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Found 1,710 results

  1. Acne scarring is hell. It was already bad enough that you had to suffer through a condition that transformed your skin a bacterial free-for-all to be left with the aftermath - ice pick scars, enlarged pores, textural changes, indents, redness, pigmentation issues and so on. So you go to your dermatologist. You can trust your doctor right? They'll know how to fix those scars for sure. So you try some medication or procedure your dermatologist recommends, and you're hopeful that things will go w
  2. Jerseyb

    Folliculitis Will Not Heal

    Hi Guys Can someone please please please help!!!!!! Last Christmas I started to develop red marks on my face which I originally thought was Acne. The marks were originally extremely red and crossed half one check and covered a large section of my other cheek. The marks really effected my self esteem and destroyed my confidence. I went to the Dr's and he told me what I had was a shaving infection and gave me some topical steroid and moisturiser and said it should be healed in a couple of
  3. isaacNeedsHelp

    Teen Acne! - Need Advice

    Hi my name isaac, im 17 and also a junior in high school. I been struggling with acne and its not going to well, i don't know what im doing wrong, i just feel sad, disgusted with my face, i want to burs into tears really. cant even look at my friends in the eyes when they talk to me, i been really down, tried so many things but nothing seems to be working, my face right now is dry, flaky, uneven, acne, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation lots. I tried to leave my skin alone but i just cant. I kee
  4. right cheek(worse) left cheek (not as bad as right) ps i don't know if the pics will show up because I'm new to this site and don't really know how to use it... and sorry for not rotating the pics. Anyways.. I get papules that turn into pustules. They take about 2 weeks or more to go away and leave this horrible bright red mark, and I don't even pop it. I ordered Dan's BP treatment and Purpose cleanser and Olay moisturizer (the one he recommends) and I'm going to start The Regimen when my o

    The Acne Miracle

    I suffered from acne for about 11 years. 8 of those years it actually affected my life for the worst. So much that I wouldnt be where i am today or be the person I am today because of it. That thought of that alone blows my mind away. It still upsets me from time to time because of what I could have done and learned in that time. But as I look at it I would never be able to help anyone like I hope I can. Just a few facts that I learned on my own about acne that no doctor could ever tell
  6. Hi guys! Just signed up today. I have been battling acne for about 10 years now. I have only started scarring about a year ago. I hardly get any pimples at all any more (using cetaphil cleanser and moisturising cream - no acne treatments) but these scars are here and bothering me SO MUCH. Some of them are still red and its been over 6 months. However, I want to know what type of indentations these are and what I could do about them. Will they get shallower on their own over time? Some are only a
  7. I'm 16 right now. I started washing my face summer of 2010 with what ever products i had. At the time my face stayed clear and it stayed clear until april of 2011, since then i've been getting acne everywhere and so i started using creams to treat them and it just made my acne worse and so i started washing my SENSITIVE face twice a day and eventually my problem got better, but i still had acne. Can anyone give me a cleansing regimen for my sensitive skin, like what cleanser, moisturizers and to
  8. My skin looks gross been a month since my 50% glycol peel I burned my cheeks and temples then , it was not so bad but my skin looks worse like light brownish spots pinking skin tones what can I use to correct or even , I read about Retain A and hydroquinone , are they good for light skin , I'm 28 and my skin is awful I been using spray tan to mask it ,
  9. I use Accutane for severe acne and it's working, but i have these weird red marks left. They don't look like acne scars and my whole face looks red. My derm said it will go away in a few weeks. anyone has some tips? The pictures are not arranged but I'm pretty sure the pics go from bad to a little less bad.
  10. A week ago I got a really bad blemish and obviously I made the mistake of messing with it. Today I noticed the spot where the blemish was is indented. The mark is still new so I am not sure if it's still healing or if this will be a permanent acne scar, only time will tell but I'm curious to know what you guys think. Again it's only been a day since this has been indented and a week since the mark first showed up. I'll attach a picture so you can see and let me know what you think. This is the f
  11. Hi guys, It's only been about 6 months that I've been off Accutane but I'm going for a consultation soon and I'd like to get some other people's opinions on my skin. I'm pretty certain I have Post Inflammatory Eytherma but I'm not 100%. Looking at my gross photo (sorry about the quality), what do you think would help the most and how much longer will these take to heal? Also, I've got a semi-hard lump underneith one of the red marks but my face is completely flat and it's been there for ov
  12. katarzina

