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Found 500 results

  1. It took me a few longer days than expected to get on my Accutane because of my pharmacy, but I finally got it. My official dosage of right now is 30mg in the morning and 20mg at night. Before I started this process I read a lot of other reviews of people just starting out at 20mg and then their dermatologist increased the dosage over time and I think the reason for my higher dosage is because of the severity. So far I don't have any severe side effects but when I did first take it I felt a littl
  2. Well two hard bumps on my chin. Giant pimple on left cheek popped. Still have several on the right cheeks. I think all the closed comer ones are turning into pimples now. Forehead comodones are getting flatter but they are not completely gone. One large pimple is forming in between my eyebrows. Still pretty optimistic! I'll keep going!
  3. I've had acne since I was ten, and for the past 3 years it's grown into an extremely severe condition. Overall, I've managed to keep my emotions and feelings towards my face under wraps. But recently I looked into a mirror and I completely broke down. I hysterically cried for about an hour. Now it's not like this is the first time I've noticed how bad my acne has gotten in the past three years. In fact, prior to this day I looked at my face very closely in the mirror, every single day, and just
  4. Hi! I'm dealing with severe acne since I was 13. 7 years later I have tried everything on the market for acne. I've also taken several antibiotics for acne, and tried many topical creams and nothing worked. The only thing that is left for me to try is isotretinoin. I was so happy when I heard about it, thinking it would cure my acne for good. But after reading about isotretinoin online, I have found out that it contains soya oil, and that patients who are allergic to nuts and soya can't take thi
  5. Saw my new dermatologist yesterday--she's pretty cool. Very direct. We're trying 3 new things: 1. Cutting more foods out of my diet. (Noooooooooooo!!!!). Now I am not eating anything with gluten, dairy, or soy, plus no high glycemic index foods, plus no using most common cooking oils. Here's to gnawing on lettuce and my own tears. 2. I'm getting more blood testing done, with someone new to interpret the results. Apparently I may have........well, a lot of things I can't pronounce.
  6. Do you remember that course on Mario Kart called "Wario Stadium" where all throughout the track, you were faced with massive bumps to ride over? Well that's my face. Not only are there bumps everywhere, but if they were just the slightest bit bigger, I swear a car actually could drive over them. So week two on Oratane/Roaccutane. Probably one of the hardest weeks with my skin I've had to face in a long time. I'm guessing week three with be much of the same. In my last post, I asked whether p
  7. Ok guys .. so I'm on my second week of tretinoin and my skin just gets WORSE AND WORSE and I'm crying everyday and not going out anymore . I don't have much drying anymore . I have deep cysts with no head on my left cheek . Please help and comment if you think anything can help .. I'm desperate do you think I should go on Accutane ? Or continue the retin a cream ? Or try something else ? Thank you guys so much
  8. I’m 16 years old and I’ve had cystic acne, acne, blackheads and whiteheads for the past 3 years. It’s left my skin a bit dull looking and full of hyperpigmentation. (Also I should say, I drink enough water, I don’t eat diary, and I exersice 5 times a week. My diet/lifestyle is not the cause.) Last year I discovered that if I double cleanse with coconut oil my cystic acne and most of my little pimples disappear completely. I did that for 2-3 months until I had to travel for a week and I couldnt
  9. I'm a 20 year old guy who's been dealing with acne since 2015. I've tried a lot of treatments - bp, clindamycin, adapalene. Some of them workes for a while, but now my skin has been deteriorating. I was on doxycycline for 6 months which cleared me up, so the doc told me to stop, 4 months ago. Its been downhill ever since. Currently I'm using bp 5% every night. I don't know what to do. Honestly, acne is causing me major psychological stress. I've lost count of the number of times I look
  10. Hi Im 24 years old girl and im writing here for the first time .Its been 2 years since i deal with adult acne , ive been to severe dermatologists , tryin different creams and home remedies , but now i really cant help myself from WHAT i`m breaking out. There are days when my cheek zone and chin zone is so clear and it only have red marks , but after some days these red marks turn again and again into cystic acne (filled with pus) , that hurt and are all red and they gone after they do their job!
  11. I got sunpoisiong on my face a few years ago . It was bad...very very bad ! It has left me with scars , hyper and hypo pigmentation, melasma, icepick scars , boxcar scars and these awful looking white circles where the little blisters were underneath the huge blisters . I've finally saved up enough money to have work done on my face. I've consulted my regular dermatologist 's office but they won't show me any before and after pics of folks they've worked on for privacy reasons. Needless to sa
