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Found 1,281 results

  1. Hi guys, my heads hurting, my face is bumping and I got that chicken pox swag lol. Anyways, having the chicken pox is no fun especially when your 19 and university is just starting. I have tons of bumps on my face, scalp and all over my body. I basically went from mild (one or two active pimples) to severe acne (six million pimples). I'm not really worried about that since it will dry off but what I'm really worried about is the scarring and or Hyper-pigmentation. Is there anything I could do to prevent this? Anything I should apply topically and what would be the ideal regimen?
  2. My doctor, who is very progressive, suggested I try herbs after the ONLY thing that ever worked for me (including proactive, murad, all the drugstore stuff, tazorac, erythromycin, tetracyclene....etc) was Minocyclene. After a few months the minocyclene started irritating my stomach and my doctor was scared I would get ulcers. She said that for people with severe acne the only thing that can help is to get inside the body and cleanse it, either using medications or herbs. Since medications were too harsh for me (and a lot of others too she admitted) she suggested I look into herbs. I researched a LOT on herbs and found many that will help naturally cleanse. I stumbled across zenmed which offers the herbs in one capsule. I saw that all the herbs I found were in that capsule. As well as researching the herbs and everything, I also researched the company and decided to use them. I used them for 6 months and my acne completely cleared up and 4 months later I am now still completely clear. Herbs are great and do not get the recognition they deserve because a lot of doctors don't know about them and just prescribe medicine instead. I was lucky enough to have a young, new doctor who was familliar with herbs and she led me on the right track. I think zenmed is a good company, I had no troubles dealing with them, and I researched the company before ordering, and they do know what they are doing because all of the herbs that help are in there and it worked extremely well for me. But even if you are just wanting to buy the herbs from the store and use those, if you find the right combination, they are SO much safer than medicine and you need internal meds (of some sort) to get rid of persistant acne.
  3. morning 1. benzoyl peroxide acne medication wash 10% (face burns after) 2. after the wash I apply cerave moisturizing lotion. (face burns a little) afternoon same as the morning night 1. 200mg doryx pills 2. differin 0.3 gel it's getting better but just a little it's really annoying, I need a clear face by july....realistic at all? HELPPPP
  4. Im 19 years old, having severe acne and scars as shown on the photo.
  5. Now that I have your attention let me explain my experience. I have had severe red cystic acne for 6 1/2 years. I have tried everything possible that you can buy at a store (LITERALLY)!!!!!!! I have tried tetracycline and it didn't work, some other types of creams that the dermatologist had prescribed but nothing worked and I would never do accutane to my body. It has been killing me my entire life. I couldn't take it any more and just wanted to crawl into a corner for the rest of my life. But seriously I have found the cure for this type of acne: Cystic, big red bumps, white heads, etc but never really black heads. SO THE SERIOUSLY REAL CURE FOR ACNE AND I LITERALLY SIGNED UP JUST TO TELL YOU ALL THIS TO SAVE YOU!!!!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED WHAT I'M ABOUT TO TELL YOU THEN PLEASE PLEASE TRY IT TO SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!! SO HERE IS THE ULTIMATE CURE FOR THIS TYPE OF ACNE Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) + Water ______________________________________________________________ And that is literally how simple it is. Just mix baking soda and water until it is semi pasty and apply it to your face and walk away and read a book or watch something on the television or go online and occupy yourself while it's on your face. I have done this 4 days in a row and it's basically almost gone. I would show you what I used to look like but it's literally too gross. So yeah, do this and you'll thank yourself for trying it out. All my years of suffering has been literally eliminated by this mask. I feel like crying I'm so happy. So please if you haven't tried this why the heck would you not want to try it!? Save your skin and do this mask!!!! It really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Last semester of college my acne got out of control; giant cysts right in between my eyebrows, huge red spots that took weeks to heal and the first of a couple scars. This lead my grades into a decline, my mood suicidal, unable to go out without thinking everyone was staring. Just about a month ago I drank a whole pot of coffee to see how it would make me feel, and to my surprise my acne started to clear. I started drinking coffee daily, and after about two weeks you could only see tiny red spots where there used to be huge bumps. Now I take 50mg of caffeine pills daily (tiny square in the morning) and the last of my scars are fading. I'm finally clearing up for the first time since childhood, and it feels great. Take note, it will affect how you feel at first, but after some time you shouldn't feel negative effects such as your heart beating heavily, insomnia, sweats. After a week of taking it it helps me to go to sleep, my mood is alleviated and NO MORE ACNE Bump this post to help spread to others, maybe someone like me will benefit from this. And hey, I don't think it hurt to try everything to try and get rid of acne.
  7. This has been going for over a month.At first I thought it was something I ate so I changed my diet and there's been no changes. I've never had this happen before and now no matter what I try I can't get rid of it. I went to see my dermatologist last Friday and she prescribed me MetroCream 0.75%. It's only been like 3 days and I swear it looks worst. The rest of my face is pretty clear too. Right now I wash my face I've been alternating between Effaclar Duo, Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser and now Clean & Clear Advantage 3 in 1 Foaming Acne Wash. Anyway anyone ever experienced these tiny pimple around the chin?
  8. raymundogalindo19

