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Found 447 results

  1. Hi all. I've had mild acne on and off since I was 15 (I'm 28 now). I never tried any real regimen in the past to clear up my face, but I came across Dan's site and decided to make a conscious effort to follow it. Here's what I'm using: Cleanser: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (220 mL) Benzoyl Peroxide: Neutrogena Clear Pore On-the-Spot Acne Treatment Moisturizer: Neutrogena Moisture Sensitive Skin (120 mL) Shaving cream: Neutrogena Skin Clearing Sh
  2. Combinations of what I've learned from a few sources, actually. Many of them were close, but not quite. The following has worked completely for myself, my brother, and a few co workers. Most of this information was recently validated by the book " The Acne Cure" (which basically just reiterates thigns I already knew, but it was still probably worth $21.95 for a few of the things it recommends. Don't buy it, though, just read this post ;-)). Anyways: Morning: Shower normally, use a
  3. I have small breakouts around the area where I shave, how can i prevent that? I use my cleanser as my shaving cream.
  4. I heard that using aloe vera to shave with (like shaving cream) is good for your skin and helps to reduce irritation. Can someone tell me if its good to shave using aloe vera instead of shaving cream? Thanks.
  5. For anyone that suffers from very sensitive skin with acne I would recommend to try a simple routine that I fine effective. Firstly determine how often you need to wash your face.For myself I only need to wash it once at night and just splash with cold water in the mornings.I found that washing it twice daily made it break out more and stripped the skin of essential healing oils. I've tried hundreds of facial washes until one day I finally found the right one. ZIRH CLEAN This is a highly eff
  6. Hi Im new to the board and I was just wondering if anyone else on here has used or is currently using Neutrogenas clear pore astringent. Does it work well for you? Does it cause drying? How long does it take to kick in?... Ive been using the clear pore astringent treatment now for about 2 months..and it has worked well for my Chin area, the only area on my face that I apply it to. The astringent works well, but lately for some unusual reason my chin is pealing and flaking more than usual..and
  7. That my face looks great thanks to 1 year of the regimen, but my problem is I just break out in the places I shave especially my chin.If I never shave, I will never get breakouts. So what is a good shaver and gel to use?I use Sensor Excel razor and Edge shaving cream but not even that is working. Any help please?
  8. Hey Guys, I was wondering what type of razor you guys use when shaving. I know electric razors are the best for us but I want to get a closer shave. Would you recommend triple, double, or single blade razors? Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I have been using an electric razor to shave all my life, it doesnt help or hurt my acne. However, I kind of want to start shaving with a razor, and I was wondering if anybody has had improvement in their acne doing this? My reasoning would be maybe if you stimulate the hair follicles to grow more hair, there would be less of a chance for pores to be blocked? Also, it would probably be a good way to exfoliate. I pretty much have no acne inflamed acne atm, so I wouldn't be worried about irrit
  10. Hi Everyone, I felt obligated to post because I've been completely acne and blackhead free for 3 weeks after starting a new little program. So let me start by saying I've had mild acne for about 7 years now (I'm 23) and nothing has every really made it go away. It got better when I didn't touch my face but i still usually had 3 or 4 pimples at a time and it just destroyed my self-esteem. I know people have it much worse but I am pretty attractive and nothing made me feel worse than having a bre
  11. shampoos, soaps, shaving, makeup, swimming pools, unfiltered tap water, all can cause problems. One thing I wanna point out is electric vs Manuel shaving. I'm going to repost a post that I made on another thread, in hopes of helping others. I will be making other threads on above later. Acne and shaving with a regular razor don't go together, also not to mention that shaving with a regular razor surely causes acne and makes it worse witch causes scars and or more painful bumps. I was used to
  12. Is there even such a thing with those two combined? I have such dry & irritated skin, and it becomes very dry & flaky right after I've shaved. I can literally scrape all the dead skin away, but it becomes a vicious cycle. ......... On a sidenote - is there a UK product that answers to Aveeno shaving gel?
  13. * Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form associated with the manufacturers of the product of which I'm about to speak nor am I a stockholder of their company nor am I being paid to endorse their product. The following relates my own personal experience with the product in question. I have always had problems with shaving. No matter what type of blade I have used, they have never failed to tear up my skin; most especially on my neck and underneath my jawline. This happens despite followin
  14. I just turned 18 years old and I have had acne for about 1 and 1/2 years now. When I first got acne I rushed to the drug store and purchased a cleanser and facial scrub. I used those products for about 6 months and they didn't help at all. I stopped using products all together and decided to wash with just water. I don't pop any pimples I let them heal on their own. Now the only products I put on my face is shaving cream. I have been doing this for about 6 months now. Please look at the pict
  15. Hello, I've had acne for quite some time now, about 4-5 years, but only last year did the breakouts get more intense. Over these years I've used pretty much everything but accutane. As I'm already 20 and have no longer hormonal fluctiations (nothing noticeable, at least) and both my parents and my brother have or have had almost no acne as teens, this year I decided to look for what could be causing me acne. I've tested primarily foods, but since I'm already almost vegan and do not really
  16. hello everyone, I've been using dan's BP and for a few years just as a spot treatment, (which worked up until now) but recently feel the need to step up and go full regimen, mostly due to not having completely clear skin any longer. so, i have some questions/concerns: My skin seems to be somewhat sensitive so i've started using only a small amount of BP at first, just at night. I already have redness, but its localized to the corners of my mouth. it itches and makes me look weird haha. i'm j
  17. Hello everyone, General info: Male, 16 y/o So I've been using tazorac for a good 7 months now, which has caused my skin to become very oily. Prior to using tazorac my skin was oily, however only in my t-zone and wasn't terribly noticeable. My dermatologist initially prescribed me Taz. Cream 0.05 %, which initially cleared up my acne and left my skin feeling very smooth. However, after a few months, it began to make my face greasy throughout the day. My dermatologist then prescribed me the 0.
  18. masterwong888


