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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone, Iam on 3rd week of acne.org regimen. My skin has became very dry and super flaky. Also my complexion has became very dark....its brown :(..please suggest should I discontinue it..I have seen many videos and read reviews everyone mention that skin dries out crazily. That should be fine but I don't like changing of complexion.. Which is very noticeable.. Is anybody facing same problem of skin darkening????
  2. Okay so, I have read some articles about what the difference is but I still don't understand properly!! I really want to try using baking soda for a facial scrub because I have heard lots of good reviews about it but I have a problem.. I went to the store today and the only thing I could find was baking powder? Maybe I was not looking in the correct place for it. I went online and was I supposed to look in the cleaners isle? Where all the bleaches and detergents are? Sounds kind of harsh
  3. Many ppl tell me to use facial scrubs to clear all the dead skin cell or what not to help prevent breakin out. but.... once i do a wash, my skin just gets so dry that it makes more dead skin cells and actualy cloggs my pores even more, because my skin gets so dry and it flaks out. Then i apply a moisterizer ,but it actualy get worse too , ahahhaha. Don't know if I'm right, but dead skin cell or dirt + oil or any moisterizer = pimples ( because it cloggs the pores) thats what happens to
  4. Hi, all! I have a question about combining acne products. I currently have a prescription for ery 2% pads. They make my skin midly sensitive so I just use one at night. In the morning, I currently wash with just a basic oil-control wash that has no active ingredients, then apply a Neutrogena sunscreen and a moisturizer with .5% salicylic acid. I have a bottle of 5% benzoyl peroxide scrub that I used over the fall, and for the time I used it, my skin was amazingly clear. I stopped using it bec
  5. Hello Everyone! (: A few days ago I was at my local drugstore looking at different facial masks and scrubs, and I came across this Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub/Mask. It smelled wonderful, like sugary earl gray tea, so I decided to buy it. (It was only $4, so it wasn't a big money decision.) I did exactly what it said to on the package (leave on for 5-7 minutes then scrub off.) When I removed the mask, I was in for an astonishing surprise! My skin was pink and glowing an
  6. I have not dried out to much from Retin A since I started about 2 months ago. But i do still get alot of breakouts. So I have decided to use a mild acne scrub in the morning instead of Cetaphile. All I really want to know is if salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the morning will interfere with the effectiveness of the retin-a at night? Also are there any steps of the regimen that I could use in the morning while using Retin A.
  7. Hello, im new here. Ive read so much about exfoliation and how important that is for you, espeacially if you have acne prone skin like i do. Now, the thing is that i cant find the answer on how to exfoliate the areas on your face where you have facial hair grown, a beard for example. Shaving is one tip yes, but i prefer having beard. Are there any good ways of doing it? And also, how can i be sure that i have done it right? I mean, when i exfoliate my nose, around the nose, cheeks, foreheard etc
  8. I was told by a friend to try out a homemade scrub which consists of brown sugar and coconut oil. She says it works to remove the dryness of my face and leaves a smooth complexion. Has anyone ever tried this before? Or would you recommend I try this for the dryness?
  9. So I've just started my second week and everything goes pretty much as expected, however in some parts my skin is peeling off and it becomes so obvious and hard to put my makeup on properly. Can I use some gentle scrub? Before regimen I used Olay everyday scrub and it was just fine for my skin... can I use this one let's say 2-3 times a week? Or is it better not to scrub at all for the first month on the treatment? p.s. btw is it normal that my face is still itchy (especially on the neck and
  10. Hey guys, I thought I would post here to try and help as i've suffered from acne from the age of 14 and am now almost 29, still have it. This is for the annoying redness we experience either during or after bad breakouts, I gave up on all products on my skin and started using nothing but simple soap and oil free moisturiser. However one day In the supermarket I saw St. Ives apricot scrub, blemish fighting. It isn't expensive so i thought why not its natural and is not harsh on the skin(I ha
  11. Hello everyone! So about three weeks ago, I ran out of my supply of the Biore pore unclogging scrub and needed to purchase more. At the store I found the scrub but with a new design and the words "NEW LOOK" on the front. Thinking this is just a marketing strategy, I purchased it and have been using it since..... let me tell you when my face has made a turn for the worst.... its terrible! its almost becoming severe acne. After going to a dermatologist and turning down antibiotics, I decid
  12. Hey everyone, Would y'all be so kind and recommend some gentle scrubs that exfoliate the skin well but doesn't strip the skin of its moisture? I've recently used Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power Clear Scrub, and it's really gentle, but doesn't exfoliate well because it only has a few beads it it. I was looking for something with more beads and better exfoliation. If any of you all could recommend something, it'd be super appreciated! Thanks!
  13. hi im 15 yr old w combo skin, can anyone help me and tell me if its ok ?? thank u! so i use the rapid clear foam scrub the orange one, and aftr tht i use the rapid clear stubborn acne cleanser, and I USED to just put on the rapid clear acne spot gel and i saw TERRIFIC RESULTS IN ONE WEEK but i recently got the rapid clear 2 in 1 toner and the grapefruit moisturizer.. so now i use those 2 before the gel but the thing is the first night i used it i only got 2 hrs of sleep and acne bec
  14. Ok so when I was back in high school I received my first facial and it cleared up everything on my face. I have always had very congested pores (probably sebaceous filaments) and was truly in awe that my skin could be clear and poreless. My problem is that I never wrote down the name or brand of the exfoliator they used bc they gave me a sample. I was 17 at the time and foolish to think it would last, like I could just use drugstore products to stay clear since my pores were cleaned out.. so stu
  15. I am 32 and get loads of whiteheads and blackheads on my nose, on the sides of my nose, basically the t zone. I am using oats, grinded down as a scrub and thats. What do the Acne.org uses use, for those who get whiteheads and blackheads??
  16. From the album: Skin care journey

    Scrub that I stumbled up to exfoliate 2x wk with!
  17. Hi. Im considering in the future to use a raw homemade oatmeal mix to make a light scrub for my face. Im just going to get a small bowl of oatmeal, water it so its nice and mushy but not too mushy and falling apart, and putting it on my face while rubbing very very gently, then washing off. Im just wondering if others have used this instead of store brought versions and just how gentle it is as I have very sensitive skin and want to keep anything I use to a complete minimum. Im also doing a
  18. Hello,everyone!I have really bad breakouts recently,so I decided to order new acne products from the Net.I ordered them (neutrogena spot stress control 3 in 1 cleansing lotion; neutrogena spot stress control scrub) but today I saw that they've got Cetyl Alcohol. I read that this ingredient is harmful for the skin...I am so worried,because it is one of the active ingredients of the scrub.What harms I'll get on my face and will I 100% get any?What do you think?
  19. Hello! I have acne prone, sensitive, and combination skin. Currently I'm using differin gel, and it seems to work well. My skin isn't greasy and big pimples are disappearing. But I heard that differin gel doesn't exfoliate, is it right? If so, can I use Scrub? because my skin seems to hate BHA, AHA.... when I use these products, my skin irritates. So, I want your advice...