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Found 51 results

  1. Sigh. I'm back. Again. I had a blog here before, however my picking has not gotten better, in fact, it has gotten worse, and now I have done so much damage to my face that it is starting scar. I fairly good skin, though I do get break outs from time to time, but that's not really the issue. It doesn't really matter what my skin is like because I will ATTACK it anyways. I have to say that it has definitely gotten worse since my accident in last august (2013). I cut my toes off with
  2. OK so.... I'm an idiot. Well, not really an idiot, but I honestly wonder why I did this to myself - and why I canNOT stop picking in a vengeful rage against my poor, poor face. I added extra glycolic acid to the parts that are in the picture as obviously red and messed up. The rest of my skin basically looks fine, though since cutting down to just 1G Pantothenic acid supplementing a day it is definitely getting oilier. Background info - I bought 70% Glycolic acid undiluted (extremely high pe
  3. I did a blackhead extraction myself, which i know is fucking stupid and I hate myself for doing it, because now it looks like my skin is scarring. The areas where I was the most rough was on my forehead, nose and chin, and they are now a week later still really tight, and showing signs of scabbing. When I wrinkle my skin, the dead(?) scarred(?) skin looks weird. I've tried giving the areas lots of moisture, washing it less and with the outmost care, and nothing helps. The areas keep wrinkling we
  4. ok so i have my first dermatologist visit tomorrow and i have some questions regarding what to expect. will the derm treat all of my problems at once? or will they try to do one at a time? does the derm usually give you a whole regimen (face wash, treatment, moisturizer) or can you stick with the same routine you have now and just replace the treatment with a prescription one? recently i have gotten some burns on my face (from benzoyl peroxide) that have really messed up a few spots on m
  5. So I have been using the regimen for around 1 1/2 months. I have had success but I still have some clogged pores and maybe one or two small pimples. Unfortunately, every time one pimple goes away it seems that another one sprouts up in a different place, so I decided to start using AHA. First, I am just wondering it is OK to put AHA on even if I still have a few pimples. Just to let you all know, I have only been doing half AHA and half moisturizer cause I dont want to breakout. Second, when I u
  6. I have been suffering from hyperpigmentation for almost a year and i recently came across an article that shows that garlic could get rid of my hyperpigmentation and the remaining acne. So last week i used garlic and nugmeg mixture to apply directly on top of my hyperpigmentation and acne. I accidentally left it on for almost 30 minutes and it burned my face. Later that night i was washing my face and the burned part of my skin came off revealing a bright pink skin inside. For a whole week i use
  7. Hey everyone. so I had a facial about 3 weeks ago. needless to say, I will not be getting another. I had a breakout and decided to go to an esthetician so they could get me pointed in the right direction with better skincare products tailored to my needs and such. I my sister had gone to her previously and she has alot of experience with acne. n fact, she had pretty severe cystic acne herself that she had since cleared up. anyway, I had a deep cleansing facial with extractions done. the extracti
  8. So it's week 14 and I'm still not clear. On top of that, it only got worse. My skin improved the first month I used the regimen. I stopped having huge pimples. Around week 12, I started picking on my skin thinking that removing those dry flakes on top of the acne will help it clear soon. Well, it didn't help at all. I now have acne scabs and they are swollen right now. It's like there are bumps on my face and I hate it. What can I do to heal it faster? Should I still do the regimen then dab neos
  9. Okay, so two nights ago, I decided to try to pop out some of the dirt from my pores on my nose. It worked, but my finger/nail pinching left red bruises immediately after. I left the bruises and went to sleep, expecting them to fade away over night. However, they were still there when I woke up. I then looked up home remedies for healing bruises quickly. I tried lemon juice, which just made my face sting, and vinegar, which made some skin peel, worsening the problem. I then put an ice cub in a ra
  10. So, my acne is mostly whiteheads, and I'm wondering what everyone does to heal the scabs they get when you don't pick it and it eventually forms a scab? Do you keep putting BP/another topical on it until or goes away completely or do you just leave it? I put BP on my whiteheads which turn into scabs but then my skin gets really dry and flaky, even with lots of moisturiser!
  11. okay so i diluted white distilled vinegar with some water and dabbed it on my forehead w a cotton ball (idk probably bc google said its good for acne) and it ended up just leaving little scars and scabs on my pimples. i also had comedones that were burned and now are red and scabby. now my face is all red, inflamed, and scarred. heeellppp!!
  12. I am so upset, I haven't picked my face in weeks and it was to the point where I didn't even feel the need to wear makeup when going out. Two days ago however I picked again now I have scabs all over my forehead. I have a wedding to go to in two weeks, do you think they will be healed by then? Any suggestions on what I can do to make them heal faster ?
  13. So i finished a six month course of accutane on April first. so its been a little over a month since finishing. It was my second course, and i took it for persistent comendonal acne (every single pore on my face filled with a hard long sebum plug), not cystic/hormonal. Bottom line, it did not work for me. yes you read that correctly, accutane did not work. and i weigh 110 and took 60 mg the entire time. My whole 6 month course my skin looked the worse its ever been, and once i stopped taking i s
  14. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if this is a good regimen for clearing up red marks/scabs caused by pimples. I don't think my acne is too bad. Just a lot of redness from picking before, but I'm going to stop with that. Anyway my regimen right now that I'm going to try and stick with is: 1. Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser Scrub 2. Lush Tea Tree Water Toner 3. Lush Skin Drink Moisturizer Morning and night, with a spot treatment at night. Anyone feel free to let me know about experience
  15. I hurt my cheek while cleaning, I know, kinda dumb but I have a day old scab on my face its red and and I need help to take it off as soon as possible, I don't want my boyfriend to think differently if me and I have picture day next week, and school in two weeks! I need help to heal It fast! Please? Anyone? I'm desperate!
  16. Hi, I'm a teen guy. My skin is fairly clear, but I have a REALLY bad acne scab since yesterday. I mean, its HUGE. its very red(bloody looking) and the center of it is a soft filmish feeling skin. I was wondering if A. I should keep it moist or let it dry out. And B. If I do keep it moist, would neosporin, aloe vera gel(pure) or both be best for healing it? I just want it gone by this Saturday (I have a date lol) Thanks for the replies(:
  17. I've been getting these blackheads/zits around nose and near the crease on my upper lip, they tend to turn red and I squeeze at them, which makes my face look red and then these big red scabs seem to form. It looks disgusting, and I know that when I don't get these, my face for the most part stays clear. Does this happen to anyone else? Please let me know, and also I hate going out in public or being seen by anyone when I have them, it makes me VERY insecure. I usually sit inside while they're
  18. Hi everyone! I am quite new to this community and am so excited to start this skincare journey! HISTORY OF MY SKIN: I have had acne for 3 years, and this is the first time it has been really bad due to my period. I was going from harsh chemicals like BP and Salycilic acid, to all natural lush skincare. I wasn't giving any product enough time and my skin just got worse. my skin has lots of red marks and hyperpigmentation, on my forehead and the inner parts of my cheeks. I also have healin
  19. Things always seem to look up when you have chocolate in your lap. SO! I did a shit ton of damage to my face last night, and I got yelled at by my parents today when I went to visit for easter. I knew that that was coming. I am trying new things to help reduce the redness and speed up healing: Calomine lotion Vaseline Intensive skin repair We'll see how those work, and I'll let you know if anything is magical and fast acting. There isn't anything terribly interesting to put today, my face
  20. roadtohappiness