    Social Anxiety

    Hi guys! ... Well yeah I have been dealing with acne since I was 13 it wasn't really a big deal to me until I was in high school, I seriously got rejected because I had acne, now I'm SUPER DEPRESSED. I don't ever want to be at school, I just want to be at home , where nobody could look at my face , sometimes I think about home school . every day seems super long ... I don't even look at people in the eye cause its just embarrassing to know what they're thinking about me. I wish I had clear skin , I wish I can be like the rest of the people my age.. Going out.. Having fun... But me.. I'm just staying in at home in my room , sad just looking at things to cure my face. I really hate it to be honest. I could be doing other things... I deleted my Facebook and Instagram because on there my face looks clean. I don't want people to see me in real life and say I look different because of my acne. (Which happend to me twice) ... I just want someone to talk to.. I cut a lot of people off because I just feel like I'm not good enough. I'm too focused on myself to focus on other things... My teenage life is passing each day without me enjoying it... Because of stupid ACNE !!!! I never get ready anymore. I have bad hygyne now by that I don't even get ready I'm just in a long shirt and shorts at home laying down all day, looking in the mirror ... I seriously need help
  9. Hey all I've just changed my acne treatment plan, and was hoping some of you might like to comment and give me some suggestions for anything else I should be doing, or anything I shouldn't be doing. My acne is pretty awful. It's a mix of cysts and large white heads around my jaw, chin, cheeks and a few along my brow. It's extremely painful, to the point where I've been having trouble sleeping from the pain of it, and it's very dry. It looks so awful that, in all seriousness, at the start of this week a colleague recommended a doctor based on the fact that he specialises in leprosy. I kid you not - LEPROSY. So as you might understand, I'm quite keen to be rid of it. I've been doing the cleanse, exfoliate, spot treatment type thing for a while with specialised products containing plenty of salcylic acid, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and all the other acids, and my skin has gone from bad to worse. This week I said enough it enough, and I'm trying something new. My plan is rather than treat the acne like something to be scrubbed off, I'm going to treat it like an inflammation, and do all sorts of kind things to my skin to help mend it. I put away all my harsh cleansers and exfoliators and acids and went out and bought the mildest looking cleanser I could find, which was Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser. I also put away my light acne fighting moisturisers and pulled out my serious moisturisers, the ones that people say will clog your pores and are really heavily moisturising. I doubled up on my supplement doses, changed my diet, and put myself on antibiotics. My regime now looks like this: Morning: Wash face gently with super mild cleanser and water. Put on light moisturiser, extra on most severely affected areas. Take 2 pantothen, 2 DIM, 1 100mg doxycyline, 3 B6 with zinc and magnesium. No make-up. During the day: Take two more pantothen, try not to touch my face. Don't eat wheat, dairy or refined sugar (I'm still eating fruit and dried fruit for the sweet). After work (as soon as I get home): Wash face gently with super mild cleanser and water. Put on light moisturiser, extra on most severely affected areas. Can put on make-up now if I have a date or something. Night: Wash face again with super mild cleanser and water IF I've been out or worn make-up. Put on very heavy moisturiser, extra on most severely affected areas. Take two more pantothen and two more DIM. I've been doing this for about 5 days now, and I've noticed some positive changes. My skin is much less red, I have fewer white heads, and the pimples on my brow seem to be shrinking. My acne is still painful, but less so, and the last two nights I have slept all the way through without pain on my face, which is awesome. Any thoughts on my regime? What do you think? I know it's not conventional, which stresses drying out the acne, but that just wasn't working for me (if anything it was making things worse), so I thought it would be better to try the opposite.
  10. I suffered for severe acne the past 2 years, but its been clearing up alot since than. My doctor been proscribing me differin, and minocycline. Recently a red bump appeared on my face, it seem like it blood under my skin, its soft. Its been their for 2-3 weeks now, I dont know what i should do about it? Anyone ever had this happen to them before, what should I do?
  11. Hi everyone, i didnt come here for a long time because I tought i had solved finally my acne problems. I went to dermatologist one year ago, i had a VERY VERY severe acne on ALL my face, (in fact i have a lot of scarrs now) but I got healed by using the famous accutane for something like 6-7 months. Now acne is coming back and there is no more solution at it. I really dunno what to do. Tonight I have a party and I have a giant zit on my forhead, unfortunately I wansnt able to walk away from the mirror and i popped it under the shower, so this is the situation.. Is there any solution i can apply before 4-5 hours? Please, tell me there is a way to make it not to look like a big Mountain. thanks in advice and lets remember WE ARE HEROES!
  12. Do you guys just spot treat your cysts with sunscreen or put it all on your whole face? I find it makes too much oil, but how important is it?
  13. Leebo


