol while on Accutane Well, to be honest, last friday was the first time