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Found 239 results

  1. I have been on the prescription drug, Minocycline, for the past year. Before that i experienced not necessarily severe but pretty spontaneous acne..not in bunches just a lot of pimples by them selves mainly on chin, around lips, on cheek bones and fore head. I have tried creams and gels and prescription gels and nothing gets rid of them. Once I took Minocycline I rarely !!!! Very rarely would get pimples just sometimes when my period was coming up a few would pop up but nothing to stress over. R
  2. c*hris*tina2001

    Bp Side Effects?

    Hey! I've been using the BP as spot treatment. The spots where i apply it are clear again, but with a price; my face is tomato red and peeling! Everytime i go without makeup, people ask if im sunburnt. If i wear makeup to cover up the redness, my peeling is even more noticeable and looks worse. Can you guys recommend something to get rid of this redness and peeling? I dont want to stop the BP, it's too good for my skin. It is 10% though, so should i go to a lower %? What should i do for redness?
  3. I've had acne on my face, chest and back, but never my forearms. It's been going on for about a month and it's been getting worse. I wash very well and live a clean, healthy lifestyle, so this is really confusing me. I've never heard of this before. They aren't like regular pimples, most don't have puss, most are just bumps on my skin. It's scaring me and I would love it if someone could explain what the hell is going on. Thank you.
  4. I am new to writing on these forums and I'm not sure if anyone will read it but I thought I may as well give it a go. Firstly I thought I would describe my situation. I am 17 and have had mild acne for most of my high school life. Six months ago I was reffered to a skin specialist by my gp after my acne became progressively worse even after being on a number of different antibiotics. When I saw the derm she put me on 10mg of isotretinoin, 10mg of prednisone and 400mg erythromycin. After 1 mon
  5. Hey guys! I'm taking accutane for 5 and a half months now on a low dose of 20mg/day with a weight of 80kg. So, I got as many pills as I could in Germany just right before I went to Australia, where I am staying for the next year. Accutane cleared me up completely and after the second months there was no breakout at all anymore. However, I used to have really bad acne, so I am very afraid that it will come back if i'd stop after the 6th month, when I'm gonna be out of drugs. So making an appoin
  6. Lavenderanya

    Is my acne that bad?

    Hello everybody. Before I start acne took over my life and those who have it really know what I'm talking about... It's difficult to post a picture so I'm going to ask you the severity of my face. It's all genetics for me as my dad had very problematic skin during his teenage years. I sometimes don't leave the house due to the redness.. which drugstore products would be really helpful for my type of skin..? - it gets really oily at the end of the day - kind of sensitive - a little bit te
  7. Day 6 on Zenatane 40mg a day (20mg morning and night): Skincare and makeup: CeraVe foaming facial cleanser (morning and night) DHC deep cleansing oil (to remove makeup) CeraVe moisturizing lotion (morning and night) Aquaphor (for lips) Tarte amazonian clay foundation NARS creamy concealer Update: Minimal symptoms / side effects No major breakouts - small pustules near both temples but smooth texture overall Eyes feel a little dry and tired Feeling more lethargic than usual (although did
  8. Hi everyone, So I am 10 days into the Regimen. I've experienced a fair amount of dryness, as promised. I haven't tried the jojoba oil because I'm afraid to add oil to my skin, but I have used lots and lots of moisturizer. I've been especially dry on my chin and around my mouth. I've been pretty impressed by Dan's treatment --- it dries clear, is really lightweight, and allows me to put on my make-up after moisturizer without it looking fake or strange. The big cyst on my right cheek is
  9. I have been suffering with acne since my first pimple in 5 th grade now I am a senior and its getting worse. I have use alot of products but istop using them after 2 months with no results. My self esteem has went so low . I am so stress about it. I dont know what to do no more . ihad laser treatment. But is still the same :/ Someone help me out!!!. I feel so lonely and insecure. I haven't had a girlfriend in years cause off my insecurness !!.
  10. Hello everyone I'm new to this forum. I'm currently 17 years old (male) Senior in High School and want to ask if anyone elses acne ruined their teenage years such as not being able to go out because of it, having no social life and enduring merciless bullying? I just hope I'm not the only one who has spent most of their teen years in complete isolation because of this. This disease has made me psychotic.
  11. I just started accutane a week ago. I'm 5'3.5 and 120lbs. I was just out and had one beer and came home and took 20mg accutane. I'm aware this is kinda a low dose. Am I good?
  12. TrueSomebody

    The End

    Hard to imagine this was the end result. This is what dedication can bring!
  13. TrueSomebody