    Hi, im 17 and ive been suffering severe acne for about 2 years. Ive been perscribed all the anti-biotics my doctor could think of and after one session with my dermatologist i was given a 4month course of ro-accutane. I completed that with a 50% improvement and went back to see him. I was put on an extra 2months of ro-accutane. This has completely cleared my back and chest, im just left with some pretty nasty scarring. My face however, has had no effect from it. Right now i currently have 4 large cysts on my face. 2 of which ive had for 12months now. Im going to see my dermatologist again in 20days, and im wondering if anyone knows what the next step will be? I cant deal with more accutane. Im avoiding friends, uni, work cause im so self concious. The fact that accutane makes me look just as bad except with horribly flaky skin is just too much to continue with. Ive felt this way for way too long. Is there anything i can suggest to my dermatologist instead of more accuane? Thanks in advance.
  14. love_thee_music

    swollen upper lip

    So I have severe acne under control with the help of BenzaClin (which is great stuff by the way), but every now and then I seem to get one or two nodular acne breakouts, and they are mostly on or around my upper lip. Usually I just put the BenzaClin on, and it takes care of it, but for some reason, I have one on my upper lip now and it has swelled and has not gone down at all. It is EXTREMELY painful and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me? I'm thinking it might be due to the fact I wear a lot of chapstick and carmex, but I have never had anything like this before. To tell you the truth, it looks almost like I got stung by a bee, or got punched. PLEASE help.
  15. Guest

