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Found 35 results

  1. So I am 18 and i still have some active acne but i am wondering if the marks on my face are indented scars or just pigmentation. I started useing differin 5 weeks ago for the acne, will that combat these marks, and if they are scars will differin even them out?
  2. Hi guys, I have quite bad acne scars, deep pitting on my cheeks and it's effecting my relationships and self esteem. I am looking at Pixel ErbiumYAG Laser treatment to try to improve the appearance but if I am going to get treatment I want the most effective treatment possible. Does anyone know if chemical peels would be more effective? Are there any other treatments that are very effective? Here is a photo of the scaring;
  3. Porter114706


    From the album: The Real Me

    So, the picture on the left is what my acne looked like at it's worse about 6 months ago. It was HORRIBLE. I know it looks horrible, but what was the worst was how painful it was. I had tried several different medications and I finally decided to do Accutane ( I was so against it at first ). My reasoning behind not wanting to take Accutane was that if the drug could have the potential to do something harmful to my body that could affect me later in life, is it really worth taking it only to avoi
  4. Hello 7-8 month's in the redness scaring looks better 4 months later, But i have some above surface scars/acne that will not go away had them for idk atleast 8-12 months they just don't want to reduce down.. This is really starting to get to me 8 months in and Arghhh PICTURES : http://imgur.com/a/7fuMK#0 Please reply, It's really annoying see'ing alot of views and no replies... What can i do? Let them go ?? will they maybe 4 months magically go down?? OR ARE THEY SCARS?? Please i ha
  5. BeautifulCRYS


    This picture is taken a day before taking Accutane
  6. i have mild acne since i was 11 and it recently has turned to moderate acne, i had recently got ridden of my acne and only my scaring (light scaring) and hyper-pigmentation remained. so my goal was just to get rid of my scaring and my hyper-pigmentation, i had a large bottle of bio which i purchased i will back but never used so i decided to use it a few days ago, woah what a bad idea, i applied it to my skin at night, then went to sleep and the next morning woke up with cystic acne on mainly my
  7. Ok past two weeks I've been breaking out inbetween my eyebrows, my skin gets oily her but never usually break out this much here. Using a come done extractor a hard sebum like clogged pore thing comes out and it leaves a brown mark which takes forever to go and fade the slightest. Possible causes: Gym sweat from cardio, I try to wash my face as soon as possible after a gym session however sometimes i shower and wash my face a bit later like 30 minutes later so maybe the sweat hardens which c
  8. Hello, Now the main reason for me wanting to post this i have been on acctuane for 3-4 months, It has done a "good" job, Still along way to go though, What is worrying me is the Redness/Scar like looking things ahha, I want to know if the redness will fade away thats what i hope i can handle some bumps and scars, but its all the redness that is getting to me really. The Redness in the scars if there scars, I want a bit of advice if these will fade etc. Now i have told you i have been on acc
  9. Robert Cohn

    Jan. 2015

    From the album: Acne Problem

    (Right) In my opinion the slightly better side...
  10. Hi, 2 weeks ago I start used Apple cider vinegar topically thinking it would help with the pink/red spots on my face but I haven't really seen any change, if anything it's worse. My skin is smooth but looks horrible you can see the pics below. How do I get rid of these spots (((( ?? Some people say it's a couple months but idk, and if it is, how do I speed up the process?
  11. Hi first time posting on here but I have been reading for a while. Am curious as to what I have on my face, i don't really get pimples anymore but my cheeks are full of what you see in the pic. Is this marks or scarring? And what will be the best way to get rid of it regardless of price aslong as its not too expensive?
  12. I am 37 male, with back acne. no acne on face, but the occasional pimple. I'm currently on accutane day 18 or 19 at 40mg a day. The side effects I am experience at the present time are dry chapped lips, pain in the right shoulder joint/socket, slow healing after pimple popping, depression and anxiety, gas and constipation, sensitive skin, and light. I can deal with everything no problem but unfortunately I have surgery coming up. I've been waiting to get booked since January and I thought
  13. (This just happens to be my very first forum so please bare with me) I have been suffering from acne from the age of 13. I developed nasty, red, inflammed nodular cyst that seemed to swallow my face. I went to the dermatologist, where she told me the obvious and put me on Accutane for 6 months. The accutane worked wonders, cleared of my skin quite nicely, and for about 3 years, I had very nice skin. However, half way through my Junior year. my face suddenly became out of control. The painfu
  14. Robert Cohn

