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Found 500 results

  1. My acne seems to be in remission- the only times I get pimples is during PMS. But after years and years of teenage acne cure experiments(such as popping and accidentally popping sits) and acne, I am now let with gazillion tiny holes that's really unattractive and unflattering. I do glycolic peels when possible and when I have zits my hands are far away. What would one recommend to fix or fill these holes up? Pics included- ignore my weird stubby nose. thank you
  2. Hi Guys, My name is jake and I'm new to Acne.org. Basically, my story is like everyone else's. I had great skin all of high school and then one day in college BAM. I broke out with the worst cystic acne of my life. Long story short, I took Accutane for 7 months which helped clear my acne tremendously. But after I got off it, the cysts started to come back. Now I am currently eating a dairy-free diet and use Tazorac cream (.01) and I rarely break out anymore. Now all I have to deal with is my
  3. *takes a deep breath* Hi everyone, I have a few photos below of my scarring that I've been suffering from for the past 16 years - since freakin' puberty!! Unfortunately, it completely changed me from an outgoing individual to someone much more shy and self-conscious. I'm so tired of all the looks and of course getting asked THAT question as to what happened to my face (mostly children of friends/etc. at random moments) - SO EMBARRASSING!! It's sad, but I've almost accepted what I
  4. I just finished a course of accutane and my skin is looking loads better apart from scars. It's my absolute dream to one day feel comfortable going out without make up on and I'm wondering if there's any relationship between wearing foundation and scars fading? Obviously I know avoiding make up helps stop new spots too so I guess can't hurt, but I'm very scared at the prospect!
  5. Ok so I uploaded a post a while ago about hyperpigmentation which I have with actual scars too! Can you guys tell me what type of acne scars do they look like? Can I get them treated? I'm only 15 years old? I wouldn't pick at them either wth? Tried telling my parents about seeing a dermatologist but they said I shouldn't worry about it cuz I'm a guy and not a girl.. Pretty sad about it specially cuz they're my parents they should help me out not just abandon me like that. Either ways to me they
  6. Hello folks, made an account to share what has helped me with my acne. I'm a 29 year old man. From the age of 14, I suffered from horrible cystic acne. The only thing that got rid of the cysts was accutane. If you have cysts and haven't tried accutane, do so. Asap. Before accutane I tried everything else. Antibiotics, creams, you name it. My folks while well intentioned, (a friend's son used accutane and had a mental breakdown) delayed my trying it by years. Immediate results, never had cys
  7. Hello I just wanted to start a thread on no picking. I've tried for a couple years now and I feel that I am finally determined to do it after seeing all my scars. I only break out in big pimples on my forehead. That's the only spot I pick. I do occasionally get breakouts around my nose but not really. My big goal is 23 days. IDK why but if I make it that far I feel that I won't turn back! Right now, pretty bad breakout on forehead with a couple tiny red ones on my cheek. Picked like CRAZY to
  8. I had acne for maybe 6-7 years(idk exact years)! after consulting couple of dermatologists/doctors/skin specialists I cure from acne by taking lot of antibiotics & applying topicals. but after got rid of acne I have now (sebaceous filaments/clogged pores/ plugged sebum/ white gunk in the pores) idk what should I call it - for 3 years . I went to skin specialists/doctors/dermatologists but they couldn't get rid of that from me. its almost 1-2 years i'm searching for the solution of this prob
  9. It's been just over a month and a half on Accutane. I'm on 40mg once daily. My skin had an initial breakout when I first started that was really bad but only lasted about a week. Once my skin healed from that it was nearly flawless besides scarring and hyperpigmentation. Then once again my skin broke out last week, assumably from my period, and it's slowly starting to heal up now. I've also gotten a few closed comedones (?) their like little headless pimples on my cheeks. They aren't too bad but
  10. Hi! I bought 100% TCA cross from ebay to apply to my ice pick scars and small box scars. I have had great results on those type of scars, at least 50% improvement. However I have a small hypertrophic scar on my face which is really bothering me. Would TCA cross improve it? I searched for answers but couldn't find any. I also have a 1mm derma roller which produced great results on my rolling scars however I don't think it would work on a hypertrophic scar, perhaps only make it worse. Thanks!