    Severe Acne

    I Have 4 to 5 cysts on each cheek ranging from 3cm to 1 inch. They are very itchy. They are hard on the inside and soft at the surface. Losts Of Scarring. A New Pimple every Single Day, they stay for about a week or more. Plenty of Whiteheads very oily skin
  16. Ive been suffering from severe acne for 8-9 years now, but 2 months ago I got some tips from a friend how to clear my skin up. And this has really been working out for me, so I hope this could work for you to. The first thing i started was to was my face more often. Mainly in the morning and right before going to bed, but also after being out of the house for a longer period of time. This will help with washing away much of the unnecessary fat and bacteria that plug's up the pores and don't allow the skin to breath properly. Second, i started changing my bed sheets more often. I usually change it very other 2-3 days. This keeps fat from smudging off to my skin. It's especial important to change the pillowcase every day. Even though you don't use any hair products, fat will get from you hair to your pillow in the night and then on to your face. Third. I stopped using any hair products, so when I wash my hair, the fat from the hair products wont run down over my face, back and chest. Fourth. I have 2 types of pressures on my shower head, so I use the hard pressure to wash my face, neck and back when I'm in the shower. And I never wash my hair at the same time. (I usually wash it after in the sink) And I never use any shower gel or soap, as I discovered that it only did thing worse with the acne. Instead I just use really hot water. Fifth. I try not touching my face with my palms as much. I don't want the fat and bacteria from my palms getting in my face. (So wash you hands regularly). And I also stopped eating and drinking dairy products. I don't know if this has anything to say, but I read on this site that acne and dairy is linked somehow. And fresh air is also important. So stay outside, and not on your ass by the TV And the most important, don't stop doing this after your skin clears up. The acne might come back I hope this will help you as much as it has helped me. Ive tried using 10 % benzoylperoxid acetone (worked for a few weeks, but gave me a chemical burn in my neck) Accutane (worked for a few years, but the acne came back) Tanning (just hides the acne) Isopropyl alcohol and a lot of different ointments.
  17. Totally_Dude

    bad acne!

    Hi my names James, im 19 years old, and im on here to find a solution to my acne! I have just started college and this summer i broke out very badly on my chin and around my mouth. The same thing happened last summer and i broke out very badlly so then i started tetricycline. So then i was on it for a year... and last winter tetricycline had my face completely clear... but then this summer all my acne came back again... So then i stopped taking tetricycline and went to the doctor.... she prescribed me minocycline but its just another type of tetricycline and i turned out buying Natures cure 2 part for men which has hormone balancing pills and also vanishing cream which is 5 percent benzoyle peroxide. I then went and got olay facial scrub. And i decided that theres no point in taking minocycline because it just takes away acne for the moment and it ends up coming back! So now its been a month sence i did the natures cure 2 part system for males... acne has had a slight difference but hopefully it may get better... and recently every day ive been puting real hot water on a wash cloth and puting it on my infected area and making the skin around there hot almost too the point of burning but dosnt burn me... just feels really hot! I heard its good too do for cysts and such! but i was doing research today and i came across a skin disorder called Perioral Dermatitis and it sounded alot like my acne... yet im male and Perioral Dermatitis is most common in females and very rare in men... Can anyone tell me if my acne is Perioral Dermatitis? or just regular severe acne? and if any of you can tell me any tips or anything that may work on me? thank you! and caution! acne looks bad!
  18. As I've said before I have severe acne all over my chest and shoulders... and for some time now I've noticed that sometimes some of the raised red bumps (not the cysts but they are dealthy close to the cysts) will begin to ooze out a blood and puss-like mixture and when squeezed there is usually a small white/yellowish core that comes out and is usually semi-hard and at times in certain areas where there is alot of build up and leaves the pore looking more like a whole in my chest, I've had 20 plus of these white/yellowish cores come out of one "bump"... whats going on here? I've had about 2 holes in my chest that were half an inch big that would scab up but in the shower they would come open again sometimes and when that happened there was ALWAYS the white/yellowish thing... I'd greatly appreciate the help if someone can help me out.
  19. Hey, I recently had ridiculous moderate/severe acne and went to the doctor because i couldnt get into a derm until march. He suggested that I use benzaclyn or w/e and some antibiotics. Its been clearing up quite a bit considering its basically all over my cheecks. My face is kinda dry and its really flakey. He told me to use it every night before i go to bed. and ive been following his directions perfectly. What im wondering is, would it be benificial to keep doing this or should i try to just let my skin work its magic by washing it once a day and not putting anything on it so it heals better? Ive been reading these threads on how ppls acne heals by them doing nothing and i asked a buddy of mine how much he washes his face and he says he rarely does. So what do all you ppl think, keep with this benzaclyn/antibiotics since its been working. Or put nothing on my face and see what happens? And i also have tons of red marks? Whats good for those suckers?
  20. i have severe acne and i cant afford anything medicaid is what im "blessed" with does anyone know how i can get help from some kind of orginiztion or charity or somthing
  21. wisestar84


