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Found 447 results

  1. Hi, I'm a 22 year old male. I ONLY get ance around my chin and lip area, and it usually is at its worst after shaving. However, I don't want to really grow a beard or go around all scraggly looking. Anyone got some shaving tips or suggestions how to maybe 'trim' my facial hair down but not have to use my razor? My hair is usually under a cm before I cut it, so its probably too short to use for scissors, right? I use a Gillette Mach 4 razor, by the way. I use Dan's cleanser as the shaving
  2. Well I would like to start by saying that yes, I've been using Dan's regimen for 18 months now. Its been up and down, with ALOT of results and lessons learned. I have moderate acne, no cysts, but alot (10+) of pimples if I'm not on the regimen. My regimen is in my signature. I look back now and would like to share something with everyone here: I started the regimen with high hopes like most everyone here, having tried perscriptions left and right, as well as the slough of over the counter's but
  3. I while back i tried the proactive system but it didnt really help...now my skin is much better and i read a while ago that the toner really helped some people so ive been using it the past couple of days and really like how its wokring but was wondering if theres a way to order just the toner and not the wash or lotion...i also remember reading in the packet they sent out taht they had other products like shaving cream and other stuff...does anyone know where i can order these?
  4. With all the excitement about lactic acid moisturizers, I thought I would post this. Lactic acid moisturizers, like Lac Hydrin 5 are NOT a replacment for the the Clear Skin Regimen, but a nice compliment to it. I personally find nothing can take the place of BP, although, believe me, I've tried over the years. I was very excited to find the study on lactic acid and acne, but I found that used alone, 5% lactic acid did not keep me clear - only BP can do that. However, what lactic acid does is
  5. What shaving cream is the best for acne prone skin.?
  6. im using Nivea sensitve skin shaving cream and it contains mineral oil , does that clog pores?
  7. i use barbasol shaving gel and gillette shaving cream..they both contain supposly harmful chemicals and sometimes when i shave my cheeks do break out...any shaving gels or creams they dont have this stuff in it Cetyl Alcohol Cetearyl Alcohol
  8. So I just started the regimen last Saturday and it seems to be improving already. I was on ProActiv but that didn't really seem to prevent pimples for me. Probably because they don't give in depth instructions as I found this site did. Anyway, I have a few questions on shaving. 1) Is it necessary to shave everday? 2) The instruction say to shave in the morning...Is this better or just the same as shaving at night? 3) It seems impossible for me to shave without causing atleast slight irritat
  9. Hello, Can anyone recommend a decent shaving routine followed by the best products through experience? I am reeally struggling to find a suitable shaving cream/gerl or soap bar to shave with, which doesnt cause me to break out. Furthermore, is a shaving balm a good idea? I am currently using the ACT soap bar for shaving but I am not happy with the amount of later I get. Thanks.
  10. I am being sent $250 aussie, worth of Paula's Choice goods as a gift from my parents (i know, lucky me!), mainly a complete oily/combination skin regime with extra goodies like the skin balancing carbon mask and super antioxidant mattifying concentrate. My current regime is basically a cheapo version of Paula's choice minus the oil controlling things. I'm pretty much clear right now (meaning clear but not perfect flawless skin) so it'll be interesting to see if Paula's Choice will take me that
  11. Hi everyone, In the regimen, I read this: "If you prefer to use a shave cream, make sure it is "non-comedogenic" and wash your face very gently afterwards with a cleansing bar or wash." I went to the store because I was tired of trying to shave with cetaphil (it runs off). I looked and looked at all the shaving creams. None of them say non-comedogenic. Would this work: Gillette Foamy Sensitive Skin shaving cream? How can you tell if shaving cream is non-comedogenic?
  12. Yepp, I shave myself *downthere* and everytime I do it I get those &/(&%$§ little red pimples. I always use fresh blades and lots of shaving cream. What can I do to prevent those pimples from always popping up?? Thanks T*P
  13. For some reason, ive been breaking out around my chin, a few days after shaving. The only shaving products ive used in the past are Neutrogena Razor Defense Gel, and Neutrogena Skin Clearing Men's Shave Cream. Im almost 1005 sure its the cream/gel im using. And im thinking of using the Cetaphil gentle cleanser as shave cream, by just using it to lather up. What shaving cream/gel do u use, or have u used?
  14. pjcq