    First Entry

    Hi! I sign up in Acne.org this week (today, actually). English is not my native language so please excuse any mistakes. My acne started when I was 10/11 years old. It started when I was really young. I tried a lot of topical treatments. When I was in the 8th/9th grade it got much worse, so the derm prescribed me isotretinoin orotrex (Accutane is not available in my country but it's the same thing). This was really effective and my face was clear until last month. I'm no longer taking the isotret
  13. I'm 15 y.o and I have acne for 3 years now.. it's so frustating to have them on my face.. my friends sometimes just make fun of me because of it.. please help me to get rid of them.. cause I've been trying everything from drugstore product to a natural home remedy.. but none of them work at all.. or.. should I just go for accutane ??
  14. I don't know what to believe. I have had 4 pixel laser treatments over the past 2 years. I have never noticed any negative side effects (other than the week it takes to recover). However, after reading all of the hundreds of negative reviews "laser ruined my face," "after laser I noticed more scarring and indents that weren't there before" I am absolutely terrified. It never occurred to me that the laser could have damaged my face, caused orange peel texture, indents, more scarring,etc. But
  15. Hi, First time poster, I am seeing a plastic surgeon tomorrow about an unrelated issue. Should I just ask her about my agony over the 6 to 8 pock marks left on my face over the last 25 years that have caused me so much anxiety? Or is that crossing the line since I am seeing her for something unrelated. I am willing to pay her out of pocket if those marks could be filled in! I have read many threads about acne scar correction. Many seem promising while others sound totally disheartening! I
  16. Hey everyone. So basically I have a pretty high self confidence now since my acne is all gone but It left me with a few little scars. I have VERY little ones (ones you could only see if you actually were a few inches away from my eyes). I have 3 minor pitted ones that are more noticeable but are really not that bad. I already am aware that my face looks completely normal with them but why is the back of my mind still worried about the littlest things like this when I know people don't pay attent
  17. Hello all. I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. My acne didn't start until my 20s, and although I did have a few ugly breakouts a month, most of my issue has been hyperpigmentation (when I did have zits, I never picked them, I just let them be until they went away). I don't really know what happened, but all of a sudden, I started getting crazy red marks on my skin that look like acne marks, but were never zits. The regimen has cleared the few ugly pimples that I did get, but the
  18. Gene711

    Finding Professional Help

    Hey guys, So I'm looking to get professional help to take care of my Acne scars. I am having a hard time just finding someone to see....I called a few dermatologists but they didn't do cosmetic work. I've posted some pictures of my scars on here and was told TCA Cross would be beneficial. So my question is....Should I be looking for a dermatologist or a plastic/cosmetic surgeon?
  19. Do you guys see indented scarring or just red marks in the attached pic? And in case they're indeed indented do u think they'll fill in considering im only 19 years old and haven't been on Accutane? They're 1-2 months old. Thank you very much.
  20. K so I'm thinking of lasering the scars off my nose. BUT. I have dark skin. Probably like dark olive??? I'm not too sure. I just know I'm brown. I'm thinking of doing a mild laser like Erbium (my scarring isn't too deep so maybe it will still help) but I'm worried about the negative effects it may leave behind on my skin. I've heard that skin can lighten or darken, but that's about it. I have some questions Is there anything that can be done to lessen the risk of this? Is the darkening/lighte
  21. i almost take control over the acne and the hyperpigments. but i have these 2-3-4 "scars" i even don't know what they are they just sit there fresh and red from a month, i squized some pimples they came out only water and now don't want to heal please help... Anything is welcome
  22. meghanhopkins

    I'm Scared

    Hello! So I'm new to this but basically I am due to start roaccutane tomorrow for 4 months. My sister completed her course of roaccutane about two years ago and is completely fine and hasn't relapsed. However, after watching a lot of youtube videos and reading posts on here I still have absolutely no idea if roaccutane is for me or not, I can cope with the dryness but the potential long term side effects of this drug really really make me reconsider if its worth it or not. A bit about me
  23. Teenager67

    My Acne! Please Help

    Hey, can anyone review my acne and tell me how i should treat it? Any help would be much appreciated
  24. Hello- I have a bunch of red marks on both of my cheeks and chin. Other than that, I do not have that much active acne. I have small pimples on my forehead and a few on my cheeks but my active acne at this time is not the worst that it has been thus far. My doctor and I planned that I should go on accutane, but i am not sure if that is the best idea because I don't know how much it would help to clear up my face. At the same time, I want to prevent future acne because every pimple I get
  25. So I'm using Tetralysal/Lymecycline again now and my GP wanted me to stay on this and Finacea for 4-5 months. Its been a month and I don't think any major changes have occurred. What are your experiences with Finacea, Lymecycline? What product (any product that you used for acne) do you think worked the best and how long did you use it for?