    Hi, I'm new to this site but not new to acne. I have had ALL kinds of acne since I was about 16, am 24 now. I currently have severe cystic acne that is painful and leaves deep red marks and scars that don't seem to go away. I break out everyday! I have been on accutane once which cleared me up, but shortly after I got off I broke out even worse and I think the accutane had negative side effects on my body. My Derm then put me on Birth Control & Spironolactone which cleared me back up, but then I stopped taking it so my husband and I could start trying to get pregnant. Two months after I stopped I broke out again and this time it's even worse. I don't know what to do b/c I don't want to be on antibiotics anymore, creams, lotions and potions don't work on me. I know the cause of my acne is hormonal but I feel like it will NEVER get better on it's own. My face is riddled w/scars existing acne and I only fear when I get pregnant it will get worse. The only things that seems to somewhat help are sulfur based masks...can anyone lend some advice? Does pregnancy make acne worse? P.S. I've tried the whole eating healthy thing... no carbs, no milk. I only drink water, no caffine. NOTHING WORKS!!
  22. Hello, I am 18 years old and have had severe acne since I was 15. I am absolutely COVERED in massive white heads and red sore patches (although most of the damage is from previous spots. I have VERY many lumps on my skin (skin colour) and no one has any idea what it is) on my back. It started only on the shoulder blades but as the years have gone on, they have spread all the way down my back to cover even the back of my thighs. They are also starting on my arms and chest. My face is normal for a teenager I would suppose - many many blackheads and lots of bumps and spots appearing frequently. But the acne on my back is distressing - it's causing me actual depression and panic attacks from the thought that I'm 'hideous'. It usually hurts to wear clothing, to lie down, to move, or anything of that sort, because of all the inflammation. I have gone to my doctor many many times and the pills he prescribes are useless and do nothing for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone had it this bad before? I would love any help whatsoever. -Red Grace
  23. i've had acne since like 5th grade, but until 8th-9th grade it was just a few spots at once then it got a little worse so i started using a face wash, everything was going fine until december 26, 2008 i had been using cetaphil and clindomycin since the end of the summer but i decided to try something new i got the severe acne free thing in novemberish and used it twice a day 7 days a week and then on dec 26 i woke up with a big white spot, ive had a lot of white heads before and i can tell you that this was not one of them im pretty sure it was a cyst, and it began to hurt and i left it but then after a few days it hurt and itched so i popped it BIG MISTAKE IT SPREAD and then i went to michigan for a week( i live in North Carolina) and my face became al red and inflamed with cysts occuring all the time, i tried so many differnt thing and eventuall ygave up i just stopped washing my face because i was quite frankly pissed off i also had to cut out all dairy, fried food, and high sugar foods from my diet( which is really hard when you live in the south and go out to eat everyday for luch. But i did it and my acne is sort of cleared up, BUT my skin is still red and i hate it. And then yesterday i got like 5 cysts and i dont want to be seen in public, so i havnt left the house much and i can always tell people are staring at the spots, i dont blame them because frankly its quite obvious and hard not to look at and dont even get me started on my back i have spots all over my back and dont want anyone to see them. if anyone can help i would greatly appriciate it ( im not sure if this helps but i was born in England and lived there for 8 years then i moved to michigan for 6 years then North Carolina for 3 so far i always wonder why me i have had the worst acne i have ever seen( in person) and my brothers havent even come close to what i have had!
  24. Hi i have been on 5 month accutane treatment and i see my doctor today and he said i can stop for the summer cause all that left is Pimple that need to scar or something like that i sont know the good term in english lol. .. But i wanna know if hes right ( I have suffer from very Severe acne from steroid ) HERE SOME PIC OF ME BY TODAY (AFTER 5 MONTH ACCUTANE 40MG PER DAY) PS : I have no acne on my face just on body ... I never had acne b4 i had take those shitty Steroid ...
  25. My sister is pregnant and suffering from severe acne breakouts. She can't take Accutane Oral Tablets please advise if applying isotretinoin gel advisable. She applied for a week on face and the acne is now less. can she continue to apply?