  11. Not the best lighting to show but those are small indentations and hyperpigmentation marks. Will these fade naturally overtime? I'm still dealing with a lot of acne I'm currently using Klaron lotion morning and night. So far I've used... OTC products Epiduo Tazorac Epiduo Forte Klaron lotion and none of these are helping that much. I have oily skin and a lot of clogged pores and now redness and sensitivity from the epiduo forte which just ripped apart my skin:( I don't know what
  12. Hey, Im really bothered by My scars on My temples. Ive had Two dermastamp sessions done but No Idea what to do now... those treatments were about 1-2 years ago. went to a dermatologist couple weeks ago and I had questions regarding fillers and if it would help. He said that the skin is damaged and that the scars aren't deep enough on my temples. he recommended laser. please help. hope the picture is good enough to show what I mean
  13. What should I do??? Is my life ruined???? Is there anyway I can have the scars go away???
  14. Does accutane improve or worsen EXISTING scars, and does it help new scarring from forming. I've read A LOT of conflicting stuff on this. My Derm said it can improve scarring because it changes how you scar/ makes your skin turn over better. However, a lot of people said that it CAUSED scarring. Others say it helps. I'm very confused. I have some old shallow scars, that recently look a lot more profound. I'm guessing it's because accutane makes your skin dry. I feel like people haven't been that
  15. Hello, last summer I had acne all over my right cheeks, after going to the dermatologist He prescribed me to take Locacid and cytacnyl every day. My face totally break out and made me so embarrased and haven't found improvement in the 2 months treatment but my face keep getting worse so the DC prescribed me duac gel to apply every morning along with those 2 ( alternating between them every night), still no improvement. Then the doctor told me to try Granoduxy ( doxycycline) as a pill it did som
  16. Ive been struggling with acne for about 3 years now and I'm still looking for a liquid foundation that covers everything. Im on my second round of roaccutane which is so frustrating and Im always so self conscience about my skin. Any other makeup recommendation would be extremely appreciated! thanks
  17. I currently do not have the texture pad to apply dermaflage with. Is there any alternatives I can use such as a makeup pad?
  18. Hi, so I've recently been able to clear my acne by using Epiduo. Now I'm left with scars that I would like to improve. They bother me every single day and I'm constantly worrying about them. It's partly a mental thing, I know, so I'm working on that. However, I would like to do what I can to start improving my scars. I've previously done two Matrix RF sessions and between break outs I've been microneedeling at home with a 0,5 mm stamp these past four months. I've seen a little improvement.
  19. Hello everyone I'm 22 years old, I have a lot of acne scars on my face and chest too. it makes me stress and shame. I have some questions 1. How to treat them? 2. can i get rid them till 90%?
  20. Hi, I'm new here, I just signed up today. I was hoping to get some advice, possibly before my treatment this afternoon (UK time) / or this morning (if you're in the US). I have an appointment with Dr. Harryono in Wales for INFINI RF and Phenol Cross (Although he doesn't like to combine different treatments). I was wondering if someone could help me out with my scars. I've tried Tixel before. I've had 2 treatments and it did nothing at all. It was fully ablative, the recovery was exactl
  21. I was wondering, what's the best option for dermarolling between a very harsh dermarolling session(2.0mm rolled until face was swollen and purple) with some subcision or multiple normal dermarolling sessions with same needle length.(all done by a specialist) My thought was: Multiple sessions are better because it breaks the scar tissue on the day which is done and starts the healing process weeks after and when the next session is done it breaks the new scar tissue formed while your skin is
  22. The last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that I will be Forever Alone forever. I'm too late in the dating game and will never marry and barely have a social life all thanks to acne and some other personal issues I had when I was younger. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to accept this and be content while seeing happy clear skinned people everywhere. Some of us are just cursed.