    This was my acne almost a year ago, since then my skin has cleared up dramatically. However, it did not come easy. I had ups and downs and a whole bunch of crazy breakouts but I powered through it and I cleared my face.
  14. From the album: 30 mg Accutane experience

    The day before my first pill. This awful nodulocystic acne began around three months ago. I had moderate acne in high school but NOTHING this severe and rarely had a pimple below my eyes. I'm blaming hormones, but maybe I have a gluten sensitivity or something. Keep in mind that I'm also cutting out gluten! Anyway, I'm very eager to see how my accutane treatment goes and I'm happy to have somewhere to record it. So here it goes
  15. vikki17

    Feeling Alone

    Looking through many peoples' gallery it seems my acne is much worse than the majority on this site. That kind of brings me down, and maks me feel like there's not too much hope for me. Can't wait to start my second round of Accutane next month!
  16. I've had moderate to severe acne on my face since I was about 12/13, I'm now 17. My dad had very severe spots while my mum had dry skin, and I appear to have moderately bad versions of both. I'm from the UK. My acne had cleared up fairly well using tetralysal and duac once daily cream once a day (a few spots left on the upper neck), but then I went to a music festival, didn't take any medication, use any creams or even wash my face for 4 days and it got much worse. I've been back on tetra
  17. First day on accutane! I'm turning 21 in a couple of months and I've had acne since the eighth grade (so about 8 years). Every year it gets worse. Right now it would only take a glance to know that my acne is severe. My forehead is usually okay, with minimal scarring. However, both of my cheeks and chin are pretty much all covered with marks and breakouts. And recently, I've started breaking out near both my temples, which makes my whole face covered in acne. Since I probably can't get
  18. In 2008 (im 23 now) I did a cycle of acutane. after that cycle I have had at most 2 zits on my face at any given time. doc has just proscribed me the classic benzoil peroxide for maintance sense. Well Monday comes along, wake up with a 2 zits on my cheek. couple more the next day, and so on and so on.... Now its at this: http://imgur.com/a/wb6zA#5HdCRKH and http://imgur.com/a/wb6zA#yvW6nau I cant recall at any point my face being this bad even during my worst times right before and at the
  19. FlyingSession

    Help with my acne please!!

    Hi there guys I was just wondering if someone could tell me what severity of acne I have. I have had acne since I was about 12-13 much worse than it is now. Currently I use epiduo every night with aveeno moisturiser afterwards and I use a black pore mask once a week. However despite this I continue to suffer with large red pimples under the skin that are painful and take a long time to go away. Does anyone have any tips to help get rid of these because they make me extremely unhappy and make me
  20. I can't even find the strength to go to college anymore. I have to make my whole family switch tables at a restaurant just so we don't get direct light over our heads that emphasizes every single one of the thousand pimples that I have, and I have to face the ground every time there's sunlight. Everything either hurts or itches or both, everything is red, and people are so rude, they can't even look me in the eye, their sight always wanders around my face. Everyone that meets me thinks they have
  21. Hi everyone! I'm 21 years old (about to be 22 next month), no kids, and I'm getting desperate. I need some serious advice on how to get rid of this acne! So my story is: I got mirena inserted when I was 19, in 2011. It was inserted incorrectly and kept poking me! I started having weird mood swings, and after only a couple weeks I began to get this cystic acne all over my face. When I was younger, I used to get very MILD acne along my T-Zone. This was different though.. It was everywhere. My c
  22. claire297


    Ok, well you probably know why I'm here, I have acne. Terrible acne. And being a nearly 16 year old girl, I have enough to be dealing with without worrying about people judging me because of my skin...I have horrible red cysts literally covering my cheeks and chin, and all along the sides of my face ,and the marks from them don't go away... so I thought I'd make a blog here so people who are going through the same thing can read it, as none of my friends have acne to my extent, and I feel so alo
  23. Day 1 - I am starting of at a low dosage of 10mg/day as told by my dermatologist. I just took my first pill right after a heavy meal as I heard heavy meals help the pill to absorb better. My routine consists of gentle cleansing, toner, and moisturizer day and night. I will wear a cc cream with SPF 50 if I go out. Day 2 - I have not experienced any side effects, nor has there been any change in my acne. My friends tell me to try rubbing raw potato on my skin, as it can help clear acne fast
  24. Hello everyone! I'm new here but really hoping someone has had similar experiences or has an idea of something that may help me. I've had acne since I was 12 or 13, so at least 7 years. I've tried salicylic acid, Rodan + Fields (the Unblemish line and the Soothe line), some Korean treatment for acne + sensitive skin (which actually sometimes seemed to help), essential oils/tea tree oil (used to help more than it does now), various face masks, acne creams, antibiotics, etc. and now using Young