    Day 3

    So, officially day 3 of my 30 day no pick challenge. didn't make it around to post, so I'll catch you all up. Day 1&2 were pretty rough emotionally. The wounds were so deep, looked like I got attacked. Couldn't bare going outside or seeing anyone. I eventually had to get out though, and makeup took about an hour. still pretty gross though. I did not pick, luckily, mostly because it made me too sick to look at myself. I began drinking a lot of water, and taking multivitamins as well as using
  21. After I used Proactive mask to clean up my cystic pimples and my nose is full of scabs
  22. Please help if anyone knows anything. I'm getting more and more depressed about this. Im 23 years old and I've had pretty decent skin my whole life with occassional blemishes around my period or if I was stressed. Last August I moved from ohio to new york city and this is when everything started. I started to get small little white bumps on my chin and I thought they were pimples so I would try to squeeze them and nothing happened and they would just get irritated and red. I went to the dermot
  23. My son is 15 and he has been battling acne for years. He was starting to get clear and BAM, he gets Chicken Pox. I can't find much on the web about how to treat the hundreds of scabs that have formed so they don't end up scarring. If anyone has experience with this, I would really appreciate some recommendations for topical applications. I just dread having him deal with Pox scars and Acne...ugh.
  24. "Never pop your zits." It's always in the back of our minds. "Just this one," we think. "Okay, fine, this one too," we murmur. We don't intend for one little scab to turn into 10, 20, 40, 100, etc, but somehow, it does. It's a relief, a temporary escape from your problems. You get a sort of sick satisfaction from finding anything in your pores, and when you pick, it puts you in a trance-like state, where you go to better places in your mind - where you calm down. You do it all the time,