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Found 500 results

  1. OK so.... I'm an idiot. Well, not really an idiot, but I honestly wonder why I did this to myself - and why I canNOT stop picking in a vengeful rage against my poor, poor face. I added extra glycolic acid to the parts that are in the picture as obviously red and messed up. The rest of my skin basically looks fine, though since cutting down to just 1G Pantothenic acid supplementing a day it is definitely getting oilier. Background info - I bought 70% Glycolic acid undiluted (extremely high pe
  2. Hello everyone I need to know if fat grafting works for my acne scars and how much improvement should i expect?
  3. Sk8

    Acne Scars

    This is a short entry but i would like as much feedback as possible. My treatments have been "working" my acne is getting better my fce is pretty "clear" but still really red and have a lot of red acne marks that arent going away so my face still looks horrible. Please help what has helped you guys' acne scars or red marks. I dont really have deep ice pick or any indentions just red skin and marks.
  4. I dont know if this is melasma, PIH, PIE, but this uneven skintone has remained for over 5 years. There are some indentations, so am wondering if the indentations are affecting the color?
  5. Hey everyone, I’m pretty embarrassed to post this considering I’m super insecure of the condition of my skin. I’m extremely fair and the contrast of my scarring and hyperpigmentation are very noticeable. I would like to know: from the pictures below (sorry for the bad quality) how severe would you say my scarring/ hyperpiemtation is? What would you suggest treatment wise for someone who has sensitive, easily scarred skin? Thankyou!
  6. hi, I am 20 years old i have had acne since i was 11, they started from my head and then filled my whole face , my mother(box car scars like me) and her family also have terrible skin, one i decided to fight back so i went to a dermatologist he told me to lose weight so i did lost 25kg eating clean and exercising but it didn't affect my acne. so i went to other dermatologist when i was about 17 he gave me low dosage accutane 10mg per day, i took for a long time it helped, i even got laser done f
  7. I have a variety of PIE and PIH scars that I got from skin picking. I picked at them over and over again so they're pretty red and brown. There's a few on my face and a few on my body. I've tried a lot of products that are recommended for these scars but nothing has really helped. I don't know what to do next. I'm thinking of dermarolling but I'm not sure. What should I do next? I can't afford laser treatments for multiple areas of my face and body as it'll cost too much. But, I'm considering it
  8. Hi guys, I'm 21 years old and I've suffered from acne for 9 years long, now I'm left with scars.This is my first time here, so i;m quite inexperienced.I just want to know how severe are my scars and which treatments can I take to improve them, thanks <3 <3. PS: I'm from Vietnam and i'm not good at English, please forgive me for any mistakes!
  9. Duration : 2 + years now. What I took : Flucloxacilline (7 days, 2 years ago didn't work), Fucidin Pills (11 days, derm told me to stop it) and cream, Minocycline (Not sure if it was this one) What I'm taking now : Doxycycline pills, erythromycine topically (don't seem to be working, even aggravating it and making new ones appear) Test results : streptococcus pyogene OR staphyloccocus aureus + malassezia furfur OR malassezia furfur and some labs found nothing Effect on me : Little red dot w
  10. Hi all, so about a week week or so ago I was on clarithromycin for tonsillitis. After 4-5 days on this I experienced a pretty strong allergic reaction. My skin on face and body was really dry and red, and hot. It was a little itchy. Now it’s a week post. the skin on my face is very dry, tight and flakey. I moisturise multiple times a day and all over my body it’s still very dry. My face gets so oily during the day normally that I have to blot it constantly but now no oiliness. Even the ski
  11. My skin has gotten a lot worse over the past year for some reason. I didn't have these scars or enlarged pores a year and a half ago. My routine used to be just washing my face with Biore charcoal face wash everyday then putting Vaseline brand lotion in. Nowadays I use Biore salycylic acid face wash with the same lotion because it gets rid of random pimples before they even show. I've tried a Biore face mask or a week but didn't notice much difference in my skin
  12. I have come to realize I have a poor healing response. Any pimple, especially in my cheek area will leave a very shallow indent in its place. I always knew that my skin healed slowly, but now I am scared to start trying different treatments, specifically using the derminator and tca peel. Can anyone give me advice in what route I should take, especially those with the same issue. Can using the derminator cause further damage if my skin's healing ability is not the best? thanks so much!
  13. Just wanted to hear different opinions. Thanks.