    BP + Provon

    OK. So after the big deal with the Provon thread, I thought, why not, I'll give it a go. I have pretty light acne, and BP does pretty well on it, so I figure I'll try a little extra kick and see if that helps. I've been doing lots of BP for a week-ish now, and I'm already seeing results, so that's good. There's still some stubborn parts, though, so let's see what Provon can do. Just a warning - I have pretty tough skin. I've regularly used BP 10% (whole fingers of it) for a while now. I do
  15. Part one: Sleeping orientation I see and hear a lot of people saying "I woke up (the next morning/day) with x new zits/pimples". One thing that I find contributes to the amount of oil on my face, and often how many new pimples I get, by the morning, is my sleeping orientation. That is, if I sleep face down, or on my cheek, whatever part of my face is touching anything but air seems to be where the next pimples are likely to form, likely because doing so is sort of like bathing your face in your
  16. I've been on the regimen for around 8 months now, and all is well and good, except for the dryness. I only do the regimen at night, so when I wake up, I shave and simultaneously wash off all the stuff I put on the previous evening. This is the point when I get, well...fairly dry. Lately I've been putting on extreme amounts of moisturizer..like 9 or so pumps per side of my face (each cheek, and forehead). I somehow still end up getting noticeably dry or flaky following the shave. I suppose it cou
  17. Hey Guys, I came across this site accidentaly, and I was astonished to conclude that many people out there are just like me, and might have the same feelings. Forgive me if this is somewhat informal, or even if I am re-posting issues that have already been discussed. Im 21 yrs old from Texas, I can estimate that I have had acne for the last 6 years. As some of you had posted, it is a huge blow on your confidence and self esteem. I am one of those who believe I have tried everything ranging
  18. This has been my regimen for about the past 2 years. - Wake up in the morning, shave with an electric razor - take a shower shave with a razor with shaving cream - use some kind of face wash like noxzema or neutrogena using wash cloth - get home, before i go to bed wash face again with face wash and wash cloth - use some sort of stridex pad on face and go to bed Alot of the times i flopped around brands using different face washes and different pads, not keeping a steady pace of both. And th
  19. So basically I've been on the regimen for about a month...it's done wonders. I had(and rarely still have) acne on my chin and around my face. But under my chin, and down my neck to my adams apple I have VERY dry skin. Ive been using Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture on it, I dont know how it started but it's quite dry in the morning and night. I shave regularly, and I am today starting a ultra moisture shaving cream...Do you guys know the reason to this dryness? I know it's not from the BP, I dont us
  20. Hi, i'm Nick from South Africa. i've been on the regimen for about one and a half months. ive seen lots of improvement... but i do have a couple of questions. i've just turned 17 , and my family has no history of adult ACNE, most of my family member's acne disapeared when they wer 18. my skin isnt completely clear yet, but it sure does look like its on the way to being clear. since i started using Cetaphil as shaving cream i've far fewer blocked pores, and my skin's tone has been more even. h
  21. silence

    My log

    Hi. I'm a guy in my early 20s and have been troubled with acne for several years now. I can't really say that it's gotten any better over the years... quite the contrary in fact. It's hard to describe my acne. To me it's severe, compared to others it's probably moderate acne, all over my face. My jaw and chin area has been the most active acne area in my face, followed by my forehead. I've never really had acne on my neck, but instead i get it on my shoulders. I've tried countless products (mo
  22. I'm 19 years old, 5'10, 130 lbs. I've been taking 80mg of tane for my acne since september 1st. Well, I have one month to go (making it 4 all together). Anyway, my skin has been super clear, I've had a couple pimples since October. But then 4 days ago I had my biggest breakout ever!! I had 5 pimples around my mouth, 2 on my neck, and 5 bumps that resembled nodules under my chin. And I got all this in two freakin days! 3 days later, half of it has cleared up. Here's the thing, a couple da
  23. Drug Interactions Use of this medicine with skin-peeling agents such as salicylic acid, sulfur, tretinoin, or resorcinol can cause excessive skin irritation. Consult your doctor if you take an oral contraceptive, or if you are using any other prescription or nonprescription medication for acne, or if you use medicated cosmetics or abrasive skin cleaners. Food Interactions See below. Disease Interactions A history of allergy to cinnamon and foods containing benzoic acid increases the chances
  24. I just started using a Sensor Excel thanks to some recommendations on this message board and it's been great. I'm currently using Edge Ultra Sensitive Gel (I just finished my can of Aveeno gel and I can barely tell the difference between the 2). I'm thinking of using a Dove sensitive skin bar as my shaving cream. Would doing this increase my risk of razor burn and ingrown hairs? Thanks.
  25. My take on jawline 'acne': Due to common misconception, acne around the jawline/chin in young teen men (ages 14-17 already shaving) is usually NOT acne after all. It is cause by poor shaving. If you use a MACH 3 (or TURBO) for instance, the 3 blades will be rough on your skin. Even though it claims a close shave, and even if that's what you're aiming for (for the ladies), it also has its downside. Ingrown hairs. Trust me, I have learned this the hard way. Shaving with a Mach 3 Turbo at a youn