    I don't know whether to use shaving cream or not. I've been told by my friends that shaving cream prevents irritation and so therefore, preventing breakouts which is logical. However, i've also read somewhere that the shaving cream itself irritates the skin causing breakouts. So what should I do?
  19. This is going to be a fairly in-depth post, as it's my first and I'm really hoping to receive some quality suggestions for good skincare options. I've had persistent mild to moderate inflammatory acne for almost ten years now (I'm 25) and have controlled it to varying degrees of success over time. I followed Dan's regimen for about two years and saw a significant reduction in acne, but my skin really took a beating from the BP and was constantly red, dry and irritated. About a year ago I
  20. I've been on it for a few weeks now and ya I'd say my acne's improved but I am still continuing to get a few whiteheads and red bumps when I shave. I keep a light beard along my jaw line and down my neck...is it the shaving that's causing these bumps? I'd recommend not using step 1 to shave as he says, I think it just causes more irritation then regular shaving cream. But I go out a lot and I just don't always have the time to do the steps in the morning so sometimes I just end up doing it a
  21. Hello everyone, This site is really cozy as I read through the forums. My mom and younger brothered referred me here when I asked how he managed to control his acne and they told me that they got the advice/products from this site so right now I'm hoping to give it a go too. So like I just arrived here in the US like a year ago and since before then my acne wasn't that much of a problem to me. Though I had a really bad history of acne back when I was in my adolescence since on my father's side
  22. Hey everyone, I'm a 21 year old guy who has been fighting acne for almost two years, which I know is quite late but prior to that I only got the odd spot and it didn't bother me all that much. Now that it is worse, it is so frustrating researching about it and seeing all of the contradictions that so called acne "experts" give us. Is there any definitive light that can be shed on any of the following issues? I don't expect anybody to be able to solve all of them but even if you have any comment
  23. I'm not going to get too in depth here. Who ever is interested in this should do their own research, but I just want to give you guys an idea here. I HIGHLY suggest that you guys look into using a DE (double edge)/Safety razor or a straight razor. Yes, the old fashioned way with the badger brush, and the soap. I first started out with a DE and later switched to a straight. All I can say is it has really changed my life. It has done wonders for my skin. Not only that, but I actually enjoy shavin
  24. I tried everything, wet shaving with unscented glycirine soap to avoid pore clogging/fragrance, tried double edge razors, the hydra multi super blades, hydrating face right under the shower head to make hairs as soft as possible, shaving brushes, creams, after shave, pre shave, electric razors ect.. but tho it helped, I ALWAYS seemed to get shaving bumps, but in these shaving bumps when popped and removed fully there didn't seem to be any sort of ingrown hair there, just annoying angry red bumps
  25. ryjor

    My acne gone

    some history. I have had acne from age 13 (33 now). It has been a horrible experience with at least 4 zits on my face every day from age 13. Some giant zits the size of a dime made me feel like a diseased freak and destroyed my confidence. Now at 33 I finally feel free. For 4 whole weeks I have had only 1 or 2 tiny zits that only I notice. And they are gone a few hours after I pop em. What I do is: I shower and blast hot water on my face and wash my face with Clean & Clear "morning