  14. i've been using extra virgin olive oil organic for about 1.5 month.. i got my acne scars worse and my skin looks dull.. i mean, olvie oil supposed to do make your skin brighter and acne scars fade away but gratefully i dont get acne even tho im really acne prone.. i apply olive oil at night and rinse it off in the morning with water and tissue.. where did i do it wrong? am i use it too much? or am i applying for too long?? please helpp...... but the positive side are my skin is not oily anymore
  15. I have a small 35% TCA bottle at home and a derminator device. That's all what I want to use. No filler, no subcision. For the moment, not TCA cross either. I always read threads in which people recommend subcision+filler as main treatments and then TCA peels for "texture issues". I wonder whether TCA on its own can improve mild acne scars. How much improvement could we have with microneedling+TCA peels over the months/years?
  16. I've red somwhere that retinoinds made somebody's scars worse. I'm wandering if you heard something about it and if it referrs only to oral retinoids or also topical. I'm using topical retinoids to boost collagen after microneedling, therefore I'm asking.
  17. First of all, I'm really sorry for my English. I'm currently 18 and suffering from acne scars I've suffered from acne started when I was 12 (not cystic, it's like whiteheads, blackheads, and sometimes pimple) and I don't really have many acne right now, they just show up in some spots and they rarely show up. Anyway, so I'm suffering from the scars that are left from the acne. Now I'm not sure if the scars just showed up naturally or what, but back in 2016 I applied azelaic acid on my acne wh
  18. I’d like to know the condition of my scars, what treatments would be effective and also what type of scars they are cause i still haven’t figured out. Thank you.
  19. I'm 19 years old male and I've been suffering acne for the past 5 years. During this time I've used almost everything (bp, salicylic acid, zinc oxide you name it), now my skin looks really old, flaky and most of all oily on the top but looks dehydrated AF on the bottom. I've used bp for the past 2 years which helped with acne but it never solved the problem. Looking now I believe that it was bp that damaged my skin permanently. Now I'm going as natural as possible. My routine: AM - wash face w
  20. Hey everyone- I still have a while to go before I can even start treating my scars, as I am currently on my final month of accutane. It is just really disappointing to suddenly have a face full of scars after perfect skin my whole life. Most of my scars are rolling and create huge dents in my skin. It is super discouraging. I'm actually seeing a psychiatrist. I have researched SOOOO much, and seen actual results from real studies and real people. But still, it just seems impossible that I
  21. I've tried a lot of different scar reduction products from expensive laser treatments to silicone based gels. I just tried Glycolic Acid 70% and it has improved the appearance of my acne scars. I know it isn't a long term fix but its very easy and has held up for a couple weeks now. I'd say it works better or just as good as the expensive laser treatments (my scars came back eventually with lasers) so for the price and the effectiveness this is the best option I believe. (Links Removed by MOD,
  22. So im now 3 months on accutane no more active acne. But, i have my face full of PIH and scars. Some days i feel extremely sad about my appearance so i close my door and cry all the damn day in my room. Before acne my skin was beautiful and i never judged people with acne but now i feel like all the people judge me by my appearance. These give me seriously trust issues , in fact this year two girls wanted to be my girlfriend but i rejected both because im feeling so horrible. The things now
  23. Hello! I have quite a few scars and would like some help on how to deal with them! I have 2 saucer-shaped scars, 2 shallow but still noticeable rolling scars, and a few icepick scars. One of my ice pick scars creates a big dimple in my skin and is inside of a rolling scar. Would TCA peels be able to help me over a long time? Or do I need different intervention for best improvement? thank you! I have outlined the rolling scars in green, and posted 4 photos! The scars aren't too deep and are most
  24. From the time I was about 11 all the way through high school I had terrible acne. Come to find out it was because our well water had a bacterial problem and when I moved to college my acne magically disappeared for the most part except occasional break outs. Now I'm 23 and I've been left with these horrible acne scars (see pics). I'm so embarrassed by it and I hate leaving the house without makeup. It makes me soooo self conscious. They're concentrated on my cheeks and forehead. Does anyone have
  25. I got Deep Fx about 2 months ago. My esthetician put me on a Vitamin C/retinoid serum, but it is not controlling my comedonal acne. I was hoping to swtich the serum with Epiduo, as Epiduo has worked for my skin in the past. But I'm not sure if the ingredients in Epiduo are okay to use after Deep Fx? Will they inhibit my collagen production or my skin's healing? I have young skin, as I am only 18, so I am very prone to breakouts. I need something stronger than a vitamin C serum to control my a