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Found 1,000 results

  1. Im 16 years old and have Severe to above average acne. For about 2 months I have been using doxycycline 100mg twice a day, Clindamycin phosphate lotion during the day, and Adapalene Gel 1% at night. My routine is wake up get in the shower and scrub my face with a face cloth with cetaphil gental cleanser on it. Im not sure if scrubbing is the best idea. But anyways when i get out of the shower i apply the Clindamycin. When i get home from school i wash my the same way as the shower and re apply
  2. Hi, all! This is my first time on this site, and I really need some advice concerning my acne. I have had pretty severe acne ever since I hit puberty around 13. First my face, then my shoulders, my chest, and my back. It usually flares up around the time of my period and I have noticed that when I eat more healthy and have a skin care regimen that the acne clears up dramatically (and almost completely disappears on my face). However, I can't help but be worried that this might be something m
  3. I'm thinking of seeing a derm and asking for roaccutane - this thing is i don't actually have oily skin, so would roaccutane even work?!? (i do have severe acne tho) Please reply. Lucy xx
  4. Hello all! I am new to this forum! So i struggle with severe cystic acne around my chin and it is slowly moving up my cheeks so the only clear part of my face is my forehead. I am currently coming to the end of my 5 months study abroad adventure which I'm not sure if that is the reason for this sudden cystic acne but it's terrible and debilitating. I am from the US but I am studying in Europe so they gave me European isotrentinoin. I was on it for about a month in a half and lost hope
  5. Ravenclaw120

    Urine Therapy?

    So basically I've had acne since I was 13. From ages 13 to 18 ive had severe acne and it has been complete hell. My face was starting to develop deep pitted scars and I was desperately searching for a solution. After trying everything my doctor put me on accutane when I started college. It permenatly got rid of my Bacne but my face acne eventually came back. I'm 21 now and my face acne is at its worse. I'm not going to lie, acne has completely ruined my life, I have absolutely no social life any
  6. I am 21 and I got small cases of pimples and zits about a year ago, but after turning 21 last december, it turned into severe acne, made me feel so bad I started using Gernetic products like my doc recommended me: http://www.gernetic.com/03/en/visage.php I've not heard of this line in most acne sites and message boards really expensive and high-class stuff, at first it worsened my skin (understandable as it need to bring up my oil underneath the skin) but after almost 3 months of usage it's
  7. i've been wanting to try Accutane since February earlier this year when someone recommended it to me. it says it is for moderate to severe acne. i posted this to ask am i sever or moderate? http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h144/sex...11/f1db1416.jpg http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h144/sex...11/b673b5dd.jpg http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h144/sex...11/81c5978a.jpg
  8. I've had acne since I was 12 or 13 and it started to go away this summer after using Dan's Regimen. But then when school started and I went to college, it seemed to get worse all over again and nothing seems to be working now. I just wanted to see if it looks like I have severe acne or nodules? And if I should consider going to a dermatologist for a prescription treatment instead of testing out different over-the-counter products? http://img81.imageshack.us/my.php?image=we...11231430hi2.png ht
  9. Tokra

    Acne theory

    Do you think that we put too much oils, creams, pharmaceutical products on our faces and bodies, that our skin just reacts to it and starts breaking out?, I dont understand how someone who has really clear skin, breaks out into severe acne for no reason. back in the day there are no pictures of people who had severe acne or acne, they probably let their natural bodies produce oils themselves, with no medicine what so ever. Before I had cystic acne, I tried this product on my face.. and start
  10. tobeacnefree


