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Found 447 results

  1. Ok, so I never started a log during my 6 month course of Accutane but I thought I would atleast start one when I finished. I have periodically read many of the logs on this site related to accutane and found them very useful during my course of treatment. Thanks everyone! It really sucks once everyone is done with their course and you never hear about the POST Tane results. My biggest fear is that after suffering for 6 months taking accutane the acne will come back. Anyway, here is my histo
  2. it says it wont clog pores and fragrance free.it seems really good and i been using it for awhile now, but just today i reliaized it had sunflower seed oil glyceride. i was wondering if this clogs pores or does anything bad for that matter? thanks
  3. I'm a dude and shaving takes a toll on my skin. I have tried many shaving creams and gels, and they work great for the actual shave, but I worry about their impact on my pores. I tried shaving with lathered Dove soap, and while I know that's chemically better for my skin, I doubt its mechanically better since the lather is less lubricating. I have searched and searched for shaving creams/gells that would be the best of both worlds, but to my avail NOTHING had the word "noncomedogenic" on it. I w
  4. This can help other people not make the same mistakes as us. My skin is still not 100% so maybe if someone shows me one of their mistakes I'll realize I'm making a mistake also. My regimen mistakes 1.) did not rub the BP in as in the video 2.) did not wait 5-15 min between regimen steps 3.) used to shave with shaving cream and not the acne wash 4.) did not shave while taking a hot shower 5.) did too many strokes while shaving 6.) rubbed the bp in too hard
  5. I have my regimen in my signature, so look there for tips on it, but here is the makeup I am using: Neutrogena Healthy Skin oil free liquid foundation Maybelline Everfresh liquid concealer CG Smoothers concealer stick Maybelline Pure. concealer pen CG Loose powder I can't figure out what I am doing wrong!!! I can't stop breaking out!! I will try to convince my mom to buy me some of the neutrogena healthy skin face lotion for night at tatrget tommorrow to see if it helps. Please, if an
  6. I was just confused about how to shave.... instead of using actual shaving creme, pump once into palm with the cleanser and rub into a soapy lather..... Then apply on face and then just shave using that? When finished do you apply the cleanser again or is that it?
  7. Skinceuticals makes a product called "FOAMING CLEANSER." It's 5 oz, but I think it will last at least a month, maybe more, I'm not sure. The directions say to use it twice a day. It's very cool; its in a see-through plastic bottle & looks pure liquid but when you press down to use it it comes out in your hands as Foam, like shaving cream foam, but tons lighter. My wife got it for me --- I'm totally fair skin, but my take on it is that sometimes you need a real soapy tougher cleanser, l
  8. I'm pretty young and I don't have to shave my face everyday, but whenever I do it seems to cause me to breakout on my upper lip. The rest of my face is finally getting to be clear thanks to Differin, so it's really annoying. Is there any special shaving cream I can use, or anything that'll help?
  9. Ok, normally I shave and then wash my face, because I'm afraid that whatever shaving cream I'm using with make my face breakout or more oily, and I was just wondering if this can have any effect on acne? Also I usually use a moisturizer as soon as I get out of the shower, because that's when my skin starts to get very dry and itchy, and then ten minutes later I put BP on. And I was wondering if that can also have any effect on acne because I know your supposed to use BP, and then use a moistur
  10. What am I suppose to use to shave before I wash with both cleansers? Soap? Shaving cream/gel? non-comedogenic shaving cream/gel?
  11. was wondering what kinna treatment there is for this prob i'm having. everytime i shave my neck i get all these damn little redbumps and little acne. itches forever. shaved almost 3days ago. still have it.. can't stand it! same happens when i shave my goatee. i use a mach3 razor with sensitive shaving cream.
  12. Here is the breakdown. I will post the pictures later. 1. Arrived at Dr. Y's office about 20 minutes prior to the procedure. They want you to come a bit early so you can finish the paperwork if needed and make your final payment. I washed my hair that morning since my procedure was scheduled for 3:00 that afternoon. You start taking your medrol dose pack that morning (be sure to read the directions on how to take them). Since I had a history of cold sores I started on Valtrex two days prior to
  13. Dan suggested a good razor but i think he should also suggest a good shaving cream. There are so many on the market, but i bought Noxzema yesturday hopefully its a good one. Feel free to share which shaving creams and aftershaves you use for your skin
  14. I hardly ever post on this board but do read for hours at a time ever so often. Tonight while reading I came across my first post I started back in August '03. I looked at my old pictures and they look much worse than my scars now. I would say I have had a 30-60% improvement in both tone and texture since then. Scars seem much shallower. I guess I never realized it because I've been away from home for so long and looked in my old mirror in my old bathroom where I took the original pictures.
  15. This applies to males that shave their facial hair. I've tried to use the soap bar for shaving, but I do not like it because it dries my skin out. Does anyone know what is a EXCELLENT shaving cream for sensitive skin, will not clog pores, and so forth...? Basically something that is acne safe and will not cause anymore breakouts. I use the Gillette SensorExcel as my razor.
  16. this thread will span several months-- if I can keep it going. i've noticed that I don't pay much attention to my acne when its mild, but I get very frustrated when it becomes more forceful. I have decided to start this thread to learn more about my acne, specifically, I wanna know how often do I have mild acne, how often moderate, how often I get cysts, how long does each take to go away, what parts of my face are most troublesome I'll probably be documenting 2x a week how my acne is goin
  17. Originally by XGamerX, edited by ShagnScoob Hey Guys, I don’t really want to go into details, because without reading the "why", you guys will blow off my advice as another quick fix. This is not the case. This "acne prescription" requires you to completely make over your life. Of course, you see far more results than just a clear face. After making these changes, I feel better overall. I no longer get headaches that I used to get frequently, I have more energy (by a lot), and I just f
  18. Any advice is helpful. I'm a 20 yr. old fair-skinned white boy. My skin is very dry/tight if without moisturizer. When I smile, the middle of my face turns red. My face has much fewer new pimples than before but blotchiness and many clogged pores remain. Dry skin is now as much of a problem as is staying clear. Here's my routine: Morning- During my shower I let cool water run down my face... then I shave with Barbasol shaving cream and a Mach 3 Turbo. Then I step back in the
  19. Hey all, I was just wondering why is it that I always get cronic acne and redspots under my eyes? I wear contact lenses, so could it be the contact lense solution? Is there any non irratating contact lense solution on the market I could use? Could it be my shaving cream? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. I don't have very much hair on my face, but it can still be annoying. The hair is mainly located on my chin and neck, but I'm not exactly sure how to shave properly. I just recently bought a pack of disposable, single blade razors, but I haven't tried them out yet. Is it a good idea to shave without any shaving cream and just use water? Another question - I only use Neutrogena acne-prone soap in the morning to wash my face. If I shave in the morning should I put something on my face in case s