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Found 68 results

  1. Hello! I had a nasty zit a couple days ago which I popped before it was ready. Then trying to fix the issue yesterday I tried picking at it just a bit, which of course made it much worse. I have been using polysporin triple and Lamaisl as a treatment so far but no improvements. Really need some help guys!! I have attached photos of the progression. Any tips or tricks are welcomed. Thank you!!
  2. Today is day two, and I have to say that despite being in an absolutely foul mood; I'm proud of myself. I was able to go the whole day without picking. However, due to the fact that I am in a bad mood I am going to keep things very brief. - Didn't pick today in the shower, which is one of the main places that I pick. - my GP is a useless, unprofessional twat. (I don't really want to get into details but he basically treated me like an idiot and was rude the entire time.) - Got home from wo
  3. i'm new on here but desperately need some help. like 2 weeks ago i had a bad hormonal breakout and got a lot of pimples on my cheeks. i got one near my jawline that was a whitehead but hurt pretty bad, i had refrained from picking at the other pimples bc i know how bad it is but this one had a lot of pressure so i popped it. i felt like it had SO much stuff oozing out of it that i had to keep popping it which resulted in a red mark bigger than the original pimple. anyways it's been a while and i
  4. Recently, I had an acne scab on my face, it was bright red on cheek, I couldn’t help myself but peeled the scab of, still looking bright red, you could see it from a mile away, that’s how bad it was, and after a week or so it didn’t go away, and then the second week it turned brown, now all I want is my skin to go back to normal, and match with my skin tone, if there are any dermatologist’s reading this or anyone who is knowledgeable about this , please help. You can see it on the bottom ri
  5. Hey guys. So a couple months ago I had a small whitehead. I took a towel and I tried to rub the whitehead off. Unfortunately, I caused a burn on my skin by rubbing to hard. Anyways, a scab began to form and I peeled the scab off because I am an idiot. Anyways its been 2 months and the skin is still sort of red and pink. Should I try to start exfoliating this skin to fade these marks?
  6. Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some help here regarding a scab from some cystic acne I had around Christmas time. I got an under-skin pimple on my chin, picked it (as I often do) and it created a wound. Usually these wounds take a few days to heal for me, sometimes up to two week. The issue is that it seems that the scab is stuck in the healing. It's not an open wound anymore, but rather just a scab with the normal "thick" dark brown/red skin over it. I've tried peeling it off to see if the sk
  7. LB002

    Acne Scab

    Alright, so stupidly on Wednesday I squeezed the most minor blackhead on my forehead. It shouldn't have even been squeezed, it would've gone away on its own and it was barely noticible. So the next day I drained the rest of the infection out, but now there's a huge dark scab on my forehead. For now I'm not going anywhere so I don't need to worry about trying to cover it, but school starts on the 18th and I'm wondering when this thing will go away. Right now it is Saturday so I have about 4 days.
  8. Ok so yesterday I popped two huge painful (almost cystic) zits on my face. I don't necessarily regret the actual popping because it no longer hurts, but I regret the fact that they've become huge sores. both of them (one more than the other) have formed a yellowish layer on part of it. It looks like an infection or pus. I just want to know how long these scabs will last on my face. (Don't worry, I've quit picking them!) and also don't mind my hideously unplucked eyebrows. The flash really makes
  9. So I had a big pimple right above my eyebrow. I know it was bad, but I popped it and now a scab has formed. While I was sleeping, part of a scab moved off. Half of it is still on though. The part that has fallen off is a light pink. I heard that will go back to my normal skin tone. I'm more worried about the middle where there is a tiny identation. Is this going to scar? Thanks
  10. I really need some help here guys, ok so I recently had a bad break out and one of the spots on my jaw I had picked at quite badly (bad idea, I know!) so the spot has scabbed over but the scab was slightly flaky and I couldn't resist just pulling it off but it was still very tightly attached to the middle of the spot ( not the edges) and when I pulled it off the middle bled, sorry for the graphic description, anyway the spot was pink skin now and the middle bled a little then stopped but it won'
  11. Hi everyone. I'm a new member who joined today. Before March 2015, I had relatively clear skin. But after returning from a trip to Asia (I'm from Australia), my skin started to form a lot of closed comedones on both of my temples (I've never broken out there before) as well as cheeks and jawline. It's now June and it's still there. I recently went to see a dermatologist who prescribed me with his Glycolic Acid cream that I must apply every night. Intense scabbing has now occurred and I am wo
  12. So I was picking at what appeared to be a whitehead under my skin. It's when you have those little bumps on your skin and it seems like it's a whitehead under your skin. Anyway, I was picking at it and I ended up starting to bleed a little. Earlier today, the scab that formed fell off on accident and now there's a light red mark on my face. I need help to make the mark go away. Thank you! The photo is a pic of the mark with aloe on it.
  13. I'm hoping that I'm putting this in the right thread here but I need some help with healing a couple of open sores that I have ATM. Pretty much I've come to accept the fact that I have a problem with picking/popping things on my face and I tend to do it more when I'm under stress. I've been under more stress as of late so long story short I was stupid and picked a couple sores on my face lol. To avoid me picking at these more for the next couple of days (having these come to gross, crusty sca
  14. Ok so I had a pimple and I popped like I normally do, and I wasn't sure if I had gotten everything out so I got a needle and started stabbing it looking for a whitehead and could find anything so I figured I got all of it, but in the process of looking I created a pretty big hole in the pimple with ripped skin and I was really hoping I would start bleeding so that I knew for sure it would heal but it never did, I put vitamin e and Neosporin on it and over night it sealed up but it doesn't look l
  15. Hello. I'm 19 years old and i've had acne since I was about 15. My acne never really got severe until I was 16/17. Ever since then, I have had major breakouts and large acne bumps. Sometimes they are so big that I have to pop them .. Even when I don't pop them they turn into a scab.. In the past year the majority of my acne is on my forehead. It is so bad and i've tried everything from Proactive to other Salysic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Honey, even Witch Hazel, Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Garlic,
  16. OMGmahface

