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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, so I've been trying to root out dietary causes of my longstanding acne/bacne and have gone dairy, gluten, and junk food free for a while in those efforts. I have seen some success which has been encouraging, although admittedly up and down. My question is for people's thoughts on Chipotle bowls. I basically eat Chipotle every day for lunch because it's the only spot nearby where I can reliably get non-dairy, gluten-free meals. I actually don't mind the repetition at all and my ini
  2. El4cure

    Week One

    Alright so I skipped a few days because of college midterms, but my skin has improved soooooo much. I have been using garlic and my MB drying lotion for active breakouts. I have about 3 active pimples but they're going away day by day and hopefully won't be accompanied by more. I broke out most where my skin was overly dry and peeling. My 2 stress pimples I got, that I popped have gone flat completely and the one on my cheek has maybe one day left to completely heal. I went to the beach a couple
  3. Hi Everyone, A little background on my situation - I am currently in my fourth month of taking Spironolactone, and lately my face has turned into an oil slick. ( weird since spiro is supposed to reduce oil production, not increase it ) so far I haven’t really seen any improvement but I am remaining hopeful. About three weeks ago I started using Epsom salt as a toner twice a day. I mix 1tsp of salt with 2 table spoons of water, wipe on my face with a cotton pad and apply moisturizer overtop
  4. How Will Swimming in Seawater Affect My Acne?

    Over all the years of dermatological studies, we have seen no evidence that seawater is bad for the skin. But is swimming in seawater good for the skin? This is hard to say for sure since there are no direct studies specifically on seawater and acne, but we do have studies on how Dead Sea water might potentially improve acne and other skin issues. Seawater contains 3.5% of dissolved mineral salts. The Dead Sea contains 34%...
  5. Stupid redirect loop! I've been trying to publish this for about twenty four hours..! And now it is very overdue. I actually started writing it ages ago, but never got around to finishing it. And now it's so overdue, I feel like I just need to get it out there, even though it's substandard, and a more disappointing Christmas present than one holey sock (hey, the older you get the more exciting a proper pair of socks becomes because it means you didn't have to go sock-shopping, don't deny it. Eve
  6. Why Facial Scrubs Are Not a Good Choice for Acne-Prone Skin

    Facial scrubs contain rough or hard particles that require the user to massage the scrub into the skin, causing the top layer of skin cells to exfoliate. The aim is to give the skin a "fresh glow." Some facial scrubs also claim that this exfoliation will help with acne keeping pores from becoming clogged. However, here's the rub (pun intended): Physically irritating the skin leads to more acne. Any benefit from exfoliation is outweighed by the irritation...
  7. I have small acne, but I mostly suffer from blackheads, Iv recently started drinking warm lemon water every morning and having a salt wash every morning ? also I do a weekly face mask (de-clog pores) and steam, sometimes twice a week, is this ok and will this get rid of blackheads and small acne? (Btw I also have starting taking cod liver oil with omega 3 and primrose oil)
  8. Iv recently started drinking warm lemon water every morning and having a salt wash every morning also I do a weekly face mask (de-clog pores) and steam, sometimes twice a week, is this ok and will this get rid of blackheads and small acne?
  9. I recently visited a Caribbean island for vacation (1 week) and I thought the salt water of the ocean and sun and clean air would help clear my skin. It has done in the past. But this time my skin mostly around the front cheeks and nose area erupted gradually in small pustules. Halfway through the trip, there were white pustules all over these areas. I felt so embarrassed, because it looks ugly walking around and talking to people with puss all over your face. Even after cleaning away the