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Found 82 results

  1. Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster here. I have been suffering from moderate to severe acne for the last 3 years and I have been using Epiduo/TactuPump. I am also currently on an antibiotic. I apply the cream every night before bed, and without fail I wake up with my T-Zone covered in sebum. I am wondering if the Epiduo is causing this? I also get oily skin 4 hours later into the day. What should I do?
  2. Hi all, I get these odd bumps around my lips, not too noticeable to others, but very much so to me. I've tried using scrubs and masks and even using extraction tools but I cannot get rid of them like a normal blackhead. Someone suggested it may be fordyce spots. I cannot afford to have them looked at by a professional, can anyone help or give some advice?
  3. Hey! I'm female, 28, uk. Month 1 - 30mg per day Month 2 - 50mg per day (I think) Month 3 - 50mg per day Month 4 - 50mg per day Month 5 - 60mg per day (stopped 1 week early) I took overall around 125mg per 53 kg body weight over 4 months and 3 weeks. I'm 5 foot 6. I missed a few pills during the entire course if I stayed away from home and forgot to pack them so my total takes that into account. I pretty much grew up using this site and I always intended I would update again when I wa
  4. The acne regimen is not an effective method in permanently stopping acne. It just masks the symptoms. Here are the causes of acne, and how to permanently stop acne. Hormones - Most of acne is caused by hormones. Certain hormones signal the skin to produce more oil and sebum, which causes acne. The ONLY way to stop acne permanently is to shrink these things permanently. One fact that isn't as known as it should be is that DAIRY PRODUCTS CONTAIN TONS OF HORMONES. You should stay far away from
  5. These things have been found to be different in acne prone skin. This is specifically about what's going on in our skin, not about the various other factors going on elsewhere in our bodies that worsen the acne condition. For the most part, other people have those things happening too, they just don't get the symptom of acne. These are the differences between us and all your friends that can eat all the junk they want and make whatever other unhealthy lifestyle choices and even have other horm
  6. I've been doing tons of research on herbs that will reduce sebum production when taken internally and found that saw palmetto seems to really do the job. However, I don't want to try it because of the side effects ; the reason why I'm looking for an herbal solution is because I want to avoid side effects. Sooo basically I came across a web page that said rosemary could help lessen oily skin but that was the only web page that mentioned taking rosemary internally to reduce oil production. Other w
  7. I've been going to a very patient aesthetician for 4 years using Electrolysis for a simple removal of stubborn chin hair (tiny areas at the corner of my mouth). The reason it took 4 years is NOT because I was inundated with large amounts of hair but because the hair that needed to be removed was held captive in sebum& keratin plugs. The plugs prevented the complete removal of the entire hair so it would snap off, leaving the hair still trapped (and growing) in the plug. The plugs are like mi
  8. Hi, all, Has anyone heard of, used, or spoke with someone who has used Theraclear? I went to a new dermatologist back in February and he recommended it because it supposedly has no side effects and is not medicinal. I thought about it and decided against it. Then yesterday, I went to the same office but saw a different derm and she highly recommended it, saying that they currently treat many patients in their office with this machine, have seen great results with it, there's nothing to be sca
  9. Hey, does anybody has comedonal acne? And what's your best way for cleaning out your pores? i have literally in every single pore a hard sebum grain. makes me so depressed. thanks !
  10. Im 28 and I've been struggling with acne since I was 13. I've used lots of products and am currently on the regimen (for about three years). I attribute my acne to hormonal imbalance and in the last year I've been trying to find additional ways to help my skin from the inside. Although I'm being careful what I eat, take supplements and never miss my regimen routine, I still get white heads and cystic acne. For the last two weeks I started drinking 12 measured cups of water a day. I spread it
  11. Hello guys, i have had acne for over 13 years now. my acne was not severe it was rather moderate. my problem is that I am never satisfied with my skin. If i see a little spot, sometimes other people can't even see it, i start squeezing and squeezing. I just can't stop, i hate it when things are not perfect. Sometimes I can stand in front of the mirror for hours and squeeze all the things out. in the end my face looks like a mess. i am so frustated, i don't want to go out anymore. i just
  12. JetDegree

    Weird skin condition

    Hello everyone *(Picture attached)* I've been battling with this wired type of skin / facial hair on my chin for a long time (1 year). I personally believe that it's caused by harsh products that I've been using. Before my summer holiday I completely stopped using any skin care products, except for a moisturizer (that isn't harsh). I hoped that this would allow my skin to heal, but after some time I can conclude that it's hasn't changed. My description of the condition: After using harsh pr
  13. I have very bad skin texture and alot of it have been due to these hard yellow plugs (comedomes i think?). They don't go away on their own and I have to squeeze them out (bad I know) but they get refilled again. Once squeezed, little holes are left behind which I think are icepicks. They're all over my forehead and cheeks and you can see them in the pictures. I'm currently starting tretinoin (Retin A) to see if it helps and was wondering if any of you with experience with these plu
  14. people here claim how much oily thier skin is, but if thier problem is just that thier skin is getting oily because of that they are very lucky in my mind. the oiliness itself is nothing. sure, my skin is so oily that even when i took accutane i almost never used moistorizer. im so oily that my blocked pores has blocked pores. people ask me if im sick or i just ran or did some sport. but to me it also causes by far the worst thing that can happen to a person - my insane oilness causses
  15. Ross58