    ok u all i have posted alot about this product but this might be the last time i post on this topic i just want everyone to benifit from it okies so the special thing about this product ithat it contains s Sodium chlorite its some sort of oxygen but its amazing my brother is one of thier reps (u know that u sign up for )and he forced me to buy this product (hes always asking me to give him business thats why i said no to him since april and tried other stupid products wasted my time and money b
  11. I've always been a cheery guy. You the one guy who can't take anything seriously, and is always laughing and making jokes. this mentallity has made 8 years of moderate to severe acne simple 8 years. I've never worried (much if anybody said completely they would be lying, or robots) about my face and the way i appear to others. I'm a nerd. I have a very laid back fashion sense (think opposite of the crisp clean celebs of today). When its not summer i let my hair grow until i cant see and my facia
  12. Hello I am new to the board and here looking for help and advice for my son who is 14. He is currently on accutane, has severe acne and I want to help him so bad. I cry when I am alone and think about it because I just dont know what else to do for him. He is a freshman at school and kids are giving him a hard time. I went thru this a kid and know how awful it is and hate for him to feel that way. Is there any kind of lazer treatment (we have done antibiotics, creams, tetin A, now accutane)
  13. Hi! let me tell you, as if we could forget the beasts on our faces, the physical pain is a constantly reminding us! its ridiculous. im from a tiny town where everyone knows everyone, and rumors and gossip can get out of control...a lot of drama happened in my life, and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me, and the stress caused SEVERE acne. it was one of the most painful (emotionally) experiences i could have everrrr gone through, and now i scars on my face to remind me for the rest of my da
  14. After years of severe acne I went on a course of tablets (Roaccutaine) and my skin is finally crystal clear! My advice to everyone with bad acne and on tablets such as roaccutaine is to stay positive! It takes a while for some people but it is truly worth the wait! I'm 20 now soon to be 21 and I feel so much more confident in myself and it feels great to go out feeling good too! The only thing left is a small light amount of scarring but my dermatologist told me that within a year or so it wi
  15. I assume that most people with mod/severe acne has in some way tried to clear this up with antibiotics/topicals etc etc. however i was just curious if you did not treat your acne at all, would it ever go away on its own? of course nobody in there right mind (imo anyway) would turn down help to clear you up, but it would be an interesting thing to see if cysts/nodules actually went away on there own. Accutane and other such oral treatments have only been around for a relatively short time, so wo
  16. I had "severe cystic "acne since 7th grade and did nothing about it. Then the second term of senior year I went on accutaine for 6 months and it cleared everything up on my face. My chest had already stopped getting acne for some reason, and my upper back also. I got off accutaine Sept 1 of 2006. It is now Oct 18 and I only have one small pimple on my left temple. I take 10 grams of B5 a day, and it seems to prevent new pimples. I only drink lemon water b/c it supposedly purifies the blood; an
  17. do i have moderate/severe acne? okay, ive been breaking out for the past 4 months...and i feel so depressed & really low...i hate life at the moment...=( i really want to get presribed to accutane coz my acne is really impacting my life =( & i heard many success stories from it & also that it really clears youre skin up..although my parents dont want me to get presribed to it, as it has some serious side effects & they think that acne isn't that bad..(but i think its getting pre
  18. milo1981

    Cure for Acne

    I suffered from extremely severe acne for many years through my teens and well into my 20's. I had the big puffy cysts that hang around for months, the white heads the absolute works. I tried everything to get rid of it, I did 2 bouts on Acutane that dried me up but made me incredibly depresses and then didn't stop the acne coming back. I tried EVERY acne wash on the planet but nothing even came close to working. Till like 2 years ago I was walking past a book store when i saw a book called Th
  19. Hello, I have been stuggling with acne for 3 years. And I am 18 years old, I had somewhat severe acne when I was in Highschool. But after I was prescribed with Differin and minocycline, my acne level dropped immensly, but left with red marks I have heard about the dangers of getting off antibiotics as it can cause massive breakouts. But even with the current regime, I still get 1-2 acne. I'm taking the last course of my minocycline (50mg) , I used to take it 2 twice a day, but now my Doctor(GP)
  20. Im on accutane. its workin great. all my acne is clearing wonderfully. all except my right cheek! my left cheek doesnt not have one pimple. only a lil redness. the right cheek looks like if hell beat the crap outa it. if u look at my left cheeck u woulda nvr guess i have severe acne. if u look at my other, ul prolly say "eww....that kid has bad acne!!" WTF.... y do i look like two-face??? is this normal??
  21. Hi i have been on 5 month accutane treatment and i see my doctor today and he said i can stop for the summer cause all that left is Pimple that need to scar or something like that i sont know the good term in english lol. .. But i wanna know if hes right ( I have suffer from very Severe acne from steroid ) HERE SOME PIC OF ME BY TODAY (AFTER 5 MONTH ACCUTANE 40MG PER DAY) PS : I have no acne on my face just on body ... I never had acne b4 i had take those shitty Steroid ...
  22. I'm 29 and have had moderate to VERY severe acne (big painful nodules) since I was 19. I went through one cycle of Accutane which got rid of the worst breakout of my life. But about 6-9 months later, the acne slowly began coming back. Most of all, I have adult acne so the acne would get really bad at my jawline. I started reading about highly rated facial cleansers on makeupalley.org and saw that reviews for MD Forte cleansers mentioned a lot of incredible results for people with acne. So I star
  23. Usually my forehead is clear but it does break out sometimes. I do have bad/severe acne though. Does this happen to anyone? All of a sudden I just found myself with about 10 small zits on my forehead. It really cant be a fluke, it must have been something I ate, or something that happened. Any Ideas?