  12. I currently use unfliterd organic apple cider vinegar with `the mother ´on my face 2 table spoons of that and 2 of water and put it on this works great but doesn't help the scars or whatever the dark red spots are I've tried vitamin e but it makes my face very oily and cause more break outs.what have you guys tried for scars that helped that does not cause lots of oil ?
  13. Hello all! I am new to this forum! So i struggle with severe cystic acne around my chin and it is slowly moving up my cheeks so the only clear part of my face is my forehead. I am currently coming to the end of my 5 months study abroad adventure which I'm not sure if that is the reason for this sudden cystic acne but it's terrible and debilitating. I am from the US but I am studying in Europe so they gave me European isotrentinoin. I was on it for about a month in a half and lost hope
  14. I am 15 years old and have sever acne and have alot of scars that depress the hell out of me everyday. Is there ever going to be a day where i will have sonewhat clear skin
  15. Hey guys. I'm new here. Anyways, as most of you-- I basically tried EVERYTHING there is to offer in the market but nothing ever worked for me. Ever since I was 10 (which was when I first started having my periods and now I'm 19 nearly 20), I was already experiencing acne breakouts. My mom would send me to the best dermatologist every Saturday in my city 'til I was 13. Constant extraction from the doc. Constant shit on my face and it would never ever stop! So my dermatologist then suggested Ac
  16. I'm a 21 year old woman in the middle of my fourth month on roaccutane and feeling absolutely horrible. My face currently looks like the first picture (looks rose in real life!). My flare is going down (second picture) but lasted for 3 months before my dermatologist reduced the dose. I've had acne on and off (getting worse every single time it comes) , hirsutism (excess hair in male places for women, also getting significantly worse with time), crazy and scary mood swings and somewhat irregular
  17. For almost four years now, I have suffered with hard bumps on my jawline. I've used many creams and face washes topically, that didn't help with the inflammation of the bumps. I thought the bumps were keloids, because I have keloidic skin. But, in the morning they are not as raised, as they are throughout the day and night. I am taking Doxycycline which I can't see much of an improvement on somedays. I've been taking the pills for almost two months. The medicine makes my head hurt and me nervous
  18. Hi im 16 and recently I've been getting really bad acne. It's mostly redness and hyperpigmentation with the occasional whiteheads. I got on Epiduo and took it for 2 months but didn't notice any effect, it was staining my clothes and my bedsheets, and was really annoying and depressing to use. I researched online and saw that Tea Tree Oil was good for my type of acne. I've used it for a couple days now, and the redness seems to be slightly better although I have more whiteheads. im also taking
  19. Hi everyone thanks for visiting I am aged 25 I am facing acne from my teenage but it wasn't that severe like now. I tried using Clinique products (anti-blemish kit) it was very good later I went to laser skin clinic Australia to treat my acne scars and they suggest to use the skintitut Australian made products ,then I started to see more pimples I have spent $1000 nearly for the treatment they started the blue LED treatment to kill the bacterias before they start micro needling as my acne
  20. I have these lumps on my nose!! They will not go away. I've been using everything. Clindamycin, face masks, constantly washing. It's been on my nose for a few years now and I'm absolutely tired of it.. I'm going to 12 hour school at the moment and it's full of juvenile delinquents so yes they're a bit cruel and I cover my face as much as possible. No foundation or powder covers them up at all and it's lead me to constantly bring myself down everyday. The first thing I do when waking up in the mo
  21. justp

    Day 2

    From the album: HEALING!

    day 2 on Accutane https://www.instagram.com/mynameisjustp/
  22. From the album: HEALING!

    Day 70 on Accutane. More acne stuff here: https://www.instagram.com/mynameisjustp/
  23. This may sound odd, but does anyone know if there is a link between earrings and acne? I've looked all over the internet and couldn't find anything, but I'm convinced that my severe acne got substantially better once I took my earrings out. I got them pierced about 3 months ago, and that's right about when my acne got really severe. This last week I've had them out, and my acne has gotten MUCH better. I'm also on Spiro, but it wasn't really making much of a difference since I've only been on
  24. Guest

    Accutane In Us

    Here is my story. I am an international student in U.S. who has suffered from acne for several years. I was trying to get Accutane from my dermatologist. Nevertheless, my student insurance does not cover it, which means I need to pay $400 per month. I was curious about the price in my own country so I checked on the Internet. The result is shocking, it only costs $8 per month. I think I am just going to get the treatment during summer vacation.
  25. From the album: Acne Journey

    Hello everyone!!! This is a picture of my face on day 49! I have about 2-3 pimples left on that cheek! I started with 30 actives on this cheek alone before the regimen! YAY!