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Found 27 results

  1. So I took accutane for 6 months (just ended in late August). I had clear skin for 4 months, and all of a sudden my forehead has been blowing up with whiteheads, and I have been getting a couple of pimples on my chin, cheeks, temples and nose. It's everywhere now. I just went to my doctor and I asked to take a second course of Accutane, but he denied it and prescribed me topical creams that I have used in the pst instead. If the creams didn't work before, what makes him so sure they will work ag
  2. Hello I had bad acne on my chest, back and face then i took a course of accutane in 2011 which cleared my back and chest (95% clear) but my facial acne returned so i am on my second course. I've read that after each course of Accutane your pores shrink so would this mean that the chances of my back and chest being 100% clear after second course are high? Please reply if you understand me Thanks
  3. I was on Accutane about eight years ago, my first ever course, and it worked well for about two-three years after. The initial breakout was horrible though and lasted a good 4-5 weeks. In between that time and now, I've had certain breakouts that I could control with OTC products but all the derms I'd see did not think I needed to go back on it. I've been breaking out quite badly in the last couple of weeks, and went to see a new derm who put me back on it AND a course of antibiotics for a
  4. Hi. Last year I took Accutane from May to December. A total dosage of 100mg/kg. I wanted to reach the recommended 120 mg/kg but I quit because I started to have strong eye irritations. The doctor told me that I could complete the dosage later. A month later (it was the middle of summer), he told that the treatment was over, that it was not necessary to reach 120 mg/kg. A few days later I began to have acne. I know that even with a full dosage, acne and oily skin can come back. But because the
  5. My doctor prescribed me a 2nd course of Accutane, brand name Claravis, after all else failed. First month will be 2 pills of 30mg, so 60mg/day. I weight 160lbs, 5'6. I took Claravis about 6 years ago and just after a year acne reappeared in small amount but was manageable for 3 years. In the past three years, however, it has gotten back to how i was pre-accutane but without as much oil. After failing with Retin A this summer, my doctor prescribed me Claravis again. The first time i did
  6. Hi all! This is my first post ever, although I've spent hours reading this forum since years ago... Three years ago I thought that my nightmare with acne was over, and that I wouldn't come back here, but I was wrong. And this time I want to share my experience, I feel like I owe posting something. So if I can help feel better someone as I did reading other people's posts, I will be really really happy. I am 19 years old. My journey with acne started about 9 years ago, and I have had enough
  7. One week in now guys and still...not much to report!! nooo!! im bein really impatient i guess i feel fine, the initial breakout is not unmanagable, my hair is getting a little dry now and my lips also (i notice it at night) but other than that not much more to report!! Only one week has gone by though so i am obviously not expecting much. On New years eve we went to a pub. Obviously I can't drink - I had two small glasses of wine with water inbetween as my derm said 1-3 units a day is allowed b
  8. Hello all, I'm about 1 month in to my 2nd course of roaccutane, my first was 9 years ago. I took it for moderate to severe cystic acne which was all over my face, the course lasted 7 months and I enjoyed clear skin for the past 7 1/2 years. Ive done a lot in that time and not least had 2 children, and even then my skin was great throughout. I developed BP related complications with my last pregnancy and my Dr wasn't keen for me to be on go back onto the pill I had been on so switched me to the
  9. Hi everyone, So i took accutane before for 5 months on about a 80-90 mg dose (i weight around 180lbs) and it was clear and perfect for about 4 months and then started to get breakouts again. Slightly different type of acne, only white heads, but a lot of them. I am on antibiotics now minocycline 100mg a day and some topical stuff, but doesn't seem to be making it better. Just want my old clear skin back. Been thinking about going on accutane again, however I am deathly afraid of the initial bre
  10. I was put on Doxycycline (50mg daily) and Epiduo gel over a week ago. I'm not seeing any results as it's far too early to tell. However, I am noticing some side effects. I have no stomach pains or nausea, but my digestion has been a little poor since starting the Doxy. I am also feeling groggy, light-headed (I experience that "head fuzz" when I stand up too quickly), and I have this odd metallic taste in my mouth (it comes and goes throughout the day, but it has been around since starting the an
  11. Hi! I have started the second course of accutane on May 13th. Daily dose right now: 20mg. The first one started on 10/09/2014 and ended on 11/10/2015. I reached 40mg and stayed on it for a 5 months or so. Still, even after finishing it, the pimples would show up. Having perfectly clear face at the end of the course didn't happen for me. I tried living like that for about 7 months, but it was getting worse and worse so I decided to go to the derm and talk about my options. My skin is overly sens
  12. Hi! does anyone remember me or read my log? i was on accutane from june 2010 to november 2010, now I'm back again i started on the 20th of september. Things are getting better it was worse, basically the same symptoms as last time but less inflammation and no cysts because i used to have cysts now its white heads only it came back because i changed dermatologists because i wanted a microdermabrasion and they gave me some prescription soap and gel and it made my skin burn so bad and acne came
