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Found 447 results

  1. Hey, this is my first post on the forum although I've been reading for ages. Some background on me first: I've just turned 19, got acne first when I was about 16. My acne is pretty mild these days, I get pimples on my chin, upper lip and occasionally nose... Used to get it all over my cheeks aswell, between my eyebrows and around my temples. Well my temples and eyebrows have cleared with time, and recently I found that my cheeks broke out due to the irritation caused from me shaving with an ele
  2. Well, thanks to recommendation (and need for it as well), ive bought my first razor, a Gillette Sensor-Excel along with refill carts. Im glad that i have it now because the hair on my face is starting to grow rapidly (and im only 17). Problem is, my acne (which is not that bad, id say mild) is withstanding so i probably wont be able to go about shaving like acne-less people do. This is why i need your guys help. I want to be able to shave as best as possible while at the same time not aggrevatin
  3. Ive reached the five month mark. Will be finished in a couple weeks just in time for Spring Break. For all acne sufferers that are on tane and still not clear...GIVE IT TIME. It took till my 5th month for me to clear up. Heres the question mainly for the guys...ive noticed ive been having quite a bit of razor burn on my neck. anything i can use to get rid of it. shouldn't shaving cream prevent that? Mike
  4. Well i have a good regimen that works really really well.... Cetaphil as a shaving cream works sooo well!!!!! I was with a benzole peroxide wash..only 2.5 to get dirty out. Then i use the cetaphil to create a nice lather on my face. It seems to work really well. as the cleanser seems to get underneath my skin and exfoliate. I use an electric razor which i think works best. Run it under warm or hot water for a minute. then shave with the grain. after shaving go back in the shower and us
  5. Is BP or SA effective in a soap / cleanser? It seems to me that these products BOTH need to be left on the skin and that use in a cleansing product, soap, or shaving cream is a waste and ineffective. Am I wrong? Brett
  6. Have any guys on this forum tried this. I have never actually had acne (only 1 or 2 pimples) but i still wanted 2 get rid of them. I tried these products and they are awsome. I got rid of the foaming wash and started using C&C (wash and blackhead clearer) but I kept the shaving cream. It has an anti bacterial thing in it and it works awsome for me. So who else has tried this?
  7. Right well im 19 and have never had bad acne... (dont hurt me) like a few pimples here and there nothing special but for some reason at about 18 and a half i started breaking out a bit more i used a fe wproducts but this tended to make it worse... i think ive just had a revelation. it might be my shaving cream ... damn this log rocks yes well my rambelling continues. Im hitting up the Regime but my skin is soooo (i sound like a bimbo) dry and peely and flakey im guessing my moisturiser aint
  8. Im a newbie to the world of shaving and for my first razor i decided to purchase a Gilette Sensor-Excel due to the good reviews here and elsewhere. All i need now is some suggestions as to which shaving cream/gel i should buy. Im asking this because: 1)I have sensitive skin so i dont know if that limits my choice of shaving creams/gels 2)Im wondering if any shaving creams/gels out there are comodegenic which is a big no-no for me Just wondering 3)Like i said before, im a newbie to shaving so
  9. Hi all, this is my first post (I've lurked around this forum for a long time) and I just have a few questions. I was wondering if anyone has tried this fading peel, does it work? My breakouts are usually a bunch of little whiteheads (I usually have 5-6 active spots of acne at any given time but it's not cystic or complicated), however the red marks they leave have made me look much worse. I've read about using Aloe from here, should I use it even though I still get new acne? Or is it more for
  10. I havent been lurking around here too often lately mainly due to the fact that my skin has improved so much. Im still not 100% clear. I still get pimples every now and then but my skin looks much better. All thanks to those 3 products. My regimen goes something like this wash with spectrojel morning and night everyday (moisturize with olay after morning wash and with a thicker moisturizer after evening wash) Use got2b pore me deep scrube once a week Use QH mint masque once a week for 15 m
  11. Hi guys. I noticed that the day after i shave my skin become pretty red and irritated...it usually goes away in a few days...but then its time to shave again, so its a bit of a problem. I was just wondering what works best? Which shaving cream and razor do you guys recommend? I use mach 3
  12. I've gotta go out and get the gillette sensor excel razors, but what shaving cream should I use? Right now I'm using this gel stuff. I'm asking because so far the regimen has been working great for me, but I'm discovering a trend. I have very little facial hair, just around the chin and lower jaw. 5 days after shaving this area though, I broke out, and there's always irritation there after I shave. I'm gonna start applying BP there too. So hopefully if sum1 can give me good advice on a
