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Found 500 results

  1. Hey Team, So here's my story. I have mixed scarring, a bit of everything, and it's never really bothered me. However the last few years my scarring got worse and it started to REALLY grind on me. I was living in Vietnam and had a Co2 fractional laser + infini treatment done. A really quite intrusive co2 laser, I had over a week of downtime. Did it make my skin better? No not really, and I was left with lots of gridding and huge pores. £2000 well spent. Moving on, I decide to physically m
  2. I have been suffering from deep acne scars for the past threemonths i have done three setting of derma roller treatment still it does not improve my doctor suggests me to get 6 settings to fade these scars
  3. 1st pic: lighten by flash from the front (looks totally fine = 0 anxiety) 2st pic: natual indoor lighting (still totally fine = 0 anxiety) 3. light is coming from the top to enhance the depths of the scars (looks pretty bad = increased anxiety levels, but still ok since its the worst possible lighting) 4. same pic with some photo effect to really enhance the scars(this is seriously bad, i mean pretty horrible, even though its manipulated) havent done any kind of treatments on my sca
  4. help I did subcision, and broke a blood vessel and apart it became a small keloid and the appearance takes about 1 month and in the other scar I just did subcision without filling and now it becomes a different skin tone
  5. If you can read the whole thing, that'll be great! Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I see big patches of red marks.. I don't know if this is acne or hyper pigmentation.. Whenever I wash my face, my left side is usually smooth and has the occasional bumps.. but there is dark red marks.. On my right side, there are red marks but I can feel some large bumps that are under the skin.... I'm 14 right now and I just find it weird for me to have hyperpigmnetation at this age.. I did have acne be
  6. I've had this for 6 years. Never knew how to get rid of it. Still don't know exactly what it is. They don't turn into pimples they stay just like this. Only time they started to get better is with a spin brush but that didn't last long. It's gotten to the point that I don't wear ponytails, being afraid of the look. HELP ME!!
  7. Heyyy all my acne friends!! I'm new to this page and wish I could get some help! 1,5 years ago I were prescripted antibiotics (tetralysal) for mine at that time moderate acne! I think that was the worst decision of my life, it made my face break out like never before and didn't even improve as I continued with the pills... today I still have acne not as bad as when on the tetralysal but still pretty bad for me and enough bad to destroy sooo much in my life! Depression etc from this... I have bee
  8. Hey guys, i'm 24 this year having a tough time with acne/acnescars. i have no idea why even though i follow the routine step of cleansing>toner>moisturize everyday without fail, my acnescars wont fade and in fact sometimes my pimples will just pop out of nowhere. Now my main concern is my acne scars. i have manage to reduce the pimples but my last picture, my acne scars is bad. i need some assistance here. pls do comment or any suggestion be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hello, Does anyone know a good product to help remove dark acne scars/marks? I have tried many lightening creams and home remedies, nothing works Hope I find something! Thanks
  10. I have Hyperpigmentation and acne scars which have caused enlarged pores. They make my face look like they are a lot of holes. Also the dark spots are all allocated in one area on my face that it appears as if there is a line on my face as you can see in the second picture. I need help on how I can fix my face. I also start college again in two weeks and I already know people will judge me for this, or maybe I'm paranoid. Thank you.
