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Found 500 results

  1. I’m finally getting an indented scar (caused by a cortisone injection) filled in next week! Which type of filler do you think is best? TIA x
  2. Hi friends, I am a 22 year old guy and I'm suffering from relapsed cystic acne. I took Isotretinoin for the first time 2 years ago ie. when I was 19-20 y.o. I took 40mg/day for the first two months and then increased it to 60mg/day for next 4 months. The cumulative dose came around 130mg/kg as I weighed around 75 kgs (165 lbs) back then. I was suffering from horrible cystic and nodal acne back then (So bad that I didnt dare click a single photo). Now I have deep scars and even tho
  3. My journey so far: It was 3 years ago I finished my accutane and became acne free! Since then I have been using chemical peels, retin-a and derma rolling. It was only of last year I bought the Derminator. I have used this machine up for 6 months straight but due to cost I had to scale it back. I have done research into Tretioin and have been using it for about a month now. I hear it can flatten out scars and wish to incorporate this with my dermarolling. Thankfully I have come into a bit of
  4. Hey everyone. I got off accutane in April and since then I haven't had any cystic acne. Only a few very minor breakouts. Thank god. I'm happy that my skin has finally calmed down but it is pretty severely scarred. I feel like when people look at me, they cringe a little. I can handle having a scarred face. It can give off a masculine tough guy look which I am okay with. I would, however, like to get rid of the discoloration and smoother the scars out a little. Can anyone point me in the right di
  5. I was wondering, would microneedling a week prior to doing a TCA peel result in greater improvement of large pores and ice pick/ boxcar scars? My theory is that the scars would be temporarily raised after the microneedling due to the plumping inflammatory effect that microneedling has, thus the TCA would reach the bottom of the scar and trigger collagen production. Has anyone had any luck with this? (I would do TCA cross on some of the deeper scars, but for the flat and more
  6. Hi All, I had a very severe acne when I turned 18 and it was gone in under a year with roaccurane/accutane treatment. Sadly, doctors decided to pick my spots and do whatever they wanted as they never seen anyone with the condition I had. I was out of school for months and all.. forward 8 years.. I am left with deep acne scars, been living ok with my scarred face, but recently I am getting more and more upset seeing my face, I think with years my skin is loosing its elasticity and scars are
  7. I need help identifying my scars type and treatment suggestion, please. I've done some laser treatments in the past liek Fraxel, CO2 etc., but with no success. All derms that i went to seemed to care more about the money than helping. I'm using dermaroller at home, and also I'm applying tretinoin on my face every night. My scars are multiplying every year and I don't know what do to. They have ruined my relationships and my confidence. I feel like a monster and can't look people i
  8. Hi everyone, I've had these scars on my forehead/glabella for around 14 years and have been trying to get some improvement. I've had 3 sessions of regular microneedling (over the past 4 months) and haven't seen any noticeable improvement. I know my scars are shallow but their appearence still bothers me. I am supposed to be seeing Dr Anil in London to have Secret RF microneedling but am quite nervous about the RF. He suggested that he do 2 passes, one at 1mm and another at 1.
  9. Hello. My acne is under control at this point but I’m left with scars from stupidly picking over the years. I don’t really care about scarring on my cheeks, I only have a few that I personally think give me character but the ones on my forehead really bother me. I know that lasers don’t help with the depth, and I’ve heard about people doing subsicion (with fillers to prevent retethering). I’m willing to spend money to help my self-esteem because it really does bother me. I’ve also heard of peopl
  10. I am having much success using allantoin on my face. It is working to fade the redness, fade the acne scars, and it causes a slight sloughing every week or so, and best of all, it doesn't burn or sting when I apply. In fact, it is rather gentle. Allantoin is often added as an ingredient to creams and lotions but in small or unknown amounts. What I have done is make a 2% solution and apply after washing, let it dry, then apply whatever else I want to use. Over the years, I have tried AH
  11. The reason why I am asking this is because I have a hard time to see whether or not the scars are pitted (most of them do not feel pitted and some I do not know). And I have a hard time to differentiate hyperpigmentation from acne scars. Also, I fear that some of the big red marks might become pitted - is that a possibility or can I prevent it? I included som different angles and circled in the marks I'm afraid will become indented.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if this is fungal acne or something else? Even when I apply foundation you can see like the small spots as shown in one of the images below. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED
  13. What type of scars do i have, what type of treatment plan would you suggest and how big of a difference could i expect to make?
  14. Hi iam from bangalore, India. i have severe acne scarring on my cheeks. These are combination of boxcar scars and other type of scars. Can i get treatment recommendation for my scars. I an visiting a doctor who is suggesting for subscision followed by some sessions of co2 laser. I get occasional acne and have little oily skin. I get these open pores which then stick around and form a scar. If you can suggest any doctor in bangalore with history of treating this level of scarring,
  15. Hi all, I've had serious cystic acne in the past, I went through a whole journey for my acne that was not only costly, but very mentally draining. You can check my progress here, in case you are losing hope and have similar skin to mine. Anyway, after BellaFill with Subsicion (being my last treatment) I think I'm almost set except for the discolored scars left on my cheeks. Can anyone help me with what laser is best for this type of scarring? I did V-BEAM once (I was supposed to do a
  16. Hello everyone I'm 22 years old, I have a lot of acne scars on my face and chest too. it makes me stress and shame. I have some questions 1. How to treat them? 2. can i get rid them till 90%?
  17. I have had severe acne ever since I was in 6 grade and it’s taking a huge toll on my mental health im in 10th grade now and I have many deep deep acne scarring after finishing accutane that I took for 6 months when I was 14. It’s been 3 months now and the hyper pigmentation is fading away but the deep scars are really bad. I had hope that I’d be able to do some laser or microneedling to fix it but I’ve read countless story’s of people with less scarring then me spending thousands and thousands
  18. Hi, so I've recently been able to clear my acne by using Epiduo. Now I'm left with scars that I would like to improve. They bother me every single day and I'm constantly worrying about them. It's partly a mental thing, I know, so I'm working on that. However, I would like to do what I can to start improving my scars. I've previously done two Matrix RF sessions and between break outs I've been microneedeling at home with a 0,5 mm stamp these past four months. I've seen a little improvement.