  13. Note: So...I wish to have interactions with you. Ideally, lovely internet ones. I also started a blog about this, but obviously the forums are where it's at. Hence the repeating myself (I've paraphrased the blogs below). INTRO TO MYSELF AND MY SKIN Myth: I used to think I'd grow out of acne. It started at age 11, got cystic once I hit my twenties. So I did my first round ( I wish I'd kept better track of now that I'm doing another round, seriously, everyone who lacks motivation should ke
  14. Well, here I am again. Taking my first pill today. I am 27 and have had mild - moderate acne most of my life. It's genetic, my mom and sister both had horrible cystic acne and I was no different. About a year an a half ago I got the worst breakout of my life. No exaggeration it was all over my face. Cheeks, chin, forehead, the works. Check out my first log if you're curious! So my last course ran December to June and within three weeks of the treatment I was clear. I remained clear (not just lik
  15. I've updated my signature to contain my acne rx history, to the best of my knowledge. I've been on rx acne medication, both oral antibiotics and topical creams, for 20 years. I am 30 years old. When I was 24, after suffering from the physical and psychological effects of acne throughout middle school, high school, college, and beyond, a dermatologist finally took pity on me and prescribed isotretinoin (Claravis). I responded well to the treatment and had almost no side effects, not even dry skin
  16. Hello I have been on Accutane before and it worked but had a relapse but it had cleared my back, chest and forehead. I'm planning on going on another course and i understand it makes the acne worse before it gets better, could this cause my chest, back and forehead acne to break out again? I took a course for 5 months/ 60mg at the age of 17, im now 21 and was wondering does taking two courses decrease the chance of a relapse? If anyone could help it will be much appreciated Th
  17. Okay so i just read a really discouraging blog about someone who has struggled with bad skin all their life and has tried everything , even accutane, but to no avail. two replies were off people who said that , basically, nothing could be done, that there is no 'cure' for acne. This SUCKS. is it true, really? ive heard that people who have been on a second course of accutane have a much higher success rate and much much less chance of acne returning again. I know it may be pointless as anyone cl
  18. Hey guys- 21Yo/180 lb guy here. Mild but very persistent acne. I'm currently on my second course of accutane. First round cleared me up completely for a little over a year and then the acne slowly came back. I started my first month at 40 mg and just completed the second month with an 80 mg prescription. Even though I was on 80 mg/day last round, the side effects this time are sooo much worse this time around. (I'm thinking it's because the oily skin never really came back after the first rou
  19. Hello guys, I am currently 3 weeks into my second accutane course and i am trying to eat a high fat meal when taking my tablet. I am on 60mg a day (20mg Morning, 20mg Afternoon, 20mg Dinnertime). Does anyone know of 'high fat' meal that does not contain dairy? I'm eating alot of eggs which i understand have amount 5grams of fat. Thanks
  20. I'm 17 and just started my second course of accutane. I've been on it for one month at 30mg (i'm 45kg) but my dermatologist has upped this dose to 50mg for the next 3 months. I was on it two years ago (30mg for 4 months) but have recently read that it can leave severe side effects in the future, damage to joints etc. First time round, I only experience dry skin and slight moodiness but in the past month I have also experienced joint pain. I run a lot (i'm training for a 10k) so perhaps this i
  21. Hey hey So another week has passed. I was breaking out like crazy at the start of the week. I have seemed to have cleared up a bit now. I haven't had a new pimple for two days. I woke up with dry peeling skin on my nose which hasn't happened before and my body is dry all over. I've also had a really dry inner nostril that I'm pretty sure is scabbed over (ew!) I'll upload some new pics next Saturday. I'm still on 40mg per day. Fingers crossed I have now reached the end of my initia
  22. Hey guys, It has been established that a regular dose of accutane, instead of the low dose, has been more successful in curing acne in the long run. I am curious to hear what has been your experience. Please, tell me for how long did you take Accutane, what was your dose, how much did you weigh at that time, how severe was your acne (if your have pics even better!) and for how long did your skin stay clear. I hope that all of the Accutane users who have had to go a 2nd or even 3rd rou
  23. Day 1, Week 1 It's back...I have warmly welcomed the 'tane back into my life for the second time. Thankfully, I'm rather happy about it. I have been waiting for this day for too long. I was on Roaccutane in 2010, for six months. If I remember correctly, the highest dosage I was put on was 50mg. I think I might have needed longer on it, as I decided to come off it as soon as my skin started clearing. I was fed up with the side effects and I didn't take it seriously. If I could rewind tim
  24. Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've read up on these boards. tl;dr: Is second course of accutane different from your first? What things shold be done differently? What have you learned from the first course to do for the next time around? My first course of accutane was 5-6 years ago, 2006 when I was 16; I had moderate/severe cystic acne, and it cleared up OK, but not completely after 5 months. My derm took me off after that even though I kind of wanted to continue to complet
  25. Dear all Accutane experienced folks! This is actually my first post on the blog and I hope to get some advices from your own experience Let's introduce myself. My mom is very intolerant to hormonal pills and me too. However when I was 18 I used hormone patch for about 4 months when the side effects started. I had experienced very heavy acne burst. I stopped directly the patch and tried to cure my skin with different creams, lasers, antibiotics, new hormone pills (only for another 5 months),