  13. OK, just kidding. But now that I have everyone's attention, I have a question. Has anyone used "Edge Active Care Gel, Ultra Sensitive" for shaving? I'm looking for a shaving cream/gel that won't cause breakouts. Someone passed this gel along to me, and it says "Won't Clog Pores" on the label but quite frankly, a lot of products claim that but it usually turns out to be a lie. I usually only trust products that say "Non-Comedogenic." Has anyone here had success with this product? Or, h
  14. This is pretty much the basic regimen, except I changed it a bit in order to fit my schedule a little bit better. -MORNING- 1. Right when I wake up, I get in the shower. 2. I allow warm water to run onto my face for a minute or so and then lather up the soap and apply it to my face. 3. Let the lather soak in for a minute and then rinse it off. 4. Get out and splash cold water onto my face a few times. 5. Apply a very light coat of Benzoil Peroxide to the acne infected areas. -NIG
  15. Over at http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm#inglist they list ingredients that are comedogenic and irritating to the skin. They list them in a grading scale from 0 for non-comedogenic/irritating to 5 for very comedogenic/irritating. One of the items they have listed is stearic acid, which was given a comedogenic rating of 2. Not horrible, but not great either. Stearic acid is in a TON of acne products on the market. Face washes, shaving creams, sunscreens, and even in the moisturi
  16. Hey guys, I have never tried an electric shaver, but I'm goin on a trip next week, and I need to get one. Can someone give me tips on what brand/type to get and if it's better than regular shaving. Also, Do I have to use shaving cream? Thanks.
  17. Does anyone knows which shaving creams and after-shave lotions are OK for people who are acne prone, and which ones are taboos? Thank you for your help.
  18. Shaving for Acne-Prone People

    How to shave (text version) If you are acne prone it is best to grow a beard and not shave at all or to shave every day. The more days you wait between shaves the longer the hair will become, and the longer the hair becomes the more drag it will produce when you shave. And since we know that irritation equals acne, it's important to do everything you can to reduce irritation when you're shaving. Most...
  19. I suffered for over 10 years from Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii (red cheeks and constant flushing/blushing), and I know how depressing it is. Not being able to drink alcohol, looking bad whilst exercising, struggling in social situations.. It’s absolutely horrible. I refused to give up and tried every routine or product you could possibly imagine. 99% did absolutely nothing, but 1% did genuinely work. This is how I managed to get control of my Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii. Venlafaxine
  20. I'm a male in my 20's am finally able to gain some control over my long battle with acne since age 14. The past 6 years have been a never ending cycle of OTC products and dermatology visits. I've tried every product from every brand such as Proactive to Clean&Clear, Neutrogena, Oxy, ZapZyt, etc. When that didn't work, I started seeing the dermatologist who had be doing Dove soap, Retin-A, and Doxycycline. When that stopped working, I played around with regimens using Dial gold bar, Witch Haz
  21. So apparently the only time I get acne, by now it's mainly just red bumps I haven't been getting white heads (knock on wood) is when I shave. So my thought is if I don't shave I won't have to deal with acne, but I obviously need to shave. Need some best advice on this, I use a gilette razor and non fragranced aveeno shaving cream. Anything helps, thanks.
  22. Hey guys, my skin has been doing really good thanks to a very healthy diet ( Not going to argue with you whether or not acne and diet are related ). But lately, i have been breaking out really bad. And i have not changed my diet at all, But i have incorporated a few topical things into my regimen. So i really think one of those are been whats breaking me out. I have oily skin btw. I recently incorporated Obagi clenziderm therapeautic moisturizer, Solbar zinc sunscreen, Jojoba oil ( Dunno if that
  23. Hey guys, I figured I could share what's going on with my regimen and acne, and maybe I can offer some tips I've found out. I'm 18 year old male and my acne has always been primarily been inflamed on the sides of my face and much less inflamed towards the middle. I've had acne for around 2 years now, and it's fluctuated between mild/moderate quite a bit. I also have a decent amount of back acne and a little on my chest. So by now, some of the worst of it is the annoying red marks that get le
  24. Hi ! My names will and I just turned 18 and I've been fighting acne for multiple years and still haven't been able to get rid of them or at least minimize them as much as I wanted too. I have really oily skin especially on my face(my shoulders, back, neck, chest get oily but not as bad as my face) the most oily part of my face is my face and its been like this for 4-5 years I get new acne spots almost every two days and its either my face, shoulder, chest, or back. I've tried a few things here a