    Day 24

    Day 24 - washed my face and one of the big scabs came off. I thought to myself, oh so the other scab might be ready to come off too since they kind of happened at the same time. So I began to pick at the other scab and it initially started peeling off nicely.... I tore the whole thing off and I was wrong -_-;; there was still 10% that wasn't ready and it started to bleed a bit. It might just scab over again. Stupid of me.
  17. Help!! My skin has erupted in loads of spots whiteheads and cysts as well as loads of little bumps with lots of redness. I used to have isolated chin acne (it was no where else) Even my cheeks were super clear- I feel like I’ve tried absolutely everything from natural remedies to creams and topical treatments right now I’m using the neutragena clearing face wash and the Liz Earle moisturiser and toner and I occasionally use the Barnier pure active face mask. I feel like I’m at the point where I’
  18. Picky Nicki

    It Begins Now

    I begin this journey now. And all I can hear in my head are the words that Frodo says to Sam; words Bilbo told him years before, "Its a dangerous business, going out your door. If you don't watch where you step there's no telling where you may go." I think that these words may be quite appropriate to heed as I begin my own journey. To begin; I have terrible OCD, a diagnosis made alongside of ADHD and Depression. I am in control of my ADHD and depression through the use of medication and the us
  19. hello everyone someone please answer im begging you. I have college orientation in 6 days and I had two small pimples that I treated with tea tree oil and ACV and then I woke up and it had burned my skin and the pimples didn't even go away. the skin got brown and peeled off and left two raw skin wounds I NEED HELP AND I NEED ALL YOUR BEST REMEDIES. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO RESPOND IM DESPERATE.
  20. So I had a small cystic pimple on my chin. And stupidly tried to pop it yesterday. We've all been there before. Now it is this massive swollen purple thing weeping clear fluid and scabbed. I am in tears, its the worst thing I've ever had on my face. I have a date tomorrow that I cant cancel. I have no clue what to do, I feel heartbroken. How long do these take to heal? Is there any way to make it look better by tomorrow? Should I wear a bandaid on my face? Ugh Help
  21. I popped a pimple above my nipple on my chest and it has progressively gotten worse (granted I keep picking at it) but it's gotten bigger and scabbed over. Today I could feel puss underneath the scab so I ripped the scab off and got the puss out, except the inside of the zit has a layer of puss and blood still. It currently looks like an open wound but I just opened it. It started off looking as a harmless little zit, wondering if this is something different?
  22. So I was picking around my face (I know I'm sorry) when I accidentally ripped off a scab that was over a healing pimple, and now there's just this bare red small bump with no skin on top of it. Is this bad and if so is there anything I can do to treat it?
  23. I have been using a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel for 2 days. I put it over some of my acne spots and left it overnight. This morning I woke up with huge red/brown angry marks over where I put the gel. They aren't raised or painful, just ugly and dark. What are they, are they permanent, and how can I make them go away?? Please help!
  24. Hey guys id realllllllly appreciate some help. my sisters graduation is in florida and Im supposed to leave next friday to attend. However, i had two tiny white heads healing about an inch from each other and then a pretty large cyst came up in between the two and then started oozing and became raw so it turned this whole area on my upper cheek into a giant mess. its been about a week and a half (will be two weeks on Monday) and it still hasn't healed. Parts of it flaked away and left red shiny
  25. I made the stupid mistake of picking a tiny pimple and ended up with two fairly large scabs, although one has this white substance in it that has now spread across the whole scab. I've never seen it like this before, I don't know what to do i've tried the usual band-aid with antibiotic ointment and letting it dry out, neither seem to make a difference.