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Found 10 results

  1. Teenager67

    My Acne! Please Help

    Hey, can anyone review my acne and tell me how i should treat it? Any help would be much appreciated
  2. asgayasfoucault

    Rating of my scars

    So, posting scars, to see how bad they really are. As you can see, the pictures are just of the right side of my face; the left doesn't really have any significant scarring, despite having suffered from severe acne (although my skin compensated by giving me body acne) , with some mild spots active still (mainly clogged pores, probably my annual fall breakout). Keep in mind that I had to tweak the pics a little bit, sharpen them, to compensate for the low resolution of my camera, which tends to
  3. I used to use EPIDUO gel but then I stopped because my skin didnt look as clear in the beginning and I didnt want to have to use it my entire life... so i slowly discontinued it. However, it was a slow process but slowly littly bumps started resurfacing and BAM now look at me! Ive never had a breakout this bad in my life...... ever. What type of acne is this? severe, mild or moderate? Also... would I be elligible for accutane? I would really like to take it, ive heard wonders! This pict
  4. Hi guys. Was wondering if my acne was mild moderate or severe. Generally dont get much acne on my forehead but my cheeks are where I get most of my breakouts. Might take down this post soon as I dont feel comfortable with my face in public
  5. My acne scars have been making me concerned. In certain lighting conditions they appear far less severe and in some conditions I can barely notice them at all. However, when I view them in other circumstances, I am shocked at how severe they appear. After these moments I feel incredibly self conscious and incapable of just being myself and acting naturally. In harsher lighting conditions I will often try to avoid looking in the mirror and during the day I will turn off the light in my bathroom t
  6. Hello everyone, thanks for clicking my post... i just quickly wanted to know how severe or bad my acne is. ive had acne for about three years now and i have it on my back and chest too( back is worse chest is pretty good just clogged white pores but back is very bad...) I havent had any face breakout in about 1-2 weeks now and i feel pretty good and kinda scared too. Can you please tell me how severe my acne, scarring etc are. Thank you very much!!
  7. Hello everyone, Thanks for taking your time to read my topic. I just wanted to know if I have acne or hyperpigmentation? Also I want to know the severity of my acne and the severity of possible scarring. I have had acne for about 4 years now, you can read about my story in the previous topic I posted. I also have acne on my back and a littlebit on my chest but they're all white/blackheads. Also, when I feel/touch my skin, it's very smooth except in some places, but the red parts ar
  8. wonderdog

    What Type Of Scars Are These?

    My acne is pretty much under control aside from 2 spots recently due to stress/poor diet in the exam period but anyway I have been left with some pretty bad scaring on my cheek and I'm just wondering what type it is, how severe it is and potential treatments for it. Thanks. http://imgur.com/a/mIxto#7PqkVsq
  9. After years of resisting my dermatologist's recommendation, I am seriously considering doing an accutane course. However, given the possibility of lifelong side effects, I only want to attempt the treatment if there is a true possibility of lifelong remission. I have two concerns about this. 1. Age - I am 26 years old, and if anything, my acne has gotten worse since adolescence. I am not going to outgrow this. I can't help but wonder if the people who do experience lifelong remission from th