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Found 17 results

  1. Although my blog is devoted chiefly to oily skin and acne, I also deal with seborrheic dermatitis and I like to provide periodic updates regarding my progress on that front as well, in case my experience can help someone else suffering from seb derm. One month ago I started washing the seb derm areas of my face with a sulfur soap called Coral KAVI. It contains salicylic acid and sulfur. While I have used salicylic acid products in the past with no success, I had never used a sulfur soap unti
  2. I'll start off with an update on my "progress", which is not good. I have developed three cysts on my face, one on my hairline (which is quite painful), one on the side of my nose and one on my eyebrow. Gah! I'm doing nothing different; I'm still taking antibiotics once a day, and using the benzoyl peroxide/retinoid gel, and taking the Pill. So I think I need to seriously consider seeing a dermatologist. The longer I leave it the more scars I accrue. I don't think this is the flare up from makeu
  3. Hey everyone, I'm a long time reader and first time poster here at acne.org. I've suffered with acne and more recently (2-3 years) with Seborrheic Dermatitis on my face, sides of my nose and around my eyebrows. Name is David, I'm 24 and from Dublin, Ireland. Since I was about 15 I've suffered with acne, I went through some bad chest, neck and back acne between the ages of around 17-22, I went through everything except Roaccutane. Over the last year or two it seems to be diminishing, my back
  4. How common is Hair loss on low dose accutane? I was on 20 mg daily for 21 days and it felt like my hair was already falling out, so I stopped cold feey,I’m afraid my acne will come back since I don’t know if I can use topicals ob my face again. I don’t want tl lose my hair. Accutane takes a toll at my mental wise,but acne does too. When can I use topicame again? Should I keep going on accutane? Idk what to do and my derm refuses to see me
  5. Hello fellow forum goers, I am on my 4th month of accutane and have seen some slow but steady improvement. I also have seborrheic dermatitis which adds to my skin issues, but I was wondering if I have scarring? Is this simply PIH and will it go away? Just wondering if anyone has any insight or can relate. Pic attached below. Thanks to anyone who looks!
  6. I'm going to document my journey of hopefully curing my chronic folliculitis on my face (chin and mustache) with using water only. This will be my second go around of doing the modified caveman......the first time I developed seborrheic dermatitis after a month and it freaked me out, so I started using manuka honey. Brief History: Severe acne in teens, started over washing and drying out my skin with ProActive etc.Age 18 to 19: Used topical tetracycline, face wasn't great....but I can't remembe
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum. I have been following up with acne.org since last year and I have FINALLY created an account for the forum. To make it short, I have had acne since last year when I had a breakout (moderate to severe) after I used a new makeup (bb cream) and I have tried various prescription drugs from my doctors and it only worked for a short term such as Ziana (Which I DON'T recommend because you have the chance of getting keratosis pilaris due to its ingredients after prolonged usa
  8. (Beware for the dreaded long long long post! I hope some of you have the patience to read and help! ) Hey guys, so in just over a week I will be starting Accutane. I'm, understandable, terrified and could really do with some advice, suggestions and, overall, positivity. Some basic info; I'm a 23 year old guy from England. I've always suffered with mild acne (as in, I'd always have one or two spots somewhere on my body) and dryness/redness around my nose and the surrounding area (looked
  9. Hey guys...I really wasn't ever planning on making an Accutane log, but it dawned on me this afternoon that even if no-one reads, I could really do with a place to vent and release my feelings. My posts will probably either end up being incredibly short or incredibly long, haha... Basically I am a 23 male who suffers not only from moderate acne on my face/back/neck/chest, but also a permanant rosacea-like rash on my face (very very red against my pale skin) and seborric dermititis around my
  10. I've noticed that when I'm outside and it's either really cold and windy, or only a slightly cold wind, that once I'm back indoors, my nose gets really red. Almost like a flush. Does this happen to any of you guys?
  11. I've read a lot of success stories about people who have been eating a diet of basically just meat/chicken, veggies, and healthy fats such as EVOO and others, and they say their seb derm either went away or is under control now with little to no symptoms. I was just curious if any of you guys have done it, and if so, how long did it take you to see any kind of results? Also, I was a big coffee drinker but stopped drinking it a little over 2 weeks ago. I haven't noticed any changes in my skin r
  12. I've just started watching The Wire. A friend of mine has been trying to get me to watch it for about six months. At first I couldn't even give it a shot, because it's so... gritty... There really is no other word to describe it. And it's real, at least for the hour you watch it (or two, because I can never seem to watch just one episode). You get totally sucked in, right down to getting immersed in the jargon they throw around. The characters are real, nothing's black and white, and despite the
  13. Hi! My face is always superdry BUT oily at the same time. The oil and dry skin is on the T zone. Its like I am super super dry but have a greasy and oily film over the dryness. Have this also under my eyes. The skin looks crepey and pink with big pores and i am looking old have wierd lines between the pores .. .. i am only 29 The skin use to burn from different triggers. I also have weird bumps that looks like clogged pores or blackheads in clusters but i can't squeez them : s I also
  14. I'm wondering if there is any link between my problems I will just list the main problems, I have cystic acne and surface acne as well as spots on my back and chest. Seb derm of face, scalp and recently I have developed a patch on my chest. A persistent fungal nail infection on both of my big toes and I have recently discovered I have phimosis which is basically tight foreskin caused by bacteria causing inflammation of the head of the penis. After making this recent discovery I feel like ther
  15. Hi all! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays! To Start; This is the first time posting in the forum but like many other people I've become fed up with trying different treatments without seeing results treating acne- especially on my neck. Before banging on about my acne I have included a great product (All natural) I now use on my seb derm at the bottom of this post which has worked wonders (Don't worry I have not been paid to promote etc It's just something which has really been amaz
  16. I have cystic acne and Seb derm on my face the Seb derm is also on my scalp. I currently have the Seb Derm under control on both my scalp and face by using ACV and Tea Tree Oil which also seems to be helping my acne although I am still breaking out regularly. Basically I gave up all the sh*tty benzoyl peroxides and washes and all the other harsh chemical products months ago, my regimen at the minute consists of washing my face with water in the morning letting it dry, applying ACV and water m
  17. Hi everyone! Been a while since I posted here. Anyway, just a quick backstory. Between the ages of 16-18, I had AWFUL acne. I used the BP regimen during my college years and it worked wonders for my acne. Eventually, my acne went away pretty much entirely. Unfortunately, my doctor never warned me of BP's tendency to lower your skin's defense against UV rays etc. After a while, I noticed I was getting much more sensitive to the sun. After a few particularly bad sunburns and shaving rashes