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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I have not seen a log for low dose isotretinoin treatment so I wanted to start one myself for those individuals interested in doing it for themselves. I have 5 pills left on my 3rd month of taking isotretinoin and I have been breaking out since the 1st week of me taking it. Even though I am still breaking out, I am still holding out hope that this drug will clear me up so I am going to continue taking it. Side Effects: Dry skin Dry lips Duration of treatment: 19 months left @ 20
  2. This is both sides of my face. I have some acne but most of this is just red scars that are still red and haven’t really faded away. I used to pop my pimples and pick at my face a little bit and scratch things off of my face but now I don’t even pop my pimples. I feel insecure about my face without makeup. I feel like I’m not living my best life with this constantly on my face. I feel like I’m battling myself. I’ve tried lots of stuff for my face but nothing seems to help. I wish someone could H
  3. Hi Everyone, I am stumbled across this forum in my desperate search for help with severe acne. My 15yo son has been suffering from acne for the past 2 years & I am worried that if we don't get on top of it soon that he might have it way longer than both of us are expecting, especially after reading many posts here from people who have been battling this for many years [my heart goes out to you guys.. it just seems so unfair] Please bare with my detailed post.. i am hoping with enoug
  4. Hi. I have had acne for about 3 years now. First, it was "normal stuff": black heads and white heads scattered on my face, only 2-3 at a time. Then, more inflammatory acne developed on my temples and forehead about one year ago. It wasn't horrible, but it was till worse than what everyone else had on their face. The inflammatory acne just got worse, bigger, and more painful. I had only tried natural remedies this far to cure my acne. Every night i would try some new treatment. Turmeric,
  5. My dermatologist prescribed me epiduo gel and I have been on it for about 3 and a half weeks now. I have been unable to leave the house since then because my skin is so bad. It doesn't burn, but it does look dry and irritated, but I'm worried if I don't use it every night my acne will take longer to go away. I've seen only a little improvement and I'm going crazy not being able to go anywhere. Anyone else who's been on epiduo, can you help me out? Should it stick with it or no? I'm going to see