    End of 2014

    From the album: Acne Problem

    To be clear: I have done nothing special in the time between this picture and the next 5. This may have just been one of those days where I had a few more swollen and noticeable pimples, the scars have stayed the same for the most part. This one was taken under yellowish lighting, the rest were done in a bring, naturally lit bathroom. That could be the difference.
  15. My faces feels smooth but it looks like it has tiny bumps on my cheek idk If this is scaring can someone help ?
  16. Please tell me what kind of scaring I have, how bad is it, as well as my acne and how bad it is. I do not consume dairy and I drink plenty of water and get moderate exercise, and I am currently trying to take Zinc and Vitamin D-3 for my acne, as well as using a Clearasil "Acne + Marks" face wash which doesn't seem to be doing anything even with the help of a scrubbing brush..then I use a Equate Moisturizing Lotion, and sometimes I'll use Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide. I do not have any access wh
  17. Hi, so I just made this and I'm not entirely sure I'm using it right but here goes nothing. So I'm twenty years old and recently started suffering from moderate to severe acne. I never had acne (very rarely an occasional zit) until about a year ago. What started off as what I though was just a break out during that time of the month has become a nightmare I can't get rid of. All of my acne is located on my cheeks and chin, most of it is blind and located under the skin. I also get the same type
  18. Sorry for what might be a silly post but I am 33 years old and have been plagued by this since I was a teen. My spots only seem to come around the lower half of my face. I also have what I call a rashy forehead a sits really getting me down now. I habe always thought it might be hormonal as I suffer from pcos but I just need to do something now as it is really depressing me I was once given a topical solution to use when I was about 15 but it burned my cheeks so I was advised to stop using
  19. Hi all! I've come here with a few questions for you and would love any and all input First off, my nose has been red for almost 8 years now (I'm 20) and I'd just like some opinions on it, I've had severe acne since about 13 and it's really taken its toll on my life, my confidence has always been awful, I've struggled to make meaningful relationships with all but a few people, and that's due to going to school with those people, I've recently moved to a new area and although some of my old fr
  20. Hey all, its been months since I last posted by my skin is wayy better!! I finish Roaccutane in a matter of days, and I am left with lots of hyperpigmentation. I won’t see my dermatologist again as I have been signed off. So do any of you guys have any suggestions on how to get rid of these marks they are really putting a downer on my confidence! * disclaimer they look quite good in the picture, but when I go out they look a lot worse, and I know I even blurred out my nose, but I literally
  21. From the album: Accutane Blog

    my face has cleared unbelievable good as you can see! i just want to get rid of the redness...no pimples anymore
  22. Hello everyone. I'm Lore, I'm a 23 year old guy from the UK and I'm going through a really tough time. This will probably be a long post, but if anyone is around to read it, I would really appreciate it. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible! I guess I could just use some support. (Hence why I have posted this here, instead of the accutane logs section). Basically, I am a depressant on roaccutane. Now, before I go any further -- No, the accutane did NOT cause my depression. Acne and my skin
  23. Hi guys, After many years of reading posts on here this is my first time ever posting myself... As many of you understand, it's so distressing having to live with bad skin so to take a picture and post it on the internet feels almost crazy! But all I've ever read on here is people being kind and trying to help, so I've decided just to bite the bullet! My acne/scaring problems are starting to effect me so much now and I'm really starting to struggle, I've been bullied for years due to my sk
  24. Can someone please help me and tell me what is wrong with me. I am a 32 year old man, I have had severe acne since I was 14. I live a very clean life. I do not eat breads or any complex carbs, stay away from dairy products, never touches any sugars (candy bars, sweets, etc) eat plenty of veggies and the right fruits, supplement with vitamins, and stay active. I I wash ash my face every day with a mild cleanser, use sun screen, and moisturize with a cocanut/Aragon oil mix. I have done Accutane to
  25. Hi All, I need some advice if possible. Im a 24year old male and have suffered from acne since my early teens. When I was around 16 I went to a dermatologist and he put me on 20mg of rroaccutaine for 6 months. Before I started my acne was mild/moderate but once I started my acne became extremely severe. I had huge red cystic welts all over my chest, face, shoulders and back. And as a result still have severe scaring. I had to get injections to reduce the scar tissue after it all cleared up. It d