  11. Hi guys. (Horrific pictures ahead!!!) About a few months back my cheeks started to have these tiny bumps which I initially thought they were acne so I kept putting acne cream on them but to no avail. They don't come to a head no matter what and they are very visible under sunlight. After a month of having them, I went for a basic facial treatment and I was told that they were whiteheads, either from new cosmetic or skincare products allergy or the results of not cleansing my face properly. The
  12. Hello, to all the wonderful people out there. I am desperately seeking for help. I'm completely overwhelmed with emotions after looking at all the pictures I will be adding to this post. I basically have some sort of acne/rash on my face that will not go away no matter what. I have tried retinoids, hydrocortisone creams, dermatologists, I've basically tried everything. I've spent tons of money on products, yet nothing works. I do not even know what type of acne it is. Please help me. I've outlin
  13. Hey, I didn't complain when I got this super rare blood cancer that caused me to have a heart attack last August AND I didn't complain when it caused 2 mini strokes a few months later BUT now it has made me anemic, and I have to take B12 shots to give me energy and those shots have given me cystic acne SO now I AM complaining because I am 64-years-old and nobody should have to deal with giant, painful pimples AND wrinkles at the same time, LOL Somebody, please give me a treatment plan for cyst
  14. Hi all,Hope you are well. I am feeling very down because of my skin. I always have people thinking i'm 30 but i'm actually 20. I don't know why but the overall quality of skin is just soo bad.I've had severe acne for approx 4 years. 3 months ago i finally started accutane. I've currently taken accutane for 3.5months with minimal improvement. Dosage 0-1.5 months - 10mg1.5-2.5 months - 20mg2.5-3.5 months - 30mg3.5 > months - 40mg (will stay on that for the rest of the course, or may
  15. Hello, I have had blackheads for longer than I care to admit, and after years and years of them not leaving it's starting to get me down. The main problem is my nose, my chin also has quite a few but my nose makes me the most self conscious. They're quite deep, and there's probably upwards of 100 blackheads dispersed all over my nose. I can cover most of them with makeup, but some won't be covered and they're still under all of the makeup at the end of the day. I have tried everything I can
  16. I have scars that are practically identical to those in the first picture and was wondering what treatment you think would be best. The pics I took were under pretty forgiving light and are definitely far worse at different angles/lighting. I've been looking into subcision lately but really have no clue. What do you guys think would be a good treatment or place to start? Disregard my terribly dry skin and premature gray hairs.
  17. Hey everyone, I have two choices I can either go on accutane in about two weeks or also have the option to start in the beginning of April for a reason I will post below. I am going on a low dosage 20mg for a longer period of time rather than the 6 month and meeting a total amount of Mg because of the side effects. I am going on my senior year spring break in about a month to Panama City Beach, Florida with a bunch of friends from my school. Should I start the accutane as soon as possible or sho
  18. Hi. I'm a 15 year old girl, that literally has made her biggest mistake. It all started with a little pimple, that I simply decided to pop. This little pimple did get infected, and it turned into a bigger pimple, that I popped too. It didn't really heal, or well, it did, but I was left with a hard lump on my forhead. I let it be, hoping that it would dissappear in a week or two. Three weeks later, it was still there. I did really annoy me, and I had just started my christmas break, so I thought
  19. I'm 18 years old and have acne for over 5 years now.My acne is mild-moderate plus I have body acne.But my problem is scarring.Scarring runs in our family and I get scars from every spots even if they are left untouched.I have been on and off antibiotics like minocycline,azithromycin and recently now on doxycycline.The topicals I've tried include benzoyl peroxide,Epiduo,Clindamycin and Salicylic acid.Only drug that caused any difference is doxycycline but I still get acne and ocassional cyst.So i
  20. Hello Guys, long story short I had really bad acne when I was a teen and now I'm 21 and left with very unsightly acne scars. Im currently stuck in a place where I'm debating whether I should just love myself and accept this as a part of who I am or seek out treatment for it. Sigh it just makes me so sad because I feel so ugly at times because of it. do you guys mind taking a look at my skin and giving me tips/things to try im currently considering dermapen tca cross I have nev
  21. any experienced member here can share how to use the suction pump properly? how many secs leave the skin lifted by the suction, etc my suction pump arrived today and i dont really know if um using the 100% of it
  22. I need help identifying my scars. In some pics look almost none existent idk of its the hyperpigment along with raised scars. And the fact I'm on accutane that makes my face look bumpy and uneven . I do have some scars that are quite evident but would like some insight on my situation any would help
  23. Hello everybody. I just started accutane yesterday and will be taking my secon pill today. I have quite bad acne and spots as you can see in the picture and it really has a bad effect on my confidence (If I even have that anymore...) I just feel like it's so bad that there is no way that anything can make it better and I'm probably overreacting, but it really brings me down. I just have that thought in my head of "what if it doesn't work" and I feel that there is nothing for me to do and I ha
  24. After having red marks leftover from my acne on my cheeks for over a year now, I am not waiting any longer for they to fade away. Honestly it feels like most products I try just make it worse. I've held back from going in for a medical procedure because of the cost, but I'm finely realizing it's what I need to do. With that being said, what is the most successful treatment for red marks? I don't have that deep of scars, just mainly bright red spots. Most people wouldn't call them a sc