    Sebum over production

    Does anyone suffer from sebum over production and is lookin for answers? I have suffered with this problem for years it comes out from all the pores on my face and i am gettin close to the answer i think i was just lookin to see if this is a common problem? If anyone is looking for answers give me a message.
  16. bobsuruncle101

    Oily skin, bumps on side of face shoot me

    I have a really bad T-Zone, had the issue of whiteheads forming on my nose which I have solved in the past month because of a product called LA roche-Posay EFFECLAR MAT, this has reduced the amount of whiteheads forming so now when i Steam my face barely anything comes out of my nose wicked right?! Now my issue is the clogged pores I am getting on the side of my right cheek only! The issue is due to me sleeping on this side more I tested myself and slept on my left side and seemed t
  17. TheHyperPig

    Sebaceous Glands

    I was wondering if there were any natural ways to decrease the sebaceous glands in size or to decrease the sebum production/output of these glands in a natural way? I know that accutane does this but I'd like to know of a proven way to do it naturally... I have really oily skin and also have palmer hyperhidrosis (if it matters)... I heard that taking vitamin B's will help relieve the nervous system but I'm not sure it these vitamins will also help decrease sebum production. Any thoughts
  18. The weather is humid and rainy in my town again. It will be like this all winter and I NEED to know how to control my sebum/oil production from within my body. I already do all I can to my face , but if anyone knows any sort of over the counter drug or natural food/remedy that controls/reduces oil production please let me know!!
  19. TronRog

    The Acne Maker

    Okay guys be ready this is going to change your life. I think I found the elixir for 90% of acne causes. It is something that food industries Don't want us to Know. "Monosodium Glutamate" or in other words "The Sebum Maker" The most major cause of oily skin is a substance that Food industries put in almost every food, sweet and even Soups. It is called MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). I have tried it myself and it worked. Not just that.. it can even causes Bowel Disorder and constipation for
  20. A sensible discussion & compilation of facts about the acid mantle, lipid barrier, retinoid production and more. See also this thread about avoiding chemicals & using cheaper, healthier, simpler, DIY treatments. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/313174-reducing-exposure-to-chemicals-recipes-alternatives-etc/ Your skin isn't dead leather & your sebum isn't dead grease. They are ecosystems for enzymes and other substances that play vital roles in skin function. Your s
  21. so my skin gets disgustingly oily an hour after I wash my face. I've always had 'oily' skin, since I was about 13 I got blackheads, then I noticed my nose would be a little shiny after I came home from school, then gradually it got worse and the oil has spread to my entire face now. My back used to have what you would consider severe acne, but its been 100% clear from using BP (10% at first but now im on the regimen and it still works). But my back doesnt get oily at all. My face however
  22. I've been using the Cetaphil oil control foam wash for roughly two years now. I can't remember the results at first but today, I still have oily skin with the use of this cleanser. I was thinking, maybe my skin became dependent of it and now it has no more effect on me. Maybe it's time for me to change cleanser? I'm scared to change since I like how gentle it is. At the same time I feel like it is now the cause of my oily skin. What new cleanser should I try that will not cause oily skin? I also
  23. I started taking Nizoral shampoo (active ingredient ketoconazole) a couple of weeks ago. I think around the 22nd of October. So it's been a couple of weeks now. I think it's an anti-fungal and anti-dandruff shampoo and i have been using it on my face and scalp after a shower. I remember seeing it being mentioned as somehow working for acne as well, i think it is supposed to be a DHT inhibitor, or something like that, it can reduce sebum production maybe. I have never bothered with it in the
  24. Quick question for those who read this thread (or are being a night-owl like I am and perusing the forums ); how long has it taken for some of you former Accutane users to get oil-production back in your skin? My dermatologist told me sebum production would return after one month of being off the drug, but I have yet to see any actual oil. I've been off Accutane since May 27th. Here's my thread that I continue to update; I don't miss the oil spill that I used to have coming out of my por
  25. Ro.Mo16993

    Milk affecting sebum production?

    Hi, 25 year old male in the UK, no acne since I was 14 but for the past 4 months my forehead has had a blast from the past and has been getting really oily within a matter of hours after my morning routine and resulting in a flourishing mountain range, primarily above the eyebrows. Have tried a range of moisturisers and facial washes from both ends of the spectrum as the recommended methods online only seem to contradict one another so thought I'd try them all. I